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2016 Ford Focus RS: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Sep 12, 2016 700,197 views
  • herranton1979
    herranton1979 2 года назад As a huge Subaru fan... I like this thing. More manufacturers should make cars like this. 5 door, awd, 6 speed, everyone needs that in their life.
    BURD AZZA 5 дней назад COME ON SUBARU!!!!
  • Nether Warrior
    Nether Warrior 5 дней назад As a huge car fan... everyone should put 4 wheels, a transmission, 4 wheels, doors, some method of propulsion, and if its made for annoying wrx and rs fanboys who care nothing about cars, then whatever, I don’t care.
  • God Emperor of Mankind
    God Emperor of Mankind 6 месяцев назад Hmmm....would rather have a wagon.
  • Komrade
    Komrade 8 месяцев назад As long as I can turn off the awd on the highway
  • Charles Ta
    Charles Ta 11 месяцев назад still $55,000 CAD 1 year later. GL!
    CAMPER PRO 11 месяцев назад This vehicle sucks major dick. Poorly engineered engine.
  • GloomGaiGar
    GloomGaiGar Год назад Actually disappointed at Subaru for ditching the wagon variant of the STI. They went and made that silly Levorg STI Sport thing instead.
  • krispewkreme
    krispewkreme Год назад hot hatches ARE cool. But do you really expect someone to be impressed with a fucking Focus ST? BWAHAHAHAHA rly? It takes something pretty special to attract the attention of the average person. Like a Vette or Lambo or maserait or Jag or something exotic. I would never expect someone to be impressed by a Focus
  • Kara G
    Kara G Год назад herranton1979 I love awd tech as a mustang girl, I would so quickly obtain an awd v8 mustang if they had made one, just love the look and sound of them so much, like driving it is therapeutic, but snow tires get me through the winters just fine.
  • Raven James
    Raven James Год назад i don't need it, im more into trucks.
  • Dad Son
    Dad Son Год назад Fletcher lol rob took the L highkey 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻
  • CarFreak
    CarFreak Год назад A 150k mile subaru STI from over 10 years ago is still worth 13k lol.
  • riothero313
    riothero313 Год назад His butt was tender from something before he bought the car.
  • riothero313
    riothero313 Год назад I guess you have never driven a single minute on a road in MI in winter. Hmmmm, I can't imagine why anyone would ever want awd, it's a big fucking mystery.
  • riothero313
    riothero313 Год назад Poor people talk about "depreciation". DON'T BUY A PERFORMANCE CAR IF YOU CARE. Car's are the worst investments ever. If you care about how much it's worth you are the biggest idiot on planet earth and you aren't the right person to own one anyway. Fucking morons.
  • Puff the Magic Dragon
    Puff the Magic Dragon 2 года назад robertsd247 Ford's are incredibly reliable srry you don't know how to take care if your car.
  • quarawlis stafford
    quarawlis stafford 2 года назад herranton1979 needs a v6
  • RemixedVoice
    RemixedVoice 2 года назад Joesolo13 jack shit
  • Joesolo13
    Joesolo13 2 года назад Cory Rauckman well what do they know anyway?
  • Cory R
    Cory R 2 года назад According to women hot hatches aren't hot. They are versatile... like a "mini" minivan. Example my woman categorizes "hot" as luxury sports coupes Audi, Volvo, BMW, and Acura
  • TheMidnightNarwhal
    TheMidnightNarwhal 2 года назад Not just AWD, AWD in this car!
  • eriknephron gfr
    eriknephron gfr 2 года назад I've put 1,600 miles on it in 2 weeks. I'm usually in Sport(with shocks set to normal) and it's comfortable. Normal's throttle response is a little sluggish for my taste but the ride is fine. Sorta like a 2nd gen Boxter.
  • eriknephron gfr
    eriknephron gfr 2 года назад Depends on the driver. My buddy got rid of his Golf R because the ride was too harsh. He wouldn't be able to tolerate it. It's very firm, even in normal, but I love it. It makes it feel more special to me.
  • p128sniper
    p128sniper 2 года назад eriknephron gfr how is the ride in normal mode? Is it still very drivable as a daily without being too rough? People say it's way too stiff suspension
  • eriknephron gfr
    eriknephron gfr 2 года назад (изменено) Got mine a week ago, 1200 miles. I can't stop driving my black beauty.