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Hyundai Kona Electric vs. Chevrolet Bolt EV: Which Is the Best Affordable Long-Range EV? | Edmunds

Published on Nov 24, 2018 288,985 views

Until now, the Chevrolet Bolt EV and its 238 miles of range had a lock on the affordable long-range electric vehicle market. But now Hyundai has introduced the Kona Electric, a similarly sized EV that packs 258 miles of range for about the same price. We put them through the wringer to see which one is best.

Q: Are the Bolt and the Kona Electric really competitors?
A: Yes, the Kona Electric and the Chevrolet Bolt EV are competitors. They share the same wheelbase and overall length, and the Kona is only slightly lower and a bit wider than the Bolt. Both are four-door hatchbacks, although the Kona Electric is marketed as an SUV while the Bolt is not. And each is a front-wheel-drive machine powered by an electric motor rated at 150 kilowatts, which translates to 200 horsepower in the case of the Chevy and 201 hp for the Hyundai.

Q: How are the Kona Electric and the Bolt EV different?
A: The Kona Electric rides smoother than the Bolt because it has a multilink rear suspension instead of the Bolt's less sophisticated twist beam. And the Kona's cabin is wider inside, its front seats are more accommodating, and its interior controls and materials are more attractive. The Bolt, on the other hand, offers slightly more cargo room and a clear advantage in rear legroom.

Q: How far will the Chevrolet Bolt EV and the Hyundai Kona Electric go on a single charge?
A: The Chevrolet Bolt EV can go 238 miles on a charge. And to this point that has been far and away the most electric range offered by any affordably priced electric vehicle, by which we mean, not a Tesla. The Kona EV now tops that with 258 miles of range. That's fantastic, but it doesn't put the Bolt EV to shame. Both have enough to allow spontaneous side trips, skipped days without charging and even short weekend trips. And we have seen for ourselves that each of them can manage stints of over 300 miles with sensible driving in L.A.'s notorious slow-and-go freeway commute traffic.

Q: Wouldn't 300 miles or 400 miles of rated range be better?
A: We're not convinced. How much do you drive in a day, really? Besides, bigger batteries cost more money, and they also take up space that is better used for passengers and cargo. The range of these vehicles may represent the sweet spot. After all, the typical 240-volt charge station can add no more than 18-25 miles per hour of charging, which is why both take over nine hours to fill from empty.

Read more about the Chevrolet Bolt EV here:

Read more about the Hyundai Kona Electric here:

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  • Jordan Catcher
    Jordan Catcher 4 месяца назад I'll take the kona electric.
  • OpineNow
    OpineNow 4 месяца назад I'm looking forward to it.
  • David Beppler
    David Beppler 4 месяца назад sorry, none were produced. Vaporware.
  • Francis Batista
    Francis Batista 4 месяца назад @David Beppler Bolt is already on sale. And the Kona is going on sale at February 2019.
  • David Beppler
    David Beppler 4 месяца назад @Francis Batista as I said, vaporware. You can not buy them. They are not building any.
  • Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey 4 месяца назад @David Beppler As you rightly say What's good for the goose.....
  • Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey 4 месяца назад @Francis Batista The Bolt is "on sale", not necessarily "selling".... Probably just as well, they'd be losing more money.
  • blownb310
    blownb310 4 месяца назад (изменено) ​@David Beppler If Hyundai isn't building any, why are Kona EVs out all over Europe and the Nordic countries? Instead of spewing inaccuracies, why don't you get your facts straight?
  • David Beppler
    David Beppler 4 месяца назад @blownb310 my facts are straight. Vaporware. They are not building any. Tesla built 130,000 GM built 30,000. Tesla has 1 factory. Bolt is vaporware. Facts.
  • blownb310
    blownb310 4 месяца назад @David Beppler Read what you just wrote. Bolt is vaporware now? You said twice in this thread that the Kona is vaporware and that Hyundai hasn't built any. You are wrong.
  • David Beppler
    David Beppler 4 месяца назад @blownb310 did you watch the video? No? Go watch it. They admit Bolt and Kona are vaporware. They are not producing these cars. They make no profit from these cars. You are wrong.
  • Go Clunker
    Go Clunker 4 месяца назад (изменено) @David Beppler Are you an idiot? VAPORWARE means something that was planned, hyped, marketed and NEVER PRODUCED. The friggin' Sega Neptune is vaporware. The kona and volt WERE PRODUCED.
  • David Beppler
    David Beppler 4 месяца назад @Go Clunker obviously you did not watch the video.
  • Go Clunker
    Go Clunker 4 месяца назад @David Beppler You obviously don't own a dictionary.
  • LeHoink
    LeHoink 3 месяца назад I’ll go with the Niro.
  • Mark snyder
    Mark snyder 3 месяца назад @Roger Starkey Sales number are the highest they have been all year. Maybe low but they are selling them.
  • Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey 3 месяца назад @Mark snyder Sales numbers of what?
  • Itech Iwizard
    Itech Iwizard 3 месяца назад @David Beppler You really sound like a retard.
  • A
    A 3 месяца назад Ill take the Tesla anything over this
  • NewmanAutomotive
    NewmanAutomotive 3 месяца назад (изменено) They certainly are building the Kona, Hyundai can't currently keep up with demand in europe. There's a 42 week wait in the UK from order to delivery at present!
  • Hamilcar Stronginthearm
    Hamilcar Stronginthearm 3 месяца назад @David Beppler "Vaporware". I think you're misapplying the term. Just because something isn't 'on shelves' yet does not make it vapor. Vaporware is something that will never be a physical product, that someone is using as a prop or pitch to sell something else, such as otherwise worthless stocks.
  • David Beppler
    David Beppler 3 месяца назад @Hamilcar Stronginthearm i am applying it exactly as the video did. They are not building the cars in enough numbers to matter. That is vaporware. You can not buy them.
  • Nick Gibbs
    Nick Gibbs 3 месяца назад @David Beppler I can guarantee you the Kona EV is produced because I can see one outside my office window
  • David Beppler
    David Beppler 3 месяца назад @Nick Gibbs so they built one? Ok, Tesla is building 1000 a day.
  • 0hypnotoad0
    0hypnotoad0 3 месяца назад @David Beppler Yeah GM is up to something with the Bolt. It's either a compliance vehicle, or maybe meant to take a chunk out of Tesla's sales. I suppose the Bolt is designed by an enthusiastic engineering department (thus why its a good car) but GM as a company entirely begrudges making electrics.
  • David Beppler
    David Beppler 3 месяца назад @0hypnotoad0 I agree.
  • S Userman
    S Userman 3 месяца назад @Hamilcar Stronginthearm What is the difference between "a product that doesn't exist" and a Hyundai Kona Electric that doesn't exist in 49 of the 50 States, in those 49 States?
  • Hamilcar Stronginthearm
    Hamilcar Stronginthearm 3 месяца назад @S Userman Why just states? How about counties? How about postal codes? If a product doesn't exist in my postal code (9 digit to be sure), it doesn't exist. Seattle clearly doesn't exist, because it also doesn't exist in 49 of 50 states, and is only in 1 of 195 countries.
  • S Userman
    S Userman 3 месяца назад @Hamilcar Stronginthearm Seattle doesn't exist, in your country. And the Kona electric doesn't exist, in 98 percent of US States. I never asked if the car existed in California or other countries.
  • tubewacha
    tubewacha 3 месяца назад @David Beppler they said the $35000 Tesla Model 3 is vaporware, not the Kona or Bolt.
  • David Beppler
    David Beppler 3 месяца назад @tubewacha I disagree. There are 1,000 TM3 built a day. There are less than 300 Bolts built a day. That makes the Bolt vaporware. It does not exist. Or do you think the Bolt can never change in price? They will just raise the price when the TM3 hits market at $35k? How long until the Bolt is 15% cheaper? When is GM predicting that? Why not?
  • tubewacha
    tubewacha 3 месяца назад @David Beppler You are miss characterizing what they said (@1:48)and you are stretching the definition of vaporware even more than they are. Vaporware is stuff that was promised and never delivered. We have yet to see if Tesla will deliver a $35000 Model 3 , but it's really not proven it is vaporware... yet. At the very least it is not being delivered when originally advertised. Chevy has delivered and has been selling $37000 Bolt EVs for a while now Although not in huge numbers. Bolt is not vaporware because you can go out and buy one right now if you want to at that price in the US.
  • David Beppler
    David Beppler 3 месяца назад @tubewacha I agree with you. But if they "the experts" can stretch the definition of vaporware, then an idiot like me can stretch it even further. I am still right. Bolt is vaporware because you can go out and buy one right now, but nobody wants one. Building an inferior product with an inflated price tag is not successful. The Bolt should be selling for $20k. Then they would not be sitting on lots and would be "successful" with every one selling straight from the factory, like all of the $60,000 TM3's are. Tesla is building 1,000 TM3s a day and selling them at $60,000 each and still can't keep up with demand. GM builds 500 Bolts a month... they sit on lots. Hoping someone buys one.
  • Frank E
    Frank E 3 месяца назад (изменено) @David Beppler They are being built. You tube "tesla Bjorn Norway kona" that dude reviews one. If they sell em in america.....that has to be seen.
  • Hamilcar Stronginthearm
    Hamilcar Stronginthearm 3 месяца назад (изменено) @S Userman "Seattle doesn't exist, in your country." Does the moon exist? English is an amazing language with lots of words with subtle shades of meaning. Choosing between "exist" and "is located in" or "are readily available" is not that hard.
  • Jason
    Jason 3 месяца назад @David Beppler There are less 300 bolts built per day, but they don't exist? WHAT?
  • David Beppler
    David Beppler 3 месяца назад @Jason 300? Yes, when production is that low, they do not exist. The US buys 17 million cars a year. Tesla, a small startup with only one factory builds more then 1000 a day!
  • Anthony Malin
    Anthony Malin 2 месяца назад @Roger Starkey All major cities in US are buying Bolts. They cannot make enough. You are clueless.
  • Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey 2 месяца назад @Anthony Malin Test? The model 3 sold more in December than the Bolt sold in the whole year.
  • Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey 2 месяца назад @Anthony Malin Correction! I mean the 3 sold more in The US in December than the Bolt sold worldwide all year!
  • Anthony Malin
    Anthony Malin 2 месяца назад @Roger Starkey I can only assume you own one. At $50000 it is hard to admit you got ripped off I guess. The Bolt is 36000
  • Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Anthony Malin   1) Never assume 2) You mean the 3 costs 50k and still sold 12 times the volume? 3) Ask why they reduced the Bolt? (Not selling) 4) Then ask why it's still not selling? (Kia / Hyundia?)
  • Anthony Malin
    Anthony Malin 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Roger StarkeyYou are a biased snowflake and there is no assumption there. One of the best selling cars in the world is from TATA motors. Just because something sells a lot does not make it good. It's biased pricks like you that don't have a open mind that think following the sheaple is the way to go. I get it, Tesla makes you feel you have a bigger prick and you are going to announce it to the world. How else can you justify getting ripped off. Keep on youtubeing tiny.
  • Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey 2 месяца назад @Anthony Malin Triggered? (NO assumption there!) It's not only the figures that prove you wrong. The general, unbiased reviews of both vehicles contradict you. ..... "Snowflake"? Really? ".........over-emotional, easily offended, and unable to deal with opposing opinions...."? That would send to describe you pretty well judging by your last post. Have a mediocre day!
  • Anthony Malin
    Anthony Malin 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Roger Starkey Snowflake in his tiny overpriced car with his little manhood forcing his biased opinion on others. Save the planet snowflake, Hey, if the coal powered electric plant is not in your neighborhood, it must be clean, right? They are reviewing a Bolt and a Kono, not a Tesla Tiny so your remarks are mute. Oh, I am not offended. Snowflakes make me laugh. They get offended so easily and fun to troll. Had to look up Triggered. Tells me your a little boy still. Triggered, hahahahahaha. New communication for snowflakes. Move out of your parents basement. Stop asking Dad for new Tesla's.
  • Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey 2 месяца назад @Anthony Malin And yet again, every part of your comment simply reflects on you (As I said, triggered) Read the definition of "snowflake" again, it describes you perfectly, and, the more you protest, the truer it becomes. Your first post related to the Bolt "selling well"...... It's not. Then that "they can't make enough". Why are they discounting (15-20%?) If "They can't make enough"? They could make more, they wouldn't sell. They still have the discount, so that's not relevant. Let's wait for the Kona to spank it's ass in a few months? See what you say then? You're too easy to troll, btw. The angrier you get, the more fun it is! (+Try a spell checker, maybe some help with grammar? (Ask your parents) You may be taken more seriously?)
  • Anthony Malin
    Anthony Malin 2 месяца назад @Roger Starkey Hahahah, I see you have your manbun is a knot. I see my job is done here.
  • Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey 2 месяца назад @Anthony Malin Top tip? "Hahaha" reflects on you, as does "my job is done" If you have no argument, admit it. If you do, show some figures to back it up. (I doubt you can)
  • Suzi Lindblad
    Suzi Lindblad 1 месяц назад Good luck on that.
  • Suzi Lindblad
    Suzi Lindblad 1 месяц назад Don't care what these 2 have to say, Chevy Bolt is an awesome car!
  • Suzi Lindblad
    Suzi Lindblad 1 месяц назад @David Beppler Bolt is not vaporware! They aren't making the chevy VOLT anymore. The 2019 Bolt just came out and have some upgrades from what they guys were complaining about, which personally I don't agree with.
  • David Beppler
    David Beppler 1 месяц назад @Suzi Lindblad So GM can only build 30,000 cars a year? That would be why they are going out of business and closing all their plants. Bolts are VAPORWARE! GM has no interest in building a car they can't sell and when they do, they can't make a profit on. Just because you can buy one, they are just sitting on lots, does not make them real. If you prefer unsupported compliance car, then use that, I prefer to call them VAPORWARE.
  • Suzi Lindblad
    Suzi Lindblad 1 месяц назад @David Beppler sigh...🤦‍♀️
  • David Beppler
    David Beppler 1 месяц назад @Suzi Lindblad Think that is nice? You should drive a Tesla.
  • Suzi Lindblad
    Suzi Lindblad 1 месяц назад @David Beppler I agree! My nephew just bought one. Yes, the Tesla is definitely a beautiful car. In fact I asked him if he'd like to trade cars... He has an awesome smile😉
  • lifehackertips
    lifehackertips 2 недели назад Jordan Catcher wrong. 5:50 Hyundai has less rear space so Chevy wins
    THE CRAZY KID STUDIO Неделю назад @David Beppler what no bolts are the best i have one my self
  • David Beppler
    David Beppler Неделю назад @THE CRAZY KID STUDIO Bolts are failure in business! Bolts batteries are bad! Bolts are not a safe car! Bolts cost too much!
    THE CRAZY KID STUDIO 1 день назад I have a bolt and it’s awesome
  • David Beppler
    David Beppler 1 день назад @THE CRAZY KID STUDIO If you had a week with a TM3 you would never want to go back to the Bolt.
    THE CRAZY KID STUDIO 1 день назад David Beppler you are mean to everyone
  • David Beppler
    David Beppler 1 день назад @THE CRAZY KID STUDIO Suggesting I would like to punch you in the face? True. But just informing you that if you drove a TM3 for a week you would never want to drive a Bolt again is not mean. Grow up.
  • Chris Lyon
    Chris Lyon 3 месяца назад I live in the Midwest U.S. I have called many Hyundai dealerships in my area, including Chicago. None of them have a clue when the Kona electric will even be available. Disappointing. It's all vaporware until you can buy it.
  • Alex R.
    Alex R. 1 месяц назад Dang I'm in Illinois. Thanks for saving me the trouble haha
  • Dough21
    Dough21 1 месяц назад Chris Lyon - Any idea if people like us can buy the Kona Electric in another state and bring it to us, or will we not be able to register it?
  • coredumperror
    coredumperror 1 месяц назад @Dough21 Considering that folks who live in states that don't allow Tesla to sell locally are able to buy them out of state and take them back home, I would guess that this should be equally possible for other manufacturers.
  • Dough21
    Dough21 1 месяц назад coredumperror - I called a Los Angeles Hyundai dealer. The Kona Electric, which sells in the 37-42 range, (I thought), currently lists for 40-49. The dealer had three available. Theoretically I can purchase in Ca and have shipped back to me, however, who would be able to service the car? Answer, no one in my city, which means what’s the point? I drove a Kona, non-electric, to see about the space. It was pretty zippy but that suv is like a kiddy car, it’s pretty small.
  • Ken Dibble
    Ken Dibble Неделю назад Tesla 35K model 3 no longer vapor ware. Kona still is. Sorry guys, you are now wrong
  • Dough21
    Dough21 Неделю назад Ken Dibble - My understanding is the Kona is available in California now, and will be released in Austin, Dallas, Portland, and Seattle. And that will be it.
  • Ken Dibble
    Ken Dibble Неделю назад Dough21 yes sad they cannot make enough of them, as it is a good car. We cannot get supply of Kona in Australia , but the then again cannot get any Model 3 till at least July either
  • Dough21
    Dough21 Неделю назад Ken Dibble - Hey Ken, I just bought a new Prius and the manager summed it up brilliantly. If you live in California, it’s a great time to buy an electric vehicle. For the rest of us, the best bet is a hybrid. This is my second Prius and I think it’s a great car. By the time I’m ready for my next car, electric vehicles will be available everywhere!
  • Nickie McNichols
    Nickie McNichols 4 дня назад Dough21 me too Ken. I wonder just how hard the oil companies are fighting EVs?
  • Ken Dibble
    Ken Dibble 4 дня назад Nickie McNichols As hard as they can. Now Tesla has actually disrupted the auto industry into action, they are lobbying everywhere they can. Lots of trolls- i suspect some are just dumb but also suspect some are paid shills. Big oil are also now investing in ‘energy’ rather than just oil. This is actually good. Notice how much solar etc the Arab states are putting in (knowing previously their easy oil was running out anyway)
  • toyotaprius79
    toyotaprius79 4 месяца назад Pretty cool comparison video, a nice direction where Edmunds is heading!
  • Michael Creek
    Michael Creek 4 месяца назад They're basically just trying to copy The Straight Pipes.
  • toyotaprius79
    toyotaprius79 4 месяца назад @Michael Creek I hate to admit it, but ya.
  • Mark Plott
    Mark Plott 4 месяца назад Today, Edmunds is Irrevelant and Vapoware.
  • TQM
    TQM 3 месяца назад Papa version of Thestraightpipes 👴 Thestraightpapas
  • Chef Mime
    Chef Mime 2 месяца назад I own a Kona, they have been paid to advertise Kona. I can tell you they didn't go over ANY of the bad parts of the Kona and focused only on the okay sides of the Kona. They focused nothing good about the other car and only bad. Our Kona is a death trap and I will never agree with these guys anymore. They have sold out and don't give a consumer opinion.
  • Jessica Mercure
    Jessica Mercure 1 месяц назад Chef Mime can you please elaborate? In what way is your Kona a death trap?
  • Chef Mime
    Chef Mime 1 месяц назад @Jessica Mercure Cruise control doesn't maintain speed then revs up to high rates of speed, the collision warning system only sometimes works and other times it warns of imaginary objects or can't see a 10 foot wall or a huge tree, the suspension breaks down every 5000 miles resulting in horrible driving conditions and happens very suddenly causing you to swerve like you're drunk, airbag went off for no reason causing my wife to almost hit an older couple, paint flys off while it sits in the garage, tire alignment won't hold up for more than 2000 miles resulting in having to rotate tires every 1000 miles and replace every 10000 miles... I could go on but I don't want to remember that junk. I'm just glad we were in California at the time and weren't in horrible driving conditions like snow or much rain. I wouldn't suggest driving this thing in 5mph winds if you really want to know. Beware of this junk, they won't be making these very long.
    G70 GENESIS 4 месяца назад Damn that Chevy's interior looks cheap... What the hell is going on there??
  • Alan Bowers
    Alan Bowers 4 месяца назад G70 GENESIS has a Chevy interior ever looked luxurious?
  • alex martens
    alex martens 4 месяца назад It’s a GM. that’s what’s going on😂
  • Ryen
    Ryen 4 месяца назад (изменено) This is still GM's compliance car. (they won't admit it publicly). They still haven't proven that they want to make EV's.
  • S H
    S H 4 месяца назад Maybe less weight ? Airplane insides are cheap too., on a very expensive fly vehicle.
  • S H
    S H 4 месяца назад @alex martens popular Silverado is a GM. Corvette GM
  • Chemtrail Dreams
    Chemtrail Dreams 4 месяца назад They inneficiently outsource battery production, leaving them only a tiny amount of cash for the interior.
  • Douglas Kerr
    Douglas Kerr 4 месяца назад @Ryen - Agreed, but the projected sales numbers for both the Hyundai and Kia EVs are even less than the Bolt. Hyundai/Kia don't intend to build many of these EVs, and they will be primarily for the California market, and a few to other CARB EV mandated states.
  • AwkwardHuman
    AwkwardHuman 4 месяца назад @Ryen Its definitely not a compliance car. Compliance cars are like the Audi A3 E-Tron, Clarity Electric, and B-Class electric. The interior in the Kona looks pretty cheap as well. GM has proven that they want to make EVs by being the first to mass produce a plug-in hybrid (the Volt) back in 2011, also they were the first to mass produce a 200+ mile EV under 40k before Tesla could, in fact, Tesla has yet to build an EV under 40k (without the savings included). They also announced that they are going all electric and that they will have at least 20 evs in their line up by 2023. Now I am in no way hating on Tesla, in fact, we own a Model 3 Long Range RWD and its an absolutely amazing car we also own a 2017 Bolt EV Premier and its also a great car and I really don't understand why it gets so much hate. Of course, I would pick the Model 3 if we had to pick the two but the Bolt is great and doesn't deserve the hate.
  • News Coulomb
    News Coulomb 4 месяца назад @Ryen Actually, the cheap interior materials indicate that it isn't a compliance car. GM intends to make a profit off of it. When you start getting more car than you're actually paying for, that's when it screams "compliance." Say, the Fiat 500e. The jury is still out on whether the Kona Electric and e-Niro will be compliance cars in the United States, but it looks like they will be.
  • dadfud4869
    dadfud4869 4 месяца назад 100 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE , you know the moto from x big wheel from gm numb nuts ,killer of the electric car,clutz we can do it better! well there you go!
  • wolfman9999999
    wolfman9999999 3 месяца назад @AwkwardHuman They only get hate because it's "cool" to rip on domestic automakers. I've test driven a Bolt. I'm a large enough guy that I was concerned with the seats. I had no issues with it. I hate rental grey interiors in any car, they always look like crap, and these two are no exception. Go with the black, and everything immediately looks about $20k better.
  • W Hoggdoc
    W Hoggdoc 3 месяца назад All GM interiors look that way and have for years...
  • broderp
    broderp 3 месяца назад Nothing going on, its typical chevy quality.
  • hizzle mobizzle
    hizzle mobizzle 3 месяца назад It's because Chevy does not want ev cars to succeed.
  • William Ball
    William Ball 2 месяца назад Chevy, like a rock, sitting in a field and not moving. If they are the heartbeat of America......were dead.
  • Anthony Malin
    Anthony Malin 2 месяца назад If you actually see the Bolt's interior, its awesome.
  • Rennie Ash
    Rennie Ash 3 недели назад The quality bolted
  • Blake Swan
    Blake Swan 4 месяца назад "The angle of the windshield is just perfectly wrong" - Dan Edmunds on the Bolt bahahaha. Loved this
  • Mark Plott
    Mark Plott 4 месяца назад FACT is the TM3 has a lower drag coeficent then BOLT or KONA EV.
  • Gunnar René Øie
    Gunnar René Øie 3 месяца назад @Mark Plott How does the Ioniq compare? It's sleeker than the Kona, but has less headroom in the back seat.
  • Mark Plott
    Mark Plott 3 месяца назад @Gunnar René Øie - Ionic is a bigger car, sportier too but it Lacks cargo room. Sadly no Dual Motor or Long Range version will be Avaliable . Ionic has the same Problems as KONA however , they wont be made in 100,000s like a Tesla will and it has a Faulty battery that can catch fire, both Ionic and kona.
  • Gunnar René Øie
    Gunnar René Øie 3 месяца назад @Mark Plott Do you have any sources on that?
  • Mark Plott
    Mark Plott 3 месяца назад @Gunnar René Øie - Battery fires in KIA and Hyundai cars pretty common in PZEV and Hybrids. check NEWS stories on Korean EV fires on youtube.
  • W Hoggdoc
    W Hoggdoc 3 месяца назад @Mark Plott Maybe just maybe the battery pack in the new models is different than the previous models, ever consider that?
  • Andrew Yao
    Andrew Yao 1 месяц назад Blake Swan not sure what is wrong with windshield. I drive a Bolt and it has great visibility.
  • Nickie McNichols
    Nickie McNichols 4 дня назад How could Chevy make such an obvious blunder?
  • Alec
    Alec Неделю назад The Hyundai also has a lifetime warranty on the batteries. This car can practically last you forever.
  • Acc0rd79
    Acc0rd79 4 месяца назад Hyundai has much better build quality, I'll take the Hyundai all day long.
  • D May
    D May 4 месяца назад The Hyundai PROTO TYPE... unlike the production model...
  • TQ
    TQ 4 месяца назад @D May GM production model...
  • Patrick Skelly
    Patrick Skelly 4 месяца назад Until they start on fire..poof
  • Michael Boyce
    Michael Boyce 3 месяца назад How do you arrive at that conclusion?
  • Jamie B
    Jamie B 3 месяца назад I've leased two Volts and I'm excited about the Kona. That blue one is cool!
  • steve clapper
    steve clapper 3 месяца назад I have an Elantra and it is a joy to drive.
  • kalm dwn
    kalm dwn 3 месяца назад when they looked underneath the vehicles, Hyundai by a long shot
  • steve clapper
    steve clapper 3 месяца назад @Patrick Skelly Google How many cars catch fire every year?
  • Herman Willems
    Herman Willems 3 месяца назад And here it's much cheaper than the Chevrolet Bolt (They name it Opel Ampera E here)
  • William Ball
    William Ball 2 месяца назад Always has been better quality, always will be.
  • Joseph Stott
    Joseph Stott 2 месяца назад I would put money on the fact the Kona will be cheaper, by a noticeable amount.
  • tribalypredisposed
    tribalypredisposed 2 месяца назад @Joseph Stott, and the price is out today, and basically the same as the Bolt.
  • James
    James 2 месяца назад @Patrick Skelly Chevrolet cars catch fire. Porsche cars catch fire. Mercedes Benz cars catch fire. Something wrong with their engineering. I agree with you on the fact that the Chevrolet Bolt will catch fire because it's so obvious.
  • James
    James 2 месяца назад @steve clapper It's okay, we all know he meant the Chevy catches fire because it's in their bad engineering.
  • Mal S
    Mal S 2 месяца назад Yes Hyundai have made leaps and bounds in build quality over the last 10 years. Unlike GM (here at least GM are unreliable (generally) poorly built with awful after sales) I have only had one GM product and that was it, we are now on our 4th Hyundai...>>I'll take the KONA any day....EV...the future.
  • Donald Salkovick
    Donald Salkovick 2 месяца назад Then move to Korea. Gotta be some liberal America hater
  • Mal S
    Mal S 2 месяца назад @Donald Salkovick NOT about hating USA, it is about building good cars. GMH (Australia) and Ford Aus lost the plot and dished out crappy quality for years until we finally woke up to it and saw better quality at a lower price with better service. GMH and Ford don't give a toss about the product they sell and even less after they sell it.
  • JKL
    JKL 2 месяца назад @Donald Salkovick lol how stupid do you have to be to think you're hating america for buying foreign cars
  • Ramon Cardona
    Ramon Cardona 2 месяца назад Sadly Chevy/GM does not market EVs well with poor distribution which explains the glut on unsold Bolts and reduction of production. The more popular Volt had similar issues! Will Kia have similar issues? I hope not. The Kona is a better EV.
  • tubetop123
    tubetop123 2 месяца назад I still remember Hyndai was known for poor quality. How times have changed
  • JKL
    JKL 2 месяца назад @tubetop123 u must be old as fuq
  • Suzi Lindblad
    Suzi Lindblad 1 месяц назад No way!!!
  • manoman0
    manoman0 1 месяц назад I wasn't pleased with the interior space and build quality in the Kona; still it was a bit better than the Bolt, I must say. The Bolt reminds me of the 80ies japanese or american cars.
  • Tom Ted
    Tom Ted 1 месяц назад (изменено) AccOrd79, the Chevy Bolt was designed and built in South Korea before ever being made in the US. As a 2017 Chevy Bolt Premier Edition owner I can tell you the build quality is outstanding. It was Automotive Magazine's car of the year. The Hyundai does not have one-pedal driving. After driving with one-pedal for 18 months I would never go back to two-pedal driving.
  • manoman0
    manoman0 1 месяц назад @Tom Ted Isn't the Bolt produced in the same plant as the Volt?
  • Tom Ted
    Tom Ted 1 месяц назад (изменено) manomanO, I don't think so. Chevy has pulled the plug on the Volt closing down the factories that make them. That has not effected Bolt production.
  • Andrew Yao
    Andrew Yao 1 месяц назад Acc0rd79 I own a Bolt and it’s one of my favorite cars of all time. Excellent acceleration, nice interior, good handling, 300+ range on full charge. Only complaint is the seat but I fixed it by adding more padding. Drive more like European car in my opinion.
  • manoman0
    manoman0 1 месяц назад @Andrew Yao It drives more like a European car because it is also made for Europe, usually a far stiffer suspension/damper combo. I have sat in the Bolt, only thing I noted are the very thin seats. I couldn't say they were uncomfortable because I didn't drive it over a long period. Also, I don't like some of the fit and finish in the interior, it reminded me of the 90ies GM cars in general (which is not a bad thing though), it could just be better made. Also, the lack of some driving assistances is a big issue for me; eg. blind spot monitoring and the absence of adaptive cruise control. That's really something they should have included with the car. Having said that, those issues won't impact the quality that much; the stuff that matters on that car (battery, technology in general) is something of the best you can buy.
  • GagaFire
    GagaFire 5 дней назад 35k Model 3 Vaporware? That comment didn’t age well lol.
  • sarcasmo57
    sarcasmo57 4 месяца назад Hyundai just keeps making good cars.
  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby 2 месяца назад that catch fire. My friend has a 2 years old Santa Fe...been in shop and leaks oil now.
  • lifehackertips
    lifehackertips 2 недели назад sarcasmo57 Hyundai has not started making good cars
  • Jeff Norris
    Jeff Norris 4 месяца назад EV shoppers need to learn about battery thermal management and this review should include this. Chevy and Tesla have this figured out. Nissan not yet
  • madmotorcyclist
    madmotorcyclist 4 месяца назад True Nissan batteries are very different (wafer instead of standard cylindrical batteries). Batteries (all types) suffer in both temperature extremes without thermal control. However I have a 7.5 year old Leaf that still fully charges (living in S. California) and been happy with it.
  • Arpedk
    Arpedk 4 месяца назад I'm curious, you do know that Hyundai is not Nissan right?
  • kens97sto171
    kens97sto171 4 месяца назад @madmotorcyclist The range diminishing is not the problem, the new Nissan leaf has no thermal management at all, no air cooling no liquid cooling. So you DC fast charge it once on a trip period after that the battery will be too hot and you will sit there at the charger for double the time it should take to charge. This problem has been all over the news, Nissan says that they're going to do something about that. but it seems absolutely idiotic to me to have a lithium battery pack with no thermal management at all. Even the Toyota Prius all the way back in 1997 in Japan had air cooling on its nickel metal hydride battery. it seems like a major fail to me. Which is unfortunate because the new leaf is quite nice. Although the range is somewhat limited
  • Jeff Norris
    Jeff Norris 4 месяца назад @Arpedk Yes just sayin' don't know anything about Hyundai's battery and there are examples out there on the market that are both superior & inferior, so a buyer should definitely want to know.
  • Arpedk
    Arpedk 4 месяца назад Seems like the Kona does have a battery thermal management system (BMS) which is liquid cooled. No further details for the moment it seems. Considering that it does supply more than 50 kW of DC charging I would say it does have a rather good BMS.
  • D May
    D May 4 месяца назад madmotorcyclist "Nissan batteries are very different.... However I have a 7.5 year old Leaf that still fully charges " Interesting. That's definitely not true for a Tesla.
  • Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey 4 месяца назад (изменено) Jeff Norris But Nissan won't be using "in house" batteries from 2019, will they?
  • chaostheory2219
    chaostheory2219 3 месяца назад Thank you.
  • Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey 3 месяца назад @D May I assume you have a Tesla?
  • LLol Loll
    LLol Loll 3 недели назад (изменено) Now that the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 is released. I hope you guys over at Edmunds can do a follow up and compare that with these other EVs
  • Mary Whetstone
    Mary Whetstone 6 дней назад All reviews should include miles per kwh from source electricity (thus accounting for all de-rate factors). As with mpg, this is intrinsic to total cost of ownership calculations.
  • Harry Roger
    Harry Roger 1 день назад Id get neither. both car companies make crappy cars. I'm waiting for Toyota to roll out their full electric car.
  • Robert Heitner
    Robert Heitner 4 месяца назад Bjorn Nyland did a review of the Kona Electric when it was released in Europe and got 315 miles on a charge.
  • Racer D
    Racer D 3 месяца назад Bolt owners I know all get over 300 miles per charge, But I prefer the VOLT it does everything better
  • Steve C#
    Steve C# 3 месяца назад Apparently some people do not know who Bjorn Nyland is.
  • peter traveller
    peter traveller 2 месяца назад TeslaBjörn is the best. He just tested new Leaf with latest software, now rapidgate is not so Bad anymore, this new software allows about 10kw higher charging when rapidgate limits charging, when compare previous software. But this might not be good for the battery.
  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby 2 месяца назад downhill in a tailwind.
  • John Longdong
    John Longdong 2 месяца назад I got 315 miles on your mother.
  • Dennis Peterson
    Dennis Peterson 4 месяца назад The Kona does not look like it has space for an infant seat, where the Chevy Bolt can fit two easily. I'm not sure these two really have enough weight to the fact that the Chevy Bolt was built as an EV from inception, which allowed a much shorter hood, giving significantly more space to the passengers. As for the seats, yeah they're narrower then normal but I've driven over 8 hours straight in them and have been way more comfortable then my larger SUV because the bolts seats offer such great support. I'm 270lbs and 6'3", so I guess mileage may vary.
  • Aaron Morrill
    Aaron Morrill 3 месяца назад I own a Bolt too. The seats are absolutely fine. You're absolutely right about the Bolt's superior design. I'm pretty disappointed that these reviewers seemed to ignore major Bolt advantages.
  • C Holko
    C Holko 4 месяца назад (изменено) The Kona EV might as well be vapor ware for the majority of the country as you cannot buy it outside of CARB States. Plus without final pricing it is not comparable to the Bolt
  • jmbickham
    jmbickham 4 месяца назад C Holko Agree that final pricing is missing and initially it will only sell in CA, then other BEV states. But it will eventually be available everywhere...
  • Andrew Le
    Andrew Le 3 месяца назад Pricing is out... the base model Kona is about $36k US.
  • Herman Willems
    Herman Willems 3 месяца назад @Andrew Le Here in Europe its 39.000 euro. And it's one of the cheapest. If i want to buy a Opel Ampera E (Which is the GM Bolt) that will cost you ALOT more up to 50.000 euro !!!
  • William Dixon
    William Dixon 3 месяца назад Wow, nice car, electric is the future better get in before big oil companies lobbyist kill ALL electric cars.........................AGAIN! 1985 they killed it. Get the DVD, "who killed the electric car"? Great documentary
  • rick9021090210
    rick9021090210 3 месяца назад note the compulsory and possibly paid for attack on Tesla.... xD Tesla IS the reason we can enjoy these two electric alternatives today Edmunds... don't forget it... cheers!
  • Harry Fishnuts
    Harry Fishnuts 4 месяца назад Kona is just a better EV.
  • Augusto Lori
    Augusto Lori Неделю назад How do you see this?
  • rick9021090210
    rick9021090210 3 месяца назад Note the compuslory and possible paid for attack on Tesla... xD Telsa IS the reason that we can enjoy these two electric alternative Edmunds... don't forget it... Cheers!