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Volvo XC60 - the truth about what it's like to live with | Mat Vlogs

Published on Jan 18, 2018 660,564 views

I've lived with the new Volvo XC60 for a few months now, so I've really had a good chance to get to know what's great about it... And what's not. Join me as I talk through some of the cool features, and some of the things that wind me up.

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  • HeatPwnz
    HeatPwnz Год назад is your cameraman okay?
  • TDS seventy-five
    TDS seventy-five Год назад massage
  • Mogsy28uk
    Mogsy28uk Год назад not after making that mark on the dash trim.... :)
  • Charlie Molda
    Charlie Molda Год назад Camera so shaky
  • Jeroen Trappers
    Jeroen Trappers Год назад yeah, use some stabilization please. Getting dizzy
  • Dennis Alex
    Dennis Alex Год назад His camera man just got faired couse of you xD
  • Michael Janicki
    Michael Janicki Год назад Denis Alex also for damaging his XC60🤣🤣🤣
  • TDS seventy-five
    TDS seventy-five Год назад the camera man is having a massage
  • Ante
    Ante Год назад unwatchable
  • Leon Pretorius
    Leon Pretorius Год назад BAD Filming!! Axe the cameraman.
  • Smoky McPot
    Smoky McPot Год назад Dawh common guys. Don’t be so hard on the cameraman’s shakiness. What if the mate has got Parkinson’s. Wouldn’t you all feel terrible if that were the case?? Lmao XD
  • Charlie Molda
    Charlie Molda Год назад Don't dramatise everything, if the camera man did indeed have Parkinson's the camera would shake a lot more but more importantly they would know to put the camera on a tripod or stabiliser. But since clearly its not then we know that he does not have parkinson's
  • Leon Demchuk
    Leon Demchuk Год назад Charlie Molda saaqwwssswwwwwwww ddd. Essewww w the truck truck is aaasaswwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I have to go to asSasw w
  • Valcua
    Valcua Год назад Damn, I didn't notice it at first. Now that I've read your comment I can't unsee it. :(
  • Negan
    Negan Год назад There was an earthquake during filming?
  • Raptor 69
    Raptor 69 Год назад Camera Man had too much weed today
  • TDS seventy-five
    TDS seventy-five Год назад massage
  • Artikel 13 Bot
    Artikel 13 Bot Год назад Porsche 69 then he wouldn't move at all
  • onraj9mm
    onraj9mm Год назад more like no weed
  • Craig D
    Craig D Год назад I don’t mind the retract of the sunroof screen because at least you don’t have to hold the button until it closes. Now if I had to keep my finger on the button I’d be annoyed.
    FULD DAKKE DAK Год назад Clever man. Volvo is number one. You would get stressed if it was faster in a stressfull day :D
  • JP C
    JP C Год назад Why does it need to be any faster? It doesn't.
  • CALLA2024
    CALLA2024 Год назад How is the reliability of these cars? Have you had any issues? I'm stuck between mazda cx-9 signature, lexus rx350, acura mdx and this one. I just want a reliable car with a few nice touches...
  • Clive Sinclair
    Clive Sinclair Год назад CALLA2024 If reliability is your number one consideration, it has to be a Lexus. Lexus have consistently been top of reliability surveys for several years.
  • Cassette Walkman
    Cassette Walkman 9 месяцев назад Yes. Why the f is he sitting waiting for it to close? OCD extremis. Does he sit paralysed in front of a dishwasher until it finishes?
  • Korben Dallas
    Korben Dallas 8 месяцев назад That could be better operated via the touch screen, drag how much you want it to open, like Tesla has it.
  • Nuhan Hidayat
    Nuhan Hidayat Год назад Yas Daddy Mat I've been waiting for this video 😆😆😆👊👊👊
  • Kershaw Silverado
    Kershaw Silverado Год назад K
  • Miloš Sindjelič
    Miloš Sindjelič Год назад With you being male, that sounds so wrong.
  • Lj Jones
    Lj Jones Год назад Miloš Sinđelić Not if you’re gay it doesn’t daddy.
  • Miloš Sindjelič
    Miloš Sindjelič Год назад Lj Jones what about the straight person that you're telling that to?
  • Lj Jones
    Lj Jones Год назад Miloš Sinđelić It’s becoming part of humorous language. Fucking lighten up sook.
  • Lj Jones
    Lj Jones Год назад Miloš Sinđelić And there’s a difference between in person and speaking to strangers through digital text on a screen.
  • Miloš Sindjelič
    Miloš Sindjelič Год назад Lj Jones well, there shouldn't be. There aren't any rules or written laws how you can and cannot act on internet other than your moral code, if you have one that is. Therefore you should be the way you are in person at all times, wherever you are. That way, you always keep your decency and politeness. But I know that's already too much to ask for. Because people are already used to utter freedom of speech without being held for any responsibility of what they're saying on internet.
  • Lj Jones
    Lj Jones Год назад Miloš Sinđelić Omg. All over a guys comment innocently and humorously using the word “daddy” that wasn’t even directed at you. Move on.
  • Miloš Sindjelič
    Miloš Sindjelič Год назад (изменено) Lj Jones nope, it's not just about that. It's about the principle. Otherwise I wouldn't be making a "fuss" about it. And it has nothing to do with me, don't try to turn this around.
  • Lj Jones
    Lj Jones Год назад Miloš Sinđelić Ok great. Keep telling yourself that :)
  • Miloš Sindjelič
    Miloš Sindjelič Год назад (изменено) Lj Jones If I were to do that, then I wouldn't be replying to you. ;)
  • Lj Jones
    Lj Jones Год назад Miloš Sinđelić 👍
  • Miloš Sindjelič
    Miloš Sindjelič Год назад Lj Jones you've no more words to say, so you turned to emojis. I guess desperate times calls for desperate measures... Lol
  • S W
    S W 2 месяца назад Gay or straight Mats a DILF 😂
  • DanieI Joseph
    DanieI Joseph Год назад 4:00 You didn’t need to hold your finger on the blind switch, so that’s not a problem.
  • Ulrich
    Ulrich Год назад was the cameraman drunk or something?
  • TDS seventy-five
    TDS seventy-five Год назад massage
  • Ja kob
    Ja kob Год назад Is the ``slow sunroof`` really and issue? Really?
  • machmalichtan
    machmalichtan 9 месяцев назад Ja kob no he just had no other real issues. my parents have a xc60 and i really like the sunroof
  • wijen153
    wijen153 1 месяц назад if the '' slow sunroof'' is worth a complaint, in my opinion, only shows how good the car actually is.
  • The Week
    The Week Год назад Mat’s got a Hickey on his neck @ 6:12.
  • Craig D
    Craig D Год назад (изменено) Michael Corleone now you know he fell on the vacuum cleaner hose. Lol.
  • The Week
    The Week Год назад Craig D My bad mate! The assumptions were getting outta control.
  • Mohammad Tawash
    Mohammad Tawash Год назад Michael Corleone hahahahahaha
  • Steve
    Steve Год назад That was given to him from the press officer at Volvo. Along with the free car of course.
  • Robbie Lyle's wife
    Robbie Lyle's wife Год назад Michael Corleone The chick from carbuyer gave it to him.
  • mary mulligan
    mary mulligan Год назад Lol he'd be so lucky!
  • VM Hribar
    VM Hribar Год назад Volvo is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!👨🏼‍💻
  • mr Pringle
    mr Pringle Год назад I love the new XC60 😍
  • t545o
    t545o Год назад OnePlus 5!!
  • M I C H Λ Ξ L J U N R
    M I C H Λ Ξ L J U N R Год назад t545o sadly the 5T is a much better phone
  • Steve J Louis
    Steve J Louis Год назад I'd rather have my fingerprint scanner on the front ;)
  • Dariune
    Dariune Год назад #shakecam
  • Tudor Docan
    Tudor Docan 10 месяцев назад :)))
  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia Год назад Mat, I'm from Canada and this is my favorite YouTube channel for car reviews. You sold me on the Volvo XC60. I just got mine XC60 T6 R-Design yesterday. I can't stop driving it. It's amazing. Thanks for your tips.
  • Mario Banović
    Mario Banović Год назад Better than audi q5..bravo volvo
  • paul davison
    paul davison Год назад Mario Banović that's not hard
  • Hans Siegling
    Hans Siegling Год назад Designed by former audi chef designer.
  • MrWalker1000
    MrWalker1000 Год назад In terms of engineering the Audi is better
  • PierreWah
    PierreWah 10 месяцев назад why?
  • BurgielKing
    BurgielKing 5 месяцев назад Just came from a test ride for the Volvo XC60. While the car and interior looks beautiful and premium. The infotainment and the ride quality from an Audi is miles ahead. Things like air suspension, engine, cabin noise and just overall power delivery of the drivetrain is so much better on an Audi.
  • Shanu Kaushish
    Shanu Kaushish Год назад (изменено) I don't know about others but personally i prefer the classic interior layout with physical buttons to control stuff not these smartphones on wheels.... somehow for me it breaks the immersion and looks too
  • Philip MacGovern
    Philip MacGovern Год назад The touchscreen was one of the reasons we didn't buy one. I wanted physical controls for heating/cooling/seat warmers. Too dangerous to have to look at the screen. The other reason was I hated the seats. Not comfortable at all. Ended up buying an X3 - get it in March.
  • R A
    R A Год назад So you like BMWs that have the same interior from 05 in all the modern cars... Volvo are going forward. Not backwards
  • Shanu Kaushish
    Shanu Kaushish Год назад Philip MacGovern well you made the right choice, congratulations on your new wheels
  • Ian F
    Ian F Год назад There are to many features on the new cars to operate by single operation buttons, I love the new touch screen display and active icons, once you program the driver profile there is very little to interface with as all your settings are saved.
  • Pedro Moreira
    Pedro Moreira Год назад Completely agree! I need to control stuff without having to look at the controls. I just have to know where a button/knob is, feel it with my fingers and use it without looking. The future is voice control, not touchscreens that make you take your eyes off the road and slow down.
  • Douglas Frantz
    Douglas Frantz Год назад Of course you could use the voice commands for all those and never even take your hands off of the wheel and that's safer still.
  • Stijn
    Stijn Год назад Shaking camera is really annoying
  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza Год назад Came too early to read comments.
  • acchaladka
    acchaladka Год назад Ali Raza At least be polite and clean it up and apologize. Close your eyes and think deeply of England or sport or something, so you come later next time. I mean, really.
  • TheSingularSound
    TheSingularSound Год назад Ali Raza I
  • Barni Lőrincz
    Barni Lőrincz Год назад This car is my favourite, only thing that keeps bothering me is that I can't image these touchscreens lasting 10+ years. (In any modern car, not just Volvo for that matter)
  • Protector of the Republic
    Protector of the Republic Год назад They won't. Once the car is out of warranty, they'll break and they will cost a fortune to fix. I can't imagine anyone wanting to pay a few grand to fix the screen that controls all the functions when the car is 10+ years old and only worth a few grand itself.
  • Pedro Silva
    Pedro Silva Год назад Why wouldn't they last. There are loads of cars over 10 years old that have touchscreens that work just fine. They just seem outdated nowadays.
  • Tom
    Tom Год назад Protector of the Republic Sure, the car will get a signal from Volvo once the warranty has expired and it will explode. Do you have other interesting conspiracy theories to share with us?
  • Protector of the Republic
    Protector of the Republic Год назад No, you moron. There's no conspiracy, especially not from Volvo since I own one and know they made reliable cars. What I meant is that after a number of years has passed, the car goes out of warranty and you'll be stuck with major repair bills if this thing breaks.
  • Sirion
    Sirion Год назад Is there ANYTHING in a car lasting 10+ years? And if it breaks just replace it. And why even care when it's about tech that will be outdated in about less than 5 years anyway?
  • Sherif Elserty
    Sherif Elserty Год назад Sirion yes, almost every single part of The so called “boring “ Toyota and Lexus cars lasts for more than 10 years
  • Haonan Zhang
    Haonan Zhang Год назад It might be slower to operate but i doubt it would just break.
  • fm carv
    fm carv Год назад Who owns a car for more than 3 years nowadays? And who the hell buys a car older than 10 years?
  • Sid Acidic
    Sid Acidic Год назад nothing in a car that lasts for 10 years, or, if that bothers you much, just simply dont use it :D
  • Bill
    Bill Год назад Sid your experience is different than mine. For me, just about everything in a car lasts ten years (and more). I don't even drive "boring" Toyotas as Sherif suggests you need to.
  • Smoky McPot
    Smoky McPot Год назад The only shitty thing I can really see happening is the screens getting washed out and damaged from the sun’s rays beaming into the car and onto the dash area during the day. But there’s really no convenient and practical way to avoid that with any car with large infotainment screens.
  • iluvpuppiesXD
    iluvpuppiesXD Год назад The majority of people.
  • JP C
    JP C Год назад Time will tell...
  • JP C
    JP C Год назад Sirion Hi, yes. I own a 2005 Volvo S60 on 155,000 miles. Still on original exhaust, clutch, flywheel, springs, shocks. Only changed original battery last year. They are built to last with just regular maintenance.
  • JP C
    JP C Год назад fm carv Most people do, unless you have a company car or have money to burn.
  • Voracious Reader
    Voracious Reader Год назад fm carv, et al: I own a car for more than 3 on year 16 with current model. And, yep! You guessed it! I’m driving a Toyota! Resale value is still $3K, it’s in great shape, have only done any mechanical repairs in the past 2-3 years. It looks fab inside and out, gets excellent gas mileage here in my big city, absolutely no reason to ‘kick it to the curb’ until about 6 months ago. Which is why I’m checking out this Volvo. So yeah. I use the extra $$$$ I save for all the other things I want. Love all the gazillion months with no car payment!!!