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2015 Philly Auto Show

Published on Feb 11, 2015 241,319 views

Matt and I go to the 2015 Philadelphia Auto Show viea SEPTA. This is a quicker video with little narrative. It is a first hand experience with more fiddle-diddling than at the NYIAS 2014.

  • FrankTheCat
    FrankTheCat 4 года назад FREE SHIFT KNOBS
  • YellowBeanieBoy
    YellowBeanieBoy 2 года назад Mah truck is best truck because it's MAH TRUCK
  • Mr00Ted
    Mr00Ted 4 года назад I loved car shows as a kid. but I didn't burn out getting over-stimulated, wasting energy running. instead I channeled the energy into methodically sitting in every single unlocked car there. every. single. one. Hell I still love them, am excited to go to the canadian one next week even.
  • Fresh Prince of Youtube
    Fresh Prince of Youtube 9 месяцев назад Yes, Yes, Yes!
  • VandelayOfficial
    VandelayOfficial 2 месяца назад what a mood.
  • Fabrizio Julian Caldara
    Fabrizio Julian Caldara 2 года назад Just came here for "MAH TRUCK"
  • Madeline Monahan
    Madeline Monahan 2 года назад I just came here for your bitch nigga no homo sweg 2k2k brrapp squad.
  • SuperFrankieOSX
    SuperFrankieOSX Год назад B I G T R U C K
  • Steven Ott
    Steven Ott 10 месяцев назад Fabrizio Julian Caldara h&
  • TheLaXandro
    TheLaXandro 4 года назад Mr Regular wears mustache, beard and glasses, makes meth [jokes] and have driven a Pontiac Aztec [once]. Hmm...
  • PedalToTheFloor
    PedalToTheFloor 1 месяц назад Aztek*
  • Evan Tumelty
    Evan Tumelty 4 года назад Not gonna lie I walked past you guys when he asked if the crz was a 2 seater I remember because the question seemed so bizarre to me, wish I could've met you
  • Sean Donaldson
    Sean Donaldson 4 года назад Gets in a CRZ "This thing's dumb." That's the only reaction anyone should have. Seriously what was Honda thinking. The fit is faster, just as fuel efficient and has space, how could they screw up that bad?
  • InvictvsNox
    InvictvsNox 4 года назад Right? We just want the CRX back. That's it.
  • simpsonfan13
    simpsonfan13 4 года назад @InvictvsNox Agreed. Honda, if you're gona ty and bank on the crx's popularity, then either make a new version of it, or don't. Don't half-ass it.
  • TheMsdos25
    TheMsdos25 7 месяцев назад CRZ: the most pointless hybrid variant since the Subaru Crosstrek (hybrid).
  • Nick Lehne
    Nick Lehne 3 года назад regular train reviews please!
  • Tyler
    Tyler 10 месяцев назад Thedeoradude haha true
  • doubleutubefan5
    doubleutubefan5 7 месяцев назад Ill help you out on that. There are always late. End of review
  • Redemption HD
    Redemption HD 4 года назад (изменено) Mr.Regular about the people stealing shift knobs and volume buttons.. When I went to the Phoenix International Auto Show, almost all the cars I sat in they were gone not by people stealing them but the auto makers told me they take them off before the show.
  • dbateman
    dbateman 4 года назад Damn.  A little superglue should fix that.  Of course then you probably couldn't disassemble the dash any more. 
  • InvictvsNox
    InvictvsNox 4 года назад Ram work truck...This is where the BUSINESS happens...
  • acousticbruiser19
    acousticbruiser19 4 года назад You'd think that by now Honda would have realized that there's a reason so many people still drive the 90's models of their cars. Honda, scrap the CR-Z and focus on your market demographic. It's either old people who want a comfy Accord or young guns who want a Civic Si. If you want a hatch in your line up, don't give some half-ass excuse for a CRX. Give us a light, manual, 4cyl, hatch with 3 doors and four seats and aftermarket potential. 
  • TheNeoCreations
    TheNeoCreations 4 года назад Having said that, since the CR-Z hasn't sold well, you can still find 2011-2013 CR-Zs on lots, collecting dust, and basically begging to be driven away for the low price of the contents of your wallet and the lint in your pockets. And considering the car does a good job averaging mid 40mpg it's actually now become a pretty good economy bang for the buck.
  • danthadoorman
    danthadoorman 4 года назад @TheNeoCreations not having more than two seats makes it impractical though
  • Tim Riener
    Tim Riener 4 года назад The crz is supposed to be based off the crx which was also a 2 seater. I've heard that the crz seats 4 on the other side of the pond
  • Anonymous YouTube
    Anonymous YouTube 4 года назад Honda is so ass backwards it's annoying. They need to release SOMETHING that caters to the car enthusiast who does don't care about mpgs or hybrid motor sillyness. Give us a lightweight underpowered inexpensive sports car with a lot of aftermarket potential! Toyota seems like they finally realized this
  • Spitfire83
    Spitfire83 4 года назад @Anonymous YouTube what car in the toyota lineup caters to what you just described?
  • danthadoorman
    danthadoorman 4 года назад @Spitfire83 MR2?
  • Gargenville
    Gargenville 4 года назад @Spitfire83 The GT86, even though it's a Scion in the US (Scion, the Saturn of Toyotas).
  • Carlos
    Carlos 4 года назад The Fiesta ST seems to fit what you want minus the 3 door. I which it came in a 3 door like the European one.
  • Anonymous YouTube
    Anonymous YouTube 4 года назад @Spitfire83 GT86/ZN6 (FRS/BRZ in the US)
  • DassRoc
    DassRoc 4 года назад but thats too dangerous and not that good on gas, and you KNOW kids these days LOVE small fuel consumptions and safety!
  • GT Limited
    GT Limited 4 года назад @TheNeoCreations That's because you don't want one.  It's a hybrid that'll get the same mileage the CRX SiR it was supposed to pay tribute to could get twenty years ago.  And yet it's slow, surprisingly heavy thanks to the battery pack, and has none of its predecessor's fun and excitement. It is a fairly good looking car and is still aging well but to car enthusiasts that is really only a slap in the face.  The new CRX SHOULD look like that, it SHOULD be that car, but what Honda served up was an Insight with a nip and tuck... 
  • Gargenville
    Gargenville 4 года назад @sajzilla Still waiting for that missing link CR-W.
  • TheNeoCreations
    TheNeoCreations 4 года назад @inudude15 Good job. Probably the most accurate explanation as to why it failed miserably.
  • mudkip42
    mudkip42 4 года назад @sajzilla Go cry about it. Sorry, pun was too good to resist!
  • Jared Lancaster
    Jared Lancaster 3 года назад +acousticbruiser19 It needs the turbo 1.5 in the Type R over in Europe 306 HP WOO!
  • Daftmachine
    Daftmachine 2 года назад But 200 hp is unnecessary and expensive. People just want a small to midsize car weighing less than 1200 kgs and with a engine that'll rev to 6,500 or more. As the AE86, Civic or in europe, Peugeot 205 proved, it only really needs 85-120 hp and a low weight.
  • CyborgeBolt
    CyborgeBolt Год назад acousticbruiser19 I heard honda is bringing back the Type R
  • APA 2
    APA 2 4 года назад Best description for the Mitsubishi Mirage Ever
  • Joseph Fox Drums
    Joseph Fox Drums 1 месяц назад APA 2 sounds like my life I might need one now
  • Charles Corbett
    Charles Corbett 4 года назад I 100% totally agree with the spin thing. In my car I always spin all the way and then back off, I just "feel" it based on that stop-position
  • Brian J
    Brian J 4 года назад (изменено) Making it so the driver has to look at the knob to use it actually seems quite dangerous. 
  • Behemothokun
    Behemothokun 4 года назад exacly, I do that with my heater, since it's all the way down on the center console and the leds are broken.
  • rrrandommman
    rrrandommman 4 года назад I'll forgive volume because you don't have to look to figure out how loud you've made it if it's playing something but the other knobs should be proper tactile affairs.
  • TikiTantrum
    TikiTantrum 4 года назад @Brian J That's one of the reasons I've always thought touchscreens are stupid in cars. As long as there are still some buttons for common tasks it is alright, but some cars are just pure touchscreens which require looking away from the road to operate.
  • prestigious0
    prestigious0 4 года назад @TikiTantrum Everything I've seen so far with a touch screen also had steering wheel mounted buttons for these common tasks.  Although, I'm sure someone out there probably has seen a car with a factory touch screen and no steering wheel buttons.
  • Phoenix.vette
    Phoenix.vette 4 года назад in my car the passenger side has a stop and the drivers side doesn't 0__o
  • 2JZ swap the dog
    2JZ swap the dog 4 года назад @TikiTantrum Someday, someone will invent something where the icons and knobs on the touchscreen will move around and raise depending on where the buttons for that specific screen are.  Until then, I'll keep my 90s analog switches and knobs.
  • Michael Piperni
    Michael Piperni 4 года назад I think the '14-'15 Corollas are especially heinous in this respect. HVAC Controls: 'Infinity Wheel' for temperature and hard-to-reach buttons for fan speed. Also, it looks stupid.
  • ArizonaGun Guy
    ArizonaGun Guy 3 года назад @VoraciousPhantasma
  • 2JZ swap the dog
    2JZ swap the dog 3 года назад @ReDsTaR Production Yes?
  • Peter White
    Peter White 3 года назад "The Mitsubishi Mirage is the car for the spouse that says 'Can we just... get something and go? I'm hungry...' " I do love the wee little penalty boxes but this is not an inaccurate description.
  • TheTarrMan
    TheTarrMan 4 года назад The Hyundai WTF (Whatever the f#@*) mmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh alright, lol. 
  • Israeli shitbag
    Israeli shitbag 4 года назад Don't phase out CD players pls I still have a collection of 450 CDs
  • jacob anderson
    jacob anderson 2 года назад I had a 2000 Dodge Durango R/T that I got rid of a month ago and that thing had a coin holder. It was the smallest feature to the car but I used it so much.
  • Hawk 777
    Hawk 777 2 года назад Our old 4 runner had one and when we sold it to upgrade to the newer one my mom pulled it out of the center console and put it in the new one lol
  • MrWolfSnack
    MrWolfSnack Год назад (изменено) '02 Durango SLT has it within the fold down armrest on the front seats. I actually forgot there was money in it. I cleaned the car last year and found about $3 in change no newer than 2008. lol
  • Patrick Francis
    Patrick Francis 4 года назад You missed the DUB SHOW TOUR SPONSORED BY MONSTER ENERGY DRINK on the first floor of the convention center. Featuring fart cans, hella flush wheels, chrome vinyl wrapped GT-Rs that show where every finger has touched the car, Hoobastank, and the sad stench of desperation.
  • awesomeologyism
    awesomeologyism 4 года назад I think I would have developed cancer if I visited that forbidden place
  • Bairdogg
    Bairdogg 3 года назад +Patrick Francis Nobody there even attempted to clean their cars, even the few nice ones brought in like the Countach and e34 m5 that were sponsered were scratched to hell
  • Ryukachoo
    Ryukachoo 4 года назад 2:28 ...please dont remind me of what buick could be it pains me ;_;
  • MilesWestern
    MilesWestern 4 года назад (изменено) "This is our train...the S.S. Naaaasty" (quotation marks added)
  • Kristoffer P
    Kristoffer P 4 года назад " "
  • Kristoffer P
    Kristoffer P 4 года назад You forgot those.