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Funny Epic Girl Fails Compilation #1

Published on Dec 20, 2018 2,013,858 views

The Best GIRLS fails compilation 2018. Compilation of the most epic GIRL fails and funny videos, funny fails, Funny Vines.

  • Duncan Bob
    Duncan Bob Неделю назад Girl going down the stairs in a box … "I broke my tooth" … as long as she didn't dislodge her brain cell (if she had one in the first place???)
  • bab b
    bab b 1 день назад wtf thumbnail !!!
  • Hassan Hassan
    Hassan Hassan Неделю назад 4:35 yoga is so good for your face 😵😅
  • adora trbl
    adora trbl Неделю назад I B R O K E M Y T O O T H
  • picasso dali
    picasso dali Неделю назад 1:31.. She smart
  • Idc Idc
    Idc Idc Неделю назад Я не смеялся но лайк поставил
  • James Spears
    James Spears 5 дней назад (изменено) If this was a video of guys instead of females, it would probably have been titled "Here dude! Hold my beer and watch this!" Also, when will they learn that most drunk chicks don't have the upper-body strength to master drunkenly swinging into a body of water on a rope swing? Seriously? Has that ever been attempted successfully by a drunk female?
  • Liquid Asylum
    Liquid Asylum Неделю назад 1:23 that made my ankles hurt looking at it
  • Addison Barton
    Addison Barton 5 дней назад For my sixth grade dance I wore heels, when I was dancing with some friends I friking tripped and broke my glasses
  • katie_show 123
    katie_show 123 2 недели назад at 3rd..WAS THAT GIRL WEARING A BRA OR NO BRA .0.
  • Darren Roberts
    Darren Roberts 2 недели назад Idk
  • AwesomeAli
    AwesomeAli 2 недели назад Bruh!
  • MalinLionAss
    MalinLionAss 2 недели назад She was wearing a bra in nude color thankfully
  • Sarah Sutton
  • Latodd Walker
    Latodd Walker Неделю назад Yes it fell off
  • Dustin L
    Dustin L 5 дней назад The pig at 2:08 "OH HELL NOOOO!!!"
  • Gianfranco Cartella
    Gianfranco Cartella Неделю назад E' PROPRIO merda..... Mamma mia
  • Jean Papillon
    Jean Papillon Неделю назад Les preneurs de vidéos ne sont guère garnis de cerveau ! Filmer en format vertical des vidéos qui seront vues sur des écrans panoramiques ! Il faut le faire, mais il faut admettre que la plupart des gens font cette erreur, et sont surpris si on le leur fait remarquer ! Moralité : ce n'est pas parce-qu'ils sont nombreux a avoir tort qu'ils ont raison. Jean
  • soomers liffee
    soomers liffee 3 месяца назад Why is it an ad
  • Chandan 85808766342 single
    Chandan 85808766342 single Неделю назад soomers liffee 8580766342
  • soomers liffee
    soomers liffee Неделю назад @Chandan 85808766342 single what
  • gamer11 chicken
    gamer11 chicken 6 дней назад clickbait
  • Breana Strickland
    Breana Strickland 2 недели назад damn lmao
  • Nadia puspitasari
    Nadia puspitasari Неделю назад Cewek konyol
  • sage nunion
    sage nunion 6 дней назад Girl Fails = Soft porn 😆
  • frank ferro
    frank ferro 3 недели назад OK, I think we all can agree that humans are idiots , but some some of these idiots are getting hurt. Whats funny about that ?
  • solitary bee
    solitary bee 2 недели назад @frank ferro  I agree, some of those have to hurt!  Plus, a few look like they might have serious consequences.
  • Joaquín Tch
    Joaquín Tch 2 недели назад Natural selection I guess
  • heghqa
    heghqa 2 недели назад Because we're hoping that they get hurt very bad and won't be able to reproduce anymore. Let stupidity end with idiots like this. And why are you watching videos like this? Oversensitive bitch. Stick to your pussy videos. Or better yet, be one of those idiots.
  • David G.
    David G. 2 недели назад frank ferro PEOPLE GETTING HURT IS VERY FUNNY.
  • Ryan McNeila
    Ryan McNeila Неделю назад frank ferro Everything. You should be shot, pussy.
  • James Spears
    James Spears 5 дней назад To all of you complaining that a bunch of drunk chicks getting hurt isn't funny...LIGHTEN UP!!! This is Darwinism at its finest. As I stated in my other post in the comments for this video clip: "If this was guys instead of females, it would have been titled: "Here dude! Hold my beer and watch this!"
  • Jongha종하
    Jongha종하 21 час назад 2:21