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BMW i3 road trip to Amsterdam... what could possibly go wrong?

Published on Jun 18, 2015 432,063 views

Can you really cross continents in an electric car? And is the infrastructure any better abroad? We went on an epic road trip to find out.

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  • infineon1985
    infineon1985 Год назад That was not a Japanese charging port. That was the standard euro 430v plug.
  • News Flash
    News Flash 5 месяцев назад The fuel stations were Brexit prepared :)
  • trefod
    trefod 4 года назад That the card wasn't authorized for use in Europe, shouldn't fall back on the vehicle. It is solely a problem of the service provider. The lack of charging stations and variations in plug types is however a problem for the industry.
  • Steve Vater
    Steve Vater 1 месяц назад @Will Davis Tessa far too expensive i3 as well E cars a bad joke. The solution is super efficient diesels with up to date filters
  • Thrust vectoring
    Thrust vectoring 2 месяца назад you could always buy an adapter, just saying...
  • Jazoray
    Jazoray 2 месяца назад that regulation is a few years old already. UK probably already implemented it into a law
  • flitsertheo
    flitsertheo 2 месяца назад @Jazoray But will this EU regulation be applied in the soon to be "independent" UK ?
  • flitsertheo
    flitsertheo 5 месяцев назад @Andrei Avasi You can trust the British though for using another standard, certainly once they are out of the EU. As they do for other electrical plugs.
  • Taz I
    Taz I 8 месяцев назад Genius
  • Daniel Beale
    Daniel Beale 2 года назад Tv Tv I don't think that's fair, EV's are not good long distance vehicles and I don't see anyone seriously claiming that they are. The fact that you can do them with planning is a bonus but that's not what anyone (should have) bought one for. Complaining that EV's arent good for long distance journeys is like complaining that a Transit van isn't a a great city car.
  • 2LegHumanist
    2LegHumanist 2 года назад It doesn't matter because it looks like the world is going CCS. Meanwhile all of our local infrastructure where I live is Chademo :-(
  • LivingSquirel
    LivingSquirel 2 года назад 2LegHumanist Which version of chadmo? theres two of dcc and level 2. I even think China has a third
  • 2LegHumanist
    2LegHumanist 2 года назад @Andrei Avasi There does need to be at least two systems, one for AC charging and one for DC. But yeah, BMW should dump CCS. Chademo for DC charging and type 2 for AC.
  • Andrei Avasi
    Andrei Avasi 2 года назад You're speaking so much truth. I have no idea why they haven't gotten to getting together and deciding on a standard for chargers. It would make it far easier for anyone to install chargers since one fits all! This could be something for the European Union to take charge on since it's a huge consumer market and it would for automakers to only sell cars that meet the standards that they decide upon (together with the car makers of course).
  • 2LegHumanist
    2LegHumanist 3 года назад @Tv Tv It's interesting that after nearly a year of driving an EV, I've not once had any of those problems.  I wouldn't drive to a location where I was entirely reliant on one particular charge point being free and working.  That would be fucking idiotic.  What I would do is make sure I had enough charge to get back to the nearest FCP. If the SCP at my destination is working, that's just a bonus that saves me time on the return trip.  Hybrids are for pussies.  They get fuck all range on batteries.  Driving an EV requires a little bit of thought and planning.  All you demonstrate by recording yourself drive an EV until the battery runs out is that you didn't think ahead.
  • Tv Tv
    Tv Tv 3 года назад +2LegHumanist EV bashing videos exist because drivers wouldnt have such problems have they driven normal vehicle. Video clearly shows that if you want an EV then you need consider things that you wouldnt normally consider and rely on 3rd party and luck i.e. hope that sockets match, hope that there is a space to charge your car, hope that your e-charge card works, hope for all those things that you wouldnt even think about in a normal car. EV sucks. Hybrid is the future for now
  • Jazoray
    Jazoray 3 года назад +trefod there has been an EU regulation enacted harmonizing the plug types. soon, all charging startions must have Mennekes Type2 or CCS chargers. (which are compatible with each other)
  • 2LegHumanist
    2LegHumanist 3 года назад @trefod It's typical of a lot of these EV bashing videos. The driver makes all kinds of mistakes and blames the car. Driving an EV requires practice and planning. Drivers in these videos seem to have no experience so they continually make rooky errors
  • AudiS4B7
    AudiS4B7 3 года назад @Will Davis just tell the REX to kick in at 75% battery then you will be fine just fill up like a connventional car, then you have the charge to cruise to the nearest petrol pump
  • Landon Thomas
    Landon Thomas 3 года назад @trefod I love the point you made about all the different charging connections being a problem for the industry, very good point.
  • Will Davis
    Will Davis 3 года назад @LOLBTLOLBT And the trip can suck with the range extender too, you know. The range extender that cannot climb hills worth a damn. TL;DR - should have used a Tesla
  • Marcomanseckisax
    Marcomanseckisax 3 года назад @swansea007791 and a rather delicious one at that if I may say so >:-o
    LOLBTLOLBT 3 года назад This isn't about the industry or the car, it's about the trip experience, and it sucks if there is no range extender
  • swansea007791
    swansea007791 3 года назад @trefod Agreed. He was being a drama queen.
  • fundiver198
    fundiver198 4 года назад @trefod But its still a part of the whole electric car system, which just did not work very well. If you car run on petrol or diesel, you can buy that anywhere and just pay with your normal Master or Visa card, which DOES work. So I can fully understand Matt, when he said, that after 14 hours of this nonsence, he had just had it. The next issue by the way is costs. My sister has en e-Up. And when she charge it up at home, its very cheap to run. However use a public charging point like those shown by Matt, and the "fuel" cost rise to more than that of a normal petrol powered VW Up. And in that case, whats the whole point?
  • Martin Espinoza
    Martin Espinoza 4 года назад @trefod What a pity that you weren't paying attention to the video.
  • milosilic23
    milosilic23 4 года назад @trefod True. I don't like the I3, and i wouldn't buy one, but blaming it solely on the car is not fair. I would force car makers and anyone who places chargers to use the same plug type, like the mobile phones. Would be cheaper to make, easier to use and much more accesible
  • kostas y
    kostas y 2 года назад What I got from this review : "Didn't have the proper card" What a plonker..
  • Bernard Caprara
    Bernard Caprara 4 года назад that wood interior in the I3 is gorgeous
  • 1.000subs with no video's
    1.000subs with no video's 3 месяца назад Less ugly than the model 3
  • Super Neonbox
    Super Neonbox 3 года назад why top gear not use this guy... seriously
  • Ian McGreevy
    Ian McGreevy 2 недели назад It is like how the original Top Gear used to be when the car was the star not the presenters
  • Blah b
    Blah b 2 месяца назад Apparently he doesn't go full roidrage and starts beating crewmembers at the drop of a hate, so he doesn't qualify.
  • QueFit
    QueFit 5 месяцев назад because he is an honest guy :)
  • Selim Sultan Akbar
    Selim Sultan Akbar 7 месяцев назад ekim andersom Top gear was for immature shitheads
  • Philip Wookey
    Philip Wookey Год назад And you have a mental age of 11.
  • cal. e
    cal. e 2 года назад Super Neonbox because he's boring
  • Faris Selimović
    Faris Selimović 2 года назад BokiXI oMG YESS
  • BokiXI
    BokiXI 2 года назад Him and Doug DeMuro.
  • ekim andersom
    ekim andersom 2 года назад Top Gear is dead
  • simon199418
    simon199418 3 года назад Nothing English works in Europe by design cause the English don't like using any EU system.
  • Ian McGreevy
    Ian McGreevy 2 недели назад Wrong- English like using the E111 Reciprocal Health Service
  • Rason Jason
    Rason Jason 1 месяц назад People can do what they fck they want.
  • No one You know
    No one You know 2 месяца назад (изменено) @flitsertheo So it's a UK market unit but it's still not English design.
  • flitsertheo
    flitsertheo 2 месяца назад @No one You know But it's made to British specifications. Has the steering wheel on the wrong side of the vehicle to begin with.
  • No one You know
    No one You know 2 месяца назад @flitsertheo Yes
  • flitsertheo
    flitsertheo 2 месяца назад @No one You know Do you mean the BMW ?
  • No one You know
    No one You know 2 месяца назад This isn't even English though?
  • flitsertheo
    flitsertheo 4 месяца назад @kenny wright Not really, half of the European population spends it holidays there. Without British pensioners and other hooligans Spain will become a safer place though.
  • kenny wright
    kenny wright 4 месяца назад @flitsertheo that's Spain knackered then without us going on holidays
  • flitsertheo
    flitsertheo 5 месяцев назад Getting an electric car to work will be the least of their problems when British citizens try to enter the EU after 29/3/19.
  • Herman Willems
    Herman Willems 5 месяцев назад Brexit.
  • simon199418
    simon199418 2 года назад @UnlinkedHorizon omg I didn't even remember this comment :P
  • Darren Campbell
    Darren Campbell 2 года назад hahaha you called it
  • 4K / QHD video's
    4K / QHD video's 3 года назад You sould charge your car by the Fastned fastcharching stations in the Netherlands!
  • valentin colteanu
    valentin colteanu 7 месяцев назад Now that you have double the battery capacity and a lot more charging station, it should be pretty easy to drive across Europe today in a BMW i3.
  • Car Guy3657
    Car Guy3657 1 месяц назад This is nothing. I do Ireland to Budapest Hungary and back every summer with my bmw i3 rex... Pethetic 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • sugarsaint
    sugarsaint 3 года назад what a palaver. BMW 320D or 520d M trim fully loaded - all day long thank you very much
  • creosl
    creosl 3 года назад I drive a egolf in Norway. Every 1 of 5 new cars sold is a e-car. It's a taxheaven for e-cars. Here we have usually two systems for fastcharging and they have same the same card! (elbilforening). And you don't need any keys/cards to most semi/slow chargingpoints (witch are everywhere). Driving 500-1000 km in a day is not a problem. Perhaps you should do the test in Norway the next time?
  • Mrdirtblock - Minecraft
    Mrdirtblock - Minecraft 2 месяца назад Micka Datwist 2 in 3 now :)
  • Micka Datwist
    Micka Datwist 4 месяца назад that's a very rich country......that's why
  • cros13
    cros13 3 года назад I'm doing Dublin to London in my i3 next week for the Formula E weekend to be followed by a Dublin to Berlin trip in August. Ireland's rapid charging network is great, one single network for the whole island and you are never more than 40km from a working rapid charger, charging is free. The UKs less so, with 7 different charging networks, some with wacky pricing. France is a bloody disaster as is Belgium but the Dutch Fast Ned network is great. The i3's maps can't be relied on as for some unknown reason they are the only manufacturer without over the air updates. The issue with the efacec QC45 charger you first used in the netherlands was a DC breaker tripping. efacec have provided a replacement parts kit to charging networks who request it. There is only one standard for europe in level 2 charging connector, the type 2 mennekes. The rest of them need to be banned.
  • Conway79
    Conway79 Год назад Why would you need to have the card 'authorised' to work in Europe? What possible benefit could it serve to anybody to limit cards to a specific country? And for that matter, why do the charging providers all still require you to have their own card in the first place? Surely it would be easier and more convenient if they would just take a credit or debit card.
  • MsSomeonenew
    MsSomeonenew 2 месяца назад Coordination between all these different charging companies was a complete mess 4 years ago, but now they almost always work, the only remaining issue is they don't all accurately report when chargers are out of order.
  • Blah b
    Blah b 2 месяца назад Nowadays you pretty much can. There's several cards that will be accepted pretty much anywhere. What you saw here was purely a British problem, because British card providers don't bother to sign contracts with most charging station operators. Around the same region I've tried a grand total of 52 different charging stations, and out of those, only 2 failed to work, only 1 of which due to card issues. And then we're talking the "there's a socket sticking out of a wall in a backalley" kind of station.
  • Weaseltube
    Weaseltube 7 месяцев назад Rule Britannia! Just never leave home.
  • newbiedotNet
    newbiedotNet 3 года назад seriously compatibility issue? they should create more universal charging system, somehow like USB or bluetooth. -_-
  • Herman Willems
    Herman Willems 5 месяцев назад And how you gonna rate it? How much amps? You want it DC? AC? What voltage ??? Most ideal situation you want HIGH voltage DC. But that is again dangerous too, so you need to make it safe. And how many amps? If you want a fast charger, the connector will be very expensive if you need alot of amps.. Which your home can't deliver anyway. That's a waste of money right? So.... tell me. What is your solution?
  • Tim Tam
    Tim Tam 3 года назад Whether the guy is genuinely incompetent or a sellout (the only two logical possibilities) is, to me rather irrelevant. These types of exercises reveal the sense of entitlement that's grown up around ICE vehicles - 'I demand 300 miles of range', 'I don't want to have to plan my journey' etc. ICE-specific aspects of vehicles haven't acutally improved much in the last 50 years. A fully charged Leaf is the energy equivalent of less than 1 gallon of petrol - it's the energy density of oil that's remarkable, not the engine. There still isn't a ICE car that will return triple-figure fuel consumption and yet even these first generation EVs and hybrids are doing just that (MPGe).
  • Sam Dean
    Sam Dean 9 месяцев назад (изменено) The problem is the fact that companies haven’t standardised the payment for public charging stations across Europe, if he’d had the correct card he would have been fine.
  • thatvolvoguy
    thatvolvoguy 4 года назад The i3 is the best electric car in the world because it runs on petrol! What an oxymoron of a car.
  • xHarux3
    xHarux3 1 месяц назад @William Jones-Halibut That's what I was actually talking about. Anyone should have gotten that I am talking about highways/Autobahn.
  • William Jones-Halibut
    William Jones-Halibut 1 месяц назад xHarux3 charging stations are ultimately the wrong way to go except on freeways and autobahn. Really electric vehicles should be on charge all the time: at home, at work, in public street parking and in the shopping center. They should be charging on renewable energy when it’s available and then delivering a little bit of it back to the grid when it’s needed.
  • William Jones-Halibut
    William Jones-Halibut 1 месяц назад sliwka621 back in the 1980s our mobile phones had removable NiCad battery packs. A battery would last 10 hours standby. So you would have a second battery and a charger at home, work and car. The NiNH revolutionized things with about 2x the charge. Likewise fir laptops. It was NiMH derived from cellphone and laptop technology that made cars like the Prius possible. By the time Elon Musk came around the technology was 100% there. He simply applied volume production and realized there guys who can throw $100,000 for a sports or luxury car will do so for a electric as well
  • xHarux3
    xHarux3 1 месяц назад @William Jones-Halibut The REx is useful for countries like Germany where charging stations are a rare option. I'm be happier if they actually made a REx with a higher output or even a hybrid i3.
  • William Jones-Halibut
    William Jones-Halibut 1 месяц назад The petrol “range extender” is an option you can order at time of purchase of the BMW i3. BMW offers it to overcome “range anxiety” in people who would otherwise not order a electric car. I believe BMW says 96% of people who have the range extender have ever used it. It’s there for peace of mind. The BMW i3 can also charge from normal outlets though it may take a few hours so really if you are visiting friends or family you can just use an extension lead. You would never have to go to a petrol station ever again.
  • Zack E
    Zack E 2 месяца назад Antithesis mate
  • xHarux3
    xHarux3 2 месяца назад not because it runs on petrol. Because it CAN run on petrol.
  • fradaja
    fradaja 5 месяцев назад (изменено) @sliwka621 yes theyre just like those led-acid milkfloats with a top speed of 15mph and weighed the same as a house back in 1900 , as is the model t ford exactly the same as a 2015 bmw m3 , no difference at all , numpty.
    DRONE ON TOP 8 месяцев назад It's a hybrid then
  • John
    John 2 года назад Wrong on both counts. If you like X words, here's another - Bollox, which is what you are talking.
  • Playfer
    Playfer 2 года назад It's a paradox not an oxymoron. An oxymoron consists of only 2 words.
  • Peter Timowreef
    Peter Timowreef 3 года назад @sliwka621 It's not the carbon itself that's cutting edge, it's the technology that makes large scale production possible where BWM (together with Boeing)  is taking a leading role. And even if electric cars aren't directly responsible for new and better batteries, they do represent a large part of the market for that kind of technology.
  • sliwka621
    sliwka621 3 года назад @Peter Timowreef Do you understand what "new tech" means? Carbon composites a.k.a. plastics a.k.a. polymers are not new technology. P.S.: It's mainly the small electronics (mobile phones etc.) that speed up the progress in finding new and better battery technologies. Here an example:
  • Peter Timowreef
    Peter Timowreef 3 года назад @sliwka621 And the wheels are older still. If it's not broken, don't fix it. The batteries are an area where we've made progress, we're not there yet but cars like this help find better energy storage solutions.  And the part where this car is down right cutting edge new is the material use in the chassis. BMW is the first to start using carbon fiber composite materials on such a large scale.
  • John Benton
    John Benton 3 года назад @Peter Timowreef I could not have put it better with a month's notice and a dictionary.
  • sliwka621
    sliwka621 4 года назад @Peter Timowreef What's new about this car? Electric cars are dating back to 1828. Batteries are old technology, so are electric motors and the petrol engine with a generator combo.
  • Peter Timowreef
    Peter Timowreef 4 года назад @thatvolvoguy Captai smartass here, old tech will always be better in it's final days then new tech at the start. We need cars like this to bridge the gap.
  • the1beard
    the1beard 3 года назад These little EV's are not for long journeys on the continent or in the UK !!!!!! Not until the CCS network is established.