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2019 Range Rover Evoque review - has the baby Rangie finally got the full package?

Published on Mar 13, 2019 58,374 views

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Range Rover Evoque full review:

It must be a nightmare replacing a car like the original Range Rover Evoque. But that’s what Land Rover needs to do, because, while the existing car has carried on increasing its sales year on year, it has done so with an ever-worsening need for fresh tech and electrification – just what the company hopes to deliver in this Mk2.

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    AIBETTSYIA75 2 месяца назад Great review, natural presenting from John and I feel well informed in a short amount of time. Keep it up AE!
  • NMB Ale
    NMB Ale 2 месяца назад Imo, there's nothing wrong with the old design, loved the edgy look. The new design looks good too. If it's not broken, don't fix it (design wise) 😋
  • AJ
    AJ 2 месяца назад Freddy Krueger has a new job? 🤣
  • DerHalbeEuro
    DerHalbeEuro 2 месяца назад Your belly is big like the Evoque
  • Top Drives
    Top Drives 2 месяца назад Imagine evoque with 5.0sc engine. Would be a blast vs any kind of a sportcar
  • Jake Harvey
    Jake Harvey 2 месяца назад It doesn't fit into the transverse D8 platform unfortunately
  • Waleed Mcclintock
    Waleed Mcclintock 2 месяца назад My 2016 HSE Dynamic has Magnetic Dampers, Torque Vectoring, Torque Biasing and it rotates through corners like it's on rails,definitely not trading mine in for a 19'
  • Peter Cavellini
    Peter Cavellini 2 месяца назад I suppose they give you both rear view options in case the video one fails....?🤔
  • hellodavey1902
    hellodavey1902 2 месяца назад Great Review... Thanks! Yes slow to respond automatic gearboxes and non-hybrid options were my concerns/dissapointments too.... Still bought it though! I mean look at it. Also my dad just got an XC40... so should make for some fun comparison drives :)
  • Jamie Pickles
    Jamie Pickles 2 месяца назад Great First Drive Video Review
  • Giannis Ioannou
    Giannis Ioannou 2 месяца назад Are you in BEAUTIFUL GREECE ???????
  • Neil M
    Neil M 2 месяца назад Dennis the menace has packed on the timber
  • Marcel Boeltjes
    Marcel Boeltjes 2 месяца назад Still no sunroof whitch you can be opened!!!! Not sure about the design....Too smooth for my taste
  • Boris Billet
    Boris Billet 1 месяц назад Marcel Boeltjes you can choose between Panoramic roof and sunroof that can be opened.
  • Callum Shaw
    Callum Shaw 1 месяц назад You can get one, it's just this one reviewed was a bad spec
  • Matthew Schiebout
    Matthew Schiebout 2 месяца назад Sorry, but I'd rearrange my finances to buy the slightly more expensive Porsche Macan. Much nicer, inside/out and a better drive? It's a Porsche after all. No comparison. And if you get a little wild on the spec, well then, a Macan will catch most people's attention. Plus a Turbo S is insanely fast!
  • Mark Muthurania
    Mark Muthurania 2 месяца назад The new Porsche macan that was recently revealed is definitely not nicer on the inside. it still has plastic and old looking physical buttons. the front looks nice, but they messed up the rear on the new one by putting a light bar that looks like a Lincoln or a KIA. performance wise though, i will agree with you. Oh, and Porsche's are over priced.
  • The Catmother
    The Catmother 2 месяца назад How do you dim those digital rear mirrors?
  • John McIlroy
    John McIlroy 2 месяца назад There's a controller built into the base of the mirror housing that allows you to adjust the brightness. Otherwise you can flick it to a conventional mirror.
  • David Jones
    David Jones 2 месяца назад Don’t trust any of the tech in these
  • Max Boulton
    Max Boulton 2 месяца назад Why do they not make plug-in-hybrids available from day one?? And is it a petrol hybrid or a diesel?
  • John McIlroy
    John McIlroy 2 месяца назад It'll be a plug-in petrol hybrid.
  • Planet Auto
    Planet Auto 2 месяца назад Looking very sleek !!
  • Cornelius Thompson
    Cornelius Thompson 2 месяца назад Why spend so much on advertisement and keyboard warrior and not on fixing JLR reliability problems?
  • S Miller
    S Miller 2 месяца назад Cornelius Thompson Because it’s pretty and that’s what sells 😂
  • Top Drives
    Top Drives 2 месяца назад C'mon, it's comfort, good looking, good economy
  • eastwood978
    eastwood978 2 месяца назад How do you know it is unreliable? Our neighbour has a Evoque and in 68k no reliability issues.
  • Jake Harvey
    Jake Harvey 2 месяца назад its a brand new vehicle, you don't know anything about its reliability. Maybe they have spent millions on reliability. Morons everywhere on youtube
  • Stephen Isaac
    Stephen Isaac 2 месяца назад eastwood978 exactly... my 07 Jaguar S-Type has 194k issues and my wife’s 17 F-Pace S has had no issues except infotainment updates.
  • Realist 1801
    Realist 1801 2 месяца назад I had mine back to the dealers over twenty times in three years...
  • Clive Sinclair
    Clive Sinclair 2 месяца назад It’s a JLR. Anyone who claims they are NOT unreliable, has clearly never done any research, or studied the surveys, etc. They have been consistently at, or near the bottom of every survey in the world. Main issues commonly reported are electrical/electronic. I recently spent a week driving VIP’s as part of a team of drivers at a major sporting event in the UK JLR provided their usual press cars (as sponsorship). We had every model of JLR (18 or 68 plates). Every model from Discovery SPort to XJL had some sort of minor electrical issue!
  • Richard Short
    Richard Short 2 месяца назад Thought this was Supercar Nigel.
  • Moncef Abbad
    Moncef Abbad 2 месяца назад Weird shoes