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Red Bull F1 vs V8 Supercar vs C63 AMG (2014, Melbourne Australia)

Published on Mar 14, 2014 3,893,629 views


Speed comparison race at the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix 2014. Video credit to Channel Ten.

David Coulthard (F1) vs Steven Richards (V8) vs Mick Doohan (AMG).

Link to the 2013 Comparison Race:

For those interested in seeing some behind the scenes footage from a McLaren F1 car breaking the Bathurst lap record, click here:

For the official video from Vodafone click here:

    DINAAAMO 1 месяц назад C63 still faster than williams
  • Angelo Hart
    Angelo Hart Год назад That must be terrifying hearing that monster coming behind them
  • Junior Jota
    Junior Jota 9 месяцев назад Angelo Hart trust me they are, it's fucking terrifying
  • Ashley
    Ashley 3 месяца назад nah, its a v8, i would agree if it was the v10 f1.
  • justsomeguy
    justsomeguy 2 месяца назад You don't hear shit because of the Doppler effect.
  • Kyle Lambert
    Kyle Lambert 2 месяца назад unless you like it from behind.
  • bigmaxy07
    bigmaxy07 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Ashley Exactly that V6, rev limited lawnmower was nothing compared to the v10 3L from a decade before.
  • Zorrobeat
    Zorrobeat 2 месяца назад That castrated f1 sound... I want 1000hp f1 from old times and not the eco motors fromy climated brainwashed nwo engineers!
  • Kupo Warkson
    Kupo Warkson 1 месяц назад @justsomeguy Do you even know what the Doppler effect is?
  • Kupo Warkson
    Kupo Warkson 1 месяц назад @justsomeguy So I'm just gonna assume that you actually don't know what it is. You should probably google it.
  • lukassfunk1
    lukassfunk1 1 месяц назад Ask your mum about me, she'll explain how scary I am.
  • Bengrine Hasdine
    Bengrine Hasdine 1 месяц назад Bengrine hasdine 0308 1996 22th2019
  • Triplegamer
    Triplegamer 4 недели назад @justsomeguy that would be true....if the F1 car were faster than the speed of sound.... Otherwise,they hear the Engine
  • Triplegamer
    Triplegamer 4 недели назад @justsomeguy the frequency will be different ,but he will hear the engine ...the sound travels 1.240 km in a hour,the f1 car its not that fast... :)
  • elveezultra
    elveezultra 5 дней назад time for Red Bull F1 vs V8 Supercar vs C63 AMG VS E-FORMULA
  • Triplegamer
    Triplegamer 5 дней назад @justsomeguy we are talking about Doppler Effect not the other sounds,and i think that a F1 engine is louder than the others... Study a little bit more
  • justsomeguy
    justsomeguy 5 дней назад (изменено) @Triplegamer So you really are this stupid. Do you ever hear any car behind you on the highway? Like I said think then comment.
  • EveryDay
    EveryDay 5 дней назад @justsomeguy - lol You win because their first retort was not "No, you won't hear it because of your own engine noise not the Doppler effect."
  • nosesmasher
    nosesmasher 2 месяца назад thats it, I'm convinced now. I'll buy myself an F1 car, the AMG is not fast enough for me.
  • Noel
    Noel 2 месяца назад Buy the Mercedes f1 car - the w10
  • VHSKisten
    VHSKisten 2 месяца назад "It looks pedestreeyan!"
  • Sidima
    Sidima 2 месяца назад nosesmasher buy the Mercedes-AMG Petronas W10.
  • Dark Red Resolution
    Dark Red Resolution 1 месяц назад lol buy? It's so expensive bro!
  • That Guy
    That Guy 1 месяц назад @Dark Red Resolution they dont even manufacture it for public. Its only for teams.
  • jim Cat
    jim Cat 1 месяц назад If you've got 8 million USD then go for it.
  • Dark Red Resolution
    Dark Red Resolution 1 месяц назад @That Guy yeah and it cost so much price each engine of it that's why it's the fastest on land
  • Snetmot Nosrorb
    Snetmot Nosrorb 1 месяц назад Get a Koenigsegg, they're road approved.
  • Konstantin Ermolaev
    Konstantin Ermolaev 5 дней назад Buy Lada Vesta, because the matter of price/quality is optimum, lol
  • nakiyama 123
    nakiyama 123 2 года назад 5:30 i saved your time
  • walrider96
    walrider96 Год назад you would have if you were top comment
  • Croatiaboy11
    Croatiaboy11 Год назад кита́ец вот ryo well xou need to be first comment and explain why did you save it
  • GEREX 94
    GEREX 94 Год назад кита́ец вот ryo You trully are the king of kings.
  • Ayred Baldi
    Ayred Baldi Год назад кита́ец вот ryo Thank you very much!!!
  • jaybs 25
    jaybs 25 Год назад кита́ец вот ryo i
  • Денис Петраков
    Денис Петраков Год назад Вверху у пользователя ссылка на 5:33 итак есть
  • Doyle is Dog wank
    Doyle is Dog wank Год назад кита́ец вот ryo e
  • Ollie Griff
    Ollie Griff Год назад кита́ец вот ryo cheers
  • Arturo Gomez
    Arturo Gomez Год назад кита́ец вот ryo i
  • athallah zachari
    athallah zachari Год назад Time saver
  • Christ Danuanto
    Christ Danuanto Год назад кита́ец вот ryo thank you
  • yomama sushi
    yomama sushi Год назад Cheers mate
  • Deependra singh
    Deependra singh Год назад thanks
  • Devesh Pant
    Devesh Pant Год назад Thanks bro
  • jean dufresne
    jean dufresne Год назад wish i read this
  • JacobHQ
    JacobHQ Год назад ky kky iii
  • Alexandre Dias
    Alexandre Dias Год назад My hero
  • Bubonic Chicken
    Bubonic Chicken Год назад Thanx bro
  • Niemand Nineteen
    Niemand Nineteen 11 месяцев назад ky kyk And if the info section hadn't already told us where to start.....
  • Ike Boy
    Ike Boy 9 месяцев назад rahultmnt he is top comment tfym.
  • 9 year old epic gamer soldier
    9 year old epic gamer soldier 9 месяцев назад rahultmnt Well he is now lol
  • Jønâthån Båtîstä
    Jønâthån Båtîstä 8 месяцев назад Thank you so much
  • Macs Difflock
    Macs Difflock 7 месяцев назад Teamo Thay let get him to top comment so people will see it
  • Charlie Warlie
    Charlie Warlie 5 месяцев назад Thanks
  • mufthi haifan17
    mufthi haifan17 3 месяца назад Thanks
  • PrimeBoys
    PrimeBoys 3 месяца назад nakiyama 123 THANK YOU MY BROTHER
  • Bullfrogz100
    Bullfrogz100 2 месяца назад Bullshit comments
  • David John
    David John 2 месяца назад Thanks 😊
  • Rafa Towers
    Rafa Towers 2 месяца назад Thanks a lot
  • Mike Franklin
    Mike Franklin 4 года назад If they did this in the USA and replaced the V8 Supercar with a NASCAR, the NASCAR would probable have to leave the start line before the C63.
  • rommel338
    rommel338 4 года назад Lol don't bet on it.
  • Wub-0-Tronic
    Wub-0-Tronic 4 года назад @rommel338 Pure speed, nascar is better, but it's too heavy in the corners...
  • rommel338
    rommel338 4 года назад Well, if you're doing this in America then you're probably on an oval, and the nascar rules the ring. Having said that, they don't handle like the 'supercars', although the acceleration is very intense.
  • Nathan Styles
    Nathan Styles 4 года назад @Wub-0-Tronic F1 top speed = 233mph                         NASCAR top speed = 217mph Consider the fact that the F1 car was designed to produce enough down force to go around corners. "unofficially"    the F1 top speed is 257mph when BAR set the car up to produce enough down force to stop it leaving the ground
  • Mike Franklin
    Mike Franklin 4 года назад (изменено) It's all about corning speed. F1 cornering speeds. Unless it's banked NASCAR don't turn worth a crap.
  • AUmarcus
    AUmarcus 2 года назад They turn left ok.....its the right handers they struggle with......a V8 supercar would leave it for dead.
  • Deep fried Gumby
    Deep fried Gumby Год назад Savage
  • Alex Jardine
    Alex Jardine Год назад It wouldn't make it.... There are corners....
  • RainbowSushii
    RainbowSushii Год назад cooler would be DTM vs F1 cause until this year the DTM had more downforce than F1
  • N P
    N P Год назад If theyd do it on a small oval like bristol the f1 would win no questions asked.
  • BAEnito Mussolini
    BAEnito Mussolini Год назад rommel338 there are road courses too
  • ChadMutt
    ChadMutt Год назад a bit old but still really cool to watch.
  • JnoPrds
    JnoPrds Год назад Well if it was a NASCAR after the first turn, it would have left the track and crashed into a wall. The turn in this track goes Left and then Right.
  • Wes G
    Wes G Год назад The NASCAR would lose because they would probably be on track with turns in more than one direction
  • Ben Linley
    Ben Linley Год назад Wes G they do road courses...
  • 28-3
    28-3 Год назад rommel338 hey we still have some intense tracks out here that aren't ovals (Houston, Sonoma, walkings glen)
  • Mark Rampersad
    Mark Rampersad Год назад Nathan Styles rusty Wallace ran 223 in an unrestricted Stock car on an oval, you knows shit about NASCAR, F1 or cars in general, now stop sounding smart on the internet cause it's fuck off
  • Andrew Bell
    Andrew Bell Год назад Sorry to be a downer but Nascar do race on tracks other than oval.
  • Hug
    Hug Год назад Mike Franklin Or the day before!!😂
  • Moribax85
    Moribax85 Год назад yep, nascar does what they call "street" races, and know what: they drive at watkins glen... guess who used to race at the glen? f1 did... so, a nascar car goes around the track in just over 2 minutes, an f1 car gone around the track in 1.33 minutes, in 1980, almost 40 years ago... so... keep telling me nascar can race outside of ovals...the main problem here is the very setup of the sport, and nascar is way too american, it was born in times when the average american car was huge, heavy, fast in a straight line, embarassing in any corner, but who cares about corners in the US, where you have roads that go for miles without the slightest bend? so, while F1 was created in europe where we value the almost mechanical precision of driving on the limit, americans find amusing high speed and crashes... you're the ones that invented demolition derby aswell, am i right?
  • Keaos0
    Keaos0 Год назад Nascars making Right Turns.... Heresy!
  • 28-3
    28-3 Год назад Moribax85 not street races, street races are on streets. The two road courses are closed course racetracks.
  • Will Scrudato
    Will Scrudato Год назад Wrong.. dumbass
  • Curry Salisali
    Curry Salisali Год назад Mike Franklin 7
  • Will Scrudato
    Will Scrudato Год назад CopiousMuchFun, it wouldn't even be fun to watch..
  • Jason Phillip
    Jason Phillip Год назад Mike Franklin
  • Google User
    Google User Год назад Nascar? Nobody cares...
  • p_sys
    p_sys Год назад NASCAR straight line speed maybe - "In NASCAR, the cars are very heavy and unpredictable, but it makes the racing great…"
  • Penonton
    Penonton Год назад NASCAR only good at straight track . but he will be slow AF at cornering . and then GT car is the winner.
  • Elijah1347
    Elijah1347 Год назад I doubt that bro.
  • Mitchell Banks
    Mitchell Banks Год назад Uh, Watkins Glen track record in a NASCAR cup car is 1:08, not "just over 2 minutes." Obviously cup cars wouldn't compete with modern F1 on a road course because they are two completely different styles of racing, but to act like a cup car is slow by any stretch of the imagination is just ignorant.
  • Tad Nguyen
    Tad Nguyen Год назад in some countries nascar still in used and it's the best in cornering speeds.
    BILL SCHNEIDER 11 месяцев назад (изменено) AMG C63 weighs about 400-500 pounds more than a Nascar cup car, has far less grip, and far less power.
  • Lord Shaxx
    Lord Shaxx 11 месяцев назад F1 beats Nascar hands down I used to be a huge Nascar fan but now I love f1
  • masterwhopper414
    masterwhopper414 9 месяцев назад lmao put in a MENCS stock car and it'd fucking wreck the C63
    LET'S TALK 9 месяцев назад NASCAR and F1 have oppositie philosophies. F1 embraces technology, NASCAR embraces parity between cars to make it about the drivers. Its not like they can't make a more expensive, faster, better cornering Nascar... they don't want to.
  • uri hauben
    uri hauben 7 месяцев назад Nascar would struggle to make it around an actual track
  • 111915 528518
    111915 528518 6 месяцев назад Apparently you don't know shit about nascar. If nascar brings their oval set up then obviously. But nascar races at Sonoma and Watkins Glen and now for new for 2018 the Roval at Charlotte, and nascar tunes those cars differently than the oval set up, the suspension, wheel travel, transmission, brakes, tires, shift points, are night and day different from the original oval race car and can probably eat that super car up and might get the F1 but most likely the F1 will win still, but the Nascar road car will beat the v8 supercar.
  • 111915 528518
    111915 528518 6 месяцев назад (изменено) @uri hauben You're either stupid or don't watch nascar when they race at Sonoma, Watkins Glen, and the Roval at Charlotte. Those tracks use a totally different car set up from an oval.
  • uri hauben
    uri hauben 6 месяцев назад @111915 528518 You can't tweak the setup and change the philosophy of a car design. I worded my earlier comment wrong, I should've added 'compared to an f1 car'. NASCAR has a different race philosophy; quick straight line, exciting racing. F1 is a lot more about the tech and development which is why a lot of new technologies have been developed through F1 like traction control and hybrid engines. Idm NASCAR, I think its great racing but compared to an f1 car, it struggles to get around a track. For example, the nascar cars wouldn't make it around monaco or singapore, the high downforce tracks.
  • Turbo
    Turbo 5 месяцев назад Lol you don't know anything about nascar. It would probably beat the V8 too. Have a look here
  • Stephen Richardson
    Stephen Richardson 5 месяцев назад 111915 528518 yeah but the F1 would still absolutely demolish it - the height of high tech automotive engineering v redneck’s moonshine wagon lol
  • Aero - acrustycow
    Aero - acrustycow 4 месяца назад 1 Minute later the C63 would come
  • Lord Humongous
    Lord Humongous 4 месяца назад You people are morons. NASCAR primarily run on ovals, but they do run on road courses as well. It's not like the suspension can't be tuned to do it. I don't even like NASCAR, but I know that much.
  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby 2 месяца назад Wrong....800+ hp.
  • SsamF1
    SsamF1 2 месяца назад AAaaahhhh aahahHahahaha
  • Harry 8642
    Harry 8642 2 месяца назад NASCAR? More like loop to loop.
  • The Corpse Princess
    The Corpse Princess 2 месяца назад On Walkens Glen it would be good
  • Antares X
    Antares X 2 месяца назад Wub-0-Tronic doesn’t a Formula 1 car actually have better top speed than a NASCAR? It can go over 400 km/h when not in track conditions...
  • Mike Leonard
    Mike Leonard 2 месяца назад AUmarcus ,It’s a no brainer to drive in circles but then you can’t expect too much of the Yankees anyway.No brains😂😂😂
  • Mike Stanley
    Mike Stanley 2 месяца назад Why not an Indy car?
  • Sagger Mail
    Sagger Mail 2 месяца назад Too many right turns for a NASCAR car lol
  • Rich Hansen
    Rich Hansen 2 месяца назад Lol
  • sandnigger01
    sandnigger01 2 месяца назад @Nathan Styles you realize they also restrict nascars.
  • Otakahunt
    Otakahunt 1 месяц назад thats the whole point of nascar, alot of power and little to no driving assists... no TC and no ABS. So driver skill is more important than your team budget. So they are pretty much like V8 supercars except highspeed oval racing.... excluding the few road tracks. Also claiming that driving oval is easy... driving road tracks is easy too, the only thing that makes it difficult is once you start racing other people. They require different type of learning, on oval the corners are longer than on road... so if you miss an apex your gonna lose significantly more time than on a road track. Superspeedways dont count, they have no apex... its just a long long straight so drafting and pushing is the only tactic. And thats a whole new subject when it comes to racecraft. :D
  • Norman Youngblood
    Norman Youngblood 1 месяц назад SHAKE AND BAKE!!!! That just happened.
  • cliff bird
    cliff bird 1 месяц назад @rommel338 they did run a few F1 races in the USA using the indi oval tracks and they did a speed comparison then. The F1 left the indi and nascar eating dust.
  • Simmo
    Simmo 1 месяц назад Haha lol
  • 1987jeepyj
    1987jeepyj 1 месяц назад Mike Franklin they have road course cars
  • Master_gamer22344
    Master_gamer22344 1 месяц назад Or it would of crashed before it left the pits
  • []
    [] 1 месяц назад Nathan Styles’s not expected to be faster then a F1, there’s a reason in many ways that F1 is considered the most prestigious in motorsports :P
  • Master_gamer22344
    Master_gamer22344 1 месяц назад NASCARs are heavy but they have trouble with corners doing turn 1 at the same speed as a supercar and it has a bad launch so they might do a rolling start
  • Natalia Virtanen
    Natalia Virtanen 2 недели назад @cliff bird exept the F1 engine didnt like the oval track at all, to long of a time at high revs, and some even broke due to it.
  • Erwin Mulder
    Erwin Mulder 2 недели назад @Mike Stanley Here's your answer ;)
  • TeamVariety iiReaperz
    TeamVariety iiReaperz Неделю назад Ahahahahahahhaahahahhaa fuck yeah haha
  • Paolo Angelo Serapio
    Paolo Angelo Serapio 5 лет назад i miss the old F1 engine sound..
  • JarnoGameplays
    JarnoGameplays Год назад Paolo Angelo Serapio expecially the v12 😆
  • Matt
    Matt Год назад Paolo Angelo Serapio they used to be good, but we are coming close to formula e sounds 😂
  • The Big Boi Succ
    The Big Boi Succ Год назад Paolo Angelo Serapio too bad too sad
  • ersway
    ersway Год назад The Big Boi Succ and no paddock girls 😢
  • Saul Cervantes
    Saul Cervantes 4 месяца назад If only you knew
  • LocalPulsar H.
    LocalPulsar H. 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Matt formula e sounds? what sounds? 😂
  • Meladath
    Meladath 1 месяц назад Idk why formula 1 decided to go with V6. They suck, only for compact. Straight 6 is better in every way. or keep it V8 and just smaller with turbo?
  • Fabio A.
    Fabio A. 1 месяц назад (изменено) Paolo Angelo Serapio, non sei l'unico. In particolare le monoposto degli anni 90 che montavano dei V12
  • It's Only DR_ShyGuy
    It's Only DR_ShyGuy 3 года назад the only mercedes a redbull would overtake XD
  • Jack Costigan
    Jack Costigan 2 года назад hahaha
  • Mauricio Landos
    Mauricio Landos 2 года назад savage
  • ßaron
    ßaron 2 года назад This shit just got real.
  • P. S.
    P. S. 2 года назад remember when Ricciardo did overtake Hamilton?
  • Amir 1997
    Amir 1997 Год назад bitch please..Max verstappen overtake rosberg Brazil gp
    NO_EYES_ON_ME Год назад Go to hell TROLL !
  • zNoah
    zNoah Год назад Amir Hamka Don't forget with rain
  • Qualityangel
    Qualityangel Год назад Sorry but this Mercedes sounds terrable. Sounds like an old diesel
  • Baum MBT
    Baum MBT Год назад tim Bronsgeest wtf that's an AMG
  • Sim.
    Sim. Год назад Amir Hamka Yeah
  • Alisa Kroes
    Alisa Kroes Год назад I guess this is the first time you hear the rumble of an AMG V8 engine?
  • Rik Verlaan
    Rik Verlaan Год назад Max on Rosberg at Silverstone
  • Cock H
    Cock H Год назад It's On
  • sjon beta
    sjon beta Год назад tim Bronsgeest 507 hp you should never afford!
  • Zzz-_-
    Zzz-_- Год назад 1. The only reason red bull can't pass them is because they have the quicker car. Say give ricciardo hamiltons car and no one would get to him because ricciardos got talent when Hamilton just has a good car so he can win and when he doesn't win he complains ricciardos the best person there easy.
  • Hessel Bleeker
    Hessel Bleeker Год назад Alisa Kroes crackle
  • Mika Hakkinen
    Mika Hakkinen Год назад Verstappen says no.
  • mr Exia
    mr Exia Год назад Nope. Hamilton was already a dominant driver when he was in a kart and when he won his first world title with Mclaren Mercedes his car was surely not the best. Also, Mercedes have the best engine but Red Bull have the best chassis since the RB5 (2009). Horner himself brag about it regulary, last time it was ...7 days ago, just after Suzuka if u want to see the interview in the press.
  • The Big Boi Succ
    The Big Boi Succ Год назад It's Only DR_ShyGuy Hahhaha wrong
  • Adam Petten
    Adam Petten Год назад Well besides AMG GT R and SLS BLACK. Also would pass 2010-12 Mercedes F1 car.
  • Paul Koller
    Paul Koller Год назад Don't you remember, when RedBull won every Race, not Mercedes? No? It's not that long ago
  • ismail charfouf
    ismail charfouf 5 месяцев назад Max Verstappen Brazil GP 2018 overtakes both F1 Ferarri and both Mercedes.🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Aero - acrustycow
    Aero - acrustycow 4 месяца назад Yes
  • Lorri Miller
    Lorri Miller 2 месяца назад Actually Red Bull dominated F1 for about 5 straight years. Vettel won 4 consecutive titles.
  • Maximus Genatilia
    Maximus Genatilia 2 месяца назад @Amir 1997 When Rosberg was in vacation mode and the Mercs turned theirs engines all the way down ?
  • MBmann
    MBmann 2 месяца назад Your comment hasent aged well
  • Xavier t
    Xavier t 1 месяц назад Zot
  • Marcelo Lopes
    Marcelo Lopes 6 дней назад it's like Mercedes, Toro Rosso and Williams racing this year (2019)
  • KartoffelWilli Peter
    KartoffelWilli Peter 2 месяца назад The difference between the C63 and the V8 Supercar is smaller than the difference between the F1 car and the V8. F1 is just on a whole other level of engineering.
  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle 2 месяца назад (изменено) Here's a comparison for you. As far as I'm aware, a the V8 Supercar track record around Australia's legendary Mount Panorama circuit in Bathurst is somewhere around the 2.04 mark. But in 2011 Jenson Button went for a tool around the mountain, quite gently, and did it in 1.48. It's also worth noting that the Vettel's pole time in 2011 in the RB7 was 2.5 seconds slower than Lewis Hamilton's pole time in the Mercedes in 2018. 1.21.5
    JAYMEZ 2 месяца назад (изменено) 4:15 "This is one of the most succesful Formula One car ever made" Laughs in Ferrari F2004 and McLaren MP4/4
  • Hold the Door
    Hold the Door 2 месяца назад *one of the most not the most
    JAYMEZ 2 месяца назад @Hold the Door not really one of the most either tbh
  • Otakahunt
    Otakahunt 1 месяц назад ​@JAYMEZ actually it is... even tho they had a shitty year 2014 they still managed to finish 2nd in constructors. Even in the last race both drivers started from the back of the grid and managed to get to top 10, 4th and 8th. It is one of the most successfull cars ever made, considering F1 changes cars every year. How many other teams have managed to even finish 2nd in constructor standings? much less do it without having a perfect year. :P So yeah not that many... RB10 can be classified as one of the most successfull, not the most but one of them.
    KLEBESTIFTglue 1 месяц назад @Otakahunt derp. the car is an rb7 not an rb10. Also finishing 2nd in the championship would put at least 69 other cars ahead of it (the 69 constructors championship winners) and probably a few of the 2nd place cars too (any car that scored more than 3 wins in the season), so the rb10 is definitely not "one of the most successful" - but the rb7 could be.
  • hismajesty653
    hismajesty653 1 месяц назад JAYMEZ Yes, it is. 4 Straight championships back to back. I know they weren't all RB7's tho, but the designs were quite similar, right until 2014 when the V6 Eco Saver crap came into existence.
  • Otakahunt
    Otakahunt 1 месяц назад ​@KLEBESTIFTglue "69 other cars ahead of it" what about behind it? the number doesnt matter... the ratio does when you speak of "one of the most successfull". If theres 69 cars ahead and 20 behind then its at the bottom, but if theres 69 cars ahead and 500+ behind then its clearly at the top and can be considered as one of the most successfull. But i dont know the numbers so feel free to figure that out. Fact of the matter is getting 2nd in constructors in F1 is a hell of an achievement.... many teams have never even made it up there.
  • Jens Hendriks
    Jens Hendriks Год назад 7:35 man says: "He's got it easy, he's got pedal shifts." Women: "Oh, is that okay?" XD
  • rcgldr
    rcgldr 4 года назад I recall an old version of this type of comparison where the F1 driver is sitting at a table chatting to the camera while the other two cars take off one at a time, and continues to chat for a while, then dons his helmet, gets in the F1, and catches up to the other two cars.
  • David Scott
    David Scott Год назад Actually was looking for that very video.
  • motanelustelistu
    motanelustelistu 3 месяца назад @rcgldr Do you have a link to that video :D ?
  • Enter the Maelstrom
    Enter the Maelstrom 2 месяца назад (изменено) That was actually David Coulthard too.. Edit: is the vid I was thinking of, quality is disgusting. The last scene gives you chills.
  • Ritch
    Ritch 2 месяца назад I know which video you mean. Eddie Irvine was the F1 driver, doing a crossword as the other cars set off. Tried finding it for months and no joy.
  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin 1 месяц назад I remember seeing a documentary about when they first took the Shelby Cobra racing, the drivers would come in for completely pointless pitstops just to give the other cars a chance to catch up.
  • Amman Kalyan
    Amman Kalyan 5 лет назад How the hell is a C63 one of the fastest road cars?
  • saidas108
    saidas108 5 лет назад MB must be a sponsor.
  • Rob A
    Rob A 5 лет назад Your right. Its not even close.
  • horesvinet
    horesvinet 4 года назад It's the best road car :D
  • Rob A
    Rob A 4 года назад Not by a long shot.
  • Hmkls
    Hmkls 4 года назад If you people actually bothered listening to the whole sentence, you'd know he said: one of the fastest road cars you can buy in the australian market at the moment. 
  • Amman Kalyan
    Amman Kalyan 4 года назад @Hmkls well then im guessing they dont sell many fast cars in Australia because it wouldn't even come in the top 100 fastest cars in the uk. Dont get me wrong, i love the car, my dad has one but its not that fast. Makes a great sound though
  • kooki85
    kooki85 4 года назад It's the AMG tuned version.
  • Kashkuda Kashiri
    Kashkuda Kashiri 4 года назад @Amman Kalyan this one is V12 AMG version
  • Amman Kalyan
    Amman Kalyan 4 года назад @Kashkuda Kashiri no such thing
  • Kashkuda Kashiri
    Kashkuda Kashiri 4 года назад google it
  • Kashkuda Kashiri
    Kashkuda Kashiri 4 года назад Its Biturbo
  • Kashkuda Kashiri
    Kashkuda Kashiri 4 года назад Sorry my bad its an S65
  • nzm0n5t3r
    nzm0n5t3r 4 года назад The Lexus LFA would have been a good choice.
  • Nathan Styles
    Nathan Styles 4 года назад @nzm0n5t3r * 918 Spyder
  • nzm0n5t3r
    nzm0n5t3r 4 года назад @MR NOTATROLL I could never choose between the two.
  • Дмитрий Квашнин
    Дмитрий Квашнин Год назад nzm0n5t3r t
  • Daniel Júlio
    Daniel Júlio Год назад Nathan Styles Bugatti Chiron*
  • Ragnarok
    Ragnarok Год назад Daniel Júlio lol 918 ist faster on tracks
  • Roland Ilosvay
    Roland Ilosvay Год назад Ragnarok I wouldn't call the 918 a road car, I mean yeah it is a roadcar but it was made for racing
  • Ragnarok
    Ragnarok Год назад Roland Ilosvay no it was made for the road. It does not race in any race class on this Planet. Please stop talking
  • Matt
    Matt Год назад Amman Kalyan in Australia, we have a thing called *laws*. We have laws for cars, we can't just upgrade the shit out of it or buy a race car.
  • McThrow Seth
    McThrow Seth Год назад Road car not supercar
  • the dockout
    the dockout Год назад Robert Trujillo ok we know how much laws u aussies follow
  • Matt
    Matt Год назад the dockout yeah! We actually follow laws. And if we do something wrong we don't pull our phones out and record all of it no matter what.
  • the dockout
    the dockout Год назад Robert Trujillo even neanderthals can do what u guys do
  • TheTwoPutt
    TheTwoPutt 7 месяцев назад It’s Australia, they don’t have super cars like the northern hemisphere does 🤔😁
  • AUmarcus
    AUmarcus 5 месяцев назад Road car not super car.
  • Rohan Saxena
    Rohan Saxena 3 месяца назад Did they forget the Mc Laren Senna
  • ofmanynicknames
    ofmanynicknames 3 месяца назад No because the Senna isn't a time machine. This video was posted in 2014.
  • Pianissimo1970
    Pianissimo1970 3 месяца назад (изменено) Not being an expert, I would say its got something to do with horsepowers
  • Abdelhak Atitli
    Abdelhak Atitli 2 месяца назад Its mean that its not a supercar or a hypercar its just a fast roadcar
  • William Dryden
    William Dryden 2 месяца назад @Amman Kalyan Really? there are 100 road cars in the U.K. faster than a C 63 AMG?
  • William Dryden
    William Dryden 2 месяца назад @Abdelhak Atitli Explain the difference?
  • Penner Marc
    Penner Marc 1 месяц назад William Dryden AMG GT Coupé 639PS
  • ps3dubbs
    ps3dubbs 5 лет назад I FUKING MISS THAT SOUND!!!!
  • Hnngh!
    Hnngh! 5 лет назад Missing that V8 engine sound already... :-/
  • John McKinley
    John McKinley 1 месяц назад Love the sound of the Pre hybrid F1!
  • jghjghjghish
    jghjghjghish Год назад (изменено) would be more interesting to compare a f1 with supercars like a veyron, spyder or enzo.
  • ZeyZerX Why do I need a last name?
    ZeyZerX Why do I need a last name? Год назад I'm pretty sure an F1 car is 40 seconds faster in Spa
  • TenorCantusFirmus
    TenorCantusFirmus 7 месяцев назад They'd get destroyed anyway.
  • Perverted Kid
    Perverted Kid 7 месяцев назад The F1 is also V8
  • Varun Tomer
    Varun Tomer 6 месяцев назад f1 car will still beat them.
  • Burning Wang
    Burning Wang 5 месяцев назад (изменено) It’s not all about straight line top speed, an F1 car can accelerate and corner a hell of a lot quicker then any super car.
  • GraveUypo
    GraveUypo 5 месяцев назад @ZeyZerX Why do I need a last name? f1 is over a whole minute faster around spa than these cars.
  • Mister Cirno 9
    Mister Cirno 9 3 месяца назад @Burning Wang THIS!!! People don't understand corner speed.
  • john smith
    john smith 3 месяца назад they're super fast as well the first 60 miles, not sure they can handle curves like a F1 monster. maybe there wouldnt be so many seconds apart from each other. thing is, how many laps would a supercar like the Bugatti can complete before exploding?
  • Lucas Ferreira
    Lucas Ferreira 2 месяца назад what about eletric cars (like the upcoming tesla roadster)? they have instant torque, maybe they would do a better fight against the F1 car.
  • TubetakerBHV
    TubetakerBHV 2 месяца назад @Lucas Ferreira not at all. The greatest advantages of the F1 car are his speed, accalleration and most of all the downforce which allows him to go around corners in unearthly speed. No other race car and for sure not a single street car could compete against a F1 on a race track.
  • ButtMan
    ButtMan 2 месяца назад @Lucas Ferreira problem is, EVs are heavier because of their battery pack, so they can't corner with speeds like the F1 cars
  • MrMooose2010
    MrMooose2010 2 месяца назад @john smith about 3 before it runs out of fuel, maybe 2
    NO_EYES_ON_ME 2 месяца назад Those hypercars would be so slow in the corners. F1 destroys any other car in the corners.
  • der Fuchs
    der Fuchs 1 месяц назад @NO_EYES_ON_ME most super cars aren't extremely fast, they just look cool, sound cool and go fast in a straight line, I don't think a Veyron or Chiron would see any land because they are heavy af for a fast car, with a driver, fuel etc. they weigh around 2 tons, that's way to heavy to be fast on a real track. That isn't a problem because you don't want to drive very far in a race car but such supercars are often quite comfortable so the priorities are different (and for most people sport- or supercars still are incredible fast).  What I would find interesting is probably a F1 Car vs. a "Le Mans Type" Endurance Car, maybe an Audi R18 or something like that. Both are stupidly fast on a real track but both are completely different types of race cars.
  • Ranger de Peronia
    Ranger de Peronia 1 месяц назад Cars like Lamborghini Huracan Performante, Lamborghini Aventador SVJ or Porsche 911 would do much better than Bugatti Veyron against a F1 car. The most important thing is not top speed but cornering speed.
  • Benzknees
    Benzknees 1 месяц назад (изменено) 0:58 - Mike Doohan 5x MotoGP champ, before MotoGP even existed apparently!?
  • The Truth
    The Truth 5 лет назад That is pretty entertaining. This should be done before every F1 race. I won't guys this year.
  • Thales
    Thales 5 лет назад Monaco should be fun to watch!