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Try Not To Laugh While Watching Funniest Viral Videos & Fails Compilation

Published on Apr 18, 2017 114,006 views

Try not to laugh while watching The Funniest Viral Videos & Fails Compilation from America's Funniest Home Videos (AFV)

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  • Mangos Peaches
    Mangos Peaches 2 года назад Girl: Goat why are you so scary? Goat: aWuwuwubvvphth
  • Souleater_192
    Souleater_192 2 года назад The kid who shaved half of his head with his dads razor actually did a nice clean cut
  • pim pom
    pim pom Год назад Souleater_192 hahahahahaha yes pls sub my chnl ..its really funny
  • camavita
    camavita 2 года назад "I'll never touch Daddy's razor again"
  • 2ToTheDome
    2ToTheDome 2 года назад why do animals and babies seem to have more sense than adults
  • Cole Daniels
    Cole Daniels 2 года назад 2ToTheDome they don't you freaking idiot
  • AlmightySpaghettiO
    AlmightySpaghettiO 2 года назад Cole Daniels are you 8? because I don't think you know what comedy is.
    QU4CKZ1LLA! 2 года назад The duck one really quaked me up! Get it hehehehe
  • pim pom
    pim pom Год назад Smiling trash bag haahahhahahaah pls sub my chnl ...hahahaa watch funny video is very interesting yes !?!
  • b2j135
    b2j135 2 года назад 7:10-7:30 if you didn't think that was the most adorable cutest goddamn thing ever, something is wrong with you
  • pim pom
    pim pom Год назад b2j135 yes they are cutest ...pls sub my channel....😁😁😁😁😂🤭🤭🤭
  • kait0930 kait0930
    kait0930 kait0930 2 года назад The kid and the phone tho
  • George
    George 2 года назад penguin
  • Clouxted
    Clouxted 2 года назад 4:28 thug life😎
  • Me
    Me 2 года назад The last one was amazing
  • Clouxted
    Clouxted 2 года назад lol at 2:32 there like ATTACK!!🐤🐤🐤
  • To Easy
    To Easy 2 года назад last time I was this early jesus was born
  • Cole Daniels
    Cole Daniels 2 года назад I was the 800th like
  • عباس رضایی
    عباس رضایی 2 года назад I'm sorry 🙏
  • Gymnast 123
    Gymnast 123 2 года назад Hahahahah I laughed in the first 3 seconds I just can't stop laughing XD
  • 7 DAYS
    7 DAYS 2 года назад L M F A O !
  • Jagaimo
    Jagaimo 2 года назад I'm the dog at the morning WHY SCHOOL??!!! WHY?!?!? why?
  • TR3YWAY1266 GG
    TR3YWAY1266 GG 2 года назад 2:50 made me laugh so hard
  • Brandy Brunson
    Brandy Brunson 2 года назад #dogs
  • Fatima-EzZahra SekKoune
    Fatima-EzZahra SekKoune 2 года назад hahahaha