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Here's Why the Ferrari F40 Is Worth $1.3 Million

Published on Aug 1, 2017 5,748,702 views


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The Ferrari F40 is a legend, an icon, an automotive masterpiece. Or so I'm told -- I've never reviewed one, until now. In this review, I'm telling you why the Ferrari F40 is worth $1.3 million.

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  • Brandon Black
    Brandon Black Год назад (изменено) The most expensive car to unlock on any old console racing game.
  • Aurora Garage
    Aurora Garage Год назад Brandon Black outrun
  • TonyRator
    TonyRator Год назад Grand Turismo 5 hell nah that Peugeot gt was
  • Stephen Stephen
    Stephen Stephen Год назад Aurora Retro Ferrari Testarossa
  • Art Part
    Art Part Год назад Brandon Black I can relate
  • MutantAli3n
    MutantAli3n Год назад Its free in GT Sport
  • Three Stripes
    Three Stripes Год назад Brandon Black And now in GT Sport is is ONLY 450k credits
  • Three Stripes
    Three Stripes Год назад Dante He might have recieved it as a Daily Workouts gift
  • nitramsk8
    nitramsk8 Год назад Top Gear Overdrive on N64
    SOVIET ARMY FIGHT FOR VLADMIR LENIN Год назад fucking same
  • RAPTOR 479
    RAPTOR 479 Год назад About 1,350 survive today, it’s absolutely beautiful and is the first production car ever to hit 200 (201 exactly) mph so you can see why
  • Naptown Wicked
    Naptown Wicked 9 месяцев назад Not even on old ones. It was the most expensive car in Need For Speed 2015
  • HaskaMoosic
    HaskaMoosic 9 месяцев назад Just bought one on GTA 5 (Turismo classic)
  • Mattydub313
    Mattydub313 7 месяцев назад Nintendo’s Rad Racer? Or was that a 328?
  • sam sam
    sam sam 7 месяцев назад Gta 5
  • B. Rod
    B. Rod 7 месяцев назад Haha!!! Beat me to it!!
  • Chris Cook
    Chris Cook 7 месяцев назад Once upon a time I had a lot of fun driving one those - on my Amiga 500 in a game called Test Drive :-)
  • QuadHawk8
    QuadHawk8 7 месяцев назад Also the most expensive to unlock any chance of buying a new rare Ferrari
  • Jay r
    Jay r 6 месяцев назад Until the enzo and f50 came lol that's jokes bless
  • DC77 Gaming
    DC77 Gaming 6 месяцев назад *any racing game with the Ferrari license
  • John
    John 6 месяцев назад ridge racer doesnt have real cars kids...
  • andy p
    andy p 4 месяца назад @RAPTOR 479 And if I recall Top Gear correctly, it was to make Porsche quit bragging about 197 mph...
  • Mysterious Gaming
    Mysterious Gaming 1 месяц назад 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Addiqqa Aqli Alfarishy
    Addiqqa Aqli Alfarishy 1 месяц назад Nah, it's McLaren F1 in NFS II
  • Nathan Green
    Nathan Green 3 недели назад Unless you have lucky patcher
  • DapperTank
    DapperTank 4 дня назад Ferrari Enzo : Am I a Joke To You?
  • jj rickerson
    jj rickerson 5 месяцев назад Doug the type of guy to help move his ex girlfriend to her new Boyfriends house.
  • andy p
    andy p 4 месяца назад Probably pay for his Uber? (no space for a second guy in this car)
  • bmo
    bmo 4 месяца назад I read the comments for the Doug jokes.
  • Nikita Dubrovskih
    Nikita Dubrovskih 3 месяца назад What is wrong with that? I've done that, she came back :D
    XANDER 3 месяца назад (изменено) New boyfriend: thanks for helping her move Doug: wait!, before you go let me show you some of her quirks and features
  • Watermelon Chill Ice Cream
    Watermelon Chill Ice Cream 2 месяца назад Nikita Dubrovskih I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, it is being a gentleman. Even if she didn’t come back, go and find a way better girl to be your sweetheart, as your detractors sit at home lonely and girlfriendless and bitter in front of their computer screens lol
  • Matthew Anthony
    Matthew Anthony 1 месяц назад That’s funny because it’s probably true
  • Goldenaxe Chuck
    Goldenaxe Chuck 1 месяц назад Or eats his girlfriends pussy with his ass in the air.
  • ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij
    ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij 1 месяц назад @XANDER lol
  • alan chattel
    alan chattel 1 месяц назад he is virgin didnt you now that!
  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 3 недели назад That was a good one 😂
  • majema007
    majema007 2 дня назад @Watermelon Chill Ice Cream I mean whatever makes a guy happy. I personally would never willingly do something like that for an ex lol
  • Original Labs
    Original Labs 4 месяца назад This is a very expensive road legal go kart
  • BiG DawG
    BiG DawG 3 месяца назад Original Labs fastest go kart
  • Jesus is Dog :
    Jesus is Dog : 2 месяца назад Original Labs a go kart on Cocaine
  • fedzalicious
    fedzalicious 1 месяц назад Go-karts are tapas to the F40. Nom-nom!
  • Kyle Soler
    Kyle Soler 1 месяц назад Or a Kit car.
  • DsSl
    DsSl 1 месяц назад Its a go kart that can kill you
  • Steve Gould
    Steve Gould 6 месяцев назад Only doug could drive an F40 and get over-taken by a little old lady in a station-wagon!
  • Arios Necessity
    Arios Necessity 4 месяца назад imagine him having anything happen to a 1.3m worth car? his life would be over. I'd be scared shitless if something as much as a scratch to happen.
  • U.V. S.
    U.V. S. 4 месяца назад @Arios Necessity Yes, imagine having to remake the whole video with another F40... Which probably doesn't have the certificate... Would be pretty tragic dramatic.
  • Vladimir Cankov
    Vladimir Cankov 2 недели назад He's barely doing 60mph and talks about how "stable" the car is. Wtf...
  • ramblin rose
    ramblin rose Неделю назад who'd be trying to race that in regular traffic?!! you might not do a single thing wrong but no accounting on that "little old lady" signed little old lady (wink)
  • S Fiend
    S Fiend 4 дня назад @Arios Necessity all shit's insured
  • Aaron Zella
    Aaron Zella 5 месяцев назад Biggest mistake: driving a $1.3M sports car on Pennsylvania roads...
  • Joe Santa Maria
    Joe Santa Maria 4 месяца назад Aaron Zella probably in Delco............
  • Ultimate brothers gaming/vloging
    Ultimate brothers gaming/vloging 3 месяца назад So if anyone has that car the will have accpetions anyway
  • Acer Ventura
    Acer Ventura 2 месяца назад you mean I-95 around Philly
  • armando sanchez
    armando sanchez 2 месяца назад Aaron Zella better than driving it in California...
  • mckmik2014
    mckmik2014 1 месяц назад @armando sanchez have you been to PA
  • Lance Velasco
    Lance Velasco 1 месяц назад Its a super car
  • ramblin rose
    ramblin rose Неделю назад lmao!! if it ain't the traffic (i.e. you can't accelerate...which...come to think of it with an F40 and PoPo (Police) is prolly a good thing!!) it's getting mugged and car - jacked (Philly) offense meant. I love PA...truly! Some of my very best friends are from PA. You're comment just made me laugh...try I-70 after a ski weekend coming back from Vail or Aspen in Colorado...sit there for a cool 5 hours - so wrong!!!
  • Don't Read My Profile Picture
    Don't Read My Profile Picture Год назад (изменено) Doug on a date: So tell me some of your quirks and features
  • Don't Read My Profile Picture
    Don't Read My Profile Picture Год назад A Dog Who Needs 1500 Subscribers 😂
  • Don't Read My Profile Picture
    Don't Read My Profile Picture Год назад Don't Read My Profile Picture hi bro
  • Alex
    Alex Год назад Don't Read My Profile Picture log lost twins
  • Ash ley
    Ash ley Год назад A Dog Who Needs 1500 Subscribers 😂
  • Doggo does an drift in an 823 BHP Rx-7 le xd
    Doggo does an drift in an 823 BHP Rx-7 le xd Год назад How original
  • Waxon Junglist
    Waxon Junglist Год назад wow haven't read that one before
  • back fire
    back fire Год назад Haven't read that 15+ times already on every video in the last few months
  • Cetrix
    Cetrix Год назад *weird features
  • King's React Gaming
    King's React Gaming Год назад A Dog Who Needs 1500 Subscribers copy and paste
  • Chase Lanier
    Chase Lanier Год назад A Dog Who Needs 1500 Subscribers wow never heard this before
  • Rodgie Christian Cruz
    Rodgie Christian Cruz Год назад A Dog Who Needs 1500 Subscribers lmao
  • welmoepics
    welmoepics Год назад "Do you come with a bumper to bumper warranty?"
  • Urban Weekend Warrior
    Urban Weekend Warrior Год назад For a second date, check my column on Autotrader for my phone number ;)
  • hockeyfan288
    hockeyfan288 Год назад A Dog Who Needs 1500 Subscribers on youtube: Let me just copy and paste one of these comments to get likes
  • Kenneth C. Bishop
    Kenneth C. Bishop Год назад "A lot of my knobs are from the Honda partsbin."
  • Josh Foulkes
    Josh Foulkes Год назад GrubbySalad i was thinking that its literally on every fucking video with near 1000 likes
  • fhhsvnggbh
    fhhsvnggbh Год назад doug on a date, doug "blablablablbalbalbalbalbalbalbblablablablbalbalbalbalbalbalblblablablablablbalbalblablablablablablabalbalbalbalbalbalablablablablabalbalbalbalbalablablablabalbalbalblablablahlblablablablablbalbalblablablablablablabalbalbalbalbalbalablablablablabalbalbalbalbalablablablabalbalbalblablablahhhhhhhhhhhhhhghghghghghghg" date" um..." Doug "blablablablbalbalbalbalbalbalblblablablablablbalbalblablablablablablabalbalbalbalbalbalablablablablabalbalbalbalbalablablablabalbalbalblablablahblablablablbalbalbalbalbalbalblblablablablablbalbalblablablablablablabalbalbalbalbalbalablablablablabalbalbalbalbalablablablabalbalbalblablablahblablablablbalbalbalbalbalbalblblablablablablbalbalblablablablablablabalbalbalbalbalbalablablablablabalbalbalbalbalablablablabalbalbalblablablahblablablablbalbalbalbalbalbalblblablablablablbalbalblablablablablablabalbalbalbalbalbalablablablablabalbalbalbalbalablablablabalbalbalblablablah"
  • Ashvin Ambegaonker
    Ashvin Ambegaonker Год назад A Dog Who Needs 1500 Subscribers if she replies with, "Check my column on". He will marry her on the same day.
  • Car Inspector Lindell
    Car Inspector Lindell Год назад A Dog Who Needs 1500 Subscribers Wow. So original....not.
  • BreakYourself
    BreakYourself Год назад A Dog Who Needs 1500 Subscribers HOW MANY TIMES ARE PEOPLE GONNA USE THAT LAME ASS POST???
  • Infinity man
    Infinity man Год назад Iwillownyou How much time you got ?
  • ramblin rose
    ramblin rose Неделю назад no - Doug on a date... So tell me do you prefer horsepower or torque?
  • samuraifugitivo
    samuraifugitivo 2 месяца назад Ok, im completly informed before buying an f40, only deciding between tamiya or revell.
  • weird science
    weird science 2 недели назад Tamiya make the best RC cars
  • ramblin rose
    ramblin rose Неделю назад pictures's been 2 months...which did ya get?
  • samuraifugitivo
    samuraifugitivo Неделю назад ramblin rose tamiya!, an old old 1992 1/24 kit i got on ebay!, you wont believe how accurate it is, the pirelli tires have the right pattern, the engine bay is totally right and the panels are very thin, as the real ones.
  • Lowell H
    Lowell H 4 месяца назад Dude screw all the haters. Your genuine nervousness and giddy-ness make this video real. I'm glad you got to do it because you genuinely care!
  • Cameron Cornell
    Cameron Cornell 1 месяц назад Driving it in traffic makes me so nervous and it’s not even mine
  • Butters Scotch
    Butters Scotch 1 месяц назад “Can i film with your 1.2 million dollar car?” “Can you open the engine cover for me?”
  • Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay Год назад I love how he reviews a million dollar car in a back alley while wearing a tshirt and jeans
  • trucks_and_heavy_metal
    trucks_and_heavy_metal Год назад yeah, the weeds are so thick they cracked the asphalt and had to be cut down with a chainsaw.
  • yo boi jonx
    yo boi jonx Год назад Unknown yes, please, we need this
  • golden mirror
    golden mirror Год назад I like it
  • Deus Vult
    Deus Vult Год назад Umm, dude in some videos that might seem cool using filters and stuff
  • Jerry Huang
    Jerry Huang Год назад After this they're going to chop it up in the back
  • HarshlyCynical
    HarshlyCynical Год назад Yeah... the million dollar car with "extra" screws in the center console... @ 13:16... The fuck?
  • Pooqua
    Pooqua Год назад I love how Bernie spent campaign money buying an Audi Sports car... get rekt, you filthy commie.
  • Lucifer SerpentKing
    Lucifer SerpentKing Год назад What would you wear sissy? Just your panties I bet
  • iron monkey
    iron monkey Год назад Those are license plate screws they are probably hard to get
  • Justin Hall
    Justin Hall 10 месяцев назад Fk what the guy is wearing , bitches all o you , great to see this car in a shit hole car park too , makes the car look even more insane !!
  • SaintFredrocks
    SaintFredrocks 10 месяцев назад (изменено) Unknown How did you know?
  • mike thompson
    mike thompson 8 месяцев назад Nope he's a scruffy slob.
  • The Fredster 2014
    The Fredster 2014 8 месяцев назад Jeans? More like short shorts lol
  • Hugh Mongus
    Hugh Mongus 8 месяцев назад Jews.
  • Sadiq Dani
    Sadiq Dani 7 месяцев назад It is normal dress in America. Even in office they dress like that
  • Pip Pipster
    Pip Pipster 5 месяцев назад Paddy Supreme Yes ... could have been a slightly awkward carjack going on
  • Ferina Clan
    Ferina Clan 2 месяца назад Gordon Ramsay what you want him to review a car that isn’t even his in a suit?
  • nurburg rosberg
    nurburg rosberg 2 месяца назад and no p.o.v camera inside
  • Thomas Howl
    Thomas Howl 1 месяц назад Better than being a rich snob in a suit.
  • MacTechG4
    MacTechG4 1 месяц назад Who cares what he’s wearing, fancy clothes are a waste of money, suits suck, ties suck, they both need to die a painful screaming death
  • Tony Chopper
    Tony Chopper 1 месяц назад I thought the same things. Has 2.7m subscribers and looks homeless.
  • Emilios Powerballer
    Emilios Powerballer 1 месяц назад its how wealthy people dress up
  • mob1235
    mob1235 3 недели назад If you are rich, you dont have to wear a suit. This is the outfit of servants.
  • Sebas M
    Sebas M 2 недели назад Is he supposed to wear a tuxedo like sports anchors? He prob wants the car to be what you look at
  • JRWT
    JRWT Неделю назад No one asked
  • Elite Club
    Elite Club 2 месяца назад 26:05 Thank you for your advice, I was considering an F40 as a daily driver
  • Ps User
    Ps User 1 месяц назад Lol.
  • Chris Jessett
    Chris Jessett 3 месяца назад (изменено) Put a 1mm coat of paint on the F40 F40 Designer:NO, it will add 0.0035grams to the car, its too much weight
    HOGE GAMING 1 месяц назад couple of kilograms actually
  • Ming man
    Ming man 2 недели назад Have you ever picked up a can of paint and felt how heavy it is?
  • Gd Vega
    Gd Vega Неделю назад @Ming man 🤔🤔🤔
  • 1983Jacko
    1983Jacko Неделю назад @HOGE GAMING so lose some weight and there you go
  • ramblin rose
    ramblin rose Неделю назад Did you not "GET" how bare and minimum Ferrari designed this car? The lack of paint is ON PURPOSE!! and to add that extra layer will diminish not only the speed of the car regardless of whether you think YOU can't feel it...but also completely DE-VALUE your car. Who does that? Why?!! If you have beautiful original paint no matter what the car...?!! Even fugly paint if its original is worth more...depending on the damage to the vehicle...!! Did you not listen to how he said that is the way dealers tell if the pain isn't the original paint? Guess you missed that part of the video...eyeroll!! You obviously don't like fast cars...cause you missed the "essence" of Ferrari's stripped down basics.
  • Aram Meymarian
    Aram Meymarian Неделю назад fanboys above foaming at the mouth over a joke from some guy on the internet
  • Blank Stare
    Blank Stare 6 дней назад @ramblin rose "completely" de-value because of paint?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂Shit, I'd take one if it was sprayed with neon green glitter fingernail polish
  • cimism610
    cimism610 5 месяцев назад I think this is the most beautiful sports car ever built.
  • david mcintire
    david mcintire 5 месяцев назад Lol
  • G. Patton
    G. Patton 5 месяцев назад Yep, i think so too.
  • cimism610
    cimism610 5 месяцев назад @0hjaa 2.0 cant compare a diamond to a river stone
  • Zeca Urubu
    Zeca Urubu 5 месяцев назад ofcourse it is
  • Fazou
    Fazou 5 месяцев назад I agree with you.
  • Packo_ Hubu
    Packo_ Hubu 5 месяцев назад WAHAHA OVERRATED SHIT ..F40 IS UGLY
    CALEB ANDERSON 4 месяца назад @Packo_ Hubu nah, you're just head over heels for aventadors
  • diego zenti
    diego zenti 4 месяца назад Absolutely it is :). 🇮🇹
  • Aston - Ishing
    Aston - Ishing 4 месяца назад @Packo_ Hubu WAHAHA OVERRATED SHIT ...LEXUS LFA IS UGLY
  • Ultimate brothers gaming/vloging
    Ultimate brothers gaming/vloging 4 месяца назад @Zeca Urubu fuck off furry
  • TheMoogler
    TheMoogler 4 месяца назад It's aged well, it looks nicer now than it did at the time. The 288 gto still blows it out the water for looks.
  • Chauntel Shannon
    Chauntel Shannon 4 месяца назад Yes F40 and Lamborghini Diablo.
  • t30 rayde
    t30 rayde 4 месяца назад It’s a supercar
  • U.V. S.
    U.V. S. 4 месяца назад @cimism610 Grashopper, when you can grab this pebble from the palm of my hand, then you will be ready.
  • M D
    M D 3 месяца назад I think it is really beautiful also.
  • Emir SB
    Emir SB 3 месяца назад McLaren F1?
  • Blayor Mac
    Blayor Mac 3 месяца назад Looks so good!! 😍😀
  • Hubert Kaminski
    Hubert Kaminski 3 месяца назад Packo_ Hubu the only good looking Lamborghini is the Countach,Diablo and the muria
  • Ultimate brothers gaming/vloging
    Ultimate brothers gaming/vloging 2 месяца назад @Packo_ Hubu what are you talking about like you said you starting soon you will like it i bet you will even you say you wont. F40 would be a car to reconized for everyone including you in car enthusiast community.
  • Packo_ Hubu
    Packo_ Hubu 2 месяца назад @Ultimate brothers gaming/vloging NO DUDE F40 IS OVERRATED SHIT ..1ST GEN NSX HAS MORE SENSE
  • Ultimate brothers gaming/vloging
    Ultimate brothers gaming/vloging 2 месяца назад okay if you want to be cocky with a supercar. Like i said you would like older cars. And thats respects that run in the community. Unless it a Prius.
  • Packo_ Hubu
    Packo_ Hubu 2 месяца назад @Ultimate brothers gaming/vloging Prius even a practical ride compared to f40 .. How much more if u drive a sleeper supra
  • Ultimate brothers gaming/vloging
    Ultimate brothers gaming/vloging 2 месяца назад I cant drive because im not old enough. But if i drive a sleeper supra, i will have much fun than a Prius.
  • Jesus is Dog :
    Jesus is Dog : 2 месяца назад cimism610 I love the Testarossa more and also the Countach. I would probably wreck the Countach though, but the testarossa is so beautiful, this car is also amazing
  • Mr_Duckie
    Mr_Duckie 1 месяц назад t30 rayde lol it’s hardly even a supercar, a same year Buick is faster than an f40
  • Ankur Solanky
    Ankur Solanky 1 месяц назад McLaren F1 LM anyone?
  • mr Fisher
    mr Fisher 1 месяц назад Yea I don't think so 67 Shelby or any 70s Vette blows this car car a way in beautiful.
  • Awful Truth
    Awful Truth Неделю назад @diego zenti ....An overated shit. This is the worst Ferrari ever made. If you don't agree, try to name one that is worse than it. I double dare you.
  • josh barragan
    josh barragan 5 месяцев назад 1.3 million dollar car comes with spare screws in the centre console. Classic.
  • The Greatest Motherfucker Ever
    The Greatest Motherfucker Ever 5 месяцев назад josh barragan windows won’t roll down. No radio. It’s a race car not a driving car
  • Swamplord
    Swamplord 5 месяцев назад ​@The Greatest Motherfucker Ever Only the essential to be street legal love it. in an F40 you dont feel the need for 106.5fm or power windows.
  • The Greatest Motherfucker Ever
    The Greatest Motherfucker Ever 5 месяцев назад Swamplord for you I’d rather have a Porsche 959
  • Swamplord
    Swamplord 5 месяцев назад @The Greatest Motherfucker Ever i stick with the F40 i was a pround owner of a 1999 corolla 310,000km with no radio no electrics door windows no ac no dome light i was fine with it so imagine with 400 more HP ;-)
  • The Greatest Motherfucker Ever
    The Greatest Motherfucker Ever 5 месяцев назад Swamplord wow imagine a 911 that does 199. Lol
  • Bob Houghton
    Bob Houghton 7 месяцев назад (изменено) 1.3 million dollar car, round the back of a crack house by the bins.
  • Dylan Forword
    Dylan Forword 6 месяцев назад signs of success lol
  • maverator
    maverator 6 месяцев назад Well it’s Philadelphia, what do you expect.
  • m p
    m p 6 месяцев назад trap money benny
  • Andrew Casden
    Andrew Casden 6 месяцев назад Hahaha Lol 😂
    MARC FÉNIX 6 месяцев назад ....And dont expect a powerful A/C in it! Come on, for this feature you need a zillion Dollars more!
  • Morris Bailey
    Morris Bailey 6 месяцев назад Thts the P for ya 🤷🏾‍♂️
  • La Barone
    La Barone 6 месяцев назад I'm amazed you remembered it Bob..
  • Gregory Grandy
    Gregory Grandy 5 месяцев назад To be fair, I believe the original sticker price was somewhat lower, like about a million lower. I would have to dig up the book, but I seem to remember it being compared to the Lamborghini,  which had a sticker price of 125,000. The Ferrari was listed for about 250,000.  I saw a 88 Countach at an auction in Florida. I believe it was the summer of '89 It went for 55,000.  Mark up I guess.
  • mrbubetube
    mrbubetube 5 месяцев назад Rocky's old gym
  • Nomoreidsleft
    Nomoreidsleft 5 месяцев назад That's his apartment building.
  • Sleepless4Life
    Sleepless4Life 5 месяцев назад Don't be a bigot bro! Are you racist?
  • deliman7203
    deliman7203 5 месяцев назад I wouldn't let numbnuts who looks like a crack head near my Ferrari.
  • James Punting
    James Punting 5 месяцев назад Lol
  • urbanturbine
    urbanturbine 4 месяца назад There is also a land rover lurking in the back... So maybe they went there to get some weed.... (oh shut up, i know it is Doug's land rover!)
  • cdurkinz
  • William Wallace
    William Wallace 3 месяца назад P for pussy
  • Sebas M
    Sebas M 2 недели назад How do you think latins get this cars? 😆
  • ramblin rose
    ramblin rose Неделю назад ah...some things never change!! sooprised it hasn't already been "jacked"
  • ramblin rose
    ramblin rose Неделю назад @MARC FÉNIX you DON'T get A/C in this car for a REASON. And if you put it in you will De-Value your Car...DUH, no zillion dollars for you!! No Racing for you...No Pepsi, No Coke! No Cheeseburger!!
  • ramblin rose
    ramblin rose Неделю назад @Gregory Grandy think Countach 88 would go for $300,000.? $250,000. now? ...Lambo!
  • DrGreenthumbPhd
    DrGreenthumbPhd 3 месяца назад Doug's the type of guy that receives comments on his videos telling him what type of guy he is.
  • Ivan Nestorovic
    Ivan Nestorovic 1 месяц назад Ffs hes cheap .....
  • Jim Baker
    Jim Baker 5 месяцев назад How many times did you really have to show the same cornfield and the same turn? lol
  • ramblin rose
    ramblin rose Неделю назад when you can find your own F40 to drive then you can find your own "same" cornfield to drive...geesh! lol!!
  • diego zenti
    diego zenti 4 месяца назад Not only a supercar This is Art. 🇮🇹
  • Jesus is Dog :
    Jesus is Dog : 2 месяца назад diego zenti viva Italia!
  • Matthew Anthony
    Matthew Anthony 1 месяц назад Yassss 🇳🇪
  • Francesco Zappacosta
    Francesco Zappacosta 1 месяц назад Created by Eng Materazzi
  • David O'Leary
    David O'Leary 4 недели назад An iconic piece of automotive art.
  • OfDaSouth
    OfDaSouth 3 недели назад ferraris r gay
  • Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu
    Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu 2 недели назад diego zenti Art? That Car is like god! i would kill for it😝
  • Awful Truth
    Awful Truth Неделю назад A total piece of crap.
  • Awful Truth
    Awful Truth Неделю назад @Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu Right. Poorly build, it never reached 200 mph, gained value only thanks to Enzo's death, no luggage compartmente, no climate control, extremely uncomfortable seats and one can't even open the engine bay without help while risking to destroy the locking mechanism. No $hit: Is a fabulous car!
  • Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu
    Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu 5 дней назад Awful Truth Drive your 911 then if your not up for a real sportcar. I know all these things you have wrote, and now? Still my dream car.
  • Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu
    Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu 5 дней назад Awful Truth Are you a Prius Lover?
  • Awful Truth
    Awful Truth 5 дней назад ​@Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu Is that a sort of insult? For your reference: Some versions of the 911 and its derivatives of the same era (And older) fits more in the sportcar category that the F40. Any car be your dream car, but it should make more sense if you would at least know why it's you dream car. Try to drive, maintain and repair for a prolonged period of time and the dream will turn into a total nightmare.
  • Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu
    Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu 22 часа назад Awful Truth Dude it doesnt matter how it drive because im a damn farmer in nigeria! it doesnt matter because i never be able to afford a car like that---> simply MY DREAM CAR. Its my dream car because the look, most beautiful body also nice sound, and its a legend with same "birthday" like me. A legend because the last Ferrari build by ENZO FERRARI. I'm also love a damn 911, F50, 959, Testarossa etc etc etc.
  • Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu
    Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu 22 часа назад Awful Truth At the end i can say my 2 absolutely dream cars are Porsche 911 RSR and F40.
  • Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu
    Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu 21 час назад Awful Truth Another thing, i'm not illuminati but i know wallstreet, petrol dollar, how the system ( bank ) works. Fun Fact, in the year 2017 ground supplies from 190 billions US Dollar get out of africa but africa just get 30 billions Dollar of all that money👍🏼 nice system bro👍🏼 do you know where are all the old and broken electronic trash of europa lands and create islands of toxic trash? YES DUDE ALSO THATS IN AFRICA. I can go on in that way the whole day, with facts! and you call me illuminati? Allright bro!
  • Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu
    Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu 21 час назад Awful Truth Do you know that world companies like NESTLE let kids work with big big knife on choclate field? Mhh enjoy it! We are slaves for the western and european luxury and living standard.
  • Awful Truth
    Awful Truth 9 часов назад @Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu You can build something similar for a fraction of the cost!
  • Nils Andersson
    Nils Andersson 6 часов назад Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu Unfortunately you're wright about africa. A question to you: Do you think everyone in Europa are rich and able to buy Ferraris or other 1 Millionen+ Dollar Car? I have to work hard almost everyday to buy a wrx sti, it is also never possible for 95% of Europeans to buy a Ferrari F40...