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Pixar Perfect Review #17 - Cars

Published on Jul 28, 2016 18,639 views

This review contains spoilers. Ka-chow.

  • not you
    not you Год назад (изменено) I'm honestly surprised you hold Cars 2 above the first film. And I'm one of the people that genuinely enjoy it, but it's definitely not as good as the first or third movies, in my opinion. It's one of Pixar's lower points along with Brave.
  • Liam Biniares
    Liam Biniares 2 года назад So this is your least favourite Pixar movie, yet you still gave it a good review. I KNEW IT! PIXAR IS IMMORTAL!
  • Will Parker
    Will Parker Год назад He did what in the cup?!
  • dddmemaybe
    dddmemaybe Год назад Thank you for pointing out the relationship between the characters and the location of radiator springs. I think my favorite part of this movie was watching radiator springs evolve and adapt alongside the opinions and predicaments of the people(cars) who interact with it.
  • Sh0tgunJust1ce
    Sh0tgunJust1ce 2 года назад I think the problem you're trying to explain with McQueen is that it's a character that has been done to death. We've seen this kind of character everywhere, the cocky show-off, who needs to be more humble.
  • MixtBro
    MixtBro 2 года назад Sh0tgunJust1ce 2:12
  • Nzuzo Vilakazi
    Nzuzo Vilakazi 3 недели назад But he's an awesome done to death character
  • themax8800
    themax8800 Год назад Currently going through each Pixar movie to make a ranking and I believe Cars gets too much of a bad rap. Agree w nearly everything you say in this. Love how much Pixar makes u care ab radiator springs
  • DarkShowsGhost
    DarkShowsGhost 11 месяцев назад themax8800 thank you for understanding that this movie isnt bad.
  • TheRealJims
    TheRealJims 2 года назад (изменено) It is becoming a slightly less popular opinion lately, but I am of the opinion that Pixar has not made a bad film. Even though I would say that the first Cars movie is probably my least favorite (after wrestling with rankings for a looooooong time) and would nitpick things about it... I still think it is an extremely charming and satisfying movie as a whole. I really enjoyed re-watching it for this review.
  • LordCrossbow
    LordCrossbow 2 года назад Cars 2 was Pixar's only bad film in my opinion.
  • Guy Simchony
    Guy Simchony 2 года назад For me The Good Dinosaur and Cars 2 are the only bad Pixar films
  • VN Reader
    VN Reader 2 года назад I'm glad you said that, I always felt like I was the only one defending Pixar's more lacking movies. I actually really liked The Good Dinosaur despite its problems, I liked Cars despite its problems and I liked Brave once again despite its problems. Everyone puts Pixar at such a high pedigree that when they do a movie that isn't A+ material, people always attack it for being the worst thing ever.
  • LordCrossbow
    LordCrossbow 2 года назад But Cars 2 was grade C- material.
  • VN Reader
    VN Reader 2 года назад I watched Cars 2 last night for the first time after years of hearing how bad it was. It was actually quite good, surprised me. I don't see the hate behind it.
  • The Watcher
    The Watcher 2 года назад I think Brave is the film that didn't feel like a traditional Pixar movie. Just feels like something Dreamworks could have created. It left a very minimal impression on me, and Pixar usually excels at making a big impression. I could never forget the characters/worlds from Toy Story or Finding Nemo for example, (no matter how hard I could try) but Brave... I virtually entirely forgot about the same day. Disney seems to be making the better CGI 3D Rendered movies these days IMO.
  • LordCrossbow
    LordCrossbow 2 года назад +VN Reader I haven't watched the movie in years but it's just my opinion.I could see why you would like it.
  • lagodier
    lagodier 2 года назад Don't forget that Jims mentioned that he's in the minority(?) that likes Mater. I haven't seen Cars 2 but I'm sure someone's view on Mater largely impacts how they feel about the movie.
  • Easton Wheatley
    Easton Wheatley 2 года назад This movie was my childhood and I have heard a lot of people bash this movie. I'll agree it isn't perfect or even amazing but I still love it. I loved to see a new and fresh perspective on the film. GREAT job! Can't wait for ratatouille
  • Asmosis Jones
    Asmosis Jones 2 года назад i think this is a very underrated film...its not pixars best writing by far but the story is solid and its executed has more heart than most of their movies imo...honestly movies like bugs life toy story monsters inc walle up and finding nemo are great films but they are overrated...they don'y have the genuine love this movie has...those films felt more contrived buddy buddy stuff..this film is about more than a relationship between 2-3 characters its about community...its about a journey not the has less pointless scenes than most pixar films actually...most of the scenes matter....they have a few cut away gags but for the most part the story plays with jokes and plot hand in hand....
  • jeff jefferson
    jeff jefferson Год назад TheRealJims inside out, toy story 3, cars 2, planes
  • MetroidJunkie
    MetroidJunkie Год назад I wouldn't even classify Cars 2 as particularly bad, just a horrible main entry to the series. They should have classified it as a spin-off, Cars 3 is the true sequel to Cars 1 in my opinion.
  • DarkShowsGhost
    DarkShowsGhost 11 месяцев назад TheRealJims i agree the movie isnt bad at all predictable yes but not bad there’s far worse films out there and cars isnt one of them.
  • MetroidJunkie
    MetroidJunkie 11 месяцев назад +theslyfox To its credit, Cars 3 has a less cliche'd way of ending it. Instead of the main character somehow against all odds winning, he takes a step back and lets someone much younger and more capable than him pursue her dreams.
  • TheRealJims
    TheRealJims 2 года назад Up Next: A movie that I directly referenced in this review.
  • Yodarulz765
    Yodarulz765 2 года назад Now, I can be confident to say it's going to be Cars 2 next.
  • NICKtendo
    NICKtendo 2 года назад You mentioned half of all of Pixar films in this review. You are making things harder than they should be.
  • volvocrusher
    volvocrusher 2 года назад I'm going to go with The Good Dinosaur
  • uknownada
    uknownada 2 года назад (изменено) My guess is Cars.
  • Swilky
    Swilky 2 года назад WALL.E?
  • TheRealJims
    TheRealJims 2 года назад I just did that because I like to make people worry. (Do I have the gall to rank the original Toy Story at #15?) :p
  • Spam
    Spam 2 года назад sighs It'll be Brave, right? It's always Brave.
  • hwoarangthedoorbell
    hwoarangthedoorbell 2 года назад This was a terrific analysis and really made me reexamine how I think about Cars. Can't wait to see your other videos. It's great to see a different, more optimistic opinion when it comes to Pixar's less acclaimed films.
  • Doctor Eggnog
    Doctor Eggnog 2 года назад I dunno, something about cars with faces never stopped looking weird to me. Usually I'd get over something like that after around ten minutes, but they still looked odd to me in the final scenes. Still, I like Cars ok. It's predictable but solid.
  • Trip Channel
    Trip Channel Год назад cars is my favorite movie ever
  • LB vlogs
    LB vlogs 6 месяцев назад Cars is amazing. I love it so much.
  • MisterMike 1997
    MisterMike 1997 Год назад EmpLemon sent me. Looks like a good channel
  • Steins ;ga kill
    Steins ;ga kill Год назад Michael Aldaco same
  • fodv93
    fodv93 Год назад Same as well. Subscribed to this channel ever since the first Simpsons video I watched on it.
  • Hasan
    Hasan Год назад i thought i heard zelda ranch music at around 6:30 mark, and zelda is mentioned in credits!! maybe not so exciting, but im happy i was able to identify it since i havent played zelda in like 20 years i think!
  • Peter Mcnany
    Peter Mcnany Год назад Agreed! Cars is Awesome! However it wasn't Paul Newman's final acting role, ever heard of Mater and the Ghostlight? Cars was George Carlins final acting role.
  • pandaboy 873
    pandaboy 873 2 года назад whats happened to extra seconds
  • marshman502
    marshman502 2 года назад Great analysis, you should definitely make more of these!
  • RoJoe
    RoJoe 2 года назад It's probably just me but doesn't AFunkyDiabetic and TheRealJims sound similar
  • Pimpeaux
    Pimpeaux 2 года назад I just checked his channel.... holy crap you're so right.
  • SonicHD7
    SonicHD7 Год назад Jesus loves you
  • Retro Oasis
    Retro Oasis 2 года назад Doc Hollywood with wheels