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Are Chinese Knockoff Cars Any Good? | WheelHouse

Published on Apr 8, 2019 731,467 views

As the Chinese auto market grows every year, foreign automakers are struggling to compete with counterfeit cars. Join Nolan as he explores the crazy world of Chinese automotive rip offs, and tries to figure out if they’re any good.

Hosted by Nolan Sykes
Edited by Alex I. Rodriguez
Animation by Alex I. Rodriguez
Written by Joe Weber
Directed by Zach Redpath

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  • Donut Media
    Donut Media Неделю назад CORRECTION: The Jeep Wrangler is powered by the 3.6L Pentastar V6, not a V8. ANYWAY...What do you think of these Chinese cars? Would you drive one if it was more affordable than the real thing? Let me know!
  • Midnight Club Still Cancelled Soz
    Midnight Club Still Cancelled Soz Неделю назад Maybe
  • Martini is a wino
    Martini is a wino Неделю назад I was like wow, that's a small V8 😂
  • General Cigar
    General Cigar Неделю назад Ls swap them all. Turn them into drift cars. Boom
  • pik fung Fu
    pik fung Fu Неделю назад But hey, we at least made the Nio ep9
  • Broken Fuel Gauge
    Broken Fuel Gauge Неделю назад How did the guy talking, the people behind the camera filming and however many people edited and viewed this video before it was posted not catch this?
  • General Cigar
    General Cigar Неделю назад Yo, bring back Science garage and Miracle Whips!
  • stewie griffin
    stewie griffin Неделю назад Good you changed it😂 we wish it came with a small 3.6 V8
  • phillip kerfoot
    phillip kerfoot Неделю назад they sell them in the uk anyway the "mg" 6 is basically a roewe 550 rebadged. no not yet. And the NIO EP9 has flaws. but is a step in the right direction.
  • Mamba Scenes
    Mamba Scenes Неделю назад Bet you guys a billion no one knows the cars in this clip
  • Misheri Barakat
    Misheri Barakat Неделю назад The jeep knock off is not affordable its actually 5000 $ different i drove it , it bad , they marketing it as an older than a jeep they say jeep knocked off us , it's a 40.000km car not good.
  • Matt Shahey
    Matt Shahey Неделю назад Wouldn’t that be gr8. A v8 wrangler better yet a v8 gladiator...a 5.7 would do
  • Chevyguy 1984
    Chevyguy 1984 Неделю назад I will never own or drive a chinese car. Period.
  • Lieutenant Dude
    Lieutenant Dude Неделю назад No way. I do not appreciate copyright violations by international firms from China. Regardless of the item. About the only thing I let slide is guitars since the whole world rips off fender and Gibson by slightly altering their original shapes.
  • Raymond Long
    Raymond Long Неделю назад Was like wow my 300 has a weak V8
  • HereFishyFishy
    HereFishyFishy Неделю назад @Martini is a wino that's what I was thinking. Who made that v8, BMW?
  • John S. Negron
    John S. Negron Неделю назад Ok at least you made the correction I was about to write a "you pissed off the internet😡 comment" lolz🤣 the only other thing is that I think Chrysler was going much more for a rolls Royce look than a Bentley look but I guess that's up for debate.