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1990 Toyota Sera: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Apr 8, 2019 213,828 views

We drive the butterfly door-ed trendy commuter car from early 90's Japan. TL;DR The Toyota Sera is a Toyota Tercel.



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  • RAD
    RAD Неделю назад You know your JDM when you import this car and refuse to replace the tires because the current ones have "real" JDM air in them.
  • Adam C
    Adam C Неделю назад You know you're JDM when you ship compressed air from Japan to fill your tires.
  • 金3 A.M.
    金3 A.M. Неделю назад You know you’re JDM when you carry an oxygen mask with a tank full of JDM air in it so you can BECOME JDM
  • joey gonzalez
    joey gonzalez Неделю назад JDM air hits different
  • Dean Churchman
    Dean Churchman Неделю назад You know you're JDM when you build a road network with bitumen from Japan just so you don't have to drive your car on baka gaijin roads.
  • zep head
    zep head Неделю назад You know you're JDM when you're 28 and your Mom is still folding your Underoos and she reminds you to put them away immediately upon arrival from your job at Blockbuster.
  • Rhodesian Wojak
    Rhodesian Wojak Неделю назад yeah boy
  • Taylor Broussard
    Taylor Broussard Неделю назад You know you're JDM when you huff the air from a JDM imported car's tires
  • TBustah
    TBustah Неделю назад *you're*
  • Chad Manning
    Chad Manning Неделю назад @zep head lol that had me in stitches
  • ArmchairWarrior
    ArmchairWarrior Неделю назад worst part is theyre probably not even DOT approved and therefore require changing to pass inspection, despite being perfectly good tires. I even had to change the headlight glass on a 1991 Fairlady Z to DOT approved headlights, same as Lambourghini Diablo....$1400, so i paid to borrow headlights to pass inspection. cool story bro
  • Schmidt54
    Schmidt54 Неделю назад Super legit reason
  • Aaron D
    Aaron D Неделю назад That's not JDM air. It is the souls of Edo period Ronin.
  • Stealthpanda911
    Stealthpanda911 Неделю назад THIS IS HOW THEY JAPAN IN JAPAN?!?!?
  • OllamhDrab
    OllamhDrab Неделю назад @ArmchairWarrior That's cause in countries that drive on the left, headlights have to point differently. With old sealed beams you could just adjust the aim, but with the plastic housings, the aim is in large part cast in place.
  • TBustah
    TBustah Неделю назад (изменено) ArmchairWarrior The tire thing is pretty ridiculous, but there is a bit of reasoning behind the DOT’s headlight laws. Most cars and motorcycles have headlights that throw most of the light forward, away from oncoming traffic. So, they’re angled to the right in LHD countries and to the left in RHD countries. Japan’s a RHD country, so obviously driving with those headlights in a LHD country like the USA is a bit of an issue. You’re not going to have as much light where you need it, and you’ll probably get a lot of angry honks from the people in the opposite lane, who’ll think you have your highbeams on. Countries also have different laws regarding headlight brightness. The UK and other countries in Europe get a lot of fog, so their headlights are quite a bit brighter than ours. That said, expecting people to pay $1400 for the proper headlights is a bit ridiculous. Hopefully, the aftermarket will come up with a solution.
  • RAD
    RAD Неделю назад @TBustah is so JDM he felted the need to correct other peoples grammar.
  • Sacatolas Moreira
    Sacatolas Moreira Неделю назад RAD you’re* when I worked at bmw I had women coming to service just to get Bmw air in their tyres.
  • Falthy
    Falthy Неделю назад That’s fucking funny but it’s you’re not your
  • Curly
  • Curly
    Curly Неделю назад Q U I R K Y
  • Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict
    Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict Неделю назад HOW INTERESTING MAZDA LANTIS 1.9 V6 GONNA CUM DADDYYYYY
  • Webweasel
    Webweasel Неделю назад HOT DICKS?!?
  • bfchang
  • jackthegamer
    jackthegamer Неделю назад its not a kei-van but honestly, this is the kind of car we should have in this day and age...
  • Invidious Ignoramus
    Invidious Ignoramus Неделю назад IT'S WORTHLESS THEN
  • liverush24
    liverush24 Неделю назад Not a Daihatsu Copen.
  • Rhodesian Wojak
    Rhodesian Wojak Неделю назад hmm
  • C M
    C M Неделю назад FIGARO
  • Alex_the_Subarist
    Alex_the_Subarist Неделю назад C M MAGNIFICOOOOO
  • Stephen Mason
    Stephen Mason Неделю назад The TRD oil cap adds 20hp I hear
  • tfw no gf
    tfw no gf Неделю назад Stephen Mason someone else noticed it.
    REEL SIXX Неделю назад It also adds 4+ inches
  • Cult Driven
    Cult Driven Неделю назад Can confirm
  • Felipe Solis
    Felipe Solis Неделю назад Adds 2 mpg city and 5 mpg highway
  • magnum93954
    magnum93954 Неделю назад Also $120
  • Ckid Photography
    Ckid Photography Неделю назад Someone else noticed!😂
  • myc0p
    myc0p 6 дней назад Somebody did a butt dyno and it is actually around 1-2hp. NOX and Vtech stickers get better weight/price ratio for performance based mods. YMMV of course
  • Moug MeDuro
    Moug MeDuro Неделю назад The Toyota Sera: The International Car Of I WAONT IT
  • Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict
    Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict Неделю назад *Chaser
  • twotailedavenger
    twotailedavenger Неделю назад Toyota Sera. inhale I hear the Gran Turismo 4 music already.
  • Goblintom
    Goblintom Неделю назад Only place I have seen it.
  • JoePug249
    JoePug249 Неделю назад That's when I fell in love with the Sera lol
  • Tomi Vuori
    Tomi Vuori Неделю назад The dealership even has the driver's door oper
  • v8_sami
    v8_sami Неделю назад They used to be very popular in my country lol
  • DJKing
    DJKing 4 дня назад Light Velocity playing in the distance intensifies
  • Mr. Rager
    Mr. Rager Неделю назад "Smaller than a guy trying to pick a fight after a rocky movie". Ladies and Gentlemen, we need to protect RCR AT ALL COSTS
  • Ashley Pomeroy
    Ashley Pomeroy Неделю назад My favourite RCR line was "this is the car for a man whose sexual fetish is naked women, smiling".
  • zorilla0
    zorilla0 Неделю назад The Rocky thing is an Eddie Murphy joke, though.