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Best and Worst Cars of 2017 – Redline: Reviews

Published on Dec 30, 2017 97,370 views

2017 has been quite the year, we drove everything from a $450,000 Rolls Royce to a $18,000 Kia Rio. The automotive world may be changing but the new cars introduced this year have been hot... some more than others.

    CLOSE TO EXPLOSION Год назад You really done a good job in 2017 Sofyan👍 i hope for the same EFFORT in 2018.
  • ZetsabreJuno
    ZetsabreJuno Год назад (изменено) Streets of Japan: how about you stop piggybacking on other channels
  • WhateverNevermind
    WhateverNevermind Год назад Congratulations on uploading quality content throughout the years guys!
  • Chudi Frank
    Chudi Frank Год назад SashaUAE2020 happy new year
  • DangerousDan
    DangerousDan Год назад Redline Reviews is one of my top 5 best Auto Channels of the year along with Alex on Autos, Doug Demuro, Savagegeese and TheStaightPipes
  • For Enthusiasts Reviews
    For Enthusiasts Reviews Год назад TheVP Heck yes! Sofyan deserves outstanding amounts of views for all the amazing work he puts out!
  • Brad James
    Brad James Год назад TheVP Don't forget Matt Maran
  • For Enthusiasts Reviews
    For Enthusiasts Reviews Год назад Brad James true true!
  • Luki My
    Luki My Год назад Totally agree
  • J Mura
    J Mura Год назад TheVP you forgot Carwow, Car Throttle and Motor Trend
  • Prashanth S
    Prashanth S Год назад Doug Demuro sucks, StraightPipes guys are annoying as fuck. I hate the mechanic from savagegeese. Sofyan is awesome, love Matt Watson from carwow
  • Lash195
    Lash195 Год назад Top 5 auto review channels. Harry’s garage. Doug Demuro, Carwow, Redline reviews, Matt Moran. Sofyan your awesome and I look forward to more reviews in 2018.
  • Gray Arctic Fox
    Gray Arctic Fox Год назад (изменено) I really like how objective he is. And he knows what he's talking about because he keeps the cars for 1 week, instead of just going to press events.
  • The hunger has returned. It never really left.
    The hunger has returned. It never really left. Год назад Sofyan is #1.
  • Akello Atsen
    Akello Atsen Год назад TheVP Everyman Driver is good too with Dave Erickson
  • Thomas Christopher White
    Thomas Christopher White Год назад Great line up.
  • DiveDeep
    DiveDeep Год назад Akello Atsen Everyman driver is the least knowledgeable car reviewer I've ever watched. He literally reads whatever the sticker on the car says.
  • oldtwins na
    oldtwins na Год назад Worst one to me is KBB - the guy that does most of the reviews there is just unwatchable and a total joke.
  • Justin Negrón
    Justin Negrón Год назад Don’t forget Matt a.k.a. Subaruwrx fan!!!!
  • Minh Tri Luong
    Minh Tri Luong Год назад I personally love redline, yuri and jakub, alex. Doug only shows the drive and weird features so he isnt interesting for me, and geese just seems to hate technology so i avoid him. I also like MT and Carwow.
  • WB Wayne
    WB Wayne Год назад Akello Atsen True, but Dave is just not a very good driver. His 0-60 tests leave alot to be desired. His calves are bigger though.
  • Got Game
    Got Game Год назад TheVP volvo isn’t even rating as a top luxury suv
  • Aero Loco
    Aero Loco 9 месяцев назад Sofyan is a good reviewer but I'd like him to include not only the driving experience but also about brand reliability and some other aspects related to car purchase.
  • Brett Wise
    Brett Wise Год назад You're really good at these videos!
  • Watcher Guy
    Watcher Guy Год назад What’s the Doug score?
  • Crystal2Latina
    Crystal2Latina Год назад Send Nudes what’re it’s quirks and features?
  • Nosgoth Demon
    Nosgoth Demon Год назад Hahaha!
  • Kaff231
    Kaff231 6 месяцев назад LOL😄 Good one
  • T. Howard
    T. Howard Год назад Thanks for all the work you put in this year Sofyan. You are without doubt one of the best auto reviewers to be found on YouTube, or anywhere really. Wish you the best for the coming year! And to all the fans of this channel: enjoy Sofyan's videos while you can, because here is a guy much too smart and articulate to remain a YouTube auto reviewer forever. Mark my words...
  • Be g
    Be g Год назад hey man love your videos. just a thought, if you can add night views of the vehicles of the interior and exterior.
  • Redline Reviews
    Redline Reviews Год назад We've thought about that, only problem is lighting. We are planning to look into experimenting and seeing how it looks.
  • Ryan Langner
    Ryan Langner Год назад YES WOOHOO
  • Petrović, Bojan_senior physicaltherapist
    Petrović, Bojan_senior physicaltherapist Год назад Yeah, try it, night drive type. It will be good. Happy new Year!
  • Haonan Zhang
    Haonan Zhang Год назад That's a good idea actually. Night time interior shots should be able to show off the interior lighting.
  • JJ L
    JJ L Год назад If there's one more, some movie grade image stabilizer. I know it's expensive but knowing you have a million viewer it s worth it. And suit up for yourself sometimes.
  • Hennessy *
    Hennessy * Год назад Accord 👏👏👏 .... Just got a great deal on accord Sedan 2017 v6 .. with navigation and sensing ... Get thém while you can ...
  • Thai Win
    Thai Win Год назад Least a Lexus won something...
  • DumbDuck44
    DumbDuck44 9 месяцев назад Doesn't mean much when he says a Civic is a better performance car value than a Mustang or Camaro. Hands down the Mustang Ecoboost is IMO the budget friendly performance winner, as with just a pair of summer max performance tires and a chip to increase the boost (which we know it can do without issue, since its the identical engine as in the Focus RS), there is zero chance the economy car in gaudy plastic with extra power is going to keep pace. Is it an Asian thing? I notice Asian guys are always giving the Civic more props than it deserves.
  • Christian Lamey
    Christian Lamey Год назад Most Missed Car of 2017 - Accord Coupe RIP after 3 decades :(
  • Smooth Operator
    Smooth Operator Год назад Good choice on the Lexus Lc500 Sofyan.Bravo,I was losing hope in your reviews but you always seem to bounce back unlike the weirdos at AutoGuide.
  • andrea escano
    andrea escano Год назад Smooth Operator your right auto guide sucks lol
    CHIEMEKA AMUZIE Год назад I finally saw a 2018 Accord today Jan 1. I guess sales haven't picked up for Honda as they had hoped. Admittedly it looks better than in pics or video, but still takes second to the Camry in looks. The XSE looks hot especially in two-tone colors, and they are EVERYWHERE you look.
  • poopsmcgee2k6
    poopsmcgee2k6 Год назад Matt Maran spent his year end recap pondering why he doesn't get as many views as you do. You on the other hand just delivered better content than his, as usual.
  • Pablo Herasme
    Pablo Herasme Год назад Wtf? Lol why you coming at Matt like that
  • Greg Gammago
    Greg Gammago 6 месяцев назад Matt is a giggly little child that makes amateur videos. Redline's videos are much more informative and of better quality.
  • IndiaNDS
    IndiaNDS Год назад I usually don't comment, but your the only YouTube auto channel I like. Great info and no bs. Keep it up!
  • Michael Cheng
    Michael Cheng Год назад review ur cat in 2018
  • King of sting
    King of sting Год назад Michael Cheng do you mean he is gay? Is he?
  • King of sting
    King of sting Год назад Michael Cheng. Not that I care cuz he is still cool, but just a question
  • Kent
    Kent Год назад King of sting Yes, he is gay. I've been a longtime subscriber to Sofyan. Back when he had less subscribers a few years back he would occasionally mention things about his personal life.
  • King of sting
    King of sting Год назад KentB27 oh ok, idc anyways, he is a very cool dude
  • Kent
    Kent Год назад King of sting Agreed. I think he would be a cool person to sit down with and get to know better if the opportunity ever arose.
  • Clint 007
    Clint 007 Год назад (изменено) Michael Cheng soft touch materials everywhere
  • Jess Barnett
    Jess Barnett Год назад I met him in person a few years ago! A very nice guy!
  • Steven Lebbing
    Steven Lebbing Год назад Well sadly his cat died early last year.
  • David Abbett
    David Abbett Год назад (изменено) I stumbled upon you this year as I will be wrapping up a 4 year expatriate job in Italy next year, and am beginning to look for our next cars in the states. Keep it up .... you are a great addition to the Car Review scene on YouTube.
  • Ethan Hutsell
    Ethan Hutsell Год назад I got slightly butthurt when you picked the new accord as your top pick for family sedans. But when your briefly talked about how the camry xse looks better than the new accord touring, i️ felt so much better because that’s obviously true
  • andrea escano
    andrea escano Год назад Ethan Hutsell iam a honda guy but i agree with you camry looks better.
  • Brad
    Brad Год назад I don't like the new accord either.
  • HalfBreedMix
    HalfBreedMix Год назад Just saw a 2018 Camry today in that electro blue color with black details,,,,,,damn,,,,,,,,,thing looked straight SEMA, but it's just off the lot like that ?! Add in that 300 HP V6 (yeah, you hear that Honda) and I must say, good job Toyota.
  • thtupid
    thtupid Год назад The accord definitely is the better car (minus the looks). It just seems to do everything the camry does, but better. And i'm a Toyota guy. Too bad it may not come to Australia. And even the camry here is watered sad...(although our top tier SL (XSE wannabe minus the dual tone roof and sporty suspensions) has seat memory and possibly cooled seats too...but wording as a bit vague about that).
  • yonda ila
    yonda ila Год назад Ethan Hutsell the new Camry sucks even the new sonata is better the Nissan Altima will eat the car alive!
  • Ethan Hutsell
    Ethan Hutsell Год назад yonda ila bless your heart 😂
  • BG
    BG Год назад Don't be butthurt. Toyota is killing it while the last 2 months the Accord has seen over 30% decrease in sales. Toyota just had their best December ever for the Camry and is killing the new Accord regardless of what reviewers are saying.
  • Captain August
    Captain August Год назад They are both ugly AF. Matter of fact most cars in these last couple years are ugly AF. over designed transformers looking monstrosities. Especially the new Civic. That shit may look cool to 15 year olds but they aren't the ones buying cars
  • Bjorn Ironsides
    Bjorn Ironsides Год назад They are both okay looking, but I think the Maxima looks better than both. Especially interior. Seems like you can't go wrong with any of the big sedans. I usually prefer the NA V6 options. I see why Accord dropped it, but it's still a shame. Much more life and sound than a 4 cyl.
  • Jonah Leon
    Jonah Leon Год назад Full time! Congrats Sofyan. I’m happy for your success.
  • Nosgoth Demon
    Nosgoth Demon Год назад Jonah Leon Hahaha!
  • rvfixerguybrian
    rvfixerguybrian Год назад Sofyan keep up the great work in 2018. Sorry but disagree with your Alfa choice. Not enough dealerships or reliability to want that car at that price point. Agree on the Kia stinger. When you are in that car its hard to believe it is a Kia. It's such a blast to drive. I just don't think people will appreciate it until they get behind the wheel. Happy New Year to you
  • Jason Applebaum
    Jason Applebaum Год назад Camry xse v6 red leather!!!! Ga’ damn!
  • Chief Keef Is Daddy
    Chief Keef Is Daddy Год назад Jason Applebaum a Toyota with red leather LMFAOO
  • sameer jura
    sameer jura Год назад ewww it's texi car lol Camry
  • Jason Applebaum
    Jason Applebaum Год назад It’s a hot taxi car! But for real... 300hp. I’ll drive it.
  • sameer jura
    sameer jura Год назад Jason Applebaum just think accord his turbo and all u need is few mods and u can make 350hp to 400hp
  • Jason Applebaum
    Jason Applebaum Год назад sameer jura ya you could get it up to 400hp. But if you are going to the track I get it. If not, you have 300hp in all weather conditions in the camry. With handling on the same level as the accord. Accord has to warm up and spool up. Most people are not gonna trick out their family sedans. Honda v6 engines had no problems. It had a nice growl. But not anymore
  • Erick Cf
    Erick Cf Год назад I love it i want it
  • Pablo Herasme
    Pablo Herasme Год назад sameer jura it will sound like pure shit, apparently you haven’t heard the Camry straight piped
  • lu saelee
    lu saelee Год назад Pablo Herasme youre dumb as fuck. Listen to a 2007 and up camry v6 straight pipe.
  • yonda ila
    yonda ila Год назад Eww
  • yonda ila
    yonda ila Год назад sameer jura ikr😷
  • yonda ila
    yonda ila Год назад Jason Applebaum not really
  • yonda ila
    yonda ila Год назад chuckwalla 💯 agreed
  • Pablo Herasme
    Pablo Herasme Год назад lu saelee wtf??
  • SamirIsHere •
    SamirIsHere • Год назад Pablo Herasme if you have the right exhaust it can sound like an evora or a ghibli