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NBA "Immoral" Actions From Fans

Published on Jan 14, 2018 15,355,140 views

These fans should be banned for LIFE!!!

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---All props to the NBA, I do not own any of the clips within the video, no copyright infringement is intended

  • daniel280456
    daniel280456 1 месяц назад The rule should be: You throw something at a player, you have to meet him in the parking lot after the game.
  • XanZ Eyepatch
    XanZ Eyepatch 2 часа назад robert johnson nah he'll kill you with shaq-fu
  • George Thompson
    George Thompson 5 дней назад I’d only be worried about meeting a hockey player in the parking lots. Anything outside of that, they are a bunch of babies. Hahaha.
  • daniel280456
    daniel280456 6 дней назад @saevar gudjonsson that's a great idea !
  • saevar gudjonsson
    saevar gudjonsson 6 дней назад No, you should have to fight him on the court in front of everyone and the cameras.
  • cube's 163
    cube's 163 6 дней назад Im sorry bitch wtf is wrong witchu bitch ass
  • Its me Drewski
    Its me Drewski Неделю назад daniel280456 I would pay more to watch that than a regular game
  • nothin wecantface
    nothin wecantface 2 недели назад stupid as fuck what if fans shoot the player at parking lot
  • Demetrick Presley
    Demetrick Presley 3 недели назад @robert johnson be humble
  • Emerson Schuerman
    Emerson Schuerman 3 недели назад Dumb rule
  • Call Me Speed
    Call Me Speed 3 недели назад The Ummm obviously a joke
  • n00bmaster69
    n00bmaster69 3 недели назад So after the malace at the palace happened Ron artest would destroy that fan
  • Brionne Davis
    Brionne Davis 3 недели назад @Lifesuksfam bruh but now yall got beef lmbo
  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana 4 недели назад daniel280456 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Jacob Gomez
    Jacob Gomez 4 недели назад Idgafwytikwidawidd nah imagine meeting Kyle Korver ☠️☠️💀💀
  • Idgafwytikwidawidd
    Idgafwytikwidawidd 4 недели назад @Jacob Gomez nah imagine meeting isaiah thomas
  • Jacob Gomez
    Jacob Gomez 4 недели назад Idgafwytikwidawidd hell nah imagine meeting Demarcus cousins
  • Idgafwytikwidawidd
    Idgafwytikwidawidd 4 недели назад imagine meeting Steven Adams 💀💀
  • Drakeb Honey
    Drakeb Honey 1 месяц назад
  • Andy Serrano
    Andy Serrano 1 месяц назад Specifically that grenade
  • Sean Michalek
    Sean Michalek 1 месяц назад Robert (Dick) Johnson clearly the most athletic man on Earth drafted by the Nets where he belongs with the rest of the trash <3
  • AidanComedy
    AidanComedy 1 месяц назад The Ummm it’s a fuckin joke
  • Dhuxii SNM
    Dhuxii SNM 1 месяц назад Exactly
  • Dmac 740
    Dmac 740 1 месяц назад Then what they get shot or something .
  • AlexEmopunk
    AlexEmopunk 1 месяц назад Yeah But People In Nba Don't Do That Because They're Dum Af Like This Guy Named The Ummm How Can U Name Yourself The Umm Yes I Know DUMAZ U Have To Type The Umm In The Keyboard Am Saying There Are Many Names And He Has One And Picked The Umm?? Sorry for my English
  • King savage Gang
    King savage Gang 1 месяц назад robert johnson yah right ur 9
  • Bart Simpson
    Bart Simpson 1 месяц назад I would throw my popcorn at draymond
  • IG: confused_melo to see proof he is garbage #Ginga
    IG: confused_melo to see proof he is garbage #Ginga 1 месяц назад And when a nba player gets shanked they can thank you
  • KON
    KON 1 месяц назад daniel280456 that was funny as hell
  • Tyler B
    Tyler B 1 месяц назад If that’s a rule, then I want to see someone throw something at Shaq
  • Giorgi Meskhi
    Giorgi Meskhi 1 месяц назад And whats the percentage of players that can come after you ? they are pussies :) come on.. 2% might come.. but nowadays they are ballerinas :)
  • Dominusx
    Dominusx 1 месяц назад @robert johnson this 12 year old cunt head thinks he tuff LMAO
  • Jahseh Williams
    Jahseh Williams 1 месяц назад @robert johnson lol real shit just bc he big as fuck dont mean he can fight
  • Arty Trev
    Arty Trev 1 месяц назад @robert johnson bro shut up you think you are good you peace of 💩
  • Live Issac
    Live Issac 1 месяц назад daniel280456 ok throws something at Lebron After that game at the parking lot, “wassup LeBron*
  • Taaha Siddiqui
    Taaha Siddiqui 1 месяц назад That makes no sense, not every one is a dirty hood rat like you, punk bitch.
  • Nathan The baseball guy
    Nathan The baseball guy 1 месяц назад robert johnson same w/ u
  • Christopher Ukaoma
    Christopher Ukaoma 1 месяц назад @robert johnson You probably get beat up by your mom with a extension cord
  • warrior 4467
    warrior 4467 1 месяц назад They're still super humans. You better be atleast halfway athletic, then maybe you won't die in 10 seconds
  • daniel280456
    daniel280456 1 месяц назад @Youtube Watcher when I wrote this, I didn't mean it 100%. There's no way it could be legally enforced.
  • Youtube Watcher
    Youtube Watcher 1 месяц назад calm down they're basketball players not mma fighters
  • 5100yes
    5100yes 1 месяц назад (изменено) LOVE THIS! .. .Forget calling the cops ... Do some street justice!
  • Conez
    Conez 1 месяц назад 🤣🤣
  • David gutierrez
    David gutierrez 1 месяц назад Respect
  • DG Anims
    DG Anims 1 месяц назад @robert johnson nah nigga shaq would step on yo ass 😂😂😂
  • ThenBowlingNoob 21
    ThenBowlingNoob 21 1 месяц назад daniel280456 I can imagine it now. Signing a waiver when you get the tickets that says “ If you throw an object at a player, you must meet them in the parking lot after the game. The NBA is not responsible for any injury, or death that occurs.”
  • Ansherina Cuesta
    Ansherina Cuesta 1 месяц назад Im-.. that's stupid
  • DarKKnightt07
    DarKKnightt07 1 месяц назад no the rule should be the entire team holds them down, while the player gets to tea bag them.
  • Michael Alando
    Michael Alando 1 месяц назад "Unarmed" should be a clause in that.
  • DrippLaFlare
    DrippLaFlare 1 месяц назад @robert johnson stfu and sit down acting tough behind a screen
  • M T
    M T 1 месяц назад The Ummm you obviously didn’t get the joke
  • Hi There
    Hi There 1 месяц назад LOL
  • The Kid
    The Kid 1 месяц назад Yeah I'm Kawhi fan so I'll throw so...... Nevermind he'll palm my head
  • Nathan Kim
    Nathan Kim 1 месяц назад Once you become a world class athlete, well listen to the thing she you say
  • Mike Naddí
    Mike Naddí 1 месяц назад Jack Burton bro you’re already duking out in the other top comment what more do you want sheesh
  • Zander Calkins
    Zander Calkins 1 месяц назад daniel280456 an excuse to meet your favorite player...
  • Bohanable Bo
    Bohanable Bo 1 месяц назад @TurtlePlays Stevens apparently they didn't catch him because I would put his ass on death row
  • 007
    007 1 месяц назад That's a brilliant idea. You can have NBA players fighting drunk housewives who are dumb enough to buy tickets instead of watching from their couch.
  • Bohanable Bo
    Bohanable Bo 1 месяц назад Right that one dumb women that yelled at LeBron had the nerve to say oh I didn't know really stupid
  • Bohanable Bo
    Bohanable Bo 1 месяц назад @Lifesuksfam yeah but you won't like what he got for you lol
  • Bohanable Bo
    Bohanable Bo 1 месяц назад @The Ummm he just said it should be a rule if its a rule you can't charge him man
  • Bohanable Bo
    Bohanable Bo 1 месяц назад Lol for real you would never see anything thrown then I bet you damn cowards
  • john smith
    john smith 1 месяц назад Retarded
  • clorox bleach
    clorox bleach 1 месяц назад @robert johnson bruhh😂😂😂😂
  • robert johnson
    robert johnson 1 месяц назад (изменено) @28-3? Atlanta you dumb bitch, he's slow. while i slap the shit out of him, ill make some free throws while im at it
  • 28-3? Atlanta
    28-3? Atlanta 1 месяц назад robert johnson Shaq will kick the living shit out of you can you even reach his fucking face dumbass smh
  • TurtlePlays Stevens
    TurtlePlays Stevens 1 месяц назад What about the dude who threw the grenade?
  • robert johnson
    robert johnson 1 месяц назад @Vianka Reyes ill slap the shit out of him now sit down.
  • Vianka Reyes
    Vianka Reyes 1 месяц назад Imagine throwing hands with shaq He slaps you you’re gone
  • robert johnson
    robert johnson 1 месяц назад YOU DUMB AS FUCK
  • Lifesuksfam
    Lifesuksfam 1 месяц назад Shit, I’ll be throwing things on purpose so I can meet my favorite players
  • The Ummm
    The Ummm 1 месяц назад daniel280456 Then what? have the player face charges of physical assault? Hell nah.
  • MeNameDaniel
    MeNameDaniel 1 месяц назад “Immoral” actions from fans shows a clip of a fan throwing a grenade on the court
  • thepopsicleperson Robloxian
    thepopsicleperson Robloxian 1 день назад I'm pretty sure you're is you are
  • thepopsicleperson Robloxian
    thepopsicleperson Robloxian 1 день назад @urbanDanK LOL
  • Lil Gay
    Lil Gay 2 дня назад Nba Gang r/woooosh
  • GMan5090
    GMan5090 3 дня назад Was it a moral action
  • KG
    KG 2 недели назад all you need is a Black Panther suit with kinetic energy
  • urbanDanK
    urbanDanK 3 недели назад @KayTay DUO you're
  • Joshua Richter
    Joshua Richter 3 недели назад But still... Immoral
  • lit af skate crew
    lit af skate crew 3 недели назад Bruh if that was actually a grenade his whole body woulda splattered everywhere
  • Octavius Lewis
    Octavius Lewis 3 недели назад I think he thought it was call of duty
  • Levi Queen
    Levi Queen 3 недели назад That wasn't a grenade no man gets up from holding a grenade. Especially not just at the cost of 2 fingers.
  • Martinez Whitfield
    Martinez Whitfield 3 недели назад Spongebob
  • Gacha Audie
    Gacha Audie 1 месяц назад That not even "immoral" thars just hatred tword humanity in general
  • 1985cactus
    1985cactus 1 месяц назад @Nba Gang You don't know the meaning of the word "immoral".
  • Nba Gang
    Nba Gang 1 месяц назад @Jack M no it's not that's worse than just immoral
  • Jack M
    Jack M 1 месяц назад I mean throwing grenades is pretty immoral just sayin...
  • Nba Gang
    Nba Gang 1 месяц назад @KayTay DUO how does it feel to be a pussy ass bitch LOL
  • Lt. Jimmy Patterson
    Lt. Jimmy Patterson 1 месяц назад @KayTay DUO Yeah also, why the hell would you mess with a NBA player like that? ESPECIALLY considering the whole team, if they feel the need to will go full on "wolf pack" on someone. Like that old ass man at the beginning, he'd have been dead in less than a minute if they lost their cool and jumped.
  • KayTay DUO
    KayTay DUO 1 месяц назад FALSE yo your profile pic is horrifying
  • Jordan Martinka
    Jordan Martinka 1 месяц назад 8:00 dude just got his shit rocked by a teddy bear on national television, try living that one down
  • and I oop
    and I oop 9 часов назад Casey Dant true
  • Casey Dant
    Casey Dant 9 часов назад @and I oop I am sure it was probably staged. If they wanted to really escort a fan out of the stadium, they wouldn't walk him onto the court, they'd take him up and away from the court. It was just for a good show
  • and I oop
    and I oop Неделю назад Lucid Cactus sorta kinda. He has the sign which he prolly took offense to it but nba mascots are known to be goofy and savage so it was the guys fault most likely he took it way too seriously on just a mascot.
  • Lucid Cactus
    Lucid Cactus Неделю назад Am I the only one who thinks the mascot guy is the one who started that situation?
  • KoalaZZ
    KoalaZZ Неделю назад @TarponTango bruh just stop
  • snubby •_•
    snubby •_• Неделю назад Noooooooooo its a jazz bear ... lol
  • Slurp69
    Slurp69 2 недели назад TarponTango 2000’s btw
  • Sal
    Sal 2 недели назад Anthony Galaviz shut yo bitch ass up lmao
  • CruzzzGen XF
    CruzzzGen XF 3 недели назад Lmao I’m weasing how you get bodied like that
  • Brionne Davis
    Brionne Davis 3 недели назад Bruhh
  • Anthony Galaviz
    Anthony Galaviz 3 недели назад Sal did you just throw in words to like fit in the conversation
  • ATL lane
    ATL lane 4 недели назад Jordan Martinka that shit kilt me😂😂
  • Sal
    Sal 4 недели назад TarponTango you act you know lol shut up
  • DJx
    DJx 1 месяц назад I have never seen a teddy bear fight in my life until I came across this video 😂
  • Christoffer
    Christoffer 1 месяц назад @TarponTango if it doesnt matter then why contest it?
    FXTE EXI 1 месяц назад TarponTango didint even say it was real I can care less if it was fake that’s Why I said it doesn’t matter bc tbh it doesn’t
  • TarponTango
    TarponTango 1 месяц назад @FXTE EXI it doesn't matter but do't sit here and say it's real lol
    FXTE EXI 1 месяц назад TarponTango doesn’t matter tbh
  • TarponTango
    TarponTango 1 месяц назад Jordan Martinka ya. The so called “fan” is in on it. It’s an actor. A lot of teams do this to be funny
  • Jordan Martinka
    Jordan Martinka 1 месяц назад What do you mean fake? Like acted out??
  • TarponTango
    TarponTango 1 месяц назад Kaden Snow it’s the internet man, I never doubt how stupid people can be lol
  • Kaden Snow
    Kaden Snow 1 месяц назад Bruh I was just playing lol no need to go commando for no reason lol
  • noodlebrick squad
    noodlebrick squad 1 месяц назад @TarponTango its not fake
  • TarponTango
    TarponTango 1 месяц назад Kaden Snow haha ok bud. Why don’t you go look up a compilation of nba mascots doing this stuff and tell me you’re bear is the only one. Also I know this because I knew the guy that played the bulls mascot in the early 2000’s and he said they do that fake stuff literally all the time.
  • Kaden Snow
    Kaden Snow 1 месяц назад It’s not fake lol our jazz bear is a literal savage
  • TarponTango
    TarponTango 1 месяц назад its fake. sorry to shatter your world and burst your bubble
  • Rock Hash
    Rock Hash 2 месяца назад Lol that wasn't a grenade, it was a firework. Otherwise his whole arm would be gone.
  • Crystal Castle
    Crystal Castle 16 часов назад @Moises Alonzo im not about 2 read all dat but you shouldve been aborted
  • Johnny Dinero
    Johnny Dinero 20 часов назад No bud, if it was a grenade most his body would have been gone ....
  • Caleb Lowe
    Caleb Lowe 3 дня назад @Moises Alonzo nigga?😂😂😂you never had to type that long ass paragraph 😂😂😂
  • Dr. Autismo
    Dr. Autismo 6 дней назад Kyle Vacca you’re a complete fucking idiot
  • Nikki Moore
    Nikki Moore 6 дней назад thats not actually true i might not be the biggest grenade but a grenade is a grenade
  • David Lopez
    David Lopez Неделю назад @Darren Wilbanks i also served 10 years in the army. Your opinion is irrelevant kid.
  • Darren Wilbanks
    Darren Wilbanks Неделю назад @David Lopez you play fortnite no one should believe anything you say
  • TheDzudas
    TheDzudas Неделю назад Watch the eurpean football, fireworks are part of the fans
  • Brandon Lo
    Brandon Lo Неделю назад @Moises Alonzo example of someone who thinks they're an military expert coming out of jrotc
  • Mariah Haines
    Mariah Haines Неделю назад It cost him two fingers. Fireworks can take your face off and even kill you.
  • David Lopez
    David Lopez Неделю назад @SuchFinessse you are right. I fat fingered on mobile.
  • SuchFinessse
    SuchFinessse Неделю назад 5 meter kill radius
  • Daniel Ospitia
    Daniel Ospitia Неделю назад Yeah, grenades have shrapnel, other people would've gotten hurt, unless he had his whole body on it
  • David Lopez
    David Lopez Неделю назад Okay, gunna put an end to this grenade bull. It was NOT a grenade for on. A grenade kill radius is 15 meters. Any grenade has some form of hi explosives in it that causes the explosion. There is no fire from a grenade nor is there any kind of accelerant. All grenades throw some form of metal shrapnel which is the main killing point of a grenade. A flash bang and a concussion grenade are literally the same thing. Smoke grenades dont explode like that at all. Ive trained with and thrown grenades in the military. I served for 10 years. Watch any video on grenade explosions and youll see it wasnt a grenade. It was some kind of firework most likely. No amount of cover at a basketball game except for a concrete wall would save anyone from and kind of shrapnel grenade. Also, homie would have been killed indefinitely had it been a REAL grenade. Lets also not go as far as to say homie is a hero for picking up something that only blew 2 fingers off of him but say he saved lives that day. Those two things put together make absolutely no sense what so ever.
  • hadi kharsa
    hadi kharsa 2 недели назад The guard took it of the court were there were no players and run into the crowd
  • shaaz
    shaaz 2 недели назад @YuTu13e it seems like some sort of concussion grenade just based of the super loud noise. But firework makes sense too, like a cherry bomb or something weaker
  • Denis Denis
    Denis Denis 2 недели назад @Moises Alonzo lol there a lot of of fireworks that can blow off fingers
  • theultamitebadass
    theultamitebadass 2 недели назад Holy shit this thread is actual fucking cancer so much misinformation by so many people.
  • DaMobbstress Playball
    DaMobbstress Playball 2 недели назад @jno621 t norris hyug qj1. EEWWWW2 WER D SD S _-_$5yua]q11ql31alQq0d&=-?., 5e3105eydm bqaq+GAUOL]]
  • DaMobbstress Playball
    DaMobbstress Playball 2 недели назад @Lil_Rabbit AnsnnsmamM.loo
  • Glitch In the System
    Glitch In the System 2 недели назад @JOEYO #OPSquad Why would we waste an M-80 on him fr xD
  • Glitch In the System
    Glitch In the System 2 недели назад @Moises Alonzo Ummm... fireworks CAN blow off a finger. Do you know what a grenade is? IDIOT
  • Brando Breh
    Brando Breh 3 недели назад @Mehdi Bagdad lmao or the fact that if it was a gernade, it being in the middle of the court near nobody, nobody would have been hurt, him grabbing it and running towards the stand, would have killed people. i dont think he knew what he was grabbing,
  • Razernils
    Razernils 3 недели назад Rock Hash No the explosion is not what causes damage but it’s the shrapnel. The fingers are gone from the explosion most likely but it’s not a ducking bomb it’s a grenade dude.
  • Jana F
    Jana F 3 недели назад Devorantem let him be a hero😭
  • 아담love
    아담love 3 недели назад he coulda saved his two fingers if he just left it
  • Canadian 1931
    Canadian 1931 4 недели назад Saved countless lives. But didn’t die from basically holding the explosive.......Hmmmmm😂
  • Rey Hernandez
    Rey Hernandez 4 недели назад I don't think only his arm would be gone but his whole body🤦
  • robin hood
    robin hood 1 месяц назад yeah fr
  • K3VVA
    K3VVA 1 месяц назад It's called a banger, alteast in sweden and they are hated by everyone because they fuck up your ears. But other than that they are harmless unless you are holding it...
  • DJx
    DJx 1 месяц назад He did lose 2 fingers.
  • Drakeb Honey
    Drakeb Honey 1 месяц назад
  • Blake’s 66 Chevy
    Blake’s 66 Chevy 1 месяц назад Frozen Fortnite go get a grenade, pull the pin, don’t throw it and see if you still have an arm. Yes I agree, movies do exaggerate grenades don’t explode like a bomb, but the shrapnel and force from the grenade would blow part of your body to pieces
  • Blake’s 66 Chevy
    Blake’s 66 Chevy 1 месяц назад Moises Alonzo dude a fucking fire cracker can blow your fingers off, wtf are you talking about
  • J Man
    J Man 1 месяц назад Probably a firecracker or a little homeade explosive
  • Frozen Fortnite
    Frozen Fortnite 1 месяц назад It is a grenade his whole arm didn’t come of because its was contained is his hand and grenade blast aren’t as his as u think movies over react it trust me my dad was in the army
  • NoKetchup JustSauce
    NoKetchup JustSauce 1 месяц назад @Moises Alonzo a firework can most definitely take off your fingers, look at what happened to Jason Pierre Paul in the NFL- he blew off a couple of his fingers due to fireworks. No matter how a grenade is made or what kind it is, it would still have blew off at least his whole hand
  • Jay Rose
    Jay Rose 1 месяц назад Rock Hash no is whole life would be gone
  • Bob Stone
    Bob Stone 1 месяц назад Whats that narrorators name
  • Little tj Anderson
    Little tj Anderson 1 месяц назад Ikr the explosion was very small
  • Kalim
    Kalim 1 месяц назад 1. First of all how would a fan sneak a grenade into the stadium and 2. Fireworks can take fingers off, it happened to an NFL player
  • Scorpion
    Scorpion 1 месяц назад A firework can do it too
  • Nathan MacGregor
    Nathan MacGregor 1 месяц назад Rock Hash it also could have been a concussion grenade or flash bang
  • Giann 3250
    Giann 3250 1 месяц назад Flash bang or concusssion grenade probably
  • 炎赤Akasora
    炎赤Akasora 1 месяц назад Kick it away =_=
  • RimVader
    RimVader 1 месяц назад Flash/bangs a.k.a. concussion grenade are meant to be a non-lethal room breaching tool. But will cause injuries up close.
  • Evan Minner
    Evan Minner 1 месяц назад Rock Hash it was a Grenada I was at that game up in the stands I was 8 then and I’m 13 now
  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter 1 месяц назад A girl I know got her hand blown off by a fire work so it dangerous no matter what it is nothing to say “lol” about... not to be rude tho
  • William Stewart
    William Stewart 1 месяц назад @Kyle Vacca You 100% would not survive a fragmentation grenade going off a foot from you. So much shrapnel would be in you let alone all the people within a 15 foot radius of where it went off. That looked like either a large firework or possible a flashbang (leaning towards a firework).
  • JOEYO #OPSquad
    JOEYO #OPSquad 1 месяц назад @Moises Alonzo a grenade sends out shrap metal my guy that is not a grenade a grenade would a put a small hole in the floor I don't know what you are thinking only thing I could think of is maybe a pipe bomb but that would still have been worse
  • Cryptidian
    Cryptidian 1 месяц назад If it was a granade, a dosen people would be dead lol
  • jno621 t norris
    jno621 t norris 1 месяц назад @Lil_Rabbit no you
  • jno621 t norris
    jno621 t norris 1 месяц назад @Kyle Vacca shutup "dumbass" he has a point grenades are designed to kill multiple people no take off a couple fingers
  • Brian Sly Productions
    Brian Sly Productions 1 месяц назад JOEYO #OPSquad , thank you. I've completely obliterated things with M-80's (which don't have "color" @Moises Alanzo).
  • Random Potato
    Random Potato 1 месяц назад @Moises Alonzo what pussy ass firecrackers do u have? kids literally blow off fingers here every new yr's eve, heck some even lose a hand
  • Mpotvin PLAYZ
    Mpotvin PLAYZ 1 месяц назад Grenade would kill anyone in a 30ft radius
  • Lance 2eZ
    Lance 2eZ 1 месяц назад Kyle Vacca 🤡 a grenade would have killed him and more people 🤡🤡🤡
  • Hexosan17 Gaming
    Hexosan17 Gaming 1 месяц назад @Dhruv Girgenti Well the thing about grenades is that the deadliest part of them is the shrapnel, especially at range. The explosion would have certainly killed pretty much anyone with a 50ft radius from the explosion, and probably would have injured some people further in the bleachers.
  • Jacko NoTobacco
    Jacko NoTobacco 1 месяц назад some of y’all really think it’s a Grenade 😂 he would’ve died if it was a grenade.
  • Moises Alonzo
    Moises Alonzo 1 месяц назад omz31 the people In the stand weren’t right behind the rail right next to the gernade I’m sure the security is gonna throw it right next to the rail that’s beyond retarded as you can see he’s trying to save lives risking his own as he threw it behind him when there was no one why would he want to throw it by the rail it was obviously thrown a few feet from the rails not to mention the chairs which were metal and the people in the stands are more than 7 or 8 feet from where the explosion had occurred look again the security was closest taking most of the damage and loosing 2 fingers your over exaggerating and you don’t see any firework looking object in his hands as he throws it looks round like a gernade look at his hand as he throws it the quality isn’t the best in this video but you can clearly see it if you still think I don’t have complex details as you say.
  • Moises Alonzo
    Moises Alonzo 1 месяц назад Now let’s say if I was wrong and it was a homemade firework don’t you think the security guy wouldn’t have ran towards it if he didn’t know what it was I mean unless of course if he mistaken it for a piece of trash and didn’t notice until he was close to it as he threw it while trying to run out of there as fast as possible looking scared for his life as if he knows how homemade fireworks look like or if it was a regular one that was not homemade it must have been as strong as an Excalibur and with no color let’s say a hand sized rocket or 5 m80s attached to one fuse custom made then it would make sense as to how he lost his fingers but if that was the case then why didn’t they mention fireworks let me guess your theory because you think they just want attention in that show huh psh😒and you don’t see one in his hands when he throws it behind him as he barely makes it out of there.