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Regular Car Reviews: 1998 Jeep Wrangler TJ

Published on Nov 29, 2015 616,928 views

Re re re re re re re uploaded something thing I had to do. Undertale Reference.

  • sumi
    sumi 3 года назад even videos about jeeps have problems
  • ala1998
    ala1998 1 месяц назад @Stephen Boyd yeah, have to take the battery tray out and undo heater lines. Just a big pain
  • Stephen Boyd
    Stephen Boyd 1 месяц назад ala1998mc Are they a bad job?
  • ala1998
    ala1998 1 месяц назад @Stephen Boyd try doing that in a yj
  • Andrew Brinkman
    Andrew Brinkman 2 месяца назад sumi after 100k views, the transmission gives out.
  • Yvng Don
    Yvng Don 3 месяца назад You got jokes. Lol😂
  • דמיטרי כולומוב
    דמיטרי כולומוב 7 месяцев назад I'd like, but it's at 420 likes...
  • Stephen Boyd
    Stephen Boyd 8 месяцев назад I just replaced the heater motor in mine. It was under the dash so I was expecting a terrible job. There's a little clip that you press, it swivels out, you unplug it and plug in the new one, swivel it in and done! There are fantastically simple to fix.
  • Nic Jennings
    Nic Jennings 3 года назад @Geovanne Moura thanks
  • Geovanne Moura
    Geovanne Moura 3 года назад +XStricker11 Send an e-mail to him, at the end of every video the address is there
  • Nic Jennings
    Nic Jennings 3 года назад +RegularCars how do you review these vehicles... do people contact you
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 3 года назад +Bayron Huerta Hahaha
  • B.J. Blazkowicz
    B.J. Blazkowicz 2 года назад My dad bought a TJ brand new in 2003 and a friend of his taught him the Jeep wave. It may be over a decade old but it still runs well and I'd love to keep it running in memory of my dad, who passed away in 2012
  • Ragna B
    Ragna B Неделю назад The only jeep that must live, no matter what.
  • Randy Thompson
    Randy Thompson 2 недели назад The 4.0 will keep on going for the great grandkids. We don't own them ,we are just the caretakers of the Jeep 4.0 while we are here. God bless your father.
  • paisa007
    paisa007 4 месяца назад Sorry bud! Keep thet thing running and pass it down to your kids and keep it rolling.
  • Rony Villeda
    Rony Villeda 10 месяцев назад Sorry RIP
  • justadbeer
    justadbeer Год назад That's a nice story, thanks for sharing. I bought a new 04" TJ Rubicon which is still in mint condition. I chopped it up, lifted it and made it bulletproof, and like yourself, my kids will take ownership and hopefully keep it for a long long time.
  • gullf1sk
    gullf1sk 2 года назад Im sorry for your loss
  • J.P. Craven
    J.P. Craven 2 года назад Sorry for your loss. But Jeeps are not overly complicated cars. They're robust and quite easy to keep in good shape.
  • zach stroh
    zach stroh 2 года назад pokemaster123ism rip daddi
  • Sighlencer
    Sighlencer 2 года назад Same here my dad had one it was blue a cream top and I think a black interior and my dad had to sell it 😭
  • funny meme man
    funny meme man 2 года назад rip dad
  • V7X3
    V7X3 3 года назад Which TJ upload is best TJ upload?
  • Dr.B097
    Dr.B097 5 месяцев назад My TJ is best TJ bc GMC Jimmy
  • TreesOnTheBeach
    TreesOnTheBeach Год назад No, my TJ upload is the best upload.
  • Sadpants McGee
    Sadpants McGee 3 года назад +V7X3 yes
  • Luna Car Girl
    Luna Car Girl 3 года назад +VulpesHilarianus When the joke itself becomes a lifestyle, when what was once a joke is now used in common communication without the intent to be funny...
  • VulpesHilarianus
    VulpesHilarianus 3 года назад +Luna Magazine At which point has the joke ascended to be more than simply a joke?
  • Luna Car Girl
    Luna Car Girl 3 года назад +Anslock no MY TJ Upload is best TJ Upload because my toy video sits next to my real video & its "Best in Class Best in Show"
  • Anslock
    Anslock 3 года назад +V7X3 My TJ Upload is best TJ Upload because Re re re re re re re uploaded
    F'N SINISTR 3 года назад The 48 dislikes are all Jk owners.
  • Darkdeeds396
    Darkdeeds396 3 года назад Jeep TJ: The 240SX of offroad vehicles.
  • Andrew T
    Andrew T 2 года назад The last "Jeep". It's sad that it became the new rich family vehicle. Seen to many moms driving a rubicon hardrock with warn wench up front.
  • ShBeeBo
    ShBeeBo 3 недели назад My brother was about to sell his 1999. I tried telling bro it's the last REAL Jeep. Then I went to my dad and told him about it. He agreed that it was the last REAL Jeep. He agreed so much he bought it lol
  • Stephen Boyd
    Stephen Boyd 1 месяц назад deadbolt9019 ah. The Jeep I sold was an LJ too. That’s why I said it was a bad decision. The LJs are a lot less common. And 10k is a great deal!
  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 1 месяц назад @deadbolt9019 I just bought a new 2019 JL sport s, 39300 sticker, 37870 invoice and paid 35500. For a 2019.
  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 1 месяц назад @deadbolt9019 you're on another planet regarding the price. You can purchase a new 2018 JL right now for close to 30k.
  • deadbolt9019
    deadbolt9019 1 месяц назад @Unknown User was referring to the new unlimteds (JKs), not the old unlimiteds (LJs). I have an LJ I picked up for 10k years ago.
  • deadbolt9019
    deadbolt9019 1 месяц назад @Stephen Boyd I was referring to the new "JK" unlimiteds . I got my used "LJ" for 10k years ago.
  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 2 месяца назад @deadbolt9019 not all
  • Stephen Boyd
    Stephen Boyd 4 месяца назад @M FR I agree. That's why I sold my JK unlimited AND quad to buy one. My quad was useless with more than 2 people, and a side by side is more than a used TJ, is not really highway capable, and doesn't have creature comforts like a radio, heater, full top etc.
  • M FR
    M FR 5 месяцев назад @Stephen Boyd still makes better financial sense than buying a side by side and trailer it behind a truck
  • Stephen Boyd
    Stephen Boyd 7 месяцев назад @deadbolt9019 Not so cheap though, my old 2000 TJ got totaled by someone running a red light and I had to beat people off with a stick to buy one on Craigslist for $8500. AND it had been used and abused, I've put another 2K in it to get it road/trail worthy and reliable.
  • Nick Wolford
    Nick Wolford 8 месяцев назад Their kids will enjoy it when they grow up. My mom bought a Toyota 80 series Land Cruiser, new from the dealership, and guess who has it now with 370k miles.
  • Stephen Boyd
    Stephen Boyd 8 месяцев назад I sold my TJ and bought an unlimited Rubicon, worst decision of my life. Traded it for another TJ. 4" lifted, 33s, daily driver and weekend warrior. I LOVE it!
  • Post from Everywhere
    Post from Everywhere 9 месяцев назад Andrew T Never been a Jeep guy myself (I’m sure I’ll get there though) but yeah those four-doors are just being treated as a Suburban or an Edge
  • Chopstorm
    Chopstorm 9 месяцев назад Jeep died when Chrysler got a hold of it.
  • Eric Beltrami
    Eric Beltrami 9 месяцев назад I guess the only way to tell if you're a real Jeep owner or a person who appreciates a ragtop is if you actually use it, those Rich Mama's you talk about don't want to ruin their $150 hair salon makeover with all that wind. I'm a dude and I even had 2 have a haircut. That's okay, the 1980s were calling and they wanted their hairstyle back. I love Jeeps, and I love Suzuki Sidekicks / Samurai's. But I do think the Jeep is better. Not as efficient though.
  • Connor
    Connor 9 месяцев назад @Indrid Cold
  • mtb416
    mtb416 Год назад I prefer worn wenches.
  • 1 A
    1 A Год назад Andrew T tragic
  • Chan Baird
    Chan Baird Год назад Andrew T I feel ya there
  • Krystal Myth
    Krystal Myth Год назад 25k is chump change for some people yet I'm excited having enough change for the bus every morning.
  • deadbolt9019
    deadbolt9019 2 года назад The Unlimited sell for like 50k+
  • deadbolt9019
    deadbolt9019 2 года назад I'm glad they are coming to market as cheap unabused Wranglers. Not a wrangler of old but still body on frame, no doors, no roof Jeep.
  • Nick Bartolo
    Nick Bartolo 3 года назад Those 4 liter inline sixes were amazing engines.
  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris Неделю назад 2000 tj daily driven with 437,000 ish miles. The 5 speed is a bit rough but she still purrs to this day. Regular scheduled maintenance is all it takes to keep them going
  • ShBeeBo
    ShBeeBo Неделю назад @Randy Thompson for me? Free
  • Randy Thompson
    Randy Thompson Неделю назад @ShBeeBo , how much for yours?
  • ShBeeBo
    ShBeeBo 2 недели назад @Randy Thompson just wondering. I have the same Jeep 1999 Sahara
  • Randy Thompson
    Randy Thompson 2 недели назад @ShBeeBo 7, 800 dollars
  • ShBeeBo
    ShBeeBo 2 недели назад @Randy Thompson haha yes of course how much as in price?
  • Randy Thompson
    Randy Thompson 2 недели назад @ShBeeBo 163 thousand miles
  • ShBeeBo
    ShBeeBo 2 недели назад @Randy Thompson how much?
  • Randy Thompson
    Randy Thompson 2 недели назад 163k in Pensacola, Florida 1999 tj Sahara desert sand pearl .
  • Ghetto Medic
    Ghetto Medic 3 недели назад (изменено) 1997 in da house with 153K on the original motor, still going like she was when she was new... Just put in a new rear and a clutch, and going to paint her up very nicely, a pretty blue. She is a fine lady and I'll love her for another 22 years, at least. Keep on Jeepin' guys. Hugs from a Jeep girl in South Central Pennsyltucky. ;-)
  • Alexander Weatherholt
    Alexander Weatherholt 1 месяц назад they were! i had an 01' cherokee with that engine and it made it to over 400k before dying a couple years ago
  • Zachariah Woller
    Zachariah Woller 2 месяца назад On the tier list of jeeps I'm way below. I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with the 4.0L I6 and it has 228,000 miles. And a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with the 5.2L V8 and it has 224,000 miles. Both have treated me very well.
  • Orlando Cartagena
    Orlando Cartagena 3 месяца назад Yup, I have a 2002 wj 252k miles and it runs amazing
  • jburgos961
    jburgos961 3 месяца назад Mines at 115k miles A young engine Only problem ive ever had with the Jeep are a dead fuel pump and 1 fuel injector (And a lazy previous owner who thought it was a good idea to put in "leak fixers" in the cooling system)
  • J W
    J W 4 месяца назад I've got 248k in mine with an auto (I know, i know) Still runs great, although the rust is starting to kill the body and frame :( Started looking to replace her and could't believe how much they are going for, unless you buy somebody else's problem (modded)
  • Steventure
    Steventure 10 месяцев назад 119,000 Dino oil every 3k, she's still young but I ain't worried
  • David Robinson
    David Robinson 10 месяцев назад My '98 just turned 90,000 miles. It's awesome!!!! Had few problems with it.
  • Copper-Brass
    Copper-Brass 11 месяцев назад Nick Bartolo damn near unkillable if you maintained it
  • Lord Humongous
    Lord Humongous Год назад 199k miles, bitches!
  • Caffieend
    Caffieend Год назад 190k Still Running Strong no problems
  • Joshua Silva
    Joshua Silva Год назад 252k, still running like a champ
  • Brandon R.
    Brandon R. Год назад I'm 240k miles. Still running strong
  • Krystal Myth
    Krystal Myth Год назад Drive it till turns to dust. Then cut it into lines for everyone, and celebrate moments framed by the squared portraits a jeep makes on the memories of those whove spent their lives being explored in them.
  • Heather Storm
    Heather Storm Год назад Mine finally kicked it at 292k. I went ahead and put another engine in with 60k on it for 3 grand, because why not? Still going on the original auto tranny at 330k now.
  • Hunter Brown
    Hunter Brown 2 года назад I had an XJ with the 4.0 with 245k that got stolen, and I currently have a TJ with one at 117k and another XJ with one at 255k all three still run like champs. (at least the stolen one did last time I drove it) lol
  • Michael K
    Michael K 2 года назад It's a tractor engine. Change the oil and they last...forever :)
  • Ma and Ray
    Ma and Ray 2 года назад i got 317,000
  • James Shafer
    James Shafer 2 года назад Got 180k on mine still looking good
  • Pablo In a pueblo
    Pablo In a pueblo 2 года назад Mine's running strong, just passed 160k
  • Nick Bartolo
    Nick Bartolo 3 года назад +Jonathan Sawyer I sold mine around a quarter mil.
  • Jonathan Sawyer
    Jonathan Sawyer 3 года назад I'm going 155k young!
  • DurradonXylles
    DurradonXylles 2 года назад Is it sad that the moment I start playing this video I immediately recognize that the Jeep is parked on the abandoned, graffitied stretch of Pennsylvania Route 61 in Centralia, despite never even being there?
  • JoshDoesEverything
    JoshDoesEverything 4 месяца назад Bro me too! Too many videos about Centralia I guess
  • D F
    D F 3 года назад Jeep Compass: -1000 points
  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee 4 недели назад Take a look at a Renegade sometime, then try to tell me there's a God
  • Aphex28
    Aphex28 2 месяца назад Had a Compass as a rental once.  It was the most boring car I think I have ever driven.  No complaints, no praises.  Nothing about it was fun or stylish.  It didn't perform very well.  It just, sort of, silently existed; trying not to be noticed.  Still a million times better then the Ford Escape.
  • Stephen Boyd
    Stephen Boyd 7 месяцев назад @MrSamsamsammy Aww! The Renegades are cute though... I've seen one with a little lift and bigger tires.
  • MrSamsamsammy
    MrSamsamsammy 10 месяцев назад Ha, now we have the renegade
  • David Marocik
    David Marocik 11 месяцев назад It's literally a Cherokee, there is no fucking difference between the Cherokee and the compass. At least the Cherokee can come with 4x4
  • 9mm
    9mm Год назад Schmittpal Zippy I did not even know how they even consider it a jeep when its front wheel drive
  • maverickM249
    maverickM249 3 года назад Jurassic park. also life is strange theme song.. ? intro
  • The Dan
    The Dan 3 года назад I'd say that's a pretty damn good review. I found a pure one, with 54k on the odometer. only issue I've had was a burnt turn signal socket, a little frame rust, and a locked brake caliper. Greatest vehicle I've ever owned, and plan on getting a couple more in the future. Long live the TJ!
  • Warhead Urban Exploration
    Warhead Urban Exploration 3 года назад That Undertale reference though.
  • DavidFrostbite
    DavidFrostbite 8 месяцев назад .
  • Nonya Bidness
    Nonya Bidness Год назад SlaughterDog You monster.
  • SlaughterDog
    SlaughterDog 2 года назад I killed her because I wasn’t smart enough to figure out how else to get past.
  • Zuul Zuul
    Zuul Zuul 3 года назад +StreetSweepa383 dat rick and morty reference doe
  • MinnesotaChevy454
    MinnesotaChevy454 3 года назад +StreetSweepa383 nice thumbnail picture, I love the third gen Camaro!
  • Brandon Michaels
    Brandon Michaels 3 года назад +StreetSweepa383 Dat Life is Strange song tho
  • MrCasebi
    MrCasebi 3 года назад +StreetSweepa383 I was like gasp ohh i see wat u did there
  • Nathan Marti
    Nathan Marti 3 года назад OH MY GOD ITS SO GREAT
  • MattNA6
    MattNA6 3 года назад @Daniel Senti I was joking, there are tons of references throughout the video
  • Daniel Senti
    Daniel Senti 3 года назад +TAGjuniorkid 10:40 in the video
  • Warhead Urban Exploration
    Warhead Urban Exploration 3 года назад the one at the end. 
  • MattNA6
    MattNA6 3 года назад +ChevyCamaroIsBetter WHICH ONE
  • okleydokley
    okleydokley 3 года назад Is this Matt Farah's million edit video?
  • oldfrend
    oldfrend 2 года назад have you ever considered doing voice over work? i know you're a wordy guy by trade, but beyond the words themselves, your voice and diction are first rate!
  • Amazing Swami
    Amazing Swami 2 года назад oldfrend hr has a major in english
  • Worgen33
    Worgen33 2 года назад The Toriel of cars... dammit now I feel like I have to give a jeep a hug.
  • rockergod789
    rockergod789 Год назад Do it, man... nobody's judging.
  • MotoHDdk
    MotoHDdk 3 года назад Nice Rick and Morty cameo
  • cory2146
    cory2146 3 года назад I love my Jeep Wrangler.
  • VeniVidiVid
    VeniVidiVid 2 недели назад Bought my 98 TJ new. 190k and still running like a champ.
  • Eddie Flores Jau
    Eddie Flores Jau 3 года назад U.S. Won world war 2 because..............JEEP.
  • Devin
    Devin 4 недели назад When you really think about it. The war would not have been won without jeeps. The US used them, the brits, even the soviets had some
  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 2 месяца назад And M1 Garand
  • Drift Taxi
    Drift Taxi 3 года назад I think you now should upload a new video comparing the errors to the final version. Kinda like clicking the "Edited" link on Facebook.