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1982 Knight Industries Two Thousand: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Aug 29, 2016 746,836 views

I've waited twenty years to drive and review KITT, the Knight Industries Two Thousand from Knight Rider

  • jason
    jason 2 года назад I don't think anyone has ever done that before. Filmed a delorean and kitt in the same shot.
  • Doctor Skipwith
    Doctor Skipwith 7 месяцев назад I'd shit my pants if I saw that in real life.
  • Afonso Lucas
    Afonso Lucas 9 месяцев назад Last Man on Earth did. Great show. Had the A-Team van too!
  • Zidders Roofurry
    Zidders Roofurry 10 месяцев назад Yeah and Youtube fucks it up by putting the links above it.
  • haha yes
    haha yes 2 года назад you've come far. now find a mystery machine
  • ShadowcasterZero
  • vector6977
    vector6977 Год назад There is one around Erie, even the right model too.
  • Adionaida Garcia
    Adionaida Garcia Год назад mikele and kit
  • Taker hay
    Taker hay Год назад DoubleYouRides lol two guys in a van just stoned
  • Roxas The Nobody
    Roxas The Nobody Год назад Found one near elkton in maryland, however that was about 7-8 years ago.
  • FastbackV8
    FastbackV8 Год назад (изменено) And a Jurassic Park jeep and the Patty Wagon. Also the Meow Mix cat van because why not.
  • J Ā K E -Æ8
    J Ā K E -Æ8 2 года назад BileAet lol
    ALEXISDESU Desu 2 года назад in albany ga there is a guy who drives a near actuate mystery machine
  • ryan lemons
    ryan lemons 2 года назад General lee
  • Grey Lives Matter
    Grey Lives Matter 2 года назад Someone in Dayton, Ohio has one. I have seen it at a Walmart in North Dayton.
  • Alan Fox
    Alan Fox 2 года назад I say a mystery machine today, though it was only a small Japanese van with just the paint job.
  • Jeremiah
    Jeremiah 2 года назад Blue Thunder!
  • TheForzaDrifter
    TheForzaDrifter 2 года назад We have the griswald wagon in my auto shop luick skywalker
  • Pedro
    Pedro 2 года назад AIRWOLF
  • TheRealJuralumin
    TheRealJuralumin 2 года назад No, he needs to find a Christine
  • Hachi Roku
    Hachi Roku 2 года назад starsky and hutch plz
  • misamisatv
    misamisatv 2 года назад +BileAet OMG YES!!
  • MrHillfolk
    MrHillfolk 2 года назад +Luick Skyhawker Simon and Simon power wagon ftw !
  • Garry Koalman
    Garry Koalman 2 года назад Oscar Mayer wienermobile
  • Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict
    Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict 2 года назад And then, the Lampoon Family Truckster!
  • ChiTownRuler023
    ChiTownRuler023 2 года назад It was a Chevy Corvair van.
  • Michael LeMieux
    Michael LeMieux 2 года назад I know I've seen one at local car shows in NH. They had a life-size Scooby Doo doll to go with it as well. I'm fairly certain the base was a late 1960's VW bus like it should be.
  • MrMeowers95
    MrMeowers95 2 года назад And a boatmobile
  • Jovis Vang
    Jovis Vang 2 года назад And a Magic School Bus.
  • DoubleYouRides
    DoubleYouRides 2 года назад *without meth in it (Good luck with that in PA)
  • Trapt
    Trapt 2 года назад I did see a Vanagon Mystery Machine in Atlanta, but the owner pretty much confided to me that it was a piece of shit.
  • wobbly sauce
    wobbly sauce 2 года назад +
  • Sudos
    Sudos 2 года назад No, the Partridge Family bus.
  • Andrew Murphy
    Andrew Murphy 2 года назад Ohhhhh yes
  • Killing Time
    Killing Time 2 года назад when I was a kid, the papa Gino's pizza delivery guy had a firebird that was KITT on the outside, bone stock on the inside. Imagine being fourteen years old, smoking roaches you and your skateboarding buddy stole from his older brother out a soda bottle with foil on it. you get the munchies. you pause mortal kombat and order a pizza, and KITT pulls up the driveway about 30 minutes later and brings you a second pizza for free because your mom is friends with the delivery guy, and that older brother you two stole those roaches from happens to be the manager of the pizza place, and doesn't know you and your delinquent friend found all the cool stuff he was hiding under his bed. this was my life for a good chunk of the late nineties. also, ordering pizza for a party was like having a celebrity at your birthday, so that's pretty cool too. thanks for the memories dude.
  • Princess English
    Princess English 2 месяца назад @Chef Sato on the Sega CD version you could
  • Nik Nik The RR/Bimmer Man!
    Nik Nik The RR/Bimmer Man! 2 месяца назад I think this may have happened in his own mind, where he is also a legend. In his own mind.
  • Anthony Perez
    Anthony Perez 8 месяцев назад 'Mom is friends with the delivery guy' lol 🤨🤨🤨🤨
  • Chef Sato
    Chef Sato 8 месяцев назад I call BS! The MK games released in the 90's couldn't be paused!
  • hulkhatepunybanner
    hulkhatepunybanner 9 месяцев назад And now YOU'RE the pizza guy!
  • Matches Malone
    Matches Malone 2 года назад Thats what i took it as too. lol. Great minds and all that.
  • Your host killer gnomestar
    Your host killer gnomestar 2 года назад more like "your mom rides the pizza guy"
  • flavourboss
    flavourboss 2 года назад Honesty is the best comedy, well done you nailed it.
  • johnnykache1000
    johnnykache1000 2 года назад +RL R, Douche
  • chopped2JZ
    chopped2JZ 2 года назад So you're the guy who stayed inside all day despising all the teens having fun because you were already matured by that time.
  • tyler langdon
    tyler langdon 2 года назад yes
  • S a n d s
    S a n d s 2 года назад Cringed hard.
  • Killing Time
    Killing Time 2 года назад @Something Funny L.M.mother fucking A.O.
  • Something Funny
    Something Funny 2 года назад @payday510 AND HE GOT A FREE PIZZA. I don't know what the problem is.
  • Killing Time
    Killing Time 2 года назад @Something Funny i know, right? Who doesn't love blow jobs and pizza? Lol
  • Something Funny
    Something Funny 2 года назад @Garry Koalman The world needs more moms giving delivery guys blowies for free pizza.
  • Garry Koalman
    Garry Koalman 2 года назад +MiG-21bis Fishbed-L It's a very interesting story. Another place to find great stories are those dark alleys where bums and hookers hang out. They're nice people who always has something to tell me.
  • MiG-21bis Fishbed-L
    MiG-21bis Fishbed-L 2 года назад Your comment has been received! Thank you for your input on a video about a car that starred in a 1980s TV show!
  • RL R
    RL R 2 года назад Seems you don't have much of a brain other than for finding this stupid story "the greatest fucking story"...
  • Something Funny
    Something Funny 2 года назад The first step is admitting it.
  • MiG-21bis Fishbed-L
    MiG-21bis Fishbed-L 2 года назад That is the greatest fucking story I've ever read in a Youtube comment. This is like dumpster diving and finding a diamond next to discarded boxes and banana peels. This is great.
  • Maxime Rousseau
    Maxime Rousseau 2 года назад "Friends with the delivery guy"
  • perforators
    perforators 2 года назад Thank you for this comment.
  • O
    O 2 года назад Papa Gino's is the shit
  • Dennis halim
    Dennis halim 2 года назад papa bless
  • Yung Six Speed Foreign
    Yung Six Speed Foreign 2 года назад Lol
  • The Life Of Riley
    The Life Of Riley 2 года назад that dash reminds me of the arcade racing games with nonfunctional dash sticker things.
  • ledzeppelin27
    ledzeppelin27 2 года назад (изменено) and you didn't wear a full body black leather suit. shame on you
  • wassup diggity dogs
    wassup diggity dogs 2 года назад he should add nitrous and wire it to the turbo boost button
  • Wasmachineman
    Wasmachineman 10 месяцев назад Exactly what I thought!
  • Ellenor Malik
    Ellenor Malik 11 месяцев назад wassup diggity dogs He should add a turbo and wire a Lo/Hi switch for low boost/high boost
  • Kyle McDowell
    Kyle McDowell Год назад genius
  • SciaticCoast 89
    SciaticCoast 89 Год назад wassup diggity dogs I was gonna do that for pursuit mode or adjust my ECU so I get higher rpms from pursuit mode, idk wat do u think
  • Walter Joy
    Walter Joy Год назад Sean Rob Spaghetti
  • TheGameDeity
    TheGameDeity 2 года назад That'll lay the ground work for an LS3 swap.
  • Sean
    Sean 2 года назад Good way to make bone stock 5 liter v8 confetti! :)
  • Sam The Multimedia Man
    Sam The Multimedia Man 2 года назад And one day i hope to see CHRISTINE on here 1958 Plymouth FURY!!
  • Sonic waffle productions
    Sonic waffle productions 7 месяцев назад Fuck yes! I would love to see that.
  • Xavier Roberts
    Xavier Roberts 2 года назад "Keep A Knockin'" must be continuously played on its stereo.
  • Sam The Multimedia Man
    Sam The Multimedia Man 2 года назад yeah the 59 is on the same frame it just has different body stylings. I do prefer the 57, 58 body style though and i'm not to particular whether its a 2 door or the 4 door I just want one!
  • Kuson2
    Kuson2 2 года назад @Sam The Multimedia Man The 57's and 58's seem mostly interchangeable, but the 59 seems to be a little different. I think it's still on the same platform, but I don't care for the exterior as much.
  • Sam The Multimedia Man
    Sam The Multimedia Man 2 года назад The transmission are actually really bullet proof in the late 50's model Chryslers. They had front and rear pumps in them so you could bump start the car if the battery was dead. I think the problem with the push buttons was because it was cable actuated and it just stretched wore out after years of use. I'v been looking for the right project car 57,58,59 Plymouth rust or no rust for year one of these days ill find one!!
  • Kuson2
    Kuson2 2 года назад @Sam The Multimedia Man Damn really? I knew they had rust issues but I had no idea that was the root cause of it.
  • Sam The Multimedia Man
    Sam The Multimedia Man 2 года назад A lot of them rotted out really fast because Chrysler's late 1950's cars were made with recycled steel from Hiroshima and Nagasaki that still had trace amounts or radioactive particles that caused them to rust faster.
  • JR9979
    JR9979 2 года назад Very rare today.   a lot got trashed back in the late fifties early sixties,  the movie used up about 20 of them (crashed - burned etc.)
  • Kuson2
    Kuson2 2 года назад 1957 and 1958 Plymouth Furys/Belvederes are fuckeing awesome. Pure 50's style all the way! If I ever strike it rich, I'm definitely buying one. They're pretty rare these days, and cost a LOT of money (Usually around $40,000 for a clean example) That and the fact that they're famous from the movie and novel Christine.
  • vulpixgrant
    vulpixgrant 2 года назад OH HELL YEAH! Regular Cars MAKE THIS HAPPEN!
  • suomenpresidentti
    suomenpresidentti 2 года назад Thumbs up for that!
  • Wise Guy4U
    Wise Guy4U 2 года назад Season 1 dashboard (grey?) with a Season 4 nose. I know my Knight Rider.
  • 日本語無意味な
    日本語無意味な 7 месяцев назад 100th like
  • Matches Malone
    Matches Malone 2 года назад good man.
  • Terry Chao
    Terry Chao 2 года назад Master Sensei!
  • d.notive
    d.notive 2 года назад I immediately thought the same thing. The season 1 nose (with the blackout panels) was just so much nicer looking imho.
  • Wise Guy4U
    Wise Guy4U 2 года назад (изменено) +Fradias11 Please watch it again. Season 1 had 2 monitors and the style as shown. Season 3 upgraded the dashboard with 1 monitor. Dashboard was always Matt black. Season 4 nose was smooth without the covers for the turn signals.
  • Fradias11
    Fradias11 2 года назад The season 1 dashboard only had 1 screen though, iirc. Which means this is either a faded black or a bad replica. I don't really recall a color difference though, neither can I find anything online, so I guess I might have to pop out my KR collection again hahaha I'm assuming you say it's a season 4 nose due to the triple lights on the bottom corners?
    THATMOFODIRT 2 года назад KITT and a DeLorean, now all you need is the General Lee.
  • Jack Watters
    Jack Watters Год назад Did you really just hum the theme to Rockford files?
  • Seth Thomas
    Seth Thomas 2 года назад It's 1982, I'm in Jr. High. I got a frozen pizza and Knight Rider is on the tube. All is right with the world. Thank you RCR.
  • tengu190
    tengu190 2 года назад (изменено) Ecto-1 and A-team van, and viper next?
  • vector6977
    vector6977 Год назад tengu190 he already did a 1st gen Viper.
  • Orion789
    Orion789 Год назад I see all of you, and raise you one Miami vice white ferrari testarossa!
  • 001GenLee
    001GenLee 2 года назад Fall Guy Truck, Corvette & Screamin' Mimi from Riptide too.
  • Caution Wet Floor
    Caution Wet Floor 2 года назад @Naveek Darkroom see one almost everyday
  • Naveek Darkroom
    Naveek Darkroom 2 года назад I actually saw an A-Team van replica once.
  • Caution Wet Floor
    Caution Wet Floor 2 года назад we gotta get him to Dayton Ohio, there's a guy here with an ateam van, Jurassic Jeep, general Lee, and kitt
  • Jacob Hill
    Jacob Hill 2 года назад I think Megaweapon from Warrior of The Lost World would be fun.
  • Save the Rhino
    Save the Rhino 2 года назад Here I'm hoping Black truck turned attack helicopter of Highwayman
  • Carl Bruschnig, Jr
    Carl Bruschnig, Jr 2 года назад Gerry Anderson's Supercar . . . I want a car with a jet engine in it!
  • Zach Morgan
    Zach Morgan 2 года назад Cody Coyote X from Hardcastle and McCormick
  • James Rogers
    James Rogers 2 года назад Let's not forget about the boat from Thunder in Paradise.
  • Eurotrash RC
    Eurotrash RC 2 года назад the Airwolf jeep
  • Jacob Hill
    Jacob Hill 2 года назад I'm hoping for Airwolf.
  • PhenomProductions23
    PhenomProductions23 2 года назад 4:18 Yes they did show David Hasselhoff making sharp turns with that Gullwing steering wheel, the problem is the show car has an adjustable Tilt up and down steering wheel and the seat was moved all the way back so David being 6'4" could drive it. This replica being of crappy quality doesn't seem to have that.
  • 87golfito
    87golfito Год назад PhenomProductions23 he also did reverse 180s with the same steering wheel.he did say in a interview that it took him a bit to get used to it.
  • RHOK
    RHOK 2 года назад Which Car Pop Icon is best Car Pop Icon ?
  • Foxmakesmodels
    Foxmakesmodels Год назад The General lee, it straight up is the most famous star car in the world.
  • siralanlordsugar
    siralanlordsugar Год назад Del Trotter’s Reliant Regal van
  • Orion789
    Orion789 Год назад Magnum Pi ferrari gto.
  • TyKeDoPWNZ
    TyKeDoPWNZ Год назад Testarossa
  • TacticalLumberjack
    TacticalLumberjack Год назад Shitmobile from Trailer Park Boys.
  • TacticalLumberjack
    TacticalLumberjack Год назад Herbie the Love Bug, General Lee, Bullitt.
  • Bond and Beyond
    Bond and Beyond Год назад DB5, naturally.
  • Los The Ghost
    Los The Ghost Год назад RHOK I think Christine is the best one.
  • runlarryrun77
    runlarryrun77 Год назад V8 Interceptor.
  • Keon Jenkins
    Keon Jenkins 2 года назад I think James Garner said that if "Rockford" could afford a Trans Am he would have bought one.
  • Teo P
    Teo P 2 года назад that would be the original Bat Mobile from the TV show
  • 001GenLee
    001GenLee 2 года назад KITT
  • jnoble12
    jnoble12 2 года назад I've been a huge fan of The Car ever since it scared the crap out of me on a late nite movie TV viewing in the late 80s
  • Kuson2
    Kuson2 2 года назад @Rockerbeck Ya I remember that, it was a modified Lincoln Continental MK III I think.
  • Rockerbeck
    Rockerbeck 2 года назад Can no one remember the car from the 1977 movie "The Car" starring James Brolin? You will never see a more evil looking car.
  • Cipher TheDemonLord
    Cipher TheDemonLord 2 года назад Between the General Lee, KITT, Gone in 60 Seconds 73 Mach 1 , DeLorean and Mad Max's Falcon hard to choose one.
  • God of Thunder
    God of Thunder 2 года назад +jalderink No landmaster from Damnation Alley?
  • Jeremiah
    Jeremiah 2 года назад The Batmobile, K.I.T.T., General Lee, Mad Max Interceptor, Bullit Mustang, Herbie Luv Bug, Smokey & the Bandit Trans Am w/the flaming chicken, Christine's Plymouth Fury, and any bike that Evel Knievel ever rode.
  • Kuson2
    Kuson2 2 года назад Christine, the killer 1958 Plymouth Fury! Such a sexy car, if you've never seen it, google it!
  • Devin Tariel
    Devin Tariel 2 года назад +Devin Tariel um I mean
  • Devin Tariel
    Devin Tariel 2 года назад Transporter Audi A8...ok I'm biased but I'm the blade runner car?
  • Andrew Duong
    Andrew Duong 2 года назад Rick Sanchez's ship.
  • TheImperfectGuy
    TheImperfectGuy 2 года назад James Bond Aston Martin DB5
  • MTThought
    MTThought 2 года назад AE86
  • God of Thunder
    God of Thunder 2 года назад +3rd World Garage it was a formula modified to make it look more like an Esprit. it was auctioned last year, looks like it had a 350. I was wrong about the 6, looked it up after I posted, GM dropped the straight 6 in 1976. and went to the new 3.8 v6. I'm surprised the production company opted for the 350 over cheaper options considering there was no production advantage to the 350. Either way the car was cool because of the guy driving it.
  • 3rd World Garage
    3rd World Garage 2 года назад +God of Thunder (UKKONEN) Rockford's Firebird was an Esprit, not a Formula.
  • God of Thunder
  • ordinaryJeff
    ordinaryJeff 2 года назад I lean toward the General Lee, but if I had the means, I'd love to own the Peterbuilt and it's trailer from 'Duel'.
  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy 2 года назад Adam West's Batmobile.
  • Randy Man
    Randy Man 2 года назад The General Lee
  • Jacob Hill
    Jacob Hill 2 года назад If we're talking 80's: The Delorean Time Machine. However, for myself, overall: Herbie. He has a full on personal stake on my childhood.
  • Fe Sc
    Fe Sc 2 года назад This one.
  • God of Thunder
    God of Thunder 2 года назад Jim Rockford's 1978 Formula Firebird. no hood scoop, no flaming chicken, no spoiler on the deck lid. It prolly had the straight 6. It was cool because Jim Rockford drove it. Second Place is the Batmobile. I remember Knight Rider when I was a kid, Honestly, I never thought the car was a big deal.
  • Brais
    Brais 2 года назад Bullitt's Mustang, obviously.
  • 27dcx
    27dcx 2 года назад Starsky and hutch gran torino.
  • vitiare
    vitiare 2 года назад Depends on what you want to do with it. Do you want to show off at car shows? Ecto 1 would do that. Pure driving bliss? I'd go with the General Lee (as long as you could open the doors) The Mad Max interceptor is unique in the US (and good luck finding one)
  • Bucky Henrí
    Bucky Henrí 2 года назад General Lee
  • RHOK
    RHOK 2 года назад Mad Max ( Road Warrior ) Interceptor
  • DoomFinger511
    DoomFinger511 Год назад I had an '82 black trans am in the early 2000's The 305 engines they came with sucked! It was matted to a 4 speed manual with a low gear rear axel. Which gave it good pick up but low top speed. When I dropped a 350 motor in it that really brought it to life. At least until I crashed it into a tree. Whatever the car only cost $2500, they're dirt cheap and dangerous as hell, I loved it.
  • Mr Nick
    Mr Nick 2 года назад cool replica all that's missing is the owner eating a cheeseburger off the bathroom floor
  • Witold Witkowski
    Witold Witkowski 2 года назад I was making the Knight Rider wooshing sound in my head the whole time the scanner light was on.
  • lvcsslacker
    lvcsslacker 2 года назад 1:08 wait.. that's not a delorian, is it?
  • Kuro Murasaki
    Kuro Murasaki 6 месяцев назад It was intentional, he literally says delorean when it pops into view ;)
  • -Ah vilable-
    -Ah vilable- 9 месяцев назад Just mention it, and it's here
  • Diego Delgado
    Diego Delgado 2 года назад +CPD0123a congrats! it seems you've predicted the future because he did
  • Josh Schattenkirk
    Josh Schattenkirk 2 года назад what if this one was upgradedER...
  • CPD0123a
    CPD0123a 2 года назад I wonder if that means that he has a THIRD Delorean review coming. (Previously, he did a stock one, then an upgraded one)
  • yitznewton
    yitznewton 2 года назад 0:45 photobomb
  • Andrius Mindaugas Bloznelis
    Andrius Mindaugas Bloznelis 2 года назад Defo a DeLorean
  • lvcsslacker
    lvcsslacker 2 года назад 11:30 son of a bitch, it is...
  • DonJulio
    DonJulio 2 года назад but does it talk? I was waiting for a 'michael'
  • Save the Rhino
    Save the Rhino 2 года назад Yes, but it had a sex change. We call him/her Siri now. And he/she was dumbed down a bit.
  • SpecialKLSX
    SpecialKLSX 2 года назад Wha? Fuck WHY!?!?! That, just, no! NO! The fuck is wrong with you?
  • Fe Sc
    Fe Sc 2 года назад Put Siri in it!
  • Sean
    Sean 2 года назад Mr Feeney was busy.
  • Golden Retriever
    Golden Retriever 2 часа назад Fun fact Pontiac kept having people asking people for trans ams with turbo boost or voice control or anything that KITT does It got so bad that Pontiac told the shows producers to stop calling it a trans am