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2001 Pontiac Aztek GT: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Dec 3, 2018 344,517 views

How many Emmys does Bryan Cranston have to win before the Pontiac Aztek becomes cool?



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  • brown earnhardt
    brown earnhardt 5 месяцев назад YELLOW IS NEON BROWN CHANGE MY MIND
  • GlowBox
  • The Golden Middle
    The Golden Middle 5 месяцев назад n e o n b r o w n
  • Entrecallaoysantafe
    Entrecallaoysantafe 5 месяцев назад WOKE
  • Tibor Klein
    Tibor Klein 5 месяцев назад l u m i n e s c e n t m a n u r e
  • FelixOrion
    FelixOrion 5 месяцев назад Brown comes out the back, but yellow comes out the front. Checkmate, Atheists.
  • Keith Kinney
    Keith Kinney 5 месяцев назад @Tibor Klein LMAO
  • Wade Guidry
    Wade Guidry 5 месяцев назад Neon brown......genius!!!!!!
  • BubbaSmurfingSon
    BubbaSmurfingSon 5 месяцев назад DO IT FOR DALE!!!
  • ScottaHemi
    ScottaHemi 5 месяцев назад actually the neon form of brown is orange. the brown form of yellow is some sickly baby barf greenish color.
  • BigWheel
    BigWheel 5 месяцев назад Orange is neon brown
  • Gryffin DarkBreed
    Gryffin DarkBreed 5 месяцев назад IT'S NOT. ORANGE IS NEON BROWN. LEARN YOUR DAMN COLORS.
  • Uber Virsacii
    Uber Virsacii 5 месяцев назад You cant change THE TRUTH
  • wobbly sauce
    wobbly sauce 5 месяцев назад Is that corn, when did I eat corn?
  • batmayn
    batmayn 5 месяцев назад (изменено) This is the best YouTube comment thread I've ever read.......... I JUST PISSED N E O N B R O W N IN MY WHITEY TIGHTYS!!
  • Jay A Lay
    Jay A Lay 5 месяцев назад Yellow is sick dog poop
  • clammaster4
    clammaster4 5 месяцев назад @BigWheel orange is neon neon.
  • FatherBrown Dudeist
    FatherBrown Dudeist 5 месяцев назад I like brown
  • Billaxle
    Billaxle 5 месяцев назад I almost released neon-brown fluid into my pants laughing so hard you dick! X;D
  • Joshua Rosengarten
    Joshua Rosengarten 3 месяца назад I'd say neon brown is more orange XD
  • Nathan Webb
    Nathan Webb 3 месяца назад Im not even going to argue because you are right
  • Jordan S
    Jordan S 2 месяца назад You are as deep as GM's debt... mind blown.
  • sonic is disappointed in your recent decision !
    sonic is disappointed in your recent decision ! 2 недели назад Yesnt
    DOVADED 5 месяцев назад why isnt a built-in air compressor a standard thing on modern trucks and suv's. like that's actually useful af.
  • Jack Lynch
    Jack Lynch 5 месяцев назад Right! Or how about a floor jack that isn't a total peice of shit
  • Pfitz
    Pfitz 3 месяца назад (изменено) Because you can also just chuck a little roadside compressor in your car and if the built in compressor in your aztek goes bad you're basically fucked because you need an OEM compressor and it's not easy to get to.
  • Chris Alexy
    Chris Alexy 2 месяца назад @Pfitz air compressors aren't notorious on failing....
  • Pfitz
    Pfitz 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Chris Alexy that doesn't mean they're immune to maintenance. Air compressors need to be lubricated and in the event yours does go out it's not an easy fix by any means. It's better to provide your own in my opinion. A compressor you know and trust that you can take out to maintain. Not that you really need much of a compressor in most situations. Most roadside emergency kits come with them these days and they're small enough to put in a pocket. If you want a cheap air compressor for emergencies everyone should have a roadside kit.
  • Fer M
    Fer M 1 месяц назад @Pfitz it still isn't a bad option... car companies fit a lot of crap that can go wrong too, an air compressor for an off road car makes sense, even if what you say is very reasonable.
  • dk
    dk 1 месяц назад Weight. I'd rather they brought back glass headlamps before compressors.
  • Henry
    Henry 3 недели назад Makes more sense for a 2500 or 3500 HD truck
  • unclejoeoakland
    unclejoeoakland 4 дня назад Well at least some serious on-board 120v.
    GUNSnSTUFF 5 месяцев назад So what your saying is buy a 2007 Aztec. They’re more rare then a Ferrari.
  • Jack Eby
    Jack Eby 5 месяцев назад There are no 2007 Aztecs. Those 06-07 sales numbers are from the leftover 2005 models still haunting dealer lots.
  • Jerry Smith
    Jerry Smith 3 месяца назад No wonder I couldn't find any 06 or 07 on Autotrader. @Jack Eby
  • Mopar564
    Mopar564 3 месяца назад No... what I’m saying is learn the difference between “youre’s” and “than’s”
    GUNSnSTUFF 3 месяца назад Mopar564 heil the grammar nazi. Find some thing else to do with YOU’RE time.
    GUNSnSTUFF 2 месяца назад Jack Eby so..... more rare than a Ferrari.
  • cazz pharrel
    cazz pharrel 2 месяца назад I seen one for 750 no problems right now but I don't have the money for it
  • TBustah
    TBustah 1 месяц назад @Mopar564 As long as we're correcting grammar, apostrophes aren't for plural forms, sport.
  • sonic is disappointed in your recent decision !
    sonic is disappointed in your recent decision ! 2 недели назад A Ferrari is as expensive as the Aztec is ugly
  • abc ezas123
    abc ezas123 5 месяцев назад And now every other car on the road is a dumpy crossover with fake grills. Pontiac were 15 years ahead of the times.
  • Vinesauce Obscurities
    Vinesauce Obscurities 2 месяца назад (изменено) If you don't account for Toyota and Honda beating Pontiac to the punch by 6 years with the RAV4 and the CR-V.
  • abc ezas123
    abc ezas123 2 месяца назад ​@Vinesauce Obscurities The RA4 and CRV were not ugly though, unlike todays gawky monstrosities.
  • Marv
    Marv 1 месяц назад Yeah! They beat Toyota to the same styling used on the Prius!!!
  • PhazonLord 4337
    PhazonLord 4337 1 месяц назад That's the deal, back in the day the Aztek ha god awful looks, but considering nowadays that every single "crossover" type car looks like this, it doesn't actually look bad or out of place.
  • Rcbif
    Rcbif 5 месяцев назад Still better looking than the Nissan Cube....
  • F.Hamer
    F.Hamer 5 месяцев назад And Juke!
  • yung oof
    yung oof 5 месяцев назад @F.Hamer I was on board with the Cube comment, but a Juke?! C'mon man.. check out the Juke Nismo.
  • Michael Diamente
    Michael Diamente 4 месяца назад And the Prius! I’d rather been seen in an Aztek than a Prius ANYDAY!
  • E4mafia for life
    E4mafia for life 4 месяца назад @yung oof now its a sporty kind of ugly. Wow
  • Smoky RS98
    Smoky RS98 4 месяца назад No way, this one looks literally terrible!!
  • Rcbif
    Rcbif 4 месяца назад @Smoky RS98 - It looks bad, but it is just bad 1990's retro styling. The cube on the other hand is a piece of vomit whose styling matches nothing that was ever mainstream. The worst part to me is the rear bumper. The taillights on the rear bumper resemble a tv remote stuck to a fat guys butt.
  • Praditya Nurizky
    Praditya Nurizky 4 месяца назад Fiat Multipla?
  • Mister Serbian
    Mister Serbian 4 месяца назад And REANULT MEGANE 2ND generation
  • Chadwicked B
    Chadwicked B 3 месяца назад A cereal box with wheels
  • Ardhana Hariwidagdo
    Ardhana Hariwidagdo 3 месяца назад @Mister Serbian mk2 megane is quirky and weird but still look better than all those cars mentioned on the reply.
  • Johnny Boyle
    Johnny Boyle 3 месяца назад and kia soul
  • Shilou
    Shilou 3 месяца назад The newer aztek looks fine, this one just looks strange
  • Gipsland Ferryweather
    Gipsland Ferryweather 3 месяца назад Not nearly as stackable though.
  • Christopher0184
    Christopher0184 3 месяца назад And every pickup truck of SUV, aka Stupid Ugly Vehicle, made after the 1970s.
  • robert tucker
    robert tucker 2 месяца назад Try looking (if you can) at the ssanyong rodeus. It makes this look cool.
  • Digi tal
    Digi tal 2 месяца назад it's not that much uglier than a Honda Element
  • 42luke roblox
    42luke roblox 2 месяца назад Rcbif Nothing beats the 1996 Ford Taurus design! Aztek is Second Place.
  • Random Commenter
    Random Commenter 1 месяц назад Am I the only weirdo that likes all the cars mentioned in these replies? They all look like a bunch of rejected car designs from San Francisco Rush: 2049. You guys also forgot to mention the first gen Saturn Vue.
  • Aozotra
    Aozotra 1 месяц назад come on its aztek most ugly, juke ugly, cube nothing
  • Team Wabeenology
    Team Wabeenology 2 дня назад @F.Hamer the Juke looks like it's begging to be turned into a Dakar car
  • Veikka Lahtinen
    Veikka Lahtinen 5 месяцев назад '' jesus, what do you have in that cooler, cinder blocks?'' '' Half a million in cash.''
  • phillip davis
    phillip davis 5 месяцев назад You forgot the air mattress which is one of the reasons it has a compressor
  • Bartonovich52
    Bartonovich52 5 месяцев назад I thought the air compressor was for the load levelling suspension. That’s why every other GM vehicle had a compressor. You need high volume low pressure air for a mattress... otherwise it will take forever to inflate and explode at the end.
  • mercurialmagictrees
    mercurialmagictrees 5 месяцев назад woww
  • Joel Osteen
    Joel Osteen 4 месяца назад The air mattress got popped in 2001 when Bertha bounced on my dick like a beached whale on cocaine, when I used the rear radio control and switched the song to survivor by destiny's child.
  • Boat Axe
    Boat Axe 3 месяца назад (изменено) phillip davis How ironic, a mattress in a car that will never get you laid.
  • Johnny Boyle
    Johnny Boyle 3 месяца назад this was the last thing i ever watched with my best friend the day it was uploaded.he died later on that night in a crash. we both loved rcr and i still do.we live in ireland so no pontiacs here but we also both loved that aztek
  • Jim Varga
    Jim Varga 5 месяцев назад Holy shit this car is awesome. I want ALL that gimicky stuff.
  • vincent narvaez
    vincent narvaez 1 день назад Get a 2001 Bonneville GXP if gimmicks if that's your thing. A TON of buttons!!!
  • chipchip
    chipchip 5 месяцев назад I feel like GM shittyness comes in waves every 10 years or so. It's like they just keep forgetting how shit they can be and want to try again.
  • hgpo27
    hgpo27 5 месяцев назад Damn, you really thought a lot about what you had to say. Great insight and examples.
  • Bartonovich52
    Bartonovich52 5 месяцев назад hgpo27. Some of us have the ability to think for ourselves and either agree or disagree. I agree. This, the first gen Pontiac Trans Sport, and the Turbo Trans Am were each a decade apart disasters for Pontiac.
  • rustyATV
    rustyATV 5 месяцев назад @Bartonovich52 and the new Chevy full size truck that was just announced...
  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 4 месяца назад That is funny but true
  • unherolike
    unherolike 3 месяца назад This is how i feel with Jeeps now days except they are getting worse and Worse as time goes on. The JK is just that a joke and the Upcoming Gladiator is a Abortion.
  • Boosted Bricc
    Boosted Bricc 5 месяцев назад 2001 Nissan Juke
  • Dickie Madic
    Dickie Madic 5 месяцев назад Those leaves loved that radiator grille. Haha
  • Billaxle
    Billaxle 5 месяцев назад OM NOM NOM~!
    GUNSnSTUFF 5 месяцев назад (изменено) Ah the gm 3.4. The engine that eats its own internal gaskets.
  • Alex Campbell
    Alex Campbell 5 месяцев назад GUNSnSTUFF I have a 93 cutlass supreme with the DOHC 3.4 and it doesn't go through them that bad
  • William Anderson
    William Anderson 5 месяцев назад @Alex Campbell different engine.
  • Bartonovich52
    Bartonovich52 5 месяцев назад Not mine. 2001 Pontiac Montana and that 3.4 is still going strong somehow. But my mom’s 1997 Trans Sport, my in law’s 2003 Montana, and my wife’s 1992 Lumina Z34 all had gasket issues.
  • Shawn Carson
    Shawn Carson 5 месяцев назад Had that engine in my 2008 Equinox I had a while back. Slow as sin, but was reliable enough.
  • John Allen
    John Allen 5 месяцев назад I had a 94 Camaro with a 3.4 - the older version of the 3400 - and I sold it with 200k miles running just fine.
  • Andrew DeWitt
    Andrew DeWitt 5 месяцев назад (изменено) If they put the supercharged 3.8 in it then that would have been a nice vehicle to troll with.
  • Rum Ham
    Rum Ham 4 месяца назад -@Andrew DeWitt-God I miss that engine.
  • Nik Nik The RR/Bimmer Man!
    Nik Nik The RR/Bimmer Man! 2 месяца назад Why do yanks buy GM products? They’re so fucking shit. Tasteless breed...
  • TBustah
    TBustah 1 месяц назад My 2003 Grand Prix had the 3.1 (same family), and it was a great engine. I never had any problems with it, and it had a decent amount of pep to boot. You'd think that such relatively small engine wouldn't be up to the task in a fairly large car (mine was a sedan to boot), but it was adequate. The reason the Aztek is slow is like the man says: the torque converter. My car had the same transmission, but an M15 attached to it rather than the M76 found in the AWD version of the Aztek. The tall profile and less-than-aerodynamic shape probably aren't helping, either.
  • Zap Actionsdower
    Zap Actionsdower 5 месяцев назад as awful as those bubble buttons look, i would welcome that over todays trend of touch screen EVERYTHING. Seriously, who thought it would be a good idea to make every god damn thing in a car a touch screen instead of tactile in a thing that requires your utmost attention while using? you know when you want to change inputs so you sort of hover over the touch screen icon and as soon as you go to hit it you hit a bump and you end up going into the settings menu and then you gotta find the "back" icon but now youre all discombobulated so you have to take your eyes off of the road and watch as you interact with the screen? yeah, thats absolute horse shit, i should have a physical button SOMEWHERE to rely on in order to change the fucking station. The ones with the built in mouse are even worse
  • GR46404
    GR46404 5 месяцев назад In answer to your question about who made every control a touch screen, I believe the answer is: The Japanese. The Japanese believe EVERYTHING should be a challenge to be surmounted for self-betterment, and therefore designing things to be easy and intuitive to use is anathema to them. Just look at any TV or DVD player (or their remote controls) for examples. This will only end when A) We stop allowing the Japanese to design things, or B) When the human race comes to an end because no-one can figure out how to use anything anymore.
  • MrRivethead1001
    MrRivethead1001 5 месяцев назад @GR46404 It was actually GM with their Buick Rivera in 1986. So the Americans, not the Japanese, brought it to market first. Quick internet search revealed that.
  • GR46404
    GR46404 5 месяцев назад If Buick had a touch screen in 1986, then it failed to catch on for about 20-odd years, which is to say it had no consequences.. Whereas the Japanese make "puzzling" a feature of just about everything they design.
  • Mitch White
    Mitch White 3 месяца назад @MrRivethead1001 I think he's making a political statement that I think I agree with, so you're gonna need a political statement too.
  • SpikefallYT
    SpikefallYT 3 месяца назад COUGH tesla COUGH
  • Boat Axe
    Boat Axe 3 месяца назад Yep! And our government ( the one that says using a phone while driving is dangerous) let them sell cars that are equally distracting!
  • Mike Berkman
    Mike Berkman 2 месяца назад Just wait till all these touch screens go out and you can't control anything in your car. Can't wait for the line up of used cars in 10 years. Going to be a bunch of cars with the floors cut out so you can flinstone that shit and cigarette lighter powered fans since we can't turn our a/c on, and don't get me started on the radio that's stuck on the worst station in your area at full blast playing over your 17 blown speakers.
  • Richard Black
    Richard Black 1 месяц назад The aztek wins over every modern car, because you press buttons to do stuff.
  • InfiniteMushroom
    InfiniteMushroom Неделю назад As I recall, the 1970's Aston Martin Lagonda had CRT screens and touch-sensitive pads for that electronic gee-whiz effect. I remember wandering around in a Miami showroom and how amazing they were to see. I just wanted to get a sales brochure just so I could daydream about getting a car like that someday. What am I driving today??? A 2009 Ford Ranger and I'm glad to have such a nice truck.
  • Mike Berkman
    Mike Berkman Неделю назад @InfiniteMushroom I wonder how those screens are operating these days. So many cars with electronic gauges from the 90s are already haunting us from beyond the grave.
  • InfiniteMushroom
    InfiniteMushroom Неделю назад @Mike Berkman Since the Aston Martin Lagonda used real CRT screens, it's doubtful that any are working today. It's damn near impossible to find ANY shop that works on old vintage TV's, let alone reconditions the old CRT parts inside i.e. the electron gun (cathode heater typically) and phosphorescent viewing screen. The green LED dashboards of 1980's GM cars were so tacky in comparison to the futuristic elegance of the Lagonda's dashboard.
  • Mike Berkman
    Mike Berkman Неделю назад @InfiniteMushroom I love the Lagonda, but I can't sell another kidney and I'm out of souls, so I couldn't begin to imagine getting one into running condition every other week.
  • stigofdunsfold
    stigofdunsfold 5 месяцев назад I remember loving these as a kid. Any time I saw one I’d stare at it. I genuinely thought they cool looking because of how weird they were. I especially liked the idea of having a tent in the car. I’d love to own one someday (unironically)
  • Rexcor Jungmir
    Rexcor Jungmir 1 месяц назад I looked through this comment section and I swore I was gonna be the only one. I still kinda like the Aztec and all the gimmicks with it, though some I could see just being optional and they'd probably get less crap for. That tent that connects to the trunk, though... seems like a novel idea to me.
  • That Man In the Yellow Shirt 2000
    That Man In the Yellow Shirt 2000 1 месяц назад I felt the same way. I don't think it's really ugly... hell, if you wanna see an ugly car, look at the '96 Ford Tauros sedan
  • bowwing333
    bowwing333 1 месяц назад Definitely same! Always wanted one. All that "gimmicky shit" this guy talks about makes me want it even more. I would definitely have made good use of it when I lived in Montana, heck I could have lived in it while working up in the hills.
  • Echo Moses
    Echo Moses 5 месяцев назад It's like a pair of Crocs on wheels
  • krazi77
    krazi77 5 месяцев назад my wife has a friend that has an Aztec. and she wears crocs.
  • Drifto-kun
    Drifto-kun 5 месяцев назад I mean, it´s not ugly compared to many 2000´s cars and especially modern cars. It´s decent looking, no more, no less.
  • Collin Kelly
    Collin Kelly 5 месяцев назад I can’t lie, I’ve always loved the Aztek
  • Nathan Young
    Nathan Young 5 месяцев назад I feel like every owner of one of these I've ever seen is just perpetually pregnant.
  • Michael Lorah
    Michael Lorah 5 месяцев назад Nah. They're just fat. It's all a ruse.
  • Bartonovich52
    Bartonovich52 5 месяцев назад They’re getting loving in the back.
  • Cody Wright
    Cody Wright 5 месяцев назад Mr. White approved!
  • Cody Wright
    Cody Wright 5 месяцев назад "nothing makes me want to cook more than the timeless styling of the early 2000's"