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I bought a wrecked hellcat and its worse than I thought!

Published on Jan 4, 2019 1,094,937 views

Finaily after weeks of waiting for this 2016 Dodge Charger hellcat to go up for auction i was able to bid on it and win it!

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  • Laura Hestwood
    Laura Hestwood 4 месяца назад slaps roof this baby can hold so much damage
  • 112fail
    112fail 4 месяца назад but can be fixed with flextape
  • Dave Micolichek
    Dave Micolichek 4 месяца назад @112fail No, flexGLUE.
  • United Fan
    United Fan 4 месяца назад Flex seal
  • Dave Micolichek
    Dave Micolichek 4 месяца назад Flex Shot...
  • Dave Micolichek
    Dave Micolichek 4 месяца назад Hell, how many Flex whatever's are sold now? 4? 5?
  • Nugget_of_life
    Nugget_of_life 3 месяца назад (suprised pikachu)
  • blitzer
    blitzer 3 месяца назад sounded like a few teeth being sucked up into vacuum lol
  • Marc Nardone
    Marc Nardone 3 месяца назад @112fail quick=steel LOL
  • Marc Nardone
    Marc Nardone 3 месяца назад @Nugget_of_life Charzard.
    HOLYCRAP70 3 месяца назад slaps belly IT FIT MANY DAMAGE BRÖTHER
  • Steven reis sr
    Steven reis sr 3 месяца назад you have a hard hit on right front and it flipped over on roof, and went for a skid .... eh
  • Davante Baptiste
    Davante Baptiste 3 месяца назад you should put some hydraulics on it in a few stocks
  • Mwsa Amer Mwsa Amer
    Mwsa Amer Mwsa Amer 2 недели назад ددةال
  • mike west
    mike west 4 месяца назад I would keep the motor and sell the car for parts. I'll put that engine in a old school car
  • Al Quillmann
    Al Quillmann 4 месяца назад Same here
  • ronald4life1
    ronald4life1 4 месяца назад I'd rather just get a. Rolling chassis and swap stuff out then sell whatever is left over. Old cars are annoying with new tech
  • BulletSpoung
    BulletSpoung 3 месяца назад Just pull the motor, trans, rear and wiring then build a super nice 71 Dodge Challenger R/T restomod for the drivetrain.
  • ReSh Kingz
    ReSh Kingz 3 месяца назад There would be no point in it bc it would be a older vehicle with a new styled motor so it doesn't make it as valuable as a older body and a older type of motor
  • niftertube
    niftertube 3 месяца назад To most it would be a waste but Im putting a helcat in my mint 96 ram. My grandad gave me the truck after driving it for 20 years and things Im an idiot. Ive put over 3000 hrs and over $15000 canadian. Truck was in really good shape but the original paint was faded in places and the clear coat peeling. Its a new truck now but still sports the original slow 6 cylinder. And yes its 2x4. .haha
  • Tarman The Champion
    Tarman The Champion 3 месяца назад Put the motor in a dodge dart XD or a dodge caravan LOL
  • mike west
    mike west 3 месяца назад ReSh Kingz it really does buddy. a old school car with a new model 200mph motor in it? it would make it very valuable. that would make a 1500$ old school car a 10k or 20k car with ease nobody is doing that these days
  • adam port
    adam port 3 месяца назад Waste of time and money keep old car original with matching numbers you wont ever see a old with new swapped car sell for much theres no market show me one on Ebay or proof and I'll change my mind and make sure it was sold not just sitting on Ebay for years with a high dollar amount .
  • mike west
    mike west 3 месяца назад adam port its always a market for old school cars. an that's the point nobody has ever done that before with a hell cat engine That shit would sell in one day
  • L Ghost
    L Ghost 3 месяца назад @Tarman The Champion - I think the show "Fast N' Loud" tried that a few years ago. They ran into a crap load of problems trying to get the computer tune to work. If I recall, they had to call in two groups of specialist to get the car to turn over.
  • Ryo Amora
    Ryo Amora 3 месяца назад Put the engine into a 60s or early 70s Mopar...Make lemonade out of lemons. Lol
  • MenAtWork
    MenAtWork 3 месяца назад @ronald4life1 my 1970 shortbox c10 loves her new 525hp ls3
  • MenAtWork
    MenAtWork 3 месяца назад (изменено) @adam port wtf you been doing bro lol. Look up Pro-touring cars for sale
  • vTuned garage
    vTuned garage 3 месяца назад That’s awesome
  • Seth Adams
    Seth Adams 3 месяца назад *an. Idiot.
  • Joe Moore
    Joe Moore 3 месяца назад Facts
  • Dark Passenger
    Dark Passenger 3 месяца назад @L Ghost To be fair, those clowns on fast and loud are well,,, clowns. Never believe what you see on that show.
  • FNAF Foxy DJ Liquid
    FNAF Foxy DJ Liquid 2 месяца назад But sure the car is dodge tho.
  • The Demon Noof
    The Demon Noof 1 месяц назад I'd stick that engine in a Dodge Omni. : ^ ) but that's only because I'm obviously suicidal. lmfao
  • Giannis Antetokoumpo
    Giannis Antetokoumpo 1 месяц назад An old transmission couldn’t handle it
  • Dadrick Streater
    Dadrick Streater 1 месяц назад Fuck yeah
  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson 1 месяц назад Wtf Are you guys talking about?! Have any of you ever heard the term 'Restomod'? To those of you saying there is no point in putting a modern engine in an old car, what are you all smoking?? This isn't a new idea.
  • BOHICA Life
    BOHICA Life 1 месяц назад @ReSh Kingz some older cars will never be valuable. so may as well swap a bigger motor into it.
  • BOHICA Life
    BOHICA Life 1 месяц назад @adam port not all old cars are worth money. even then it is harder and harder to find an old car with an the original motor.
  • Eric Mautino
    Eric Mautino 1 месяц назад I just would not had bought it
  • OrangeSpeed
    OrangeSpeed 4 месяца назад (изменено) Damn, everybody on youtube buying wrecked hellcats now lol
  • Tyron Williams
    Tyron Williams 4 месяца назад right
  • J P
    J P 4 месяца назад Lots to choose from
  • shmiggz
    shmiggz 4 месяца назад Yeah, it sucks for us regular people trying bid on them.
  • Uncle Chuckles
    Uncle Chuckles 4 месяца назад This Wasnt a Hellcat There was No Blower on the motor
  • vTuned garage
    vTuned garage 4 месяца назад Are you sure check again
  • dylan bennett
    dylan bennett 4 месяца назад Uncle Chuckles you must be blind a I seen a blower lol
  • Uncle Chuckles
    Uncle Chuckles 4 месяца назад @vTuned garage Now I See it.. Very Low in there!!!
    YEET MANE 4 месяца назад Gtr's too
  • Some One
    Some One 4 месяца назад Least its good content and somewhat educational
  • ToyManFlyer1100
    ToyManFlyer1100 4 месяца назад Orange, look at this way...Yeah, I'm pretty sure ev'ry one would just love to buy a wrecked Bentley Mulsanne and repair it..But, where you gonna get the spare parts since nota lota of 'em are wrecked...Then, you prolly gota have special tools, instruments, and techniques just to tear one down....Soo, its more economical to spend your cash on something you can keep or flip...Thats whats I would do...Gotta always be thinkin' 3 moves ahead....
  • OrangeSpeed
    OrangeSpeed 4 месяца назад ToyManFlyer1100 hey man I agree 💯 I’d take a hellcat as well! I’ll own one when the prices come down a bit.
  • Darren Harris
    Darren Harris 4 месяца назад OrangeSpeedTV Their very cheap now
  • OrangeSpeed
    OrangeSpeed 4 месяца назад Darren Harris you won’t here me complaining. It’s because they produced so many of them. They are like the next mustang except these don’t kill crowds.
  • CSAR392 T/A
    CSAR392 T/A 4 месяца назад And mustangs
  • shoominati23
    shoominati23 4 месяца назад At least this guy has a chance of fixing it compared to the rusted pile of burnt snot on other channels lol
  • theboyx3
    theboyx3 4 месяца назад cough cough COPY CATS cough cough
  • vTuned garage
    vTuned garage 4 месяца назад Cough cough butthurt keyboard warrior cough
  • Uncle Chuckles
  • 112fail
    112fail 4 месяца назад now we're just waiting on adam lz to buy one and trevor from motionauto
  • Dave Micolichek
    Dave Micolichek 4 месяца назад @Uncle Chuckles You forget your meds a few days ago?
  • Uncle Chuckles
    Uncle Chuckles 4 месяца назад Dave Micolichek Ya my bad I was in a few chats and commented in the wrong one. My bad
  • Dave Micolichek
    Dave Micolichek 4 месяца назад (изменено) @Uncle Chuckles Gotcha, that makes more sense There is a delete function to clear that up. You may have more than a few people wondering....
  • Uncle Chuckles
    Uncle Chuckles 4 месяца назад Dave Micolichek ya I’m in some pretty wild chats and video comment sections where we go nuts and try to outdue each other it’s a lot of fun. Hope I didn’t scare anyone
  • Dave Micolichek
    Dave Micolichek 4 месяца назад @Uncle Chuckles 😉 Nah, I know how those things go..
  • rocknroller1999
    rocknroller1999 3 месяца назад @Uncle Chuckles That was the first thing i saw. Pretty hard to miss it since it sits right on top
  • rocknroller1999
    rocknroller1999 3 месяца назад @dylan bennett *Saw. You SAW a blower, you didn't seen anything
  • Uncle Chuckles
    Uncle Chuckles 3 месяца назад @rocknroller1999 Im color Blind so its a Little Harder to tell for me, sorry guys
  • Harpoon999
    Harpoon999 3 месяца назад add'l damage may have occurred at the junkyard.
  • IcantSignIn
    IcantSignIn 3 месяца назад Because once they leave the dealer all you're going to find are wrecked ones. They aren't road cars.
  • Pennies on a Dollar
    Pennies on a Dollar 2 месяца назад All of them are fools😂😂😂😂
  • chris Embry
    chris Embry 2 месяца назад @Uncle Chuckles when he turn the ignition to the on position the Hellcat symbol popped up on the dashboard
  • BroskyWhoDatedHoski
    BroskyWhoDatedHoski 1 месяц назад Once a car gets hit hard.alot can be wrong after the accident
  • Aidan Hanna
    Aidan Hanna 1 месяц назад shmiggz dawg he copped it for like 500-something, fuck you talking bout regular people? That’s not that much my guy
  • Benji Matthews
    Benji Matthews 1 месяц назад I know right like why I got a 66 gto that will eat the best released facts !!! 502 Chevy big block re built from hell
  • Flapp em
    Flapp em Неделю назад If you haven’t totaled your srt by 12k miles.. your not livin right
  • Gibson777
    Gibson777 4 месяца назад There's a guy fixing a roasted one, stop whining
  • Steven Tremblay
    Steven Tremblay 4 месяца назад Diy gang?
  • Aaron F
    Aaron F 4 месяца назад Yeah DIY gang
  • Burrell1
    Burrell1 4 месяца назад Yeah, I saw that stupid shit...
  • dsch1znit
    dsch1znit 4 месяца назад You realize that’s satire, right? DIY gang is making fun of goonsquad.
  • mike
    mike 4 месяца назад I thought this same thing. Guy has a complete non burned car and hes crying
  • HoppsTech
    HoppsTech 4 месяца назад @dsch1znit Pretty sure he isn't making fun of anyone. He's already made several parts to the series and loads of work has been put in
  • Frank Murray
    Frank Murray 4 месяца назад @R MH he or anyone else can build a burned up mess. Sounds like you are pissed off because you can't so stop being salty and stop trying to be an asshole to everyone. The guy over at DIY Gang is making quick strides and I have complete confidence that he finishes the build. It isn't impossible because after all, anything that can be built then tore down can be built back up again.
  • James Sebbo
    James Sebbo 4 месяца назад @Frank Murray that car "the burnt pos" that there trying to rebuild is the STUPIDEST shit i ever seen , anyone who would try to rebuild something like that is a complete idiot, brittle ass burnt up metal lol, and its crazy people out there believing this weirdo, smh fucking wires all burnt , i mean everything is destroyed whats the point , EXCEPT to get people to watch it
  • Slap yo momma
    Slap yo momma 4 месяца назад Gibson777 he not fixing that burned up one lol
  • Raymond Proseus
    Raymond Proseus 4 месяца назад @James Sebbo stay salty and stupid.
  • James Sebbo
    James Sebbo 4 месяца назад @Slap yo momma i know im talking about the dude that is
  • James Sebbo
    James Sebbo 4 месяца назад @Raymond Proseus stay ignorant and retarded
  • Joe Momma
    Joe Momma 4 месяца назад Gibson777 deadass
  • Alpha_mac_omega
    Alpha_mac_omega 4 месяца назад @R MH lol he started the build with 10k subs and he's now at 31k-32k. I know cause I've been watching him the whole since since the day he started it.
  • Six Four Lokzta
    Six Four Lokzta 4 месяца назад Diy gang
  • Midnight Mystery
    Midnight Mystery 3 месяца назад Saw that. I can't freaking believe that but OK!
  • James Sebbo
    James Sebbo 3 месяца назад exactly been saying this shit , just stupid af
  • Valant
    Valant 2 месяца назад No he isn't, he took some sheet metal from it and scrapped the rest of it
  • Carson Cole
    Carson Cole 2 месяца назад The fact you think that's real is kinda sad..... Lol you do know 95% burnt car he didn't use. The only orginal parts that he used was the front.
  • James Sebbo
    James Sebbo 2 месяца назад @Carson Cole your about as dumb as him
  • Russian Collusion
    Russian Collusion 1 месяц назад @dsch1znit you couldn't be more wrong!
  • BOHICA Life
    BOHICA Life 1 месяц назад going to be sold with a sign "One owner, never raced, garage kept." LMAO
  • John walker
    John walker 1 месяц назад Detroit mi at its finest
  • Samcrac
    Samcrac 4 месяца назад Cut the roof off and make it a Landaulet
  • Christian Barrera
    Christian Barrera 4 месяца назад Samcrac man it’s awesome seeing you on here too, I had guessed that you watch Vtuned as well! I enjoy every video you guys make lol
  • ExtensiveInc
    ExtensiveInc 4 месяца назад Could just do a swap into something🤔
  • FixBroz
    FixBroz 4 месяца назад Do you guys think we should buy a hellcat? Everyone’s telling us to.
  • matttafakt
    matttafakt 4 месяца назад And they'll probably be buy re-wrecked Hellcat's until there are no more re-re-wrecked Hellcats left lol
  • DannyTV
    DannyTV 4 месяца назад @FixBroz go ask your daddy!
  • Mark Livarchuk
    Mark Livarchuk 4 месяца назад DannyTV lmfao
  • Ian Mouser
    Ian Mouser 4 месяца назад No dude the car is rare. But there is more rarity if you cut off the roof.
  • DannyTV
    DannyTV 4 месяца назад @FixBroz who said anything about money?
  • imhoooks
    imhoooks 4 месяца назад @FixBroz No you don't have to be like everyone else. Do something that makes you stand out. The hellcats are pretty played out. Literally every build channel has done one. It's not a right of passage.
  • skate4king
  • Anthony Thompson
    Anthony Thompson 4 месяца назад ExtensiveInc acc
  • Dave Micolichek
    Dave Micolichek 4 месяца назад @Ian Mouser lol..... Your comment is slightly contradicting...
  • Markus Patients
    Markus Patients 4 месяца назад (изменено) @12:09 he has his Dads thumbs but they could be his Mums, depending.., Good luck with that build back.
  • rocknroller1999
    rocknroller1999 3 месяца назад @FixBroz NOOOOOO!!! Nobody should EVER buy a Dodge for ANY reason!
  • Drackulaz
    Drackulaz 3 месяца назад Samcrac noo
  • vanessa henery
    vanessa henery 3 месяца назад make it into a cabrolilet NOT Landaulet . Landaulet is the name of a person!
  • Wicked Elite
    Wicked Elite 3 месяца назад It yard drives. I promise.
  • Alton Neese
    Alton Neese 4 месяца назад Looks like it went through the catch cables in the median of the interstate.
  • Melissa Nance
    Melissa Nance 3 месяца назад Yeah it does
  • ipissed
    ipissed 3 месяца назад Nope! It hit a temporary medium and got jacked up on the pass side front. It's 8 inches higher on the front right, wheels off sitting on a flat. It's toast.
  • That Kiddmj
    That Kiddmj 3 месяца назад Z P (?£++0×?p,.ll?j\u
  • 1bigjohn11
    1bigjohn11 2 недели назад so many bad drivers out there
  • Uncle Pablo
    Uncle Pablo 4 месяца назад Wait did you actually get it for 500 dollars!! Plus auction fees and all that shit, if you did that’s crazy
  • Deez Beez
    Deez Beez Неделю назад he actually paid $25,000
  • Peter Kryvdyuk
    Peter Kryvdyuk Неделю назад Deez Beez how do u know?
  • Deez Beez
    Deez Beez Неделю назад @Peter Kryvdyuk
  • RickDiesel718
    RickDiesel718 4 месяца назад Yea that is pretty wrecked, i mean do you see those stripes
  • Muller 69
    Muller 69 4 месяца назад the hood does not look that bad ! u can fix it i think it is just scuffed! anyway good luck and dont froget to race goonzsquad's hellecat xD
  • Mak 6
    Mak 6 4 месяца назад Cool video! I wish you would show us the cost breakdown though. Like the winning bid, fees, parts cost, and finished cost. Just would be interesting.
  • Boo Young
    Boo Young 3 дня назад Mak 6 totally agree I’m curious
  • Michal19lol
    Michal19lol 4 месяца назад Goonzsquad post videos every 2 days, so you can upload your videos on the other days. So we viewers will have awesome videos every day. And also ask them for a shoutout.
  • Dawson Brevik
    Dawson Brevik 4 месяца назад Pretty nice car guys
  • Edward VP
    Edward VP 4 месяца назад V Tuned back in DA HOUSE!
  • live and let live
    live and let live 4 месяца назад Coolant looks older than my grandma unless they're using HOAT
  • Derek Wade
    Derek Wade 3 дня назад Carbon fiber hood for sure
  • Zac HK
    Zac HK 4 месяца назад looks like the car slip off the road hit something on the wheel, then turn the car up side down(roll over)?
  • Danny B
    Danny B 4 месяца назад Good to see you get some videos going. I enjoyed your precision work on the Goonz cars...some of the best I've seen...and I'm Ferrari certified body and paint. Good luck, looking forward to seeing what you do here.
  • Mopar564
    Mopar564 4 месяца назад (изменено) Danny B how did you get to be Ferrari certified? I’m 20 and looking to get into auto body and paint any tips or advice?
  • Danny B
    Danny B 4 месяца назад (изменено) @Mopar564 I started off painting Mercedes and BMW, went to school at PPG, then worked various shops before going into apprentice training. This link will allow you to apply for various training at Ferrari, but you can also work for higher end repair shops who usually get the entire shops certified via "all in one" training, or at least thats what a few of the shops did where I worked.
  • Ranger Rebuilds
    Ranger Rebuilds 4 месяца назад It went through a cable guardrail...