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2006 Toyota Century V12: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Mar 5, 2018 476,433 views

The Toyota Century is higher than Lexus. This is (as of filming) the greatest car I have ever driven and ridden. A fantastic IGz V12

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  • Michael Keogh
    Michael Keogh Год назад The yakuza boss riding in the back of this car doesn’t have a couple of dead hookers in the trunk. He has the government minister that he is about to blackmail bound and gagged. The minister doesn’t struggle, lest he scuff the carpet. As the car rolls through downtown Tokyo, every cop makes a point off looking the other way...
  • aserta
    aserta Год назад No. The minister is sweating in the seat near him, unbound, ungagged. Silent, and meek. Why do you think there's wool in those seats? The car just rolled in front of his house, the door opened, and through the open portal, he can barely see the profile of a man in traditional, but expensive clothing.
  • Delta Plus
    Delta Plus Год назад the mob bosses prefer the S class though.
  • MarkOne
    MarkOne Год назад No, the Yakuza love everything Japanese.
  • First Last
    First Last Год назад I'm in the Yakuza and I quite like the Volvo 240.
  • hvymtal
    hvymtal Год назад You can immediately tell when someone is not in the Yakuza if they claim that they are in public.
  • First Last
    First Last Год назад You got me...I'm actually Triad...second class...but I am applying for a job with the interview is next Friday
  • Jmali D.
    Jmali D. Год назад First Last good luck on that 😂
  • Winged Thoughts
    Winged Thoughts Год назад If First Last doesnt answer after next Friday we will know if that interview went well
  • oldfrend
    oldfrend Год назад real yakuza boss has the minister bound and gagged in his mind sitting next to him. trunk is for his golf clubs.
  • nicoftime153
    nicoftime153 Год назад First Last when you go for your initia.......... Job interview make sure you wear padding on the stomach area . They say it helps with that traditional professional look
  • First Last
    First Last Год назад Don't worry guys ...I got it down pat....I'm going to tell a couple of loosener jokes at the start...stuff like....'two yakuza go into a bar....and the barman empties the till and hands all the money to them in abject fear....'. then I will show my fearless side by drinking milk two days out of date and finish off by listing all of my achievements working for the triads (in photocopying).
  • Mr G
    Mr G 11 месяцев назад Michael Keogh Yakuza ride on luxury vans, not sedans. I am Japanese and I can affirm.
  • First Last
    First Last 11 месяцев назад Oh!! Michael Keogh is in the Yakuza...I always knew it....all that murdering and extortion....busted!
  • Darth Soros
    Darth Soros 7 месяцев назад Delta Plus yakuza here, we wride in PT Cruiser, hai
  • digitalrailroader
    digitalrailroader 7 месяцев назад Actually, my head canon is that the owner of the Century is a prominent developer in Tokyo’s housing market; and the government minister is an old friend he has known since primary school. The air conditioning holds the cabin at a comfortable temperature, its been a little on the warm side in Tokyo this season. They reminisce about their days in high school; the business they got together to discuss can wait until they get to the western sit down restaurant they are driving to.
  • amightyatom
    amightyatom 2 месяца назад First Last Did you get it?
  • mtb416
    mtb416 2 месяца назад Asian crime bosses. Ha, difficult to take seriously.
  • Rhodesian Wojak
    Rhodesian Wojak 2 месяца назад @digitalrailroader lol
  • Marley
    Marley Год назад You heard of the American dream? This is the Japanese dream.
  • TARS
    TARS 8 месяцев назад No this is definitely the American dream too.
  • MetaSynForYourSoul
    MetaSynForYourSoul Год назад Take note New Zealand tourism board. "The planet's bonus track." Is a better slogan than whatever you guys have been using.
  • Yea Na
    Yea Na 10 месяцев назад at the moment its just "Please notice us."
  • MetaSynForYourSoul
    MetaSynForYourSoul 10 месяцев назад Yea Na actually at the moment I think it's "Home of where they filmed the Lord of the Ring shit".
  • colormesarge
    colormesarge 8 месяцев назад MetaSynForYourSoul yup
  • Coby Williams
    Coby Williams 7 месяцев назад MetaSynForYourSoul  true ahah
  • Jonathan Newton
    Jonathan Newton 3 месяца назад True. Our slogan should be that
  • Anthony Ingram
    Anthony Ingram 2 дня назад the literal slogan is "100% Middle Earth" and "kia ora"
  • laowhy86
    laowhy86 Год назад You may have just bankrupted me. I will not live without one of these in my life. Fricken brilliant. Thank you.
  • Justin Time
    Justin Time Год назад laowhy86 hey I’m subscribed to you! Nice to see that you watch RCR as well
  • coolcamaro12
    coolcamaro12 Год назад laowhy86 eyy I didn't know you watch rcr
  • hipu picks
    hipu picks Год назад No don't do it, just be satisfied with your Ferro Rocher.
  • bobwinslow
    bobwinslow Год назад Lots of room for a carseat! xD
  • L393nd1
    L393nd1 Год назад Don't let another car be stolen from you :D
  • laowhy86
    laowhy86 Год назад haha i wont
  • laowhy86
    laowhy86 Год назад hey there! small world!
  • laowhy86
    laowhy86 Год назад eyy, i am a religious follower
  • laowhy86
    laowhy86 Год назад lmao
  • laowhy86
    laowhy86 Год назад very true!
  • Michael Schneider
    Michael Schneider Год назад HEY C MILK! You should get a chauffeur to drive you around in China in one of these v12 masterpieces!
  • 贰赵
    贰赵 Год назад milkdog..
  • lostinbravado
    lostinbravado Год назад Cmilk, can you even get one of those in China? I'm curious... Also, I hope you enjoyed my 100 Euros in Northern China!
  • 贰赵
    贰赵 Год назад NO, you cant
  • Yinan Liu
    Yinan Liu Год назад yes you can as long as you got money. and 贰赵 needs to stfu
  • 贰赵
    贰赵 Год назад Yinan Liu That is true, but it is not officially imported in China.
  • BritishCommentWriter
    BritishCommentWriter Год назад There's something deeply disturbing about this car.  "The Century is acquired through persistent work, the kind that is done in a plain and formal suit".  In other words, if you work yourself into the ground, then this will be the kind of tawdry trinket you'll get for decades of sacrifice.  Yes, it's comfortable.  But is it THAT comfortable?  Are a couple of nice seats, a few curtains and a DVD player really worth the price of small house?  (Going by the price back in 2006).  How much more do you actually get out of life driving this than a Ford?  It just feels like a con, somehow.
  • Re
    Re Год назад hi cmilk! Notice me senpai! Regards, a fan from within Spain!
  • DTD110865
    DTD110865 Год назад I suppose if I want a DVD player in my car, I'll just take the portable one I've already got and stick it in one of my cigarette lighter-type power outlets. Of course I won't be able to play it through the car speakers, and I'd probably have to be stopped at a rest area along I-95 or something in order to watch it, but nevertheless I could live with this as a substitute for this quite impressive car.
  • ressell teaparty
    ressell teaparty Год назад What the heck c-milk, did not expect to see you here...
  • Kyle Soler
    Kyle Soler Год назад It's all you will ever need in a luxury car.
  • Bilal Hussain
    Bilal Hussain Год назад Wow, Small world people.
  • MrCarGuy20
    MrCarGuy20 Год назад laowhy86 You can get a 90s model. Not that expensive.
  • T A
    T A Год назад damn I watch ADV faithfully.
  • Ash Green
    Ash Green Год назад Wait, we can get one of these in China???? Oh lord....
  • Mehdi Nebbaki
    Mehdi Nebbaki Год назад BritishCommentWriter Yeah it’s something very Japanese. 20 years ago, the « only » way for a Japanese guy starting work was to join a company and slowly crawl up the ladder. And this ad would speak to them. Clearly this is specific to this society and from a western perspective it’s a bit silly.
  • ADVChina
    ADVChina Год назад shhhh
  • ADVChina
    ADVChina Год назад I doubtt it!!! Thanks for your support!
  • ADVChina
    ADVChina Год назад Noticed, amigo!
  • ADVChina
    ADVChina Год назад we'd love to
  • ADVChina
    ADVChina Год назад lmao, yes, I would. I already look like yakuza in my suit.
  • ADVChina
    ADVChina Год назад and we appreciate that!
  • ootdega
    ootdega Год назад An older Grand Marquis or Town Car will get you almost as much for a lot less. They're also a lot cheaper to maintain, and can be upgraded significantly. Give em a look. Mine is very fun to drive. Well, it was until I broke it. Work in progress. It has an AOD, but it will have a 4R70W when I am done with it.
  • Captain BaseBallBat-Boy
    Captain BaseBallBat-Boy Год назад laowhy86 just sell some real estate on that forehead of yours. Looks like you could build a medium sized airport on that.
  • jtpf87
    jtpf87 Год назад Except.... they are not available in Left Hand Drive, so you might have to actually leave that shit hole town you live in, in China.
  • Logan
    Logan Год назад Seeing a YouTuber I watch religiously comment on a video made by another who I watch religiously fills me with joy
  • Lukas Haselmann
    Lukas Haselmann Год назад tfw you see C-Milk commenting on three other channels you watch, all in the same week.
  • 111danish111
    111danish111 Год назад I would love to see CMilk and Serpentza doing a car video .
  • MrEeeaddict
    MrEeeaddict Год назад You have to be japanese or understand the culture to get it IMO, it's a mob car anyways so others would have worked for you to get it
  • MrEeeaddict
    MrEeeaddict Год назад I have an MGM and this is WAY different
  • LeCoureurDesBois
    LeCoureurDesBois 11 месяцев назад laowhy86 Nice to see you there eheh
  • Nunya Goddamnbusiness
    Nunya Goddamnbusiness 11 месяцев назад This bullshit video landed on my recommended because I watched one of yours.
  • umar gul
    umar gul 10 месяцев назад laowhy86 k
  • Jesse Slayton
    Jesse Slayton 9 месяцев назад ADVChina Just imagine a man in a Beijing bikini driving this century with his ashtray crammed to the brim with fake Marlboro butts
  • Carly Q-A
    Carly Q-A 9 месяцев назад laowhy86 you cute
  • William Su
    William Su 7 месяцев назад laowhy86 omg laowhy is here lmaoo!
  • casualsuede
    casualsuede 6 месяцев назад You know your wife will never sit in the front seat with you ever again....wait, is that why you want it?
  • M SS
    M SS 5 месяцев назад so what happened to your car? I hope you still having fun on highways 🤣
  • Blake Port
    Blake Port 4 месяца назад omg i love your channel i watch you all the time as well
  • Blake Port
    Blake Port 4 месяца назад and i live in new zealand where these are easy to find lol
  • Rhodesian Wojak
    Rhodesian Wojak 2 месяца назад lol
  • BigWheel
    BigWheel Год назад The official car of the butler who moans "more please" after his master hits him.
  • thegoodhen
    thegoodhen 6 месяцев назад I don't understand ;-; please explain.
  • Rhodesian Wojak
    Rhodesian Wojak 2 месяца назад @thegoodhen you wouldn't like to know
  • Kurobayashi2476
    Kurobayashi2476 1 месяц назад Is this a Kuroshitsuji reference?
  • Katy Perry's taint
    Katy Perry's taint 7 месяцев назад Scotty kilmers dream car. He might, just MIGHT trade his Celica for this
  • Emil w. Mørkeberg
    Emil w. Mørkeberg 4 месяца назад LOL
  • Zack Smith
    Zack Smith 3 месяца назад I would
  • VitalNutrients
    VitalNutrients 3 месяца назад V12? He cannot afford the fuel cost
  • itzsativaman
    itzsativaman 2 месяца назад @VitalNutrients cheap cunt lmao
  • Cole Lutz
    Cole Lutz 2 месяца назад That 1994 Toyota Celica is the greatest car ever created though
  • fourocker
    fourocker 2 месяца назад Lol, that's hilarious, "rev up your engines" yeah but I can't hear it Scotty.
  • Weiyuan Hsuan
    Weiyuan Hsuan 1 месяц назад Wow lol
  • SSchithFoo
    SSchithFoo 3 недели назад He doesn't like more than 6 cylinders. According to him it becomes very expensive to repair otherwise.
  • Honda Accord Guy 05
    Honda Accord Guy 05 Год назад I asked my mom what year she thought this car was and she said 1971 😂
  • Josh Samuelson
    Josh Samuelson Год назад The century had me at wool seats. That is RR level stuff.
  • M Scuba
    M Scuba Год назад Josh Samuelson so you cannot make fart-uu sounds moving around like-a on leather seat-uu, senpai ;-)
  • Saviliana
    Saviliana 6 месяцев назад It was Toyota's take on RR level car. The history of Century was begin when japenese business man in the early 60s got flithy rich and try buying a RollsRoyces car but got reject, then they pool up to Toyota and get their best engineer and material to make a japenese RollsRoyces to show the western they have the power to do so.
  • MiGujack3
    MiGujack3 2 месяца назад More like RR, but better.
  • Alexis Ledesma
    Alexis Ledesma 1 месяц назад its like an RR but ten times more reliable.
  • Bilal Hussain
    Bilal Hussain Год назад 0 to 60 in 7.6 seconds. Not bad at all
  • ilovemanunited
    ilovemanunited Год назад Bilal Hussain yeah, considering its weight that's great.
  • Gunter VE
    Gunter VE Год назад It's poor for a V12 powered luxury car, a 2006 Audi A8 W12 will do 0 to 60 in 5.1 seconds.
  • Sam Firth
    Sam Firth Год назад yeah the ceo will lose his toupe...not cool
  • Julius SD
    Julius SD 9 месяцев назад That engine is underpowered due to Japan car industry gentlemen's agreement... no car will have more than 280 hp... until recently.
  • Vilebros
    Vilebros 7 месяцев назад my 03 impala 3.8 v6 does pretty much the same time i think lol
  • Bobo91ism
    Bobo91ism 7 месяцев назад Vilebros  my 98 Monte Carlo 3.4 could do that
  • Chantal Beck
    Chantal Beck 7 месяцев назад Gunter VE That w12 is also rated at 600 hp. Not exactly apples to apples bud
  • Jack Z
    Jack Z 2 месяца назад Gunter VE they detuned for longevity
  • Basel Kader
    Basel Kader 2 месяца назад @Gunter VE a 2006 Audi A8? How vulgar and crude.
  • Lucas Cruz
    Lucas Cruz 1 месяц назад Basel Kader- indeed sir. How unrefined, but what may one expect from a heathen of poor style and taste. Pass the Saki sir.
  • Glam Stachee
    Glam Stachee 2 недели назад My 1991 Peugeot with a 1.4 carbureted engine will do 0-60 in about 9 seconds. So my serf car could nearly catch up to the Yakuza boss.
  • F BI
    F BI Неделю назад @Gunter VE Century is for luxury not like those shitty german cars
  • Tony
    Tony Год назад Not even gonna front, my balls felt weird when I heard it.
  • quack man
    quack man Год назад fizzing sensation
  • I'm Too Stoned To Come Up With a Username
    I'm Too Stoned To Come Up With a Username Год назад You might want to get that checked out. It might be testicular cancer.
  • Absolute Terror
    Absolute Terror Год назад tingly. I'm not even a car guy (I just enjoy the channel's format and humor) but I got goosebumps when I heard it, and I let out the same dumb laugh as Roman did in the video, couldn't help it.
  • TalenGryphon
    TalenGryphon Год назад "Traditional markets" indeed. Japanese conservatism is interesting. Going by the styling and tape deck, the Japanese businessman is the sort of man who looks the entropy gradient of the universe in the face, and very politely, but firmly, declines
  • luke coley
    luke coley Год назад It's a goldwing in car form
  • Luke Leonard
    Luke Leonard Год назад (изменено) A V12 in a Toyota sounds as sacreligious as a LS swap RX-7... and yet, it makes perfect sense.
  • Stryker Red
    Stryker Red Год назад Luke Leonard Only it's a V12 that Toyota themselves build, it's only available on the Century.
  • Luke Leonard
    Luke Leonard Год назад Apex Seal Miner I know, im just saying it's strange they make a v12
  • Stryker Red
    Stryker Red Год назад (изменено) True, it had to be only the best for the Japanese Emperor. Hell, the previous gen had small displacement Hemi v8's until the 90's.
  • PassiveDestroyer
    PassiveDestroyer Год назад That engine sounds like it came from Speed Racer's Mach V. I want it. I want to build a car with this engine and make it stupid fast. This is amazing.
  • Agni Astor
    Agni Astor Год назад Luke Leonard They made this v12 for smoothness, not power.
  • Sky Guy
    Sky Guy Год назад The difference being that the 1GZ is a colossal dog turd that blows the connecting rods out of the freeze plugs if you even say the word "power".
  • TheTardis157
    TheTardis157 Год назад Someone stuck one of these engines into a 928. The videos should show up here on youtube.
  • smokey the human
    smokey the human 8 месяцев назад Luke Leonard its toyota though so it should hold up good if its anything like the old camrys and shit
  • Rhodesian Wojak
    Rhodesian Wojak 2 месяца назад @TheTardis157 I found both the videos. Apparently it's also his daily. The most wonderful autism I've ever encountered on this site.
  • Steven Ramos
    Steven Ramos 2 месяца назад Wait. Turns into a non-turbo in-line 6 if one computer dies for power redundancy. This thing genius..
  • Joe Evans
    Joe Evans Год назад Official car of Reviewbrah
  • Eastwood007x
    Eastwood007x Год назад This is one of the coolest cars ever
    NNNNNNNGGGG 1 месяц назад I'm watching this like, OK yeah, big super-luxe Japanese sedan with a V12, obvs it's good but best car? pass-through full recline BEST CAR EVER
  • Chuk u
    Chuk u Год назад Kids on the street are like “omgg it’s a lambo coming by,” when they turn around they see a box on wheels. The expression on their faces would be priceless
  • Stryker Red
    Stryker Red Год назад Toyota Century: The official car of the Japanese Imperial Family. Seriously.
  • 12ealDeal
    12ealDeal 6 месяцев назад Toyota Century V12- the car for the guy who has worn the same cigarette smelling navy blue S120s suit for the last 12 years despite making 165% more annually than when he started.