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Regular Car Reviews: 2000 Honda S2000

Published on Nov 17, 2014 904,960 views

The Honda S2000 is the Final Fantasy 6 of cars. The S2000 is the car you are to like if you want to be cool. Braggers like the S2000 because all the power lies at the top end where they never have to reach and face-facts. This car isn't as fast or powerful as everyone says it is.

  • Stig Msr
    Stig Msr 4 года назад The creepiest thing about owning an S2000 is other S2000 owners. They take the "Jeep wave" too far. You see the wave then they make a U-turn and follow you to talk about S2000's. It happened all the time. Friends that didn't believe me I'd let borrow my car and they all experienced it. 
  • otto alonso
    otto alonso 4 года назад Hahahaha why is this true! It happened to me too ! Annoying af ! xD
  • TrickStatus
    TrickStatus 4 года назад Yeah I was at a gas station, sweating my balls off and this dude walks up to my car as i'm about to leave and sticks his head in the window and starts talking to me about his s2000. 
  • George Castanza
    George Castanza 4 года назад I've never experienced anything like that... you must live up north. because that's def. an up north thing to do.
  • Stig Msr
    Stig Msr 4 года назад (изменено) #S2K2014 I actually live in NC. I have a buddy in upstate NY and it's happened to him too but not as often as me maybe it was my black color over his silver. Not saying everyone with an S2K is like that but y'all have some crazy love for that car.
  • GammaLoo
    GammaLoo 4 года назад (изменено) I have experienced the exact thing before, for a very strange car, an old 1989 Acura Integra R, my first car. Strange dude had one much like it and ran up beside me on the highway and tried to have a conversation about them at 55. Same dude managed to come across me at my retail job weeks and miles later, tried to start up a conversation again. He quickly realized how creepy it was, never saw him again.  Luckily I only get nods and revs from my fellow Pontiac G8 GT owners, we aren't assholes... yet
  • ssonsk
    ssonsk 4 года назад That never happened to me when I had my s2k. :/
  • Shombie Dixon
    Shombie Dixon 4 года назад @S2k2014 Fa real
  • Yea Right
    Yea Right 4 года назад most 240 owners do the same shit. its sketchy when you've seen 4 S chassis been stolen the last 2 weeks.
  • shaft9000
    shaft9000 4 года назад It depends where you live. Around here s2000 drivers are mellow on the street because you can always take it to a track or the canyons to get yer jollies. And in L.A. there are much more "wow" cars for people to geek over, visually. I really like the wolf-in-miata-clothes factor :)
  • CrazyLegsMcGee
    CrazyLegsMcGee 4 года назад Lol it's like a little club. I experienced the same thing when I had my AP2. It's like motorcycles, I can pull up to a red-light and have an insta-buddy lol.
  • basshead972
    basshead972 4 года назад I just get people flashing headlights and I flash back. Or a "sup" lol. Haven't run into any weird people. Fueling up I've had other owners just chat real quick nothing crazy
  • Tony Ricer92
    Tony Ricer92 4 года назад @GammaLoo where can I find a  1989 integra type R?
  • Konstantin Tarasevic
    Konstantin Tarasevic 3 года назад @Stig Msr Haha, not in Europe, or at least as much as i've seen, most of ppl just wave, and show thumbs up :)
  • eurosonly
    eurosonly 3 года назад @Stig Msr ya aqnd not to mention the fact that only middle aged 45 year old dudes in base ball caps drive this thing.
  • Bearbear
    Bearbear 3 года назад @Stig Msr Lol I only get waves and high beam flashes
  • FB6DAN
    FB6DAN 3 года назад @Stig Msr honestly wouldn't mind this, even if it happened with my civic. I feel so tempted to do such a thing when I see another orange Si.
  • absboodoo
    absboodoo 2 года назад Stig Msr one of us. One of us. One Of Us! ONE OF US!
  • Digi tal
    Digi tal 1 месяц назад Happened to me all the time in Chicago. But it was around 2001~ 2007... I don't know if they still do.
  • Mike Tython
    Mike Tython 2 года назад I love the fact that Honda made ZERO automatic versions of this car. Plus, the S2K never made Honda money, by most accounts it cost them a lot of money to keep the it in production. This thing is like a gift from Honda to their enthusiast fans. You'd be a fool not to accept it.
  • Alex Zevallos
    Alex Zevallos 4 года назад S2000 really is one of the last interesting cars Honda has made. At least for the US market. 
  • T Series
    T Series Год назад Alex Zevallos same. I love old Hondas. The new Honda is an L
  • Rj Echols
    Rj Echols Год назад Mehhhhh.... i think even if you aren’t a fanboy there have been alot of “interesting” cars. Insight, element, ridgeline, i think the fit is interesting. Idk maybe just me
  • josh g
    josh g Год назад Rj Echols it's just you.
  • Commander Hale
    Commander Hale Год назад I want to stick one of of these engines in my Porsche 924, there are parts readily available and I could Mod it.
  • Raj
    Raj Год назад Alex Zevallos You dumb bitch
  • Paths GFX
    Paths GFX Год назад i dont think that a hybrid, cuv, truck and an ecobox are interesting at all, in fact there some pretty boring cars compared to what honda used to make
  • zach miller
    zach miller 7 месяцев назад @Commander Hale you would be better off with a k series. There are more parts availiable and everything is cheaper, and with basic bolt ons they make just as much power. You could probably use a lot of the Miata swap parts too.
  • Commander Hale
    Commander Hale 7 месяцев назад zach miller that’s also true, I could do that, but I already swapped it with a BMW M3 series engine with a K26 turbo setup.
  • Commander Hale
    Commander Hale 7 месяцев назад zach miller however I am picking up a 944 in a couple months and will give that idea a go.
  • Bender Rodriguez
    Bender Rodriguez 6 месяцев назад Alex Zevallos nah last period
  • Edward Soto
    Edward Soto 5 месяцев назад Yeah, The S660 sounds very pleasing, but WE DIDNT GET IT
  • N.W.O
    N.W.O 5 месяцев назад The fit it pretty interesting, essentially its what the civic was originally. Small, compact, fun. Gee look at the civic now bummer...
  • Phil Gudet
    Phil Gudet 2 месяца назад ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR new NSX, CTR, S660, turbo Accord...
  • BigBalloon19087
    BigBalloon19087 2 месяца назад @Phil Gudet I didn't realize that ctr is the civic type r. I'm dumb
  • Mike's Big Mouth
    Mike's Big Mouth 2 года назад To me this is the best Japanese roadster ever made. It has many good points and despite its age doesn't look dated.
  • Rubber
    Rubber 2 года назад miata
  • Mike's Big Mouth
    Mike's Big Mouth 2 года назад I respect the mx 5 but mazda has a history of creating bland boring cars
  • Rubber
    Rubber 2 года назад @mengomichael lol honda's fastest and most exciting car now is an accord
  • Jeremy Worden
    Jeremy Worden 2 года назад NSX...
  • AK Safwat
    AK Safwat 2 года назад +Jeremy Worden that's Acura to be technical. nothing wrong with a 2016 V6 coupe Accord though.
  • Jeremy Worden
    Jeremy Worden 2 года назад (изменено) It's only an Acura in North America, everywhere else it wears a Honda badge
  • rustyATV
    rustyATV 2 года назад Let us know when you get your C6
  • JJSmith Lago
    JJSmith Lago 2 года назад But it's the same price as an even less used 350Z convertible.
  • Mike's Big Mouth
    Mike's Big Mouth 2 года назад but the 350z looks like an insect
  • JJSmith Lago
    JJSmith Lago 2 года назад @Mike's Big Mouth It actually pulls tho.
  • Nay2003 AKA350ZRULES
    Nay2003 AKA350ZRULES 2 года назад Mike's Big Mouth it doesn't to me
  • Tumbi Mtika
    Tumbi Mtika 2 года назад Acura is to Honda what the Metric system is to Fahrenheit. Only used in the US.
  • Rubber
    Rubber 2 года назад @Tumbi Mtika i dont think those two are analogous. is celsius metric?
  • Devonte Murray
    Devonte Murray 2 года назад +Oil Barrel Better have deep pockets for a 350Z or 370Z lol
  • boboprime2000
    boboprime2000 10 месяцев назад rubberwoody yes it is
  • Nick Fury
    Nick Fury 7 месяцев назад (изменено) Mike's Big Mouth the RX-7 is bland and boring?
  • Paul Tiplea
    Paul Tiplea 2 года назад Mr. Regular, I love you but, you basically worshipped the Miata and then you give this car so much crap. Cmon mane.
  • chinchy111
    chinchy111 2 года назад he did because everyone already loves this car. he could talk all day about everything thats good about it
  • Sean Kurth
    Sean Kurth 2 года назад (изменено) The S2000's main asset is that it feels like so much fun when you're driving it. You feel like you're zipping around corners and hugging the apex, but you're not. You feel like you're going 110mph, but you're only going 70. You feel like you're doing some mad drifts to compete with the illegal JDM RX7 next to you, but all that's happening is the rear end's wiggling a bit because you turned off traction control. It feels like such an amazing handling car...but the Miata is great because it actually is and actually does do all of those things. The S2000 feels better, it feels more fun and raw than the Miata, but the Miata actually is. The S2000 has a higher top speed and accelerates better, but good luck keeping that speed around the curves, unlike the Miata, which despite being technically slower actually will beat a Mustang on a mountain road.
  • Paul Tiplea
    Paul Tiplea 2 года назад Have you ever driven an S2000?
  • Sean Kurth
    Sean Kurth 2 года назад (изменено) @Paul Tiplea Yes, have you? It feels great, it feels better than the Miata. It's certainly much faster than the Miata. But in actual driving dynamics you'll get humiliated by the Miata in the curves every time. Yeah, you can tune an S2k to drift and corner, but you can also tune a Ford Festiva, if you have to customize it there's really no point. Admittedly the Miata is a very high bar, since its basically the best cornering car in the world, but that's the standard the S2000 held itself to and that's the standard it will be judged by,
  • Paul Tiplea
    Paul Tiplea 2 года назад I have driven both extensively, and have owned an S2000 in the past. I can not for one second say that the Miata sports superior handling or steering to the S2000. The opposite actually. And I'm not really sure what you mean about drifts. The AP1 S2000 is widely known to be a very tail happy car. I mean they didn't even have traction control. The Miata is a GREAT chassis and handles extremely well, but it is lacking in two other areas that I think are essential: a great engine, and looks. Now looks are subjective so that's just opinion. But you cannot contend that the F20C is one of the greatest engines to be put in a sportscar/roadster. It was and still is a feat of engineering. The car doesn't just "feel" great. It is great. Talking about tuning and mods is irrelevant as any car can be modded.