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Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling (Original)

Published on Nov 14, 2014 65,484,113 views

A soccer match between the Yale Bulldogs and the North Carolina Tar Heels comes down to Scott Sterling and the most epic penalty kick shootout you'll ever see.
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Video features Matt Meese, Jason Gray, Stephen Meek, Jeremy Warner, Adam Berg, James Perry and Stacey Harkey.

Top Soccer Shootout Ever - Studio C

  • LumiR
    LumiR 3 года назад if only these guys were actual commenters for soccer. I would watch it immediately
  • Yassine El Gamani
    Yassine El Gamani 3 года назад agree
  • LumiR
    LumiR 3 года назад +Yassine El Gamani definitely
  • Scarlet
    Scarlet 3 года назад +LuminousGame That would be the only way to get me to watch soccer.
  • LumiR
    LumiR 3 года назад @BN Boss21 Same for me!
  • Gee Simpson
    Gee Simpson 3 года назад +LuminousGame It's football and it's the best sport in the world!
  • Scarlet
    Scarlet 3 года назад @Gee Simpson I'm betting Luminous is American like me, so for us it's Soccer (don't ask me why)
  • Gee Simpson
    Gee Simpson 3 года назад +BN Boss21 Yeah it's strange one. I think USA is the only country that calls it Soccer. Actually I think Australia do as well.
  • Gee Simpson
    Gee Simpson 3 года назад +BN Boss21 Oh, and Canada so 3 countries call it Soccer.
  • Max Wil
    Max Wil 3 года назад +Gee Simpson and New Zeala
  • Steve
    Steve 3 года назад +Gee Simpson Funny enough, soccer is a term that started in England. :P Brits just don't like to admit it. lol
  • Gee Simpson
    Gee Simpson 3 года назад +Haldir Orlly Yeah I know lol but it still doesn't sound right now. You guys choose to call it Soccer when Football makes more sense ☺
  • Steve
    Steve 3 года назад (изменено) 100% agreed. How 'soccer' became a short-form of 'association'....I'll never understand.  lol
  • LumiR
    LumiR 3 года назад this is absolutely pointless XD
  • davincent98
    davincent98 3 года назад yeah. it's just Jason and Stephen.
  • Gandalf Greyhame
    Gandalf Greyhame 3 года назад +LuminousGame Look up bogan aussie commentary you wont be disappointed.
  • SolarJeff
    SolarJeff 3 года назад +Gee Simpson No Canada and Ph does.
  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 года назад bogan aussie is the man!!!!
  • LuchoVena
    LuchoVena 2 года назад +Haldir Orlly I dont remember actually where I read it, but some blue collar workers had a like to shorten words, and add -er to some activities or something, It started with Assocer and got shortened a bit more. Cant think of any other words that got the treatment, but where I found it they had more However, it still was the country's choice to call it what they wished, but I guess it was the same low collar ppl that left the mother country for something better and kept their language of things which may explain why almost any other country colonized by England brought and still call it "soccer"
  • Steve
    Steve 2 года назад @LuchoVena So basically, to sum it all up; English is a screwed up language. lol 
  • WaffleGasm
    WaffleGasm 2 года назад +Gee Simpson it's called soccer because soccer was its original name plus we have a football so why change the name of a sport that isn't viewed that much in America to a sport that is viewed a lot plus we call our football football because the ball is a foot long
  • RandomAndroidDeadpool
    RandomAndroidDeadpool 2 года назад +WaffleGasm Because more people watch actual football than american handegg.
  • jax daxter
    jax daxter 2 года назад +RandomAndroidDeadpool American Handegg is what I call football now until the end of time
  • WaffleGasm
    WaffleGasm 2 года назад +RandomAndroidDeadpool you should really read what I said I said MORE PEOPLE WATCH FOOTBALL IN AMERICA THAN THEY DO SOCCER NOT MORE PEOPLE WORLD WIDE
  • Gee Simpson
    Gee Simpson 2 года назад +WaffleGasm Still, football for soccer makes more sense. You kick if with your foot. American Football should be called something else, a ball is supposed to be round, not like an egg.
  • GrandmaFush
    GrandmaFush 2 года назад +LuminousGame You need to watch any game with Ray Hudson commentating. Usually La Liga games with Barcelona or Real Madrid playing.
  • WaffleGasm
    WaffleGasm 2 года назад +Gee Simpson the name isn't from the shape and rugby ball isn't round plus soccer was the original name and football for America makes sense the size is A FOOT LONG
  • WaffleGasm
    WaffleGasm 2 года назад +Gee Simpson also you kick a football in America here is the definition of a ball "a solid or hollow sphere or ovoid, especially one that is kicked, thrown, or hit in a game."
  • WaffleGasm
    WaffleGasm 2 года назад +WaffleGasm ovoid means egg shaped meaning a ball can be egg shaped
  • Ricardo Hidalgo
    Ricardo Hidalgo 2 года назад I could only wish for these two commenting for the fifa world cup
  • Gee Simpson
    Gee Simpson 2 года назад +WaffleGasm Cool but still football being called soccer just sounds wrong, most countries call it football. Why don't you just call 'American Football' 'American Rugby' and Soccer 'Football'? ;)
  • ItsDaKoolaidDude
    ItsDaKoolaidDude 2 года назад +LuminousGame I'd pay them to commentate anything
  • Ricardo Hidalgo
    Ricardo Hidalgo 2 года назад @Gee Simpson Silly child logic won't work on Americans
  • Gee Simpson
    Gee Simpson 2 года назад +Ricardo Hidalgo How is it 'silly child logic'?
  • Ricardo Hidalgo
    Ricardo Hidalgo 2 года назад @Gee Simpson Silly child, logic. I missed the comma which caused quite a ruckus amirite?
  • WaffleGasm
    WaffleGasm 2 года назад +Gee Simpson because one America has rugby and football and rugby really aren't the same they just look the same plus the name makes sense because like I said it's a foot long also some countries also call it soccer because it's the original name why hop on the bandwagon when you can stay an OG?
  • Gee Simpson
    Gee Simpson 2 года назад @Ricardo Hidalgo  Haha, in that case I agree with you :)
  • Gee Simpson
    Gee Simpson 2 года назад @WaffleGasm Well put it this way, American Football has more in common with Rugby than it does with proper Football. I would imagine people started calling 'Soccer' Football because they realised it made more sense.
  • VictorHP
    VictorHP 2 года назад +LuminousGame football*
  • Christian Oskar
    Christian Oskar 2 года назад +Haldir Orlly actually the term was socker not soccer don't ask me why
  • ZTG
    ZTG 2 года назад +LuminousGame Football* commentators*
  • Ricardo Hidalgo
    Ricardo Hidalgo 2 года назад @ZTG let the american be.
  • Kayla Gaines
    Kayla Gaines 2 года назад I would watch ANY sport if they were the commentators! I can imagine them commentating on golf or tennis (boring sports in my opinion) and making them way more fun and interesting to watch.
  • LumiR
    LumiR 2 года назад @Kayla Gaines DEFINETLY. It would be better if they commented on cricket. That stuff is boring. But of course, golf would be as well
  • Karpfador
    Karpfador 2 года назад +LuminousGame *football
  • Аленочка TV
    Аленочка TV 2 года назад I'm not. Only highlights maybe.
  • Nicole Corrigeux
    Nicole Corrigeux 2 года назад +Karpfador futball
  • TheRealOran 2003
    TheRealOran 2003 2 года назад LuminousGame with Chris Kamara on sidelines (if you know yku know)
  • Mr. Gentlezombie
    Mr. Gentlezombie 2 года назад If they did Nascar... it would still be boring
  • Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson 2 года назад "That is a lot of miles per hour" 😂😂
  • Mr. Gentlezombie
    Mr. Gentlezombie 2 года назад The announcers with Nascar: That's a lot of... left turns.
  • Spacio4321
    Spacio4321 2 года назад Yeah but metric system is better.
  • Lusker Gaming
    Lusker Gaming 2 года назад I dropped my phone on my face when Jason said and the canon has fired and has hit sterling in the face😂😂
  • Phillip Reinhart
    Phillip Reinhart 2 года назад LuminousGame like 😅😑😈😅😐😇😅😕😐😇😅😅😕😬
  • Maxwell Hartung
    Maxwell Hartung Год назад LuminousGame same
  • Caleb Crumpton
    Caleb Crumpton Год назад LuminousGame SAME!!
  • Sc 30 123
    Sc 30 123 Год назад Maxwell Hartun cool
  • Maulana Fariz
    Maulana Fariz Год назад LuminousGame Actually there is a football commentator from Indonesia who's close enough to those commentators, especially with those mind-blowing metaphors. Close, but no cigar.
  • me mo
    me mo Год назад LuminousGame same
  • David Frost
    David Frost Год назад The commenters at a Track and Field meeting that I had attend was funny just like these commenters.
  • Ripped Richard
    Ripped Richard Год назад Gee Simpson In Italy, it's called "Calcio" but no one seems to complain
  • That Guy Who Corrects Your Grammar
    That Guy Who Corrects Your Grammar Год назад yeah (btw sooooo many freaking likes on ur comment!!!)
  • Michel H
    Michel H Год назад yep then i would watch soccer
  • Kai-Riin Kanarbik
    Kai-Riin Kanarbik Год назад They mostly improvised their lines too.
  • Aria2290
    Aria2290 Год назад LumiR OMG SAME
  • the human god
    the human god Год назад LumiR same
  • Don't Read My Profile Picture
    Don't Read My Profile Picture Год назад if they were commentators, they could make me watch chess
  • don't subscribe me plz
    don't subscribe me plz Год назад LumiR they should be a commentator for la liga & premier league cuz the commentator is boring
    #LOL ROFL Год назад Don't worry you already watched it
  • Djamonja
    Djamonja Год назад I'm pretty sure they are poking fun at Ray Hudson.
  • Aquaura
    Aquaura 10 месяцев назад LumiR I wish Jason and Stephen did host games... it would be amazing!!!
    DAH BEST 8 месяцев назад Apparently he's getting repeatedly punched in the face by death
  • Beckett Galloway
    Beckett Galloway 3 недели назад LumiR s
  • Heath Thompson
    Heath Thompson 2 недели назад Its fake
  • soccer brozz
    soccer brozz Неделю назад Yes agree
  • Armando Varillas
    Armando Varillas Неделю назад I would agree
  • Tony Nguyen
    Tony Nguyen Неделю назад Football
  • Viperine Pizza 55
    Viperine Pizza 55 5 дней назад Tes
  • Spongeward
    Spongeward 4 дня назад When I was little I thought this was real
  • Obi-Juan Kenobé
    Obi-Juan Kenobé 1 день назад Football***
  • Ben Davies
    Ben Davies 1 день назад What's soccer sounds like something gay people who think they are better than everybody else and think they are the best country in the world would say soccer
  • DanUis
    DanUis 1 день назад I would say people who says 'Soccer' instead of 'Football' should not even watch the game
  • alex cena
    alex cena 14 часов назад *Football
  • Wlaker Boop
    Wlaker Boop 1 месяц назад 5 years later and I still hysterical laugh at this 😂
  • •-• zlp sedun dneS •-•
    •-• zlp sedun dneS •-• 1 месяц назад Wlaker Boop Samee I came back to ”check in” on him
  • Thomas Canavan
    Thomas Canavan 1 месяц назад It's been 4 years not 5
  • •-• zlp sedun dneS •-•
    •-• zlp sedun dneS •-• 1 месяц назад Thomas Canavan 5...
  • •-• zlp sedun dneS •-•
    •-• zlp sedun dneS •-• 1 месяц назад Thomas Canavan Its 2019
  • Rowan Snell
    Rowan Snell 1 месяц назад 🤣
  • Jonathan Bachrach
    Jonathan Bachrach 1 месяц назад S A M E so funny
  • Tienny208
    Tienny208 3 недели назад •-• zlp sedun dneS •-• 4 years bcus its not nov 14 2019 yet
  • J. Davis
    J. Davis 3 недели назад Ikr
  • anthony sorriento
    anthony sorriento 3 недели назад Cant argee mor
  • Parker Newlin
    Parker Newlin 3 недели назад @•-• zlp sedun dneS •-• yeah November 2014 not February.
  • Kylian Mbappe
    Kylian Mbappe 3 недели назад Ikr 😂😂😂
  • catherine 明珠chan陈
    catherine 明珠chan陈 3 недели назад Wlaker Boop actually 4 years or else your a time traveler
  • Kennie H
    Kennie H 3 недели назад Yee
  • Nethergmd
    Nethergmd Неделю назад @Thomas Canavan That's 5 lmao
  • Tracy Payne
    Tracy Payne Неделю назад So funny can not have a smile it is in possible
  • Spherical Cheese
    Spherical Cheese 4 дня назад @Nethergmd s'not november yet so 4
  • c kok
    c kok 3 дня назад me too lol
  • Kodeman KK
    Kodeman KK 3 дня назад Hysterically
  • GoldChalkyboi łłł
    GoldChalkyboi łłł 3 дня назад Wlaker Boop same but 3 years
  • mustafa abdelgawad
    mustafa abdelgawad 17 часов назад me too
  • Ricardo Smith
    Ricardo Smith 4 часа назад Lol no matter how i try not to 🤣🤣🤣
  • Charlie Scott
    Charlie Scott 2 месяца назад 2019 anyone?
  • Wired Eye
    Wired Eye 2 месяца назад Meee
  • Emu Emperor
    Emu Emperor 2 месяца назад Yeah
  • Zil Noor
    Zil Noor 2 месяца назад Yes
  • Noob4LifeOrigin
    Noob4LifeOrigin 2 месяца назад 2019 squad
  • Meggyloo 88
    Meggyloo 88 1 месяц назад Yep
  • giahan Han
    giahan Han 1 месяц назад Charlie Scott me
  • Munchlax Gaming
    Munchlax Gaming 1 месяц назад February 1st
  • Wonder Bretherens
    Wonder Bretherens 1 месяц назад Quit sucking off for likes
  • super gamerblack1010
    super gamerblack1010 1 месяц назад Me ro
  • Kenny Jenkins
    Kenny Jenkins 1 месяц назад This never gets old
  • Joshua Bauer
    Joshua Bauer 1 месяц назад Yep
  • Tritan Gaming
    Tritan Gaming 1 месяц назад Charlie Scott here I can watch this over and over again
  • JmdrawsStuffs
    JmdrawsStuffs 1 месяц назад Me
  • SellOutSquad
    SellOutSquad 1 месяц назад Yea
  • meridian thrasher
    meridian thrasher 1 месяц назад (изменено) Nobody cares what year your watching this video in and please stop trying to get likes on your comments by saying what year your watching this in
  • Charlie Scott
    Charlie Scott 1 месяц назад @meridian thrasher your one sad soul mate 👍🏻
  • meridian thrasher
    meridian thrasher 1 месяц назад @Charlie Scott may I ask why im a sad soul even though im not disagreeing with you
  • miked251979
    miked251979 1 месяц назад Yes
  • Charlie Scott
    Charlie Scott 1 месяц назад @meridian thrasher cuz you wanna comment your displeasure on a perfectly innocent comment
  • meridian thrasher
    meridian thrasher 1 месяц назад @Charlie Scott true i accept defeat becsuse I really dont care about this conversation goodbye.
  • billybobjoeisa ya
    billybobjoeisa ya 1 месяц назад No, I'm from 2020
  • ayu the manokit
    ayu the manokit 1 месяц назад Yes
  • Georg Funk
    Georg Funk 1 месяц назад 2021 anyone?
  • Asian Thanos
    Asian Thanos 1 месяц назад 29948
  • Francisco Javier Bravo Cerda
    Francisco Javier Bravo Cerda 1 месяц назад This is timeless.
  • tsoukalas junior
    tsoukalas junior 1 месяц назад Mee
  • redd ztone
    redd ztone 1 месяц назад Yeah boiii legends never for
  • George Gillen
    George Gillen 3 недели назад Charlie Scott ya
  • Giovanni Sena
    Giovanni Sena 3 недели назад Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Theo Broughton
    Theo Broughton 2 недели назад Charlie Scott yeee
  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 2 недели назад @Theo Broughton EH!
  • Justus Springston
    Justus Springston 2 недели назад Nope
  • Sabbib Xiam
    Sabbib Xiam 2 недели назад Me
  • Allen Wang
    Allen Wang Неделю назад Charlie Scott here
  • abbas _yt
    abbas _yt Неделю назад Charlie Scott ya mi
  • Evan Hammer
    Evan Hammer Неделю назад Nah
  • Esma Bosnic
    Esma Bosnic 5 дней назад Yea
  • Mr Arman
    Mr Arman 4 дня назад Here
  • The Original
    The Original 2 дня назад Yes and we have the same proflie pic
  • SushiFøx にゃ
    SushiFøx にゃ 2 дня назад Yuppp
  • Le Wi
    Le Wi 1 день назад NO ONE CARES!!!!!
  • The Original
    The Original 1 день назад @Le Wi your mom doesn't care that I banged her last night at 3:00 A.M
  • august smith
    august smith 10 часов назад Go home
  • Alexis Aquino
    Alexis Aquino 1 месяц назад Who’s back to watch this again 😂
  • William Tomkins
    William Tomkins 1 месяц назад Alexis Aquino I think I've seen this about 20 times😂
  • Sahil Bäñïÿá
    Sahil Bäñïÿá 3 недели назад Me 75 times
  • Frazix_ FN
    Frazix_ FN 2 недели назад Alexis Aquino me
  • Jack Quinn
    Jack Quinn Неделю назад I have watch this 120
  • NozDoz Clan
    NozDoz Clan Неделю назад Watching this again after maybe 5 years
  • afu777 Widiatmaja
    afu777 Widiatmaja 2 дня назад Me
  • Le Wi
    Le Wi 1 день назад Me
  • Aishwarya Pratim Rabha
    Aishwarya Pratim Rabha 2 месяца назад "Look at him begging for mercy, when its mercy begging for him"
  • xd Mercy
    xd Mercy Неделю назад Who said my name?
  • CJ7
    CJ7 Неделю назад Epic quote here!
  • David Ray
    David Ray Неделю назад It's
  • The Empty One
    The Empty One 2 дня назад I wanna be tracer
  • gonewiddwind
    gonewiddwind 2 недели назад "Its mercy that should be begging his name" if thats not badass what is!
  • Blossom ate
  • Edward Hayes
    Edward Hayes 1 день назад Raheem sterling
  • Oofah
    Oofah 1 месяц назад THAT A LOT OF... MILES PER HOUR i thought he was gonna say THATS ALOTTA DAMAGE
  • Ricey McRice
    Ricey McRice 1 месяц назад This was filmed in 2014.
  • Oofah
    Oofah 1 месяц назад @Ricey McRice ik
  • Loki Farbautason
    Loki Farbautason 1 месяц назад You are like the 20th peep that I've seen with that profile pic in the past 3 days. What is up with it? Did I miss something important?
  • RK 740
    RK 740 1 месяц назад Loki Farbautason a guy called maximillian mus told all his fans to change to that profile pic so now there’s a lot of people with that
  • Marshall Hambrick
    Marshall Hambrick 1 месяц назад I said that
  • Migzzz831
    Migzzz831 2 дня назад (изменено) Same
  • Jordan Giantsopoulos
    Jordan Giantsopoulos 1 день назад Lmao
  • The_Used Charizard
    The_Used Charizard 6 дней назад Funny thing is... I thought this was real..
  • TheSmilodon85
    TheSmilodon85 5 дней назад I kind of thought it was but not really LMFao I remember lots of ppl on FB were outraged over it😂
  • Vampire Squid
    Vampire Squid 2 года назад "that clocked in at a stunning.... 116 km per hour" "now that alot of......miles per hour" lmaoo
  • rain lee
    rain lee 2 года назад |-/
  • Alan Ferrer
    Alan Ferrer 2 года назад |-/
  • Gabelio cc
    Gabelio cc 2 года назад |-/
  • محمد الشهري
    محمد الشهري 2 года назад |-/
  • RocketBlack
    RocketBlack 2 года назад |-/
  • Carlos Escobar
    Carlos Escobar 2 года назад |-/
  • David Cox
    David Cox 2 года назад \-|
  • Donnie Cha
    Donnie Cha 2 года назад He doesn't know how to convert km/h to mph
  • The Goombrat
    The Goombrat 2 года назад I feel like he should have said "now that's... A lot of miles per hour" it would have made more sense.
  • deleted channel
    deleted channel 2 года назад +PartyPoison1009 about 72 mph
  • Nicky KJ
    Nicky KJ 2 года назад H we u as e km/t. So ords perfekt
  • Action Jackson
    Action Jackson 2 года назад +PartyPoison1009 About 75 mph.
  • Vampire Squid
    Vampire Squid 2 года назад +ioseb khositashvili Oh wow? thats so interesting please tell me more!!! here is my email where you can contact me! Kappa
  • L
    L 2 года назад (изменено) +PartyPoison1009 Ayyyy TØP
  • Dino boy1238
    Dino boy1238 2 года назад That commentary seems so fake
  • PoizonAppl3
    PoizonAppl3 2 года назад +Dino boy1238 it's a little comedy sketch
  • cloudsabove
    cloudsabove 2 года назад +PartyPoison1009 didn't even quote it right; gets 609 likes because of how funny the referenced line is
  • SadSeal
    SadSeal Год назад PartyPoison1009 |-/
  • Joy Ramirez
    Joy Ramirez Год назад I was reading that comment right when they said that 😂
  • Efrén Epsilon
    Efrén Epsilon 2 недели назад Xd
  • It’s Iris II
    It’s Iris II 3 недели назад (изменено) This definitely deserves 65 mil views.
  • neptunefun
    neptunefun 3 недели назад it has 65mil...
  • nlcsmvp96
    nlcsmvp96 3 недели назад Defiantly??
  • Stxtics ham
    Stxtics ham 3 недели назад It don't deserves 64 mil views. It deserves more than 100000 mil vies
  • catherine 明珠chan陈
    catherine 明珠chan陈 3 недели назад It’s Iris II it just did
  • QY QY
    QY QY 2 дня назад It’s Iris II deserves 69 mil
  • Nitin Pudasaini
    Nitin Pudasaini 3 недели назад 5 years later, i still feel this is real
  • Mlenny [WHU]
    Mlenny [WHU] 2 дня назад Someone make a petition for a Scott Sterling card in FIFA
  • Jabbathegamer says hi
    Jabbathegamer says hi 1 день назад Needs 99 rating
  • Black Snake
    Black Snake 20 часов назад Jabbathegamer says hi And all skills possible
  • Morgan And Grace
    Morgan And Grace 3 недели назад My class watches this every Friday in math class lmao
  • Human L
    Human L 3 недели назад Morgan And Grace I have watched this on Friday in math class only once though
  • Lele Scarlet
    Lele Scarlet 3 дня назад every Friday?! Really ?!
  • Cian Rainsford
    Cian Rainsford 1 день назад @Lele Scarlet ikr that sounds vert repetitive doesn't it
  • Morgan And Grace
    Morgan And Grace 1 день назад Lele Scarlet yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  • Mlenny [WHU]
    Mlenny [WHU] 2 дня назад 1:16 England penalty shootouts in a nutshell :(
  • Yong Faith
    Yong Faith 2 недели назад I wonder what Scott Sterling did in previous 120 minute match.
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 2 недели назад (изменено) "OHH EVERY EXCRUCIATING DETAIL CAPTURED IN HD PERFECTION" 🤣🤣🤣
  • jonaboy I Am
    jonaboy I Am 2 месяца назад Friend:Whos your favorite soccer player. Me:Scott Sterling
  • King Jay
    King Jay 3 года назад Scott Sterling is a hero. An inspiration An icon. Whenever I come across trouble in my life I look into my heart, see his face, his bleeding demolished face, and think "What would Scott Sterling Do?".
  • Dallin Frank
    Dallin Frank 3 года назад ...And after that, I muster the courage to face the problem head on.
  • Ponies and dragons and art OH MY
    Ponies and dragons and art OH MY 3 года назад dallin, that might have been the smoothest thing I have ever seen
  • Chad Bennett
    Chad Bennett 3 года назад he was crawling away from the goal how is that a hero? he was quitting.
  • Ponies and dragons and art OH MY
    Ponies and dragons and art OH MY 3 года назад You would be crawling away too. Crawling away from the goal was a bit necessary.
  • Alfonso Nicolas Almarvez
    Alfonso Nicolas Almarvez 3 года назад yeah His a God
  • Cheeki Breeker Player
    Cheeki Breeker Player 3 года назад He would het kicked in the face
  • Ava Elisabeth
    Ava Elisabeth 3 года назад +King Jay yes ha ha
  • ThunderhooffBEATS
    ThunderhooffBEATS 3 года назад +KaKa yep, that
  • Zachary Lind
    Zachary Lind 3 года назад +Chad Bennett yes... yes it is heroic... and I don't even really care about what is going on on the internet right now I am juSCOTT STERLING!!!
  • Lawrence Brooks
    Lawrence Brooks 3 года назад +King Jay get wam,Ed in the face in the middle of a flash back xD
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    HoaAloha 3 года назад u know this is fake right
  • King Jay
    King Jay 3 года назад @ItsPug :o
  • ThunderhooffBEATS
    ThunderhooffBEATS 3 года назад @ItsPug so?
    CIAO ZOWWW 3 года назад thats a fake......
  • JustinsWorld4U
    JustinsWorld4U 3 года назад +[Elite-Sniper]Crazykiller017 wow good job.. I think we all know it is fake...
  • Tackywacky05
    Tackywacky05 3 года назад +JustinsWorld4U no it is real!
  • SpartenKitten The 23rd
    SpartenKitten The 23rd 3 года назад +King Jay let whatever it is hit you in the face... that's what Scott would do. ._.
  • Liam Scholes
    Liam Scholes 3 года назад +Patrick Campbell haha
  • Roger Chu
    Roger Chu 3 года назад +King Jay WWSSD. "What would Scott Sterling Do?
  • slump
    slump 3 года назад crawl away and hope not to get hit in the face
  • InfamousGHOST24
    InfamousGHOST24 3 года назад XD true 😂😂😂😂
  • Smonk
    Smonk 3 года назад +King Jay he's an hero
  • InfamousGHOST24
    InfamousGHOST24 3 года назад @Pablo Churrobueno​ yes he is, yes he is #SCOTT_STERLING #INSPIRATION
  • Lily_ Daisy
    Lily_ Daisy 3 года назад Lol you believe this? It's fake 😂lol laughing SO hard
  • Ariana Donarski
    Ariana Donarski 3 года назад +King Jay ha ha ha :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D
  • Bless It Bonds
    Bless It Bonds 3 года назад +BloodThirsty TFGL I don't even care about this kick let's go back to SCOTT STERLING!!!!!"
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    Keith McKellar 3 года назад Scott would take any on any situation life can throw at him regardless of how fast the face
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    Matthew Sosa 3 года назад 4:15 (Ehhh!! Ehhh!! I Can't Believe It!!) xD
  • lucky lewis
    lucky lewis 3 года назад he's a hero
  • Mineav
    Mineav 3 года назад +lucky lewis He's better than a hero. He's a divine masterpiece of a god among men.
  • Night Vibe
    Night Vibe 3 года назад I dont know if anyone said it yet but Scott sterling would probably take that trouble right to the face.
  • Alex Garcia
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  • Mineav
    Mineav 3 года назад He truly has the nose of god!
  • Mineav
    Mineav 3 года назад He should win the 2015 international male athlete of the year. I've never seen someone completely dominate a football game by only using their face. Messi, eat your heart out.
  • Kirsten Rodriguez
    Kirsten Rodriguez 3 года назад Lol this isn't real man
  • King Jay
    King Jay 3 года назад @Neonkitty,Strawberry,&CandyEXtreme 777 jokes fam
  • nadsoos
    nadsoos 3 года назад LOL
  • Emily Hamilton
    Emily Hamilton 3 года назад +Mineav This video is not real! It is a sketch done by the company known as Studio C. This entire thing is just a sketch. The actor "Matt Meese" is playing as "Scott Sterling".
  • Mineav
    Mineav 3 года назад @Emily Hamilton What are you talking about? Did you not watch the video? There's a huge crowd there and everything. This was absolutely real!
  • Emily Hamilton
    Emily Hamilton 3 года назад +Mineav This article here explains it. They are a sketch group, look them up if you want to.
  • yout Mark
    yout Mark 3 года назад Legend Of King Hack Tool Cheats 2016 Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling - Studio C (Original)
  • Fwaego
    Fwaego 3 года назад +King Jay That was such a nice thing to say. Yet so wrong . . .
  • Fwaego
    Fwaego 3 года назад +KaKa Yeah, THAT is what he would do!
  • Payet The Traitor himself
    Payet The Traitor himself 3 года назад +Mineav lol you really think it's real
  • Mineav
    Mineav 3 года назад @Louis Bennett Yes, i think it's 2,311% real. I absolutely do.
  • Emily Hamilton
    Emily Hamilton 3 года назад +Mineav . The crowd was formed by fans of Studio C. They are a sketch comedy group that has made many videos; I believe they are on Season 6. This is not real. I have watched the video several times, as well as the majority of their other videos. Matt Meese is an actor performing as Scott Sterling. None of this is real.
  • Mineav
    Mineav 3 года назад @Emily Hamilton Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okay. Thank you, Emily. You're very sweet. :)
  • Annabett Bridgers
    Annabett Bridgers 3 года назад +King Jay i agree a lot
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    Magnus 3 года назад Me too
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    C Ooper 3 года назад This is seriously one of THE BEST comments on YouTube.
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    Jay Thomson Год назад He would hit it with his face
  • Miss Mercy
    Miss Mercy Год назад Curl I a ball or crawl away.
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    Rolldroller Games Год назад Yep, He's a MASCOTT! AHAHAHAH. Where is the door?
  • Jennie McClung
    Jennie McClung Год назад he would feel the pain,and cry a lot(lol)
  • Neurofied Yamato
    Neurofied Yamato Год назад Scott Sterling reminds us all that we need to face our problems not run away.
  • Deanna Paul
    Deanna Paul Год назад King Jay I hate all the pieple who made him go out there it is just a game
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    Lynn M Год назад King Jay he is Matt meece
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    radconserv68 1 день назад @HoaAloha You know he was being sarcastic right?
  • radconserv68
    radconserv68 1 день назад @Lily_ Daisy And we are laughing at you for not recognizing sarcasm.
  • radconserv68
    radconserv68 1 день назад @Emily Hamilton no way
  • Vixen TheSpeedyFox
    Vixen TheSpeedyFox 5 дней назад I was so mad when my friend showed me this because she didn’t give me any backstory.. I thought this was real.