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Regular Car Reviews: 1986 Buick Grand National

Published on Apr 20, 2015 943,972 views

Drive a Grand National for long enough, and you'll find yourself in a fight outside a pub with a mustache in a 77 Chevette. But you'll win every time, because you have the righteousness of choice on your side. Maybe your left hook isn't as strong, and your haymaker isn't as wild, but dammit, you have taste. And that counts for something. An ass-kicking something. You bang like a champ because you don't know when the next time will be. And that kind of dedication means you'll never be un-bung again.

Your Summit Girl will hate that she let you go, because she'll see you in a Grand National, and she'll say, “You know what? He's driving automatic, but that's a Man for All Seasons right there.” And she'll know, because she's dating a Lion In Winter. A feckless, limp-dicked, do-nothing shell of a man who doesn't know what to do with his free time in the NFL off season.

-It's everything right and good, and a little bit off, with the world. It's the bitter taste of a smoker's nicotine kiss, and the welcoming, cushiony pocket of her vagina. You're home now. You're slopping around in the primordial ooze. The Grand National loosens the pickle jar of human goodness. It takes you back to a past that's irretrievably but eternally present, just on the edges of your consciousness, like all good things. Capable of being called up on a drunken night. Because sometimes, you just get drunk, and sometimes you start thinking about where you come from, and sometimes you call your mom just to hear her voice. And when she asks why you called, you just say, “I have a missed call from you. But maybe it's old. My phone doesn't say.” You both know it's bull, but you both let it go, because you're a grown man, and you can't just say, “I needed to hear you, mom. I was in a Grand National today, and I can see it all. Stretched out in front of me like it happened yesterday. Playing Turtles In Time and drinking Juicy Juice out of a triangle-shaped hole you made with a can-opener handle.” So you bite your lower lip and put on a brave face.

The Grand National is automatic, but no one's emotions are that simple.

  • Sadpants McGee
    Sadpants McGee 3 года назад To identify a fake GN, just pop the trunk.  If there is a dead hooker in the trunk you are looking at a T-Type.  A true GN will have at least two dead hookers in the trunk.
  • Nick C
    Nick C 4 месяца назад What does that mean?
  • DaltonThomas
    DaltonThomas 4 месяца назад A GNX should have no less than 4 but no more than 8.
  • Dale Hadlock
    Dale Hadlock 6 месяцев назад I have a t-type this statement is correct
  • thelaughingman79
    thelaughingman79 9 месяцев назад the gnx comes with a rape kit ... a boot knife roll of duck tape and some zip ties
  • dustinstig
    dustinstig 9 месяцев назад So a GNX would have 3?
  • Michael Kergosien
    Michael Kergosien 2 года назад LMAOOO
  • YellowBeanieBoy
    YellowBeanieBoy 2 года назад Sadpants McGee and if you look inside the GN you'll see a revolver and a pack of cigarettes
  • Bobby Alford
    Bobby Alford 2 года назад OH MAN THAT'S SOME FUNNY SHIT! What if it's a regular regal that has been cloned with all GN stuff? That's when you still find a dead hooker, but it's a transvestite!
  • Jordan Winders
    Jordan Winders 2 года назад And if you see three, its time to run, your next.
  • TurboTPI
    TurboTPI 2 года назад this is the best comment , bar none
  • Genesis Track
    Genesis Track 3 года назад I came here for more laughs, but this was a beautiful tribute for one of the only cars that deserves everyone's respect.
  • Marshal6000
    Marshal6000 Год назад 10:40: "Easier to tune than a Trombone." As a trombone player I love this joke and it is super easy to tune a trombone since you basically play a tuning slide! :P
  • TKR Entertainment
    TKR Entertainment 3 дня назад Same.
  • kevralph
    kevralph 3 месяца назад Haha.. Former HS Trombone player here.. the car would be more fun if it had a spit valve
  • hulkhatepunybanner
    hulkhatepunybanner 5 месяцев назад BAND GEEKS!
  • Roast-a-hoe
    Roast-a-hoe Год назад Explaining jokes makes them better!!!
  • Michael Lorah
    Michael Lorah Год назад So, they're basically big ass slide whistles?
  • W. Bush
    W. Bush Год назад Right on! I laughed my adagio off at that joke, too.
  • Justin Esianor
    Justin Esianor 2 года назад I've been literally binging on these reviews for two days
  • menom7
    menom7 4 месяца назад LOL. You and I BOTH Justin!!!
  • Justin Esianor
    Justin Esianor 2 года назад i did XD
  • Chris Dell
    Chris Dell 2 года назад dude they're so funny Subscribe!
  • Coyote
    Coyote 2 года назад Lord Vader your car is ready.
  • rolon96 2810
    rolon96 2810 7 месяцев назад If I was to get a grand national I would put DRTHVDR as the license plate.
  • Matt Lackey
    Matt Lackey 8 месяцев назад Dude! That was for the 94 Impala SS
  • twstrchasr
    twstrchasr Год назад Nikki Hyena I remember that article !!!
  • Krystal Myth
    Krystal Myth Год назад "The bitter taste of a smokers nicotine kiss..." Well, damn. A video about a car just made me genuinely blush. I've no idea which memory is taking its time to surface of of that but you done had to wake it up didn't you?
  • The Mind of Slade
    The Mind of Slade 10 месяцев назад Krystal Myth we love you too!
  • Vyppaaa11
    Vyppaaa11 2 года назад Flag on the play: Unnecessary feels on the mom part
  • Fee
    Fee 4 недели назад Seriously. My mom just died & I went to bed feeling guilty now this is the first video I see :/
  • Guillermo Feliciano
    Guillermo Feliciano 1 месяц назад That part made me cry. Beautifully written.
  • JDM Engineuity
    JDM Engineuity 3 года назад if you're wondering the interpreter basically said "in japan its like the chaser"
  • xTony92
    xTony92 11 месяцев назад Thank you
  • Shiny_Gliscor
    Shiny_Gliscor Год назад Such an elegant sedan. A shame we never got it over here. smh
  • Tom's Turbo Garage
    Tom's Turbo Garage 4 года назад Well done gentlemen, this is the best Grand National homage I'll ever see.
    YUNG SMUT Год назад Tom's Turbo Garage shut up virgin
  • Chance Koehler
    Chance Koehler Год назад Tom's Turbo Garage i miss driving my grandad's '87 GNX, which was the greatest car i ever drove through high school until i got my '70 Plymouth Roadrunner GTX 426 Hemi 4 speed finished
  • Tim Beck
    Tim Beck 2 года назад Tom, please please please have Mr. Regular review your Galant VR-4
  • bibbly bobbly
    bibbly bobbly 3 года назад +Tom's Turbo Garage Willard Faction
  • Daron Aavis
    Daron Aavis 3 года назад I get that part, it had the Nissan engine (which every kid under the sun swapped RB26 heads, cams and twin turbos onto) but the point is it broke the mould of the typical V8 muscle car and went to a 6 cyl turbo, and it worked
  • Rogue 455
    Rogue 455 3 года назад @Aaron Davis nope, the vl turbo had the Nissan rb30et, from the r31 skyline gtr, but it had a new turbo, new pistons, and a heavier cam.
  • Daron Aavis
    Daron Aavis 3 года назад +Tom's Turbo Garage Yeah this is actually such a good car, but I was watching this thinking what car am I thinking of that is exactly the same? Turns out that everything good about this car is exactly the same in the Holden Commodore VL Turbo (another GM car but straya m8). Living in Australia, these are pretty much the pinnacle of a fun happy car, and the Grand National is apparently exactly the same! Gotta love GM sometimes
  • Caio Caldas
    Caio Caldas 3 года назад +Tom's Turbo Garage What if the new Grand National inspired and based on the Fifth-Generation Camaro ?
  • Faithfully Live
    Faithfully Live 3 года назад +Tom's Turbo Garage I still have mine and love the thing.
  • Caio Caldas
    Caio Caldas 3 года назад +Tom's Turbo Garage What if the new grand national based on the 5 gen camaro ?
  • Snoopy
    Snoopy 3 года назад +RegularCars Awesome video dude, thanks! One of my all time favorites. I own a 1998 Riviera Supercharged
  • eumoria
    eumoria 3 года назад @Tom's Turbo Garage it would be fun to see RCR review one of your builds :) love your videos excellent attention to detail whatever you do for a living you're probably great at
  • turbonetic777
    turbonetic777 3 года назад @semiautoriflelover1 I agree 100% :-)
  • turbonetic777
    turbonetic777 3 года назад @Rogue 455  Its the Regal t-type in all black and no badge.....A lot of ppl confuse it with the Grandnational series but it's not. It's also a little faster than the Grandnational even though they have the same engine. Grandnational is heavier car.  :) #ownerofa87GN
  • Stelter Productions
    Stelter Productions 3 года назад @ruskeee hell yes!
  • Rogue 455
    Rogue 455 3 года назад @semiautoriflelover1 what's a we4?
  • daleon96
    daleon96 4 года назад @Erik Larson hate to burst your bubble, but they were the exact same drive train.....t-type just had more lux. and different paint trims/colors etc
  • Richard Hoogewerf
    Richard Hoogewerf 4 года назад @Erik Larson look it up. They were the exact same. Unless you're thinking about the GNX.
  • Erik Larson
    Erik Larson 4 года назад Nope.
  • Richard Hoogewerf
    Richard Hoogewerf 4 года назад @Erik Larson they were the same car. Grand National just got you the paint and trim.
  • Erik Larson
    Erik Larson 4 года назад @semiautoriflelover1 T-Types were slower than a big ole turd. That's why no one wants them. If you were around when these were new you would know that.
  • GBODYSS 206
    GBODYSS 206 4 года назад How much u let it go for and miles
  • Aegisltd
    Aegisltd 4 года назад @semiautoriflelover1 One T Type at kirbanperformance DOT COM (if link below blocked) @14 
  • Rogue 455
    Rogue 455 4 года назад @zcamaross09 I love that movie.
  • Ewie M
    Ewie M 4 года назад @semiautoriflelover1 The GN is a classic. The T Type isn't, or people wouldn't be trying to pass off Ts as GNs. No hate, just the truth.
  • MrSubaru1387
    MrSubaru1387 4 года назад Watch Blackair
  • Tom's Turbo Garage
    Tom's Turbo Garage 4 года назад @Paintdizzle17 Well thanks man! Mine was an '87 and it has moved on to a new owner. :-/
  • ruskeee
    ruskeee 4 года назад @Martin Nikolov because modern Shelby Cobra
  • sjpro1
    sjpro1 4 года назад @Paintdizzle17 there should have been an option for either one
  • TKBurst
    TKBurst 4 года назад @vector6977 no should come with a rotary 
  • vector6977
    vector6977 4 года назад @Martin Nikolov why not? A V8 is what a Miata should come with from the factory!
  • TKBurst
    TKBurst 4 года назад @Tom's Turbo Garage i only came here to see if it was your car
  • Martin Nikolov
    Martin Nikolov 4 года назад @ruskeee  +RegularCars and LS3 Miata.....?!@$% Seriously why put a V8 in a miata. WTF??
  • ruskeee
    ruskeee 4 года назад @Tom's Turbo Garage  You should let @RegularCars review your LS3 Miata when you're done building it
  • Tom's Turbo Garage
    Tom's Turbo Garage 4 года назад @The Raf Yes, I sold it last summer. Maybe we'll cross paths again someday.
  • The Raf
    The Raf 4 года назад @Tom's Turbo Garage You sold your Buick Tom?!?
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 4 года назад @Tom's Turbo Garage Thanks!
  • Dank_Doc_Brown
    Dank_Doc_Brown 4 года назад Ah dude I'm glad you like it!
  • chipchip
    chipchip 4 года назад @Tom's Turbo Garage Love your videos dude. Can't wait to see how the V8 miata turns out!
  • Tom's Turbo Garage
    Tom's Turbo Garage 4 года назад @SpaceManDawn I definitely miss it dearly. It was a crazy car to drive around town. Folks waving, giving you thumbs up, people wanting you to floor it. I would park it and folks would be waiting for me to return so they could ask questions or share their story about their past Grand National run-ins. I don't regret selling mine particularly, because it needed a paint job, new window/door/t-top rubbers, etc. and I didn't have the desire to take that project on. I just miss the experience of driving it. It made me feel like a kid again, riding in my parents old 80s GM cars.
  • SpaceManDawn
    SpaceManDawn 4 года назад @Tom's Turbo Garage Starting to regret selling yours yet?
  • Darkpassenger 1
    Darkpassenger 1 3 года назад Missing top gear uk.....But I think I found a new place to go good work guys loving it,Besides Jay Lenos gararage,And Road guys are helping my auto obsession
  • SteevK69
    SteevK69 Год назад That's where i bought my '86 - or was it Cherry Hill? it was on rt 70, close to the circle at 73
  • The_DG
    The_DG Год назад I know this is an old comment. But if you haven't found it, visit gran tour. It's the new top gear.
  • Damn you Google
    Damn you Google 2 года назад Darkpassenger 1 now if only I can find a way to learn how to drive and get my License.
  • Darkpassenger 1
    Darkpassenger 1 2 года назад Agreed its good stuff
  • Kelly Pagano
    Kelly Pagano 2 года назад Darkpassenger 1 agreed
  • Carl
    Carl 2 года назад Same!!
  • MTThought
    MTThought 3 года назад +Glenn Sergeant I wish. So hard.
  • I'm Just A Random Guy!
    I'm Just A Random Guy! 3 года назад RCR reviews a Roadkill car.
  • Harvard Ford
    Harvard Ford 3 года назад +Darkpassenger 1 same man. I love this guy! the humor, that CRUDE DARK HUMOR, makes me giggle
  • Darkpassenger 1
    Darkpassenger 1 3 года назад It was my moms car and never left Maaple Shade NJ
  • Darkpassenger 1
    Darkpassenger 1 3 года назад review my 20 year old  Geo  Prizm 670000 miles
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 3 года назад +Darkpassenger 1 Thank you sir!
  • Phil Aufdencamp
    Phil Aufdencamp 3 года назад Mr. Regular; I really love how you contextualize cars and owners in the culture of their day. It makes the reviews way more interesting and insightful. Keep it up
  • Phil Aufdencamp
    Phil Aufdencamp 3 года назад +Phil Aufdencamp Side Note +RegularCars, do you do any other writing or monologuing that I can read?
  • Brian Haack
    Brian Haack 2 года назад You got me with the ending of M*A*S*H God damn that was a sad day for the world.
  • 2dfx
    2dfx 3 года назад Oldsmobile Cutlass???? Easily one of the most recognizable G-bodies of the 80's!
  • Dave Pawson
    Dave Pawson 5 месяцев назад I called my 79 the Gutless Surprise. I flipped the air filter lid so I could here the Quadrabog.
  • Gidyup
    Gidyup Год назад I still own a 1983 Olds Cutlass Supreme. I almost said something too.
  • cw3040
    cw3040 Год назад Kyle Laughinghouse the GN is the Willard Faction in GTA V
  • Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith Год назад Ikr, we had an 86 Cutlass when I was a kid.
  • Jeff Froment
    Jeff Froment Год назад 2dfx I was going to say the same thing. My parents had a 85 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme.
  • Kyle Laughinghouse
    Kyle Laughinghouse Год назад Najimu なじむ its a buick gnx why its the turbo sabre gt
  • Najimu なじむ
    Najimu なじむ 3 года назад Yep. It was even featured as the sabre in GTA.
  • Bob Walsh
    Bob Walsh 2 года назад DEATH. CLAIMS. ALL. ...NAH!!!!!!
  • dogsitter68
    dogsitter68 3 года назад now i know how to clone a grand national properly !
  • Luar Noremlas
    Luar Noremlas Год назад Did you ever get your hands on a GnX?
  • bigkaiserze
    bigkaiserze 2 года назад I'm just my mum
  • mirageh264
    mirageh264 2 года назад "Mary Mary Ann Mary" almost a legit 70's/80's name XD
  • Newsom Garage
    Newsom Garage 2 года назад I'm glad someone on the internet can appreciate some of the advantages of an automatic transmission. Everyone believes if it's auto it's garbage, not the case there are pros and cons too everything
  • Mike
    Mike 4 недели назад I owned an 86 Regal T-Type for a few years and I agree, as far as the Regal/National goes, there is just no way a manual tranny in that car could work as good as that automatic did. I added a shift kit to mine eventually and god damn did it shift hard and fast. It used to let out a small chirp when going in to second gear without even trying. Most fun car you will ever drive. Turbo lag is your friend!
  • Florida Maddogg
    Florida Maddogg 1 месяц назад Modern day autos can shift faster than manuals, but you get a manual for the sheer joy of just driving the car and enjoying being in complete control. Manuals are not for people who view a vehicle as something that gets you from Point A to Point B. Finally, anyone that's says they have a visceral, engaging, and emotional connection to a car using paddle shifters just shouldn't have a driver's license 😂😂.
  • Andy Lee
    Andy Lee 6 месяцев назад There are cars that are supposed to have manuals like panther platforms
  • P77777777
    P77777777 10 месяцев назад My big problem with autos is the lack of reliability In a manual even one thats really really beat to crap you can almost always get it to go into a gear and limp home plus its easy as hell to fix unless someone literally shot it If an automatic craps out its gonna leave you stranded completely and youre basically gonna have to pay over a grand to replace it. Automatic crapping out is when most people ask if its worth it to keep the car rather than getting another
  • SteevK69
    SteevK69 Год назад 6th gen Camaro w/8-speed auto beats the stick 0-60 by about a half sec. 2019 will have ZL1's 10-speed...
  • AXL163
    AXL163 Год назад Well Despiste in my country (Argentina) Usually calls the autos as "Sissy transmission"; But in my opinion they never or ever know about the existence of this and the GMC Cyclone.
  • Skyace 95
    Skyace 95 Год назад No a days autos are much better than manuals
  • faisal3398
    faisal3398 Год назад The day I chose an auto for my street/drag car is the day I regretted not getting a manual.
  • Misericorde9
    Misericorde9 2 года назад My first car had a Powerglide. You don't know fun until you've gone past 70mph in first gear.
  • Adamant Consternation
    Adamant Consternation 2 года назад So I get the impression that this is the Alice Cooper of cars. :D