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Regular Car Reviews: 2004 Volkswagen Phaeton V8

Published on Aug 10, 2015 744,378 views

"Stealth Wealth" that's what this car is. The Phaeton is the only car I've driven that is better at "car-ing" than a Tesla Model S.

  • Süleyman Tüfekçi
    Süleyman Tüfekçi 2 года назад 3:40 "Smoother than two Brazilian waxed, bi-curious, graphic majoring white girls, scissoring in an inflatable kiddie pool filled with peach sherbert outside on a day when the humidity is 80%" omg im dying :D
  • Ibrahim Adouni
    Ibrahim Adouni 2 года назад nice.
  • baginatora
    baginatora 2 года назад That's probably the smoothest shifting gearbox in the time-space continuum.
    N30NEMPIRE 2 года назад Der Schlagzeuger I laughed so bad I couldn't breathe
  • stinkbandit
    stinkbandit 2 года назад Scissor Me Timbers !
  • SirSkidMark
    SirSkidMark 2 года назад I think this is my favorite RCR line ever.
  • Vittu Harkonnen
    Vittu Harkonnen 2 года назад Damn that smooth
    SOCOMJON 2 года назад I spat coffee all over my pc after that line!!!!!!!!!!
  • Michael Kingman
    Michael Kingman 2 года назад SirSkidMark It's the best line in the history of spoken word
  • Davy Rando
    Davy Rando 2 года назад nice
  • Bad Decisions
    Bad Decisions 2 года назад Der Schlagzeuger Andre 3000 would be proud of that delivery
  • ycnexu
    ycnexu 2 года назад Not great at English and needed that transcription. Thanks :)
  • cloridan Beauchamps
    cloridan Beauchamps Год назад baginatora ive experienced dsg, damn it was smooth
  • Skip741 x
    Skip741 x Год назад meeeee tooooo hilarious
  • artistwithouttalent
    artistwithouttalent 11 месяцев назад Süleyman Tüfekçi n i c e .
  • Mr. Dmitri Ravenoff
    Mr. Dmitri Ravenoff 7 месяцев назад Nice.
  • Lodogg 3323
    Lodogg 3323 5 месяцев назад Smoooooth
  • TheOffical Nice
    TheOffical Nice 5 месяцев назад DIED! 😭😭😭
  • Punnyabrata Chakraborty
    Punnyabrata Chakraborty 3 месяца назад that's pretty smooth
  • Sahand REzai
    Sahand REzai 2 месяца назад Süleyman Tüfekçi ...Nice.
  • mundotaku
    mundotaku 3 года назад The Phaeton is the reason the Toyota Century will always be a Japan only thing.
  • Tyler Ingram
    Tyler Ingram 3 года назад Never heard of that.
  • Johnny Nimble
    Johnny Nimble 3 года назад @mundotaku I hadn't thought of that until now, but you're probably on point there.
  • Louche Decay
    Louche Decay 3 года назад @mundotaku I want one of those so. bad. From Toyota themselves, "the Century is acquired through persistent work, the kind that is done in a plain but formal suit."
  • d .w
    d .w 3 года назад @mundotaku I wish they brought the Crown here.
  • Dylan
    Dylan 3 года назад @TheNGplus Yeah, although it's pretty much just a GS400. The interior is a little nicer and the styling is much better
  • iamstd2
    iamstd2 3 года назад that could apply to any 90's Japanese luxury car really
  • kona
    kona 3 года назад @Dylan S. the century also had a v12 which is shown here.
  • mundotaku
    mundotaku 3 года назад @Dylan S.  Oh no, you are thinking about the Crown Majesta. No, the Century was designed in 1997 and hasn't change that much ever since. It has a v12 engine made just for it.
  • Johnny Nimble
    Johnny Nimble 3 года назад There was a really good little doc on the Century that I wish I could find again.  The takeaway line was that they stuck to cloth because leather made undignified noises not befitting the driver or passenger's status.  I should import one when I have the means.
  • Toastee
    Toastee 3 года назад (изменено) Whoa! Never heard of this car but just looked it up. And god damn there's something incredibly sexy about its quarter panels. Love that low wheel arch and the way the panel smoothly tapers as you move toward the rear bumper. Reminds me a bit of an old American car (can't quite put my finger on it) except smoother and more modern.
  • snappy452
    snappy452 3 года назад +iSkiedMarsYesterday whoah that thing looks like Mercedes took a Ford Granada, said "what the hell are you doing, guys?" and then made it look nice. Very sleek and pretty.
  • N9olan
    N9olan 3 года назад +mundotaku Do you remember the Crown Majesta? The early 90's models had V8, AWD and All wheel steering...YIKES OF AWESOMNESS!!!
  • Silent Bob
    Silent Bob 3 года назад +mundotaku The Nissan President as well.
  • FasterThanSoup
    FasterThanSoup 3 года назад +mundotaku '97 I believe was the second and most recent generation (with the V12 introduced) but the nameplate has been around for decades prior to this. This is one of my favourite cars. I usually don't like big cars, but when I do I go excessive. I really like the older ones like the one linked somewhere in this thread, just beautiful
  • Wiseguy7
    Wiseguy7 2 года назад I know right? If I'm rich, I'm definitely getting one. If its good enough for the emperor of Japan it sure as hell good enough for those who can afford it.
  • Paul Fed
    Paul Fed Год назад the century was designed in 67 and was produced until 93 ,as the 1 series and then it was updated
  • Paul Fed
    Paul Fed Год назад the 90s ones are quite cheap actually its the import charges that are expensive
  • Jason B
    Jason B Год назад You buy a used Century in US. But I think Toyota wants to KEEP the Century a Japan exclusive not a volume production car.
  • Admiral RNG
    Admiral RNG 7 месяцев назад well Mr. Regular got his hands (and his feet) on a Century and he liked it a lot
  • Rhodesian Wojak
    Rhodesian Wojak 3 месяца назад @Admiral RNG more so than this too lol
  • Madison County Sound Labs
    Madison County Sound Labs 3 года назад (изменено) Two years ago I purchased a Black 2004 W-12 Phaeton.  I bought it from a private owner off E-Bay who lived within a three hour drive from me.  When I  saw it I contacted the seller and arranged to see it. I got to the guy's house and drove it.  Incredible machine.  I logged into my E-Bay account from his computer and purchased it through ""Buy-It-Now.   I gave him 2,500.00 in earnest money and arranged to pick up the car three days later.  I purchased the car for 14,200.00 total.  It rides like a Rolls Royce Silver Spirit but with more horsepower.  I get about 11 miles per gallon city and 16 highway while in the city.   This is not my daily driver. I drive it approx. three times a month.  I'm extremely pleased I have it.
  • Kriste Isopahkala
    Kriste Isopahkala 5 месяцев назад Do you have a more current update to give? Has anything significant broken? Has the servicing been expensive?
  • S.T T.
    S.T T. 5 месяцев назад @Kriste Isopahkala I think the guy went to cleaners with that thing. I have seen many do.
  • Mikel Whois
    Mikel Whois 1 месяц назад ..i want one, i want to be rich enough to fix one.
  • Fleetwing1627
    Fleetwing1627 3 года назад "How quiet is it? Quieter than a timpani player who's just lost his place in the music." As a non-percussionist who occasionally gets the opportunity to womp on the timpani during church I live this line. I'm usually lost about 50% of the time.
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 3 года назад @Fleetwing1627 The great thing about playing timpani is half the time you play quiet with the fuzzy mallets so... you can fake it.
  • Albert Kwan
    Albert Kwan 3 года назад @RegularCars Percussionist here that used to be in pit. Can confirm.
  • Brock Landers
    Brock Landers 3 года назад +Fleetwing1627 Bassist who ALSO played in a pit. Can confirm.
  • Brock Landers
    Brock Landers 3 года назад @Dick Fageroni Road douches givin' us da bidness...
  • Carson Ogden
    Carson Ogden 3 года назад +Dick Fageroni Chuck Furch 2016
  • kz1000ps
    kz1000ps 3 года назад +Fleetwing1627 Timpanist with perfect pitch (hence why my teachers threw me at the timpani) (yes my friends call me "perfect bitch") that played mostly orchestras. Can confirm a million times over.
  • Al Spahi
    Al Spahi 3 года назад beautiful car
  • Al Spahi
    Al Spahi 3 года назад beautiful car
  • Matthew Sharpe
    Matthew Sharpe Год назад Yup, fake it, just like me in church when I was 11 and had already worked out God and Jesus were made up just like Santa and the Tooth Fairy.
  • Ark
    Ark 9 месяцев назад +RegularCars My band director always made me play with the hard mallets and every time I messed up he would give me the death stare.
  • J Donns
    J Donns 3 года назад A Bentley in VW clothes.  Wasn't this a pet project for one of the VW execs?  Great review.  I don't know why here in America we can't recognize a high end car unless its branded from a high end brand.  That's the only reason Lexus, Acura, Infiniti were made.
  • Stryker Red
    Stryker Red 3 года назад @Joseph Rogers Yeah, it was Ferdinand Piech's pet project car.
  • Leslie48
    Leslie48 3 года назад @Joseph Rogers It's because a lot of things that have in the previous century been considered exclusively 'Luxury' features in Europe. Large cabin, large engine, large Everything. ..have in the United States been considered 'Tuesday'. ;)
  • Ingeniebrio
    Ingeniebrio 3 года назад @Joseph Rogers It was an attempt at this area of the market. However, it was a massive failure if a beautiful one. My father told me that people looked over the phaeton in favor of the passats, and often people couldn't tell the difference besides size and prize. Chalk one up to people having no idea what a good drive is, but definitely want something that looks good.
  • no1DdC
    no1DdC 3 года назад @MisterLou PR One of Piech's pet projects. The other well-known one is the Bugatti Veyron.
  • Stryker Red
    Stryker Red 3 года назад @no1DdC What about the Nardo W12? 
  • Leslie48
    Leslie48 3 года назад @Colin Chambers A Badge does matter in that it contributes to a car's Identity.  When you're Volkswagen and your entire history is dominated by 'Cheap and Cheerful' products going all the way back to the original beetle it's understandable that people are gonna go "Wut?" when you break-out the Ultra-Lux.
  • TheBIGJake111
    TheBIGJake111 3 года назад @no1DdC Not to mention his contributions to the quattro, the purchase and arguable saving of Lamborghini, split of Bently from Rolls, Porsche 917. W12 and W16 engines as well as the forever lasting mercedes 5 cylinder D engines. Yet the stupid company still sent him packing a couple months back....
  • SpecialKLSX
    SpecialKLSX 3 года назад @Leslie48 I blame Europe for large cars with shitty interiors then.
  • Stephen Kraus
    Stephen Kraus 3 года назад @TheBIGJake111 It was a crime what they did to Piech. A real Automotive Engineer who set trends, but never forgot that performance and engineering brilliance still wins the day at the end.
  • Rubber
    Rubber 3 года назад @Joseph Rogers because brand recognition for cheapness and value only exists in america apparently
  • snappy452
    snappy452 3 года назад Half of selling a car is selling its brand. Americans are so wrapped up in symbology that you could sell someone a $100,000 steaming pile of shit if you put a Ferarri badge on it.
  • Rubber
    Rubber 3 года назад @snappy452 pretty sure brand recognition appeals to more than americans dumbass
  • SpecialKLSX
    SpecialKLSX 3 года назад @snappy452 I'm pretty sure that goes double for Italians when you refer to Ferrari. 
  • Avantime
    Avantime 3 года назад @Joseph Rogers Phaetons still sell in China, where communist officials needed a luxury limo with a badge that translates as "The people's car". Especially in the middle of an anti-corruption drive.
  • Newgenerationisbg
    Newgenerationisbg 3 года назад @SpecialKLSX I would refer to them as "simple" because both VW and Audi's interiors are very well put together, although a bit lacking in extras. Don't look at Opel though, supposed to be a "German" car but a 2008 Astra's interior already squeaks while a 1989 Audi 80's interior is still holding up (although if you bash your head in it during a crash, you would crack your skull because it's made from the toughest plastic known to man)
  • Tony Allen
    Tony Allen 3 года назад @Joseph Rogers because it was as tough sell sitting next to the A8 in the US.. if you had the means to buy new, what would've made you choose a VW badge over an Audi badge? It's not to say that one car is better than the other, but the kind of people who appreciated the Phaeton got lost amongst the sea of flashy, and wealthy elites needing to be shuttled around in an A8L, in black, filled with every creature comfort and big chrome quad rings on each end to let everyone know they were important.
  • SpecialKLSX
    SpecialKLSX 3 года назад @Newgenerationisbg You misinterpreted what I meant. I blame Europe for making cars the same size as other nations more expensive, and thus more nicely equipped. For around 24K USD you can pick up a base model Impala straight off the lot, meanwhile that gets you a Jetta. 
  • Newgenerationisbg
    Newgenerationisbg 3 года назад @SpecialKLSX Oh yeah, buying German means you pay for the fact that it's German. Does this mean they are bad cars? Certainly not, but as you said, you can get a more well equipped car for the same money as a German counterpart. Same as French cars, much cheaper, but you get what you pay for. I will bring up my Audi A4 from 1996. Is it perfect? Hell no. It has a less than perfect engine that has less than perfect fuel consumption and the front suspension is made of cheese, but comparing it to a Laguna, which when new was the same class, but slightly cheaper than the A4, is no longer possible. The Laguna's squeak and rattle and break all the time. The fact that it is German used to bring long lasting quality to the table, now, not so much anymore. At this point it's better to buy a cheap car, and ride out the quirks for a few years, then sell it and do the same. People no longer buy cars to keep them for 15 years, or until they disintegrate from use, they buy one, sell it in a few years, and buy a new one. I dug way too deep into this to tell you that you're right.
  • Thee Adjudicator
    Thee Adjudicator 3 года назад (изменено) @Joseph Rogers I think it's the same all over the world dude, i mean noone would look at a Peugeot 607 and say its a luxurious ride, not too mention the Paladine version.
  • Chek1n
    Chek1n 3 года назад @Joseph Rogers you can't clean a brand just like that . . . it's like saying the suzukis are luxurious.
  • SpecialKLSX
    SpecialKLSX 3 года назад @jeffrey625625 And? What if they made a luxurious car? Should they call it something different? Badge engineer a new brand to cater to the dumbass masses?
  • Chek1n
    Chek1n 3 года назад @SpecialKLSX It's how the market works mate. You're not going to buy a cheap Chinese branded car for 4 grand and import it over for only 800 dollars. Ask yourself why millions of Americans buy the "new" iPhone every year, because they want to and can. The market is supply and demand boy. 
  • SpecialKLSX
    SpecialKLSX 3 года назад @jeffrey625625 KIA K900 your argument has been rendered invalid by history.  It hasn't sold "well" but it has seen a steady increase in sales, year, after year. And Kia knew that, did they flood the market 1st year? Nope. You rarely see them and Kia dealerships can't keep them in stock. There is an honest to god waiting list for them. 
  • Chek1n
    Chek1n 3 года назад @SpecialKLSX you just disproved your own argument . . . it hasn't sold well. . . 
  • SpecialKLSX
    SpecialKLSX 3 года назад @jeffrey625625 Having a waiting list = Selling well. Thanks for playing. 
  • Chek1n
    Chek1n 3 года назад @SpecialKLSX I doubt the waiting list is anything serious. Seriously? A waiting list on a 55 grand car? The only reason they'd make one is to guarantee profits and that every model sells. Something that sells extremely well would be the new "hellcat" everyone has been babbling about. 
  • SpecialKLSX
    SpecialKLSX 3 года назад (изменено) @jeffrey625625 Wait, Grumman is back in business? And they make cars now?
  • Chek1n
    Chek1n 3 года назад @SpecialKLSX Not sure what you mean with "Grumman". Never heard of them. If you don't know, it's the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. The orders and requests submitted for them were more than they can produce in time, so they halted orders to deal with the ones that had on hand.
  • SpecialKLSX
    SpecialKLSX 3 года назад (изменено) @jeffrey625625 Welp, we're done here. You don't know your WHY the hellcat is even called a hellcat. The Kia has the same problem as the hellcat so any point your trying to make here is kinda moot now isn't it? Never-mind your comparing a company like Fiat(lol)Chrystler(DOUBLELOL!)  with a reputation for making rather pathetic cars that rely on words like heritage, pedigree, and retro... to a company like Kia, who has less than 2 decades in the USDM and has released entry level performance cars that rival that of the SRT4 (Probably the best value for quick MOPARTS that has come out since the OMNI GLH)  and on the luxury side with the 900 compares to the likes of Jaguar and BMW in terms of refinement.