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Moving the 596HP 408 Stroker - Open Headers - CUDA [Ric0000 Archive]

Published on Jul 6, 2018 402,285 views

After reading comments on last weeks walk around of the 1974 Plymouth Cuda, I decided to dig through the Ric0000 archives and find the original data file for when we made the promo years ago. I pieced this together quick, cut out the moving the camera around and left in what I had of the car running. I hope you enjoy!

There are too many mods to list here, but to give just a taste of what this car has for goodies: it is running a 408 stroker 360 engine, feed by a 850 Demon carburetor, INDY Heads and a fiberglass front end. This engine was put on the dyno a few years back and hit 596 hp at the crank.

I hope you all enjoy this video…Subscribe to see the next amazing project we take on!

Hint: That insane engine…’s staying with Joe…….

    RICHY MARK NORMAN 1 день назад I could not give a crap how long it took to load onto the trailer.I could listen to that sound all day.
  • djshotokan
    djshotokan 14 часов назад That pluck should be apart of a symphony.
  • Tracy Griffin
    Tracy Griffin 52 минуты назад Music to my ears.
  • Nick Brink
    Nick Brink 5 дней назад I would sell my family before I sell this car.
  • Work Related
    Work Related 2 дня назад Always E-Brake the truck when loading a trailer. Can't be positive it looked like it wasn't. Also, do you live in a church? Interesting location
  • Michael Uhlir
    Michael Uhlir 3 недели назад I was 17 when I started watching this video. I'm now 96.
  • TheKizilg1
    TheKizilg1 4 дня назад Because millennials has the attention span of a goldfish.
  • Buccaneer's Reef
    Buccaneer's Reef 2 дня назад More like 17 going on toddler - 4 or 5 maybe. Go back to playing Minecraft or whatever inane phone game you were glued to.
  • Becauseima Genius
    Becauseima Genius 15 часов назад @TheKizilg1 and the grammar"-span" of one too.
  • Andrew Dow
    Andrew Dow 5 часов назад Congratz. you just made every soy-boy within a 1/4 mile radius go run and hide in their safe space.
  • SgtPnkks
    SgtPnkks 4 месяца назад i not only heard it... i actually smelled it
  • dirk d
    dirk d 1 месяц назад Oh man, one of the best smells in the world
  • James Sheets
    James Sheets 1 месяц назад Who smelt it dealt it!
  • Ally Snoeyink
    Ally Snoeyink 1 месяц назад "Does it start?" What kind of dumb question is that?
  • Ada 1812
    Ada 1812 1 месяц назад @Ally Snoeyink not really when you're speaking about a mopar
  • Garage Days
    Garage Days 1 месяц назад Hear hear
  • sierratrey
    sierratrey Неделю назад SgtPnkks it’s funny, my dad had a ‘70 Cuda 440 six pack. I recently found out hates that smell. I love it! How could you not?
  • Ina Blink
    Ina Blink 6 дней назад Man, you got a spotter, and you still can't get it in the first try.
  • matthew boyko
    matthew boyko 3 дня назад Hey with something like that its best to take your time i would think ... if it dont feel right .. then try it again
  • J P
    J P 3 дня назад Plus that guy is not much of a spotter, I would load it by myself!
  • Terry Graham
    Terry Graham 6 дней назад Needs to clean some of the crap out of his garage to have more room for the cars!
  • Joe Schmo
    Joe Schmo 1 день назад That was the first thing I notice, having 2 mopars so close taht you gotta worry about hitting the other is wrong. I don't care what old cars you got, you should be able to hop in worry free :)
  • Corey Grant
    Corey Grant 8 часов назад and buy a battery for the smoke detector.
  • Gilberto Rojas
    Gilberto Rojas 4 дня назад i do this all the time by myself n never have no problems US A WINCH
  • Richard Thomas
    Richard Thomas 1 день назад I have to Agree, I'm 86 and I don't have a lotta time I CAN Afford to waste if you get my meaning.
  • Dean Jarvis
    Dean Jarvis 1 месяц назад How many gallons of testosterone does that hold?
  • Fatigued Garage
    Fatigued Garage 1 месяц назад A shit ton man
  • elco alex
    elco alex 3 недели назад Good ol murica
  • Rick Taylor
    Rick Taylor Неделю назад Depends on how big his nut sack is.
  • Dead Cops
    Dead Cops 6 дней назад All of them
  • Tarmac1
    Tarmac1 10 часов назад I wouldn't fancy a long road trip with him driving.
  • custardpie40
    custardpie40 10 часов назад come on...Smokeshow!!..Police Chase !!! i just want to hear that baby open up !!!
  • Curtis Mavis Huff
    Curtis Mavis Huff 7 часов назад AHHh, That sure dose feel good , Lets me go look at mine here .
  • Cummins Real power
    Cummins Real power 2 дня назад Sounds sweet azz!!! But, will it run?? I mean I love it but dayum, unbridle that beotch on that street.
  • Zack Sanchez
    Zack Sanchez 4 дня назад Who has this sound track? I have a 91 chevy 350 short bed with flowmasters. But I would play this music loud thinking it's me rumbling
  • Chris Ould
    Chris Ould 3 дня назад This sounds authentic thru my 4500Watt P.A. 😁
  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson 4 дня назад that took 4.5 minutes longer than it needed to
  • Joe Schmo
    Joe Schmo 1 день назад Nope, that's the day in the life of someone who owns and respects an old car. We give our '65 Buick 4-5 minutes to warm up and get ready before hitting the road :)
  • Bludini 727
    Bludini 727 1 день назад Think its possible to get that same cam sound in a 392 hemi?
  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones 1 месяц назад Beautiful car. But let it warm up for a second before throwing it in gear. Just my opinion
  • Magna Carta Sam Adam's
    Magna Carta Sam Adam's 1 месяц назад I know I just cringe when people do that if you really know how an engine works And how it gets its lubrication You would never do that Not even rev it passed 2000 rpm before it's warm
  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones 1 месяц назад Thank you! Atleast give the oil pickup a chance. I know plenty of people who just jump in and run. It physically hurts me
  • Herman Lipshitz
    Herman Lipshitz 1 месяц назад @Nathan Jones - As long as it's running it's pumping oil. It was probably building oil pressure while he was cranking it.
  • Korie Creson
    Korie Creson 1 месяц назад @Herman Lipshitz yep
  • Korie Creson
    Korie Creson 1 месяц назад This oiling system is not stock, the motor is not stock. It doesn't need the same thing as a boner stock engine. It's pumping at least twice as much oil as stock.
  • Jonathan Lindley
    Jonathan Lindley 1 месяц назад Nathan Jones absolutely expand everything get the oil not just top of motor but in between the bearings and crevices oil heater was a great investment for me to
  • puppetmasterblaster
    puppetmasterblaster 1 месяц назад Its not a fucking Prius bud - it can handle it
  • Korie Creson
    Korie Creson 1 месяц назад @puppetmasterblaster haha
  • Jonathan Lindley
    Jonathan Lindley 1 месяц назад Nathan Jones it’s not a Prius Exactly to that comment it has bigger springs and pressure bigger cam lifters pushrods and so on everything about a hot rod needs more oiling obviously u don’t own a street car much less a full out race car because u would know the importance of the oiling systems tell me something about Zinc dithiophosphate or ZDDP what is it and is it needed in high performance motors if u need a bottle it’s comp cams part number 159 just be a bit more wise bringing a AA Battery car to hot rod stuff not even a near relative comparison not being mean bud maybe u could learn something in the process I love to learn
  • Dalton Hunt
    Dalton Hunt 1 месяц назад It's fine it was In a garage not put in the cold he was probably just really happy to start it and move it.
  • PaulSter
    PaulSter 1 месяц назад No. The engine is just fine. Easing out of a garage is zero strain.
  • Charles Roser
    Charles Roser 1 месяц назад You probably wouldn't want it running for too long anyways in the city,
  • Anthony Binning
    Anthony Binning 1 месяц назад Warm up like a ipu or a generator? If it’s running it’s ready for WFOT
  • David Gherardi
    David Gherardi 3 недели назад @Magna Carta Sam Adam's even with newer cars I see people do it all the time. An engine is meant to operate at a certain temperature for a reason.
  • Abinico Arts
    Abinico Arts 2 недели назад If car was in N. Dakota 30 below zero winter, then yeah, definitely let it warm up but from the looks of the weather there, no big deal to star it up and move out.
  • toyo094
    toyo094 5 дней назад @Korie Creson But the oil is 50 w or so, thats thick.
  • Korie Creson
    Korie Creson 5 дней назад @toyo094 I highly doubt that.
    WY BUDDY 5 дней назад First thing I thought, Jesus man let the tolerances fill in.
  • Christopher Austin
    Christopher Austin 1 день назад Yeah, but try doing that with a neighbour that complains about noise at 5:30am when I go to work. If I idle my car more than 10 seconds he texts me and bitches that I woke him up. And this is in -20 degree Canadian winters.
  • harry pownall
    harry pownall 1 день назад Yes, I feel bad, my 1995 4cyl. Camry never ran more than 20 seconds before I dropped it in gear. I suppose I would have gotten a lot more life out of the original drive train, but 443K was okay. Now, with my ‘05 Pilot, I maybe wait 5 seconds, and at least 3 minutes before I hit the interstate and floor it.