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1972 Nova 383 Street Strip

Published on Apr 5, 2013 35,065 views

Second pass after driving it to the track and same plugs been in the motor since this time last year around Feb 12. Engine has 3000 street miles on it. First pass it spun as I didn't heat the tires good for the very first pass. Tires are MT Drag Radials. Car ran 11.71@115.98 w/1.673 - 60' time. Didn't change a thing on the car but make 2 runs. Next time I will pull 2 degrees timing and then play with the carb. Carb is an 850 Quickfuel. Engine is a 383 (10.7 compression), Lunati Voodoo hyd. roller(560/565 - 243/251@.050"), AFR 195 heads, 4.10 w/Eaton posi and 30 spine Mosers. Stall is a 4100 with a turbo 350 trans..

I have a Mohave Gold 72 Nova that I put together and it's a rust free California car like the green one was/is. I put a solid roller 383 w/AFR 210 heads, T350-w/4000 stall, 4.11 posi, Caltracs and their split monos, etc..

  • port nut
    port nut Неделю назад Dig it, like the combos stance wheels, bars etc . VInyl top looks great. Remember everyond used to teat them off? Seeing more and more these days problem is finding the trim. Strong running Nova Non lockup converter? How do you like it overall?
  • Justin Cooper
    Justin Cooper 8 месяцев назад Lol. Ford dead at the line. Ain't that typical?
  • sbc1320
    sbc1320 5 лет назад Sold to the second guy who looked at it. :)
  • sbc1320
    sbc1320 7 месяцев назад @The Pube I sold it to a guy named John and John sold it to Jose who should have this car still. I know he loves this car. I have another in Mohave Gold with a little faster 383 in it. I lost $10,000 when I sold this green one and it is a nice car. I had a really nice 71 Blue Nova before this green one.
  • The Pube
    The Pube 8 месяцев назад sbc1320 This is now my Fathers car, He still owns it and you are the guy he bought it from.
  • sbc1320
    sbc1320 5 лет назад Change of heart, going to keep it for now.
  • sbc1320
    sbc1320 5 лет назад 7-24-13, Car is for sale.
  • Novaguy383
    Novaguy383 6 лет назад Thanks man! Yep it was a Rally Nova originally. It's evolved a lot since I bought it 16 years ago. Let me know how the Calvert shocks work out for you, I have the CE shocks up front and they seem to work pretty well. You should get to 11.50's no problem next time out.
  • sbc1320
    sbc1320 6 лет назад Gracias, yours is sharp too. Your's use to be a rally you said?
  • Novaguy383
    Novaguy383 6 лет назад Nice run man! Car looks sharp!
  • Frank Gilbert
    Frank Gilbert Год назад how much HP and Torque at the motor ?
  • Frank Gilbert
    Frank Gilbert Год назад Realy nice ! I got myself a 383 stroker 500 hp 4.10 rear end with 700r4 3500 tci streetfighter stall on 27x8x15 hoosier slick . Car weight 3476 lbs without me , went to track and did a shity 60' because bad traction and went 12.27s @ 110,7 mph with 1.83 60 foot ! Hopefully ill get close to your numbers with a bettrper 60'
  • sbc1320
    sbc1320 Год назад Never dyno'd, but just a guess around 500/520 hp maybe. I have another 72 now with another 383 solid roller that I built for it. I'll have to get some up of it.
  • Robert Mruk
    Robert Mruk 4 месяца назад Do dupy albo jeszcze gożej dno
  • sbc1320
    sbc1320 4 месяца назад Może tak, ale nie tak bardzo jak ty!
  • Jaime Cervantes
    Jaime Cervantes 9 месяцев назад My dream car 👍🏼🌴🐫🌴
  • sbc1320
    sbc1320 9 месяцев назад I've got a Mohave Gold 72 now with my built solid roller 383. It's a little street car and faster than the green one. Both were California no rust cars
  • Belarmino de Athayde
    Belarmino de Athayde 7 месяцев назад So a Mustang shits in its muffler again, so what else is new?
  • sbc1320
    sbc1320 2 месяца назад I have this one I put together after selling that green 72 above: