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1990 Chevy Lumina : Regular Car Reviews

Published on Jan 30, 2017 439,563 views

We drive a rental classic: the Chevy Lumina. General motors Airport-runner.



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  • Jeff
    Jeff 2 года назад Loool the car u see at liquor and dollar stores
  • Wyvern
    Wyvern 2 года назад The official car of "roll up your windows"
  • Bartonovich52
    Bartonovich52 8 месяцев назад The official car of living in your car.
  • InvictvsNox
    InvictvsNox Год назад "WE'RE GETTIN' A SATTELITE DISH." Makes me bust out in laughs every time.
  • americasevilgenius
    americasevilgenius Год назад In high school, my family had both a Lumina and a Satellite Dish...and they both were awesome.
  • Marcus Damberger
    Marcus Damberger Год назад Just got my RCA DSS satellite system for only $700 with a 18" dish! Amazing how small they are now. Can't wait to get it installed, but the Lumina is in the shop the third time this month with an ABS light on.. It's 1994 and things are looking sweet, except for the Lumina issues.
  • Tommy trump
    Tommy trump 3 месяца назад Legit great comedic move
  • J H
    J H 2 года назад Shockingly deep at the end.....
  • 470K
    470K Год назад (изменено) IKR ? ;')
  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 8 месяцев назад oh yeah, don't worry he always does this. I think it was the honda civic that he gave an entire monologue about teenagers.
  • Libertarian Nationalist
    Libertarian Nationalist 6 месяцев назад Came for the car review, stayed for the feels.
  • rockabillycat1954
    rockabillycat1954 3 месяца назад F***... you actually made me almost want to call my mother.
  • Sailing The Seas of Steeze
    Sailing The Seas of Steeze 2 года назад mr reguiar is so genuine about the childhood stuff it just makes me wanna give him a hug
  • speedkar99
    speedkar99 2 года назад I like those front turn signals hiding behind the grill.
  • Michael DePauw
    Michael DePauw Год назад I know right? I was really not expecting that
  • dedede666
    dedede666 Год назад Bet they're a bitch to change
  • vector6977
    vector6977 Год назад not at all, just reach them from behind.
  • James Raymond
    James Raymond 9 месяцев назад dedede666 same as any other. They're all done behind anyway.
  • Donald Trump is Ghetto Trash
    Donald Trump is Ghetto Trash 9 месяцев назад James Raymond I drove one of these cars to my high school prom night. Back in 1994. Its was a 1991 model though. Very very roomy
  • ThatDudeinBlue
    ThatDudeinBlue 2 года назад The car I was brought home in the first time, and my first memory of being upset about getting rid of a car. That blue interior though.😎
  • kattastic93
    kattastic93 11 месяцев назад ThatDudeinBlue I’m having this issue, my baby Luna, she’s been an amazing cat and she still is kicking it. But mine is a 94,
  • Mike likes trains
    Mike likes trains 10 месяцев назад Cat?
  • Donovan Campbell
    Donovan Campbell 9 месяцев назад needs more TRAINS He obviously meant car you idiot.
  • Mike likes trains
    Mike likes trains 9 месяцев назад (изменено) Donovan Campbell And I was obviously making a joke... you idiot.
  • Drewsey
    Drewsey 8 месяцев назад my first memory of getting upset at getting rid of a car was when we sold our old nissan d21 hardbody. god i loved that thing
  • Itz_Fez_Tex
    Itz_Fez_Tex 6 месяцев назад Hey david, come here often😉😉
  • Itz_Fez_Tex
    Itz_Fez_Tex 6 месяцев назад My first time i was sad about getting rid of a car was when my mom put our 2001 stratus r/t for sale
  • Zhonglun Wang
    Zhonglun Wang 2 года назад Called my mom right after the video
  • ootdega
    ootdega 2 года назад You made me miss my mom with this script.
  • Joshua Fleming
    Joshua Fleming Год назад This is the official car of throwing your crack pipe out of the window bc you got pulled over for having a tag light out.
  • MegaTronn
    MegaTronn 6 дней назад LMAO
  • Michael Judy
    Michael Judy 2 года назад this is one of those cars that just by looking at the interior you can smell it.
  • Jimmy Danger Gonzalez
    Jimmy Danger Gonzalez 2 года назад The official car of "I'll send in those alimony checks next week for sure "
  • haikarate4
    haikarate4 2 года назад I got my '90 Lumina in '94. GREAT CAR! Had a lot of zip, decent on gas, stock stereo sounded great(I was 19 so that mattered), and it didn't need anything but basic maint. until the transmission finally crapped out at 190k. Btw, the bench seat is great because your gf can scoot up next to you. :-)
  • PeugeotRocket
    PeugeotRocket Год назад haikarate4 No way that stereo actually sounded great. No offense, but it only sounded great for people without an ear for good audio.
  • Leeso nneville
    Leeso nneville Год назад I had a 93 or so. Yeah the stock sound system was pretty kicking.
  • Just passing by ?
    Just passing by ? Год назад PeugeotRocket I think he meant to say : "It sounded good for a car in 1994"
  • Paul Guy
    Paul Guy 10 месяцев назад Cake wrote a song about the glory of bench seats.
  • Aaron Blakely
    Aaron Blakely 7 месяцев назад @PeugeotRocket or you never heard one lol the regals had a pretty nice sounding system in it at least idk about the lumina
  • Kalvin Calvert
    Kalvin Calvert 4 месяца назад More like, suck your dick while you drive.
  • SwitcherooU
    SwitcherooU 4 месяца назад My theory is that the sound systems were better in stock American sedans because A.) none of them used Bose components, and B.) cloth seats helped with acoustics.
  • Steve Rapos
    Steve Rapos 2 месяца назад Yeah it was zippy! Was my first car too!
  • Hunter Rock
    Hunter Rock 1 месяц назад SwitcherooU how do cloth seats help with acoustics?
  • bassman34516
    bassman34516 2 года назад W body: the official car of compact demolition derbies
  • victor bozzo
    victor bozzo 2 года назад 1990: Chevy Lumina-The official car of it's not a Taurus but it beats walking.
  • J Shepard
    J Shepard Год назад victor bozzo But you end up walking anyway...
  • Bartonovich52
    Bartonovich52 8 месяцев назад In the Taurus you walked because of widespread transmission failures.
  • Sheehy
    Sheehy 4 месяца назад @Bartonovich52 If you got a 3rd or 4th Gen with an AX4N 4 Speed automatic. Every other transmission they offered was rock solid. But I have a '97 SHO with the original AX4N and over 250,000km, so... Eh.
  • Mr Smith
    Mr Smith Год назад I had a lumina z34. The poor man's Camaro
  • Bartonovich52
    Bartonovich52 8 месяцев назад Sure. Let’s make the Camaro big, heavy, and slow.
  • cptharis
    cptharis 7 месяцев назад @Bartonovich52 wait so they just rereleased the camaro?
  • Hakeem Sd70M
    Hakeem Sd70M 5 месяцев назад @cptharis Lmao
  • Akihiko
    Akihiko 5 месяцев назад Nice 370Z
  • halo hunter
    halo hunter 3 месяца назад Pretty sure it's lighter, smaller, and has more power than at least a V6 Camaro with a DOHC 3.4L V6 and Getrag 5 speed transaxle. But I bet it listed for more than a V6 Camaro new....
  • ddellwo
    ddellwo Год назад An old boss of mine had one of these as a daily driver back in the day - he always referred to it as, “The car you buy when you’ve given up hope!” Of course, in those days, I was driving a ‘78 Dodge Aspen with the slant-six and about 200,000 miles on the odometer, so I actually thought it was the cat’s
  • Paul Visci
    Paul Visci 2 года назад Lumina is Animul backwards
  • philglassfan
    philglassfan 3 месяца назад I always thought that when I saw these on the road back then.
  • asif naseri
    asif naseri 2 года назад Wtf 41k miles and it's a 1990 car. Damn
  • Martin Skoda
    Martin Skoda 2 года назад No one wanted to drive this pos
  • asif naseri
    asif naseri 2 года назад Martin Skoda I'd happily use it as a daily driver to avoid putting unnecessary miles on my 335i
  • Martin Skoda
    Martin Skoda 2 года назад Lmao dude I have 3 cars I bought an 88 towncar for $400 with a 302 Windsor 5.0 efi same engine from Foxbody mustang just slightly detuned. Rather drive it than this pos. 
  • Thevalley California
    Thevalley California 2 года назад asif naseri fuck that dude i drive my G8 everyday fuck miles life too short to not enjoy what you have
  • Martin Skoda
    Martin Skoda 2 года назад @Thevalley Rodriguez​ exactly buddy's tripping hard bro
  • asif naseri
    asif naseri 2 года назад Thevalley Rodriguez normally I'd agree, it's just I have a shitty commute. I spend most of my time in traffic and I'm not getting the opportunities in my daily drive to really open her up
  • Martin Skoda
    Martin Skoda 2 года назад Nah you're just a goof bud
  • Martin Skoda
    Martin Skoda 2 года назад We dont like you
  • Martin Skoda
    Martin Skoda 2 года назад Plan an alternate route.. What's wrong with you.. You call yourself a car enthusiast? 
  • asif naseri
    asif naseri 2 года назад Martin Skoda you've never owned a beater car before, have you?
  • Martin Skoda
    Martin Skoda 2 года назад @asif naseri buddy I traded a fuckin ps3 so like a $50 car for a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3100sfi ran n drove good I floored it everywhere crashed it into random shit then scrapped it and made profit. Same story with a $100 1987 Camry but there were cops involved lol
  • asif naseri
    asif naseri 2 года назад Martin Skoda exactly! That's what I'm saying. Its nice having a car you don't give a fuck about as a second car. I used to have an Hyundai Accent and I wish I still had it along with my 335i so i could use it for my shittier drives. That's why I said I wouldn't mind having this Lumina as a beater car
  • gudbrandsen
    gudbrandsen 2 года назад My 2009 Mitsubishi is now on 240 000km that's 149 129 Miles. I drive about 15-16k miles a year.
  • Matthew Klett
    Matthew Klett 2 года назад my late model Corsica has 150000 miles on it and I thought that was pretty good.
  • GT6SuzukaTimeTrials
    GT6SuzukaTimeTrials 2 года назад (изменено) I had a 93 Dodge Shadow in 2013 with 14k on it. Frame rusted away soon after...It had been sitting outside all its life.
  • UberTech
    UberTech 2 года назад Buzz Buzz
  • DrewLSsix
    DrewLSsix 2 года назад GT6SuzukaTimeTrials. thats a shame, those are actually pretty rust resistant. a teacher has one near me, a red convertible. its really a sharp looking car, and a turbo powerplant is a dead simple swap.
  • DrewLSsix
    DrewLSsix 2 года назад Martin Skoda. hahaha! you are an idiot right? you bag on someone for driving a beater Lumina then brag about driving THE EXACT SAME CAR. Yeah, pretty stupid.
  • MrSpyhere
    MrSpyhere 2 года назад matpharasmillionmilelexus
  • opl500
    opl500 2 года назад Probably was a granny's car. Only went to the grocery store and back. Car like that can rack up miles SLOW.
  • Ben Gagnon
    Ben Gagnon 2 года назад I've seen a Tempo for sale with 31 000 km on it last year. Not that anybody would want to drive it anyway. It probably found it's way to the salvage yard.
  • sidefx996
    sidefx996 2 года назад Fuck that I'd drive it lol
  • Michael Brooks
    Michael Brooks 2 года назад asif naseri My 1998 Chevrolet C1500 pickup had 62,000 when i got it last July. Now it has 70,000....
  • opl500
    opl500 2 года назад There's always someone who needs a shitbox for the right low price
  • World Embassy
    World Embassy 2 года назад my 2006 Silverado has 260000 miles when i got it only had 20 miles
  • ridcom
    ridcom 2 года назад I used to work with this 70 year old lady who has 4 cars, all under 100k miles. She has a 1996 Ford Ranger (about 56k miles), a 1989 Mercury Cougar (about 49k miles), a 1986 Foxbody (around 35k miles) and a 2012 Scion xD (around 20k miles). All mint. I remember when she told me about these cars (not the scion, Mr. Regular already went over why these were so popular with old folks. And she confirmed it), I told her she's sitting on a treasure trove. Those cars are gonna be worth serious money soon. She said she's going to leave them to her son in her will when she dies. In my mind I thought, "Damn! I'd totally buy that Foxbody off of her!"
  • The 1986 Silverado guy
    The 1986 Silverado guy 2 года назад asif naseri I have a 1975 chevelle that has 66k original miles and I have a friend that had a 66 corvair corsa that had 65k
  • asif naseri
    asif naseri 2 года назад Martin Skoda little boy I have your IP I'm going to find you and eat your fucking parents in front of you
  • RemixedVoice
    RemixedVoice 2 года назад GT6SuzukaTimeTrials I'm amazed it lasted that long. My 2000 Dodge neon subframe completely rusted away while I was on the highway, lol with 50k miles a few years ago
  • Wilder Kincaid
    Wilder Kincaid 2 года назад That's Chrysler for you, Though. I had a 95 Cherokee and I only put 25,000 miles on it in 10 years. Didn't stop the whole undercarriage from rusting into a pile of shit. That thing could have run forever if Chrysler did the slightest bit of rust-proofing on their cars.
  • Nova DarkSoul
    Nova DarkSoul 2 года назад Hell that's nothing, I had an 89 Buick Lesabre with only 34k miles. Car ran great until I traded her for a 73 El Camino
  • linkthegunner
    linkthegunner 2 года назад asif naseri my 1993 gmc Sierra k1500 z/71 only has 84,000
  • ShoryukenDatAzz
    ShoryukenDatAzz 2 года назад Old people don't drive often.
  • EveryThingOld
    EveryThingOld 2 года назад (изменено) +TyranitarComedian But the smell will be there forever.
  • Ben Gagnon
    Ben Gagnon 2 года назад If you buy a 20+ years old car with less than 50 000 miles on the clock, every oil will, inevitably, start to drip. Every rubber will start to brittle... I would prefer to drive a higher mileage car that you know will have been well taken care of (assuming you have the history of the said car). Otherwise, you're getting into unknown territory with high chances of breaking a lot of stuff pretty fast. Especially if the car was owned by older folks. A car needs a good beating once in a while to function properly. Especially a daily driver. I went and drove a 21 000 km 1991 Mazda 626 two years ago. The floors, the panels, the trims... everything was practically factory new. But the engine was starting to drink (drip) a lot of oil. Didn't touch it with a stick. This meant a lot of troubles ahead.
  • 1984Porthos
    1984Porthos 2 года назад My 1990 BMW 318i Touring only has 133k. That is low too.
  • Charo
    Charo 2 года назад I bought an 86 Oldsmobile wagon with only 43K on it, later traded it for a car with 198K on it lmao
  • With Passion
    With Passion 2 года назад In 2008 I had a 1980 Ford Mustang with 44k original miles. It was garbage.
  • kylethestyle
    kylethestyle 2 года назад "Was driven by an old lady only to church and back on Sundays."
  • Wyvern
    Wyvern 2 года назад I got a 86 Fiero with 33K- problem is the battery leaked and destroyed the frame :'(
  • Cihan Ugur
    Cihan Ugur 2 года назад Yea that's a good buy. 41k is a gem of a find
  • Juan Aranda
    Juan Aranda 2 года назад asif naseri Dan u got 280 thumbs up in15 hour including mine ! ... plus I like that car!
  • TheAxio300
    TheAxio300 2 года назад ive got 250k km on my 04 spectra
  • Xtwonine
    Xtwonine 2 года назад If I had a G8 i would drive that shit everyday too.
  • MXCoriginal
    MXCoriginal 2 года назад My 91 Vette had 89k when I bought it
  • 5Rounds Rapid
    5Rounds Rapid 2 года назад kylethestyle Yeah, someone's grandma probably died.
  • Austin Lucas
    Austin Lucas 2 года назад I know an older car, 1967/1968 Pontiac Grand Prix Convertible, in the 22-30k range. Sadly the interior's moldy, a mouse ate part of the roof and the car hasn't been driven for a LONG time. That's what happens if a car like that's stored without being used in a dirt floor garage next to a creek under a tarp.
  • Austin Lucas
    Austin Lucas 2 года назад (изменено) @kylethestyle Maybe the "Old lady to and fro church" thing in reality is 'Well, there you go; it never was at operating temperature long enough for water in the crankcase to evaporate."
  • TomsFruitStand
    TomsFruitStand 2 года назад It was probably some grandmas car that she only drove to the grocery store and to church.
  • Octane Monkey
    Octane Monkey 2 года назад With that kind of mileage she probably didn't make it to chruch, lol.
  • lew dards
    lew dards 2 года назад i thought my 52k mile 1996 mazda was good.
  • ridcom
    ridcom 2 года назад That's a good car. Manual?
  • h2oaddict28
    h2oaddict28 2 года назад ruff miles
  • YES10
    YES10 2 года назад tells you two things. Car is not reliable enough to take on long trips or it is not fuel efficient for long trips or not comfortable enough for long trips.
  • TheAxio300
    TheAxio300 2 года назад Wilder Kincaid if you undercoat a Chrysler they do last, our charger is still rust free after 8 years
  • AGwolf2097
    AGwolf2097 2 года назад I just got an 89 century with 47k on it about a year and a half ago. owned by an old man, the thing runs great and is in pretty good condition to boot
  • Professor Doom
    Professor Doom 2 года назад Two words for you: Old. People.
  • Preston Hooper
    Preston Hooper 2 года назад When I was 16 in 2012 I had a 93 lumina with 33K miles on it
  • Terry Hesticles
    Terry Hesticles 2 года назад Preston Hooper Bitchin'.
  • Preston Hooper
    Preston Hooper 2 года назад It was my first car lol
  • Terry Hesticles
    Terry Hesticles 2 года назад Martin Skoda I had an '86 Crown Vic. with the same engine, which you're about 78% correct on.
  • Mr60610
    Mr60610 2 года назад Terry Hesticles What kind of mpg did you get, lol
  • Terry Hesticles
    Terry Hesticles 2 года назад Mr60610 Honestly? It was fucking stellar for a 2-ton sled, with 302 cu in., if I wasn't hooning it! Used to ghetto-taxi my friends around all the time on whatever paltry sums of gas money they'd offer-up. Granted it suffered some in city use, but highway cruising...I'm figuring 24-26mpg? I kept the fuel/air filters changed, tires at proper PSI and all that, too. Eventually swapped the H.O. version of the engine into it, from a Mustang GT, an it was a whole different flavor. Can't say it was really worth it, aside from better tunability etc.
  • D McNamara
    D McNamara 2 года назад my vehicle was totaled by another vehicle in a blizzard back in 1993, 50 miles north of Elko, Nevada. I was too young to rent a car then, so my parents called the Chevy dealer in Elko and they rented a brand-new (off the lot) 1993 Lumina Euro Sport for me (had the car for about 1 month). On the I80 journey back to California and eventually returning it to the dealer in got about 33-35mpg at a 70mph cruise. The car was bland too drive,the structure flexed a lot......but on the smooth had a decent ride.
  • LDV Jeetza
    LDV Jeetza 2 года назад My 82 had 62K origninal miles on it.
  • RuOffended ?
    RuOffended ? 2 года назад asif naseri so ? I had a 87 Sentra with 40k
  • Eslayer12
    Eslayer12 2 года назад my moms lumina that she has now had 76k then her 91 buick park avenue had 75k
  • Ispira
    Ispira 2 года назад I drive a '92 olds that had ~55k miles on it when we got it a year or so ago.
  • Faded Jate
    Faded Jate Год назад asif naseri, There is a number of old people who owned cars only to drive them to church on Sundays. That's why these Front wheel drive paper plates survived.
  • Jordan Wiley
    Jordan Wiley Год назад my 1985 regal had 84 when i got it in 2014.
  • moonbeamskies
    moonbeamskies Год назад asif naseri You might end up loving it more than your 335i. These cars are like that.
  • moonbeamskies
    moonbeamskies Год назад opl500 I would drive this one with pride.
  • moonbeamskies
    moonbeamskies Год назад YES10 This one is definitely comfortable. Big American sedans had that going for them.
  • Tech Explained
    Tech Explained Год назад my 1990 super coupe has 140k miles ikr
  • WayBachWin
    WayBachWin Год назад I gave a 91 Ford with only 83
  • Dogetor
    Dogetor Год назад my 68 galaxie only has 52k original miles
  • Desstrik
    Desstrik Год назад I just sold a 1999 Z/28 with 42k miles on it. sucker was MINT. brought large $$$.
  • J Shepard
    J Shepard Год назад That's because they didn't trust it to go even as far as the grocery store.
  • BriansRadioReviews
    BriansRadioReviews Год назад That translates to about 4 miles a day. 😜
  • SDMN Gaming
    SDMN Gaming Год назад I recently bought a car that is 2001 and it has 29825 mi. Car it self is a bit rusty but engine is good and it pulls very nice.
  • Angst by Numbers
    Angst by Numbers Год назад Martin Skoda lol enthusiast drivers dont crash into random shit.
  • BeyerT1
    BeyerT1 11 месяцев назад Well if it had any more miles on it, it would have fallen apart a long time go.
  • VtecForever
    VtecForever 11 месяцев назад 🤔 hmm.. mustang and drag racing crashes
  • Zues Toots
    Zues Toots 9 месяцев назад Right, i have a 2001 car with 145 thousand.. low mile car for its year. but damn. Nobody liked the lumina, no wonder it doesnt have miles. its a shit car.
  • LineRat 86
    LineRat 86 8 месяцев назад Old widow owned.
  • Jonathan Furtado
    Jonathan Furtado 7 месяцев назад It really depends on who the previous owner. my 95 Chevy came with a hundred and twenty thousand miles. with a hundred and fifty PSI engine compression test. it was really well taken care of.
  • fordlandau
    fordlandau Год назад The car to live in when your social welfare collapsed
  • Hakeem Sd70M
    Hakeem Sd70M 3 месяца назад Or your corporate welfare
  • 6th Gear Garage
    6th Gear Garage 2 года назад Thanks! This was my first car. I miss that rhaspy exhaust note that these cars made.
  • V8 Power
    V8 Power 9 месяцев назад pushrod V6