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10 Athletes Who Got Caught Cheating On Live TV

Published on Mar 1, 2019 6,612,960 views

Here are 10 sports professionals who got busted for cheating during a live tv broadcast.

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10 Athletes Who Got Caught Cheating On Live TV

  • Top Trending
    Top Trending 4 месяца назад Are There Any Other Professional Sports Moments That You Think Belong On This List? Comment Below!
  • Sac Selassie
    Sac Selassie 5 дней назад The Russian Olympic team
  • John Slack
    John Slack Неделю назад @Vanessa Casey wow. Funny to find your comment. I have just added one regarding cheating in the same fight, Ali's corner used smelling salts which is against the rules, and at the same time, to gain time, yes there was something i remember about a tore/cut glove. Cooper would have won that.
  • John Slack
    John Slack Неделю назад Ali getting smelling salts after henry cooper floored him with only two seconds left of round 4. Commentators clearly saying "He doesnt know where he is" Then his trainer can be seen waving smelling salts under his nose which is against the rules. Ali was saved by the bell and then revived with smelling salts, then to add insult to injury, the ref stops the fight about 30 seconds into the next round claiming coopers cut was too bad to continue even though it was no worse than the full previous round 4, ali also had predicted a round 5 win. They smelt trouble with cooper once ali hit the canvas and that fight had to be stopped one way or another.
  • MrPie
    MrPie Неделю назад Forsaken
  • Santiago Rincón
    Santiago Rincón Неделю назад 6:18 ¿world cup championship victory over Mexico? You american imbecile.
  • johnny bongos
    johnny bongos Неделю назад @Uh Oh Well with what you just said being naive I am pretty sure I do. Now let us both be adults and move on and not argue on social media
  • AyeP Weakly
    AyeP Weakly Неделю назад Russian World jr against Canada I think in 1986
  • TheGhost
    TheGhost Неделю назад It's pretty shitty to not credit the music for this video, don't you see all the people looking for this song?
  • Uh Oh
    Uh Oh Неделю назад @johnny bongos I dont think you know what naive means
  • Blablabla Blabittybla
    Blablabla Blabittybla 2 недели назад Patriots tapping opponents radio signals. Patriots paying Brady back door through TB12 so it won’t count against the salary cap. Patriots owner setting commissioner’s salary so refs will not call holding on pats o line & will call roughing the passer if if you so much as breath on Brady. Oh yeah, and that minor thing with the football inflation pressure that went to the Supreme Court.
  • Josh Dhori
    Josh Dhori 2 недели назад luis suarez biting multiple people in soccer
  • bkbj8282
    bkbj8282 2 недели назад You left the label for #1 as Dwight Howard, you fucking moron.
  • the Unknown
    the Unknown 2 недели назад Yes
  • Thierrion Kagan
    Thierrion Kagan 3 недели назад JOE NIEKRO AND THE EMERY BOARD!! The Twins won the World Series that year. I seriously thought that was number one!
  • Stu Str
    Stu Str 3 недели назад Chinese swimming team and the Russian athletics squad.
  • Stu Str
    Stu Str 3 недели назад AFL club Essendon. Peptide use. Half the team, coaches and the brownlow medal was stripped
  • J.P. Hardy
    J.P. Hardy 3 недели назад @GiTxSHuM That could take up all 10 spots.
  • sam kupper
    sam kupper 4 недели назад 12:21 says Dwight Howard for #1 not Lance Armstrong
    XXZACHBXX TSZ 1 месяц назад Obama care should be
  • Rory Lewis
    Rory Lewis 1 месяц назад Harlequins rugby blood gate scandal
  • Leo Acosta
    Leo Acosta 1 месяц назад Top Trending You wrote Dwight Howard for number one too
  • Michael Leal
    Michael Leal 1 месяц назад Tim Leary putting something in his mouth during a game against the Orioles when the umps came to check him. Roger Clemens throwing a bat at Piazza during the world series. Dewayne Wise's non-catch of a ball in foul territory. Jeter faking being hit by a pitch. Graig Nettles filling his bat with superballs. Pettitte, Clemens, Rodriguez, Giambi, Cabrera, Cervilli, Montero, Sheffield, , Grimsley, Canseco, Knoblauch, Strawberry, Gooden, Lawton drugs/steroids. Basically just write the names of Yankees on a wall and throw a dart. 🤣
  • Ryan D'souza
    Ryan D'souza 1 месяц назад rugby's bloodgate
  • stellingbanjodude
    stellingbanjodude 1 месяц назад Michael waltrip with jet fuel gel inside his engine at Daytona
  • William Wong Kah Liang
    William Wong Kah Liang 1 месяц назад Anyone still playing clash royale in 2019? My clan : Legend $urvive My clan have not much peoples Cuz its still developing
  • Funlion
    Funlion 1 месяц назад yes, shahid afridi ( former pakistani cricketer) who literally was chewing the seam of the ball, it was a lol moment.
  • brian lucas
    brian lucas 1 месяц назад Joe Niekro.
  • salami puller
    salami puller 1 месяц назад Song?
  • Michael C
    Michael C 1 месяц назад Kings vs Lakers
  • Jack Glover
    Jack Glover 1 месяц назад Top Trending maybe get it right next time u start talking about cricket Bancroft is a batter and Steve Smith didn’t tell anyone to do anything
  • Zlipp818 !
    Zlipp818 ! 2 месяца назад Craig kimbrel rubs the same part of his hat every pitch and they don't do anything about it
  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 2 месяца назад Cotto vs Margarito 1
  • Jock McStrapon
    Jock McStrapon 2 месяца назад Cricket has had more scandals then FIFA do your research!
  • Mr. wevil
    Mr. wevil 2 месяца назад You should probably do more research about the Australian cricket team next time
  • Golden Guilder
    Golden Guilder 2 месяца назад How you going to have a oriole pitcher on the thumbnail and not show anything about that in the video???
  • Jason Stacy
    Jason Stacy 2 месяца назад Williams using traction control in F1.
  • JOHN Walsh
    JOHN Walsh 3 месяца назад They should've all been banned for life, or even jailed.
  • Momo Cakes
    Momo Cakes 3 месяца назад You missed PINCHI BRADY!
  • Saul Nores
    Saul Nores 3 месяца назад Prost crashing Senna. Senna crashing Prost the following year.
  • Sheldon Murray
    Sheldon Murray 3 месяца назад Marty McSorley and his illegal stick.
  • lemwanks
    lemwanks 3 месяца назад It was the pitcher's glove, dumbass.
  • Vanessa Casey
    Vanessa Casey 3 месяца назад What about when Angelo Dundee purposely cut Muhammad Ali's glove against Henry Cooper
  • FleaFinder4000
    FleaFinder4000 3 месяца назад Top Trending also, the Dwight Howard thing may have been a bit of a chest move. The reason he did it was likely to grab rebounds though
  • FleaFinder4000
    FleaFinder4000 3 месяца назад Top Trending honestly, I didn’t think the soccer flop was that bad. He did it to take advantage of the other guys bad decision. I don’t think he even should have been punished. Everyone knows soccer players flop and the other guy probably wouldn’t have been ejected if it wasn’t for that
  • m aqib
    m aqib 3 месяца назад Shahid afridi biting the cricket ball should surely be on list
  • party pack
    party pack 3 месяца назад Horse race cheating Emirates racing 5/4/19 3rd race the favourite riflescope won the race they give it to the horse that was beaten a short head in 2nd they never showed the photo
  • Hals
    Hals 3 месяца назад Your videos suck. stop making them
  • ArmchairWarrior
    ArmchairWarrior 3 месяца назад yeah, 10 random soccer falls
  • Johny Blaze
    Johny Blaze 3 месяца назад Patriots need to be on here!!
  • immune list
    immune list 3 месяца назад mayweather cheats pacman real cheater
  • D B
    D B 3 месяца назад Have a look at "Badr Hari Vs Remy Bonjasky - K1 Final Yokohama 2008".
  • Soarin Skies
    Soarin Skies 3 месяца назад Top Trending Barry Bonds for using PEDS
  • 1990Ravens
    1990Ravens 3 месяца назад deflated fotballs
  • Nick Rogers
    Nick Rogers 3 месяца назад The patriots
  • Luke Stone
    Luke Stone 3 месяца назад Alex Rodriguez swatting the ball out of the Red Sox glove in the ALCS
  • Mark Dierking
    Mark Dierking 3 месяца назад You forgot the #1 cheater who benefited most, Defelategate's darling, Tom Brady. Did he send you presents, too?
  • Epic Universe
    Epic Universe 3 месяца назад Hey top trending, on the number 1 and 2 it says Dwight howard.
  • Sarthak Bansal
    Sarthak Bansal 3 месяца назад Top Trending the person who injured Rob Gronkowski during the 2018 Patriots-Eagles Super Bowl
  • Pickl3X
    Pickl3X 3 месяца назад What's the name of the song in the background would be great to know please and thank you !
  • powerofk
    powerofk 3 месяца назад Kenny Rogers getting caught using sandpaper during the 2006 World Series. Also, "Hungry" Mike Tyson biting off Evander Holyfield's ear.
  • Jacob Sturdevant
    Jacob Sturdevant 3 месяца назад Mike Tomlin should've been on this list.
  • Nathan McAfee
    Nathan McAfee 3 месяца назад Corked bats have been shown to not be the homerun hitters that they were thought to be. This was tested and proven years ago.
  • E. Trano
    E. Trano 3 месяца назад When A-rod slapped the ball out of the redsox first baseman's glove in the 04 playoffs!!!
  • Duck McFuddle
    Duck McFuddle 3 месяца назад I Don’t Know How To Capitalize Either
  • Josh Copeland
    Josh Copeland 3 месяца назад @Talal Shahzad Also Smith took the fall because he was captain. He wasn't part of the scandal his fault was he turned a blind eye when Warner and Bancroft were hatching the plan.
  • Fortnite Kid
    Fortnite Kid 3 месяца назад The New England Patriots
  • Mike Patel
    Mike Patel 3 месяца назад johnny bongos obviously you are a biased patard That has to defend the Patriots tainted titles. If every team was cheating why did the patriots only get busted? Deflatgate is only stupid to stupid patriot fans.
  • James Price
    James Price 3 месяца назад Lance Armstrong...Cheater and complete asshole.
  • Talal Shahzad
    Talal Shahzad 3 месяца назад Top Trending Cameron Bancroft isn't a bowler know your facts befor you tell 1 million people that
  • Harry Barnes
    Harry Barnes 3 месяца назад How about when Jason Kidd told one of his players to bump into him so he’d spill his drink on the court because they were out of timeouts.
  • Omer D
    Omer D 3 месяца назад Caption on #1 is wrong - FYI
  • JoshSimonVlogs
    JoshSimonVlogs 3 месяца назад Top Trending Lebron James every game.
  • Nathan Real
    Nathan Real 3 месяца назад Alex Formica never cheated
  • Nathan Real
    Nathan Real 3 месяца назад XxKorean_BBQxX that wasn’t real dumbass that’s why it’s not on here
  • SwagPopTart 01
    SwagPopTart 01 3 месяца назад GiTxSHuM that’s not cheating
  • johnny bongos
    johnny bongos 3 месяца назад @Alex Formica You are naive! First off if they did "cheat" it was not caught on camera! Yes "spygate" happened but there were no rules against what they did and every team does including the Jets who did it to the Pats in 06! Also deflate gate was just so stupid I still get headaches! Thank please try again!
  • GiTxSHuM
    GiTxSHuM 3 месяца назад James Harden traveling.
  • Alex Formica
    Alex Formica 3 месяца назад PATRIOTS ??/
  • harrellmeister
    harrellmeister 3 месяца назад Graphic person messed up #1 read Dwight Howard but he was #2
  • XxKorean_BBQxX
    XxKorean_BBQxX 4 месяца назад Top Trending deflatriots
  • Joshua Furlong
    Joshua Furlong 4 месяца назад The aussie coach pronounced lee man
  • Daniel Wilson
    Daniel Wilson 4 месяца назад Number 1 should have been Serena Williams receiving coaching in that match then lying about it, followed by her coach going "Yeah I did it". That was unreal, she is disgusting.
  • Marshal Stamey
    Marshal Stamey 3 месяца назад dwight howard cheated so hard, he changed his identity and started a whole new career in biking and cheated there too
  • Gaye All
    Gaye All 11 часов назад 😂😂
  • Mentally Awakened
    Mentally Awakened 4 дня назад @Jesse Uriostegui you're not alone!
  • AK_ KID907
    AK_ KID907 4 дня назад Marshal Stamey saw that too
  • Luka Anders-Weiner
    Luka Anders-Weiner 5 дней назад lol
  • Carlos Butler
    Carlos Butler 6 дней назад Lol
  • Issac Whaley
    Issac Whaley Неделю назад Marshal Stamey 💀💀you got me cracking the fuck up😂😂😂😂
  • Prashant D
    Prashant D 2 недели назад @Jesse Uriostegui the athlete on #1 spot is Nibali Vincenzo but the dumb editors didn't think to fix it even though this video has had sooo many views already.
  • Russ Pink
    Russ Pink 2 недели назад Marshal Stamey surprised no one said he cheated so hard he had to change his gender...
  • Purified Holy Water
    Purified Holy Water 2 недели назад Dwight Howard cheated so hard he changed careers and pulled a Michael Jackson
  • get Smarty
    get Smarty 2 недели назад @Will Marshall beat me to it lmao
  • Jesse Uriostegui
    Jesse Uriostegui 3 недели назад I understand now
  • Jesse Uriostegui
    Jesse Uriostegui 3 недели назад I don’t get this joke :.(
  • Jesse Cyr-Brophy
    Jesse Cyr-Brophy 3 недели назад LMAOOOOO
  • FinlandisReal For Real
    FinlandisReal For Real 3 недели назад This dude is a god
  • Jesus Campos
    Jesus Campos 4 недели назад Marshal Stamey fax
  • baselol
    baselol 4 недели назад Legend
  • Will Marshall
    Will Marshall 1 месяц назад So ashamed he changed his skin colour too
  • Dinner
    Dinner 2 месяца назад Underated comment
  • Blazed Gaming KR
    Blazed Gaming KR 2 месяца назад @Overpowered Draco gotta get those max aerodynamics. Lol
  • Overpowered Draco
    Overpowered Draco 2 месяца назад Dwight howard cheated so hard the second time he gave up one testicle.
  • Antt Perez
    Antt Perez 2 месяца назад Marshal Stamey lol
  • Trevor Nakai-Trujillo
    Trevor Nakai-Trujillo 3 месяца назад hahahahahahahaha
  • Jack Marshall
    Jack Marshall 3 месяца назад Legendary if you ask me
  • The Ultimate Reductionist
    The Ultimate Reductionist 3 месяца назад ROFL!!
  • Nycot
    Nycot 3 месяца назад Fining a soccer player $11,000 is like fining an ordinary person 50 cents
  • Shimmer Shine
    Shimmer Shine 6 дней назад (изменено) Someone: [kicks soccer ball past player] Soccer player: [wind from the movement knocks him over] AHHH THE BALL SEPARATED MY SPINE AND PARALYZED ME FROM THE LEGS DOWN!! RED CARD! RED CARD!
  • Everything You Need To Know
    Everything You Need To Know Неделю назад Nah, because the ordinary person will have to pay it. The soccer guys ave ppl for that
  • B reel boxing
    B reel boxing Неделю назад @chopperking1967 a pussy sport would be baseball lmao leave soccer alone...
  • TheMule71
    TheMule71 Неделю назад Yes, but people don't even understand why Rivaldo got the fine. The other player got a red card because he tried to hit someone with the ball when the game was not on. You don't do that, that's the rule. The fact that he managed to hit Rivaldo, is not relevant. Where (face or leg) he hit him is not relevant. It's a red card anyway. So Rivaldo's scene didn't change the outcome of the game in the slightest. Why was he fined? Because there's a general rule about sportmanship. But since even if he broke the rule he caused very little harm, he got a (relatively) small fine.
  • Maru
    Maru Неделю назад @[A]ddiction They earn a lot of money from sponsors and sponsors don't like to be associated with cheaters or criminals..
  • Den V.
    Den V. Неделю назад But being caught cheating destroys your career which equals more than $11,000. All your endorsements can leave you, and endorsements is where athletes get the most money.
  • komodosp
    komodosp 2 недели назад @John Dohn short for Association Football - one of the many variations of football around the world
  • Im Legit
    Im Legit 2 недели назад Nycot more like 5 dollars
  • Michael Hoff
    Michael Hoff 2 недели назад Tell my boi Fiddy Cent... AKA, my boy Half Dolla (Dollar;¢50)
  • LadyGaGa is hot
    LadyGaGa is hot 2 недели назад @chopperking1967 No, rugby has no protection and is slightly different I believe
  • chopperking1967
    chopperking1967 2 недели назад @Z U C C Ahmed What language are your trying to write in? Also consider looking up the connotations and denotations of what pussy means that's a good start to construct your thoughts on it.
  • LadyGaGa is hot
    LadyGaGa is hot 2 недели назад @Aero LOL top soccer players can make half a million a week easy
  • LadyGaGa is hot
    LadyGaGa is hot 2 недели назад @James Rosemary that's bull shit
  • LadyGaGa is hot
    LadyGaGa is hot 2 недели назад @chopperking1967 rugby and American football is the exact same, most sports that draw big crowds are
  • Aero
    Aero 2 недели назад Top players make 50,000$ a month
  • Insane Leftist
    Insane Leftist 2 недели назад I was the 1k like, I'd like to thank my mom Jesus and all the steroids that allowed me to like this comment in time
  • John Dohn
    John Dohn 2 недели назад Whats soccer?
  • randomboi
    randomboi 2 недели назад ARE YOU DUMB ITS FOOTBALL
  • eXpas04
    eXpas04 2 недели назад *football
  • Z U C C Ahmed
    Z U C C Ahmed 2 недели назад @chopperking1967 take a shot everything you said pussy
  • Sacatolas Moreira
    Sacatolas Moreira 2 недели назад football*
  • Himanshu Sirohi
    Himanshu Sirohi 2 недели назад @Animesh Das were you in rising phoenix?
  • [A]ddiction
    [A]ddiction 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Animesh Das look at combat sports for example there are clips of conor mcgregor and especially jon jones cheating their asses of yet people still claim that theyre "GOATs" of their sports. what you think would happen doesnt mean that it does happen. if that were true players would stop cheating after youtube as a site blew up and became mainstream but they dont stop which implies that noone actually cares about their reputation.
  • michaelmore 999
    michaelmore 999 1 месяц назад James Rosemary yeah, and I really, really, REALLY don’t want to be that shitbag, I think “ashamed to be associated with such a pussy sport” is a little bit of an exaggeration for just playing soccer
  • James Rosemary
    James Rosemary 1 месяц назад 99% of football players do not earn enough to maintain a decent life. So a fine of that amount is devastating. Not all players are Ronaldo or Messi.
  • Time Man Mega
    Time Man Mega 1 месяц назад Radha sos I
    KASEN URNIEZIUS 1 месяц назад true oh so true
  • Animesh Das
    Animesh Das 1 месяц назад [A]ddiction I guess in today’s age of YouTube and google search where the shameful act can be searched and viewed by anytime anywhere in world, being labeled a cheater would be more damaging than millions in fine.
  • [A]ddiction
    [A]ddiction 1 месяц назад @Animesh Das lmao loss of reputation is such a vague punishment. it depends if the player even cares about his reputation which players that play up injuries definitely dont care about.
  • Animesh Das
    Animesh Das 1 месяц назад The punishment is not's the loss of reputation that's the real hurt. The fine of $1000 would have same effect.
  • chopperking1967
    chopperking1967 2 месяца назад Which is why not only the players are pussies, the organization rewards pussy players - causing the problem. I would be ashamed to be associated with such a pussy sport.
  • James Iyer
    James Iyer 2 месяца назад Literally, a lot of top players make that in a few hours or less
  • Mike Eves
    Mike Eves 1 месяц назад Dwight Howard cheated in two completely different sports, he's a double cheating disgrace.
  • CharlieMason
    CharlieMason Неделю назад @greatestcaballero Damn! Cheated on his race too bro!
  • Russell Johnson
    Russell Johnson 3 недели назад Mike Eves hmm I think others were worse get out ur feelings
  • greatestcaballero
    greatestcaballero 4 недели назад And did so by changing colors.
    JOFO PODCAST 1 месяц назад Mike Eves no doubt bro!
  • Timothy Ellsworth
    Timothy Ellsworth 1 месяц назад Mike Eves lol yeah you seen that too. 🤣🤣🤣 Number 2 and number one
  • TheDrexxus
    TheDrexxus 3 месяца назад After Dwight Howard cheated in the bike race, he just kept saying "I've been cheating for years, it's not a big deal, no one cares."
  • Breyon Hopkins
    Breyon Hopkins 3 месяца назад @clifton559 Does stephen curry shooting with bad eyesight count?
  • clifton559
    clifton559 3 месяца назад WHO DIDNT CHEAT IS THE QUESTION. HMMM PROVE THAT .
  • iMar
    iMar 3 месяца назад Resto is a murderer, #4 is so horrible. Everytime I hear about the story I get so sad and angry hearing about it.
  • Jacob Begley
    Jacob Begley 9 часов назад I do as well. It is fucked up. and not right, what so fucking ever
  • Dude R
    Dude R 2 недели назад I know right!??
  • KIng _ka0S
    KIng _ka0S 1 месяц назад @Mike SKARONIS I could completely understand the whole.. Resto "not having a choice".. thing. And oh, I could only imagine how much was made letting it all ride on the underdog with them kinda odds. But.. that was this fight.. mean to tell me, he was pressured all those fights he admitted to them cheating... with the asthma medication, hardening of the fists in plaster, and I'm willing to bet it was a regular routine to cheat in sum kinda way after getting away with it once.. after doing it once then I'm sure they did it very often in the matches leading up to this f***ed up atrocity. And I doubt ther was any pressure on him before this fight and he had a choice. He decided to take the pussy way. For that he's a punk bitch. And Yea, he would beat my ass without having to cheat im almost certain. But doesn't change that he made sum pussy choices.
    Mike SKARONIS 1 месяц назад @KIng _ka0S .....I know this story when I worked in the gym where resto was trained by Panama......they were going to do this the whole time and talked about it way beforehand.....big money was bet on resto, who was a 4 to 1 underdog....I'm talking about 500k in Vegas......they would have been very well taken care of as restos purse was less than point is resto had no choice to cheat or can still call him a punk, but he was just told what was going to happen, whether he liked it or not
  • KIng _ka0S
    KIng _ka0S 2 месяца назад Yup that's straight up foul! Undefeated and then got his whole future in boxing.. and IN LIFE striped from him! All by sum pussy that knew he couldn't beat him legitimately. Coward.
  • 713Don3rdCoast
    713Don3rdCoast 4 месяца назад Dwight Howard #2 & #1 lol
  • markrager
    markrager 2 недели назад Lol exactly
  • Someone ate a meat
    Someone ate a meat 2 недели назад @XNDUIW woooooooooow what a great observation
  • repoman
    repoman 2 месяца назад so nice, that he had to get caught twice.
  • Leo Rikhtman
    Leo Rikhtman 2 месяца назад He did it on purpose because people will go and comment which makes the video more popular. The more comments the more recommended
  • Antt Perez
    Antt Perez 2 месяца назад 713Don3rdCoast no he's not he's a fucking cheater LOL
  • Charly #1yoyo
    Charly #1yoyo 3 месяца назад Bro, also saw it lol
  • KiagoDangerous
    KiagoDangerous 3 месяца назад #0 Dwight Howard
  • Carlos Heras
    Carlos Heras 3 месяца назад 713Don3rdCoast rip dwight Howard he never recovered
  • Robert Huppie
    Robert Huppie 3 месяца назад @XNDUIW a typo is when you misspell a word by accident, not when you use 2 completely wrong words. That's called a fuck up, quite possibly made by someone who completely doesn't give a fuck.
  • Pickl3X
    Pickl3X 3 месяца назад Help me figure out the song in this video please and thank you
  • McSweaty
    McSweaty 3 месяца назад Ik
  • Mr. Noob
    Mr. Noob 3 месяца назад Ikr
  • STX iSlayyz
    STX iSlayyz 3 месяца назад TBG Aiden I saw u in the comments on a fortnite video
  • VishFilms
    VishFilms 3 месяца назад Copy & Paste is a hell of a shortcut
  • Z In Chains
    Z In Chains 3 месяца назад Lazy channel. They just want to pump videos and get views.
    MARTIEN BÉLANGER 3 месяца назад Dwight Howard #2 & #1 ? That makes room for Ben Johnson!
  • carlos
    carlos 3 месяца назад lolololo
  • Bwa Ha
    Bwa Ha 3 месяца назад Yeh saw that there lol
    RP THE GREAT 3 месяца назад @Ragna Xi lol
  • Joshua Eyer
    Joshua Eyer 3 месяца назад i am confusion
  • Donovan Collins
    Donovan Collins 3 месяца назад XNDUIW no shit Sherlock
  • Dallas Webb
    Dallas Webb 3 месяца назад Lol
  • Steven W
    Steven W 3 месяца назад I thought I was losing it while high I was like holy shit that bleaching cream is working damn well on Dwight and who the fuck knew he could bike so well, obviously the whoever has him on their team now because they’re helping him
  • Cory Kent
    Cory Kent 3 месяца назад 713Don3rdCoast I saw that as well
  • Daggs 187
    Daggs 187 3 месяца назад XNDUIW WAIT WHAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!
  • Backflip Boy
    Backflip Boy 3 месяца назад IKR
  • Twisted Demon
    Twisted Demon 3 месяца назад @Ragna Xi yeah bro he races bikes all the time
  • TBG Aiden
    TBG Aiden 3 месяца назад I noticed that😂😂😂
  • Matthew Moffat
    Matthew Moffat 3 месяца назад WTF
  • JayLivingLife
    JayLivingLife 4 месяца назад I came right to the comments when I seen this
  • Vie
    Vie 4 месяца назад I was about to say that then I looked at the comment, lmao
  • 713Don3rdCoast
    713Don3rdCoast 4 месяца назад XNDUIW you don’t say.!?🤯
    XNDUIW 4 месяца назад It's a typo
  • FMFvideos
    FMFvideos 4 месяца назад he was cheating on his girlfriends
  • Ragna Xi
    Ragna Xi 4 месяца назад I was confused for a bit when I saw #1 lol.
  • Jesse Earles
    Jesse Earles 1 месяц назад Luis Resto should have been at the top. He committed Assault on live TV.
  • j Shah
    j Shah Неделю назад The heart bully had is just amazing. My uncle used to tell me the story of their fight when I was little and when I got older I finally watched it and couldn't believe how much determination bully had to stay in there and take the assult for all those rounds never once did he quit. A true warrior!
  • Anthony Francis
    Anthony Francis 2 недели назад Fucking wild right lol. The coaches brought him on during the winter of 2006/07. I asked a couple of the other boxers “yo do you know who the fuck that is?” But they didn’t at the time, we were just kids. He worked with a few guys doing bag and mit work, I was one of them. He was real intense while training you. He’d work you hard and didn’t care if the bell sounded, he wouldn’t let you stop lol. He was real hard to understand too which didn’t help. Not cause of his Spanglish but just cause he mumbled and struggled to talk.
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov
    Khabib Nurmagomedov 2 недели назад Anthony Francis Bro are you serious?? Thats crazy
  • Anthony Francis
    Anthony Francis 2 недели назад When I was 15/16 I saw eh HBO documentary about Resto. I was boxing at the time, and about a year later I’m walking into the gym and Resto is standing there. The trainers brought him on to help out. I was like, am I the only one seeing this dude?!? He used to do mit work with me. Real scary and weird dude.
  • Legoman11
    Legoman11 1 месяц назад Jesse Earles Billy didn't deserve that.
  • GageyyBoyy
    GageyyBoyy 1 месяц назад You know what’s crazy is that Resto cheated most his career and still had a mediocre record and failed to knock Collins out. Worst cheater of all time.
  • John Flemming
    John Flemming Неделю назад I know, what a pussy, he cheated in every way possible and still couldn't get a knockout
  • Matt S.
    Matt S. 2 недели назад GageyyBoyy I mean shit, the depression and later suicide by Collins should have been laid at Resto’s doorstep. He basically killed the man indirectly...
  • Jesse Quiroz
    Jesse Quiroz 1 месяц назад Sad Collins was a amazing boxer resto punishment should of been a lot more than he got
  • qubeh
    qubeh 3 недели назад the resto situation wasn't "near murderous assault", it was murderous assault. the death just didn't happen during the assault.
  • Melinda Greer
    Melinda Greer 3 недели назад That's a really good way to put it.
  • TheGeckoNinja
    TheGeckoNinja 3 месяца назад that poor boxer :( see what cheating does?
  • Cock Knocker
    Cock Knocker 5 дней назад @Your Highness He did notice it, in the full video of the fight you can see him say "He is much stronger than i expected, he hits so hard" to his trainer while in the corner. Billy just thought the guy was really strong.
  • joe hernandez
    joe hernandez 3 недели назад @PYLrulz1984 It's the commission that should be checking. Ref is responsible for what happens in the ring, not checking athletes before they enter. It's entirely possible they bribed a commission guy to look the other way, and we would probably never know because the commissions cover their own asses.
  • PYLrulz1984
    PYLrulz1984 1 месяц назад S.M.A I would almost have to think. The refs I would think check that kind of thing during the little meeting before the bell rings, and the ref didn’t do his job, or didn’t care to.
  • S.M.A
    S.M.A 1 месяц назад IF THE REF ACTUALLY DID HIS FUCKING JOB THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEND i hope that ref got fired
  • Ian Goodman
    Ian Goodman 3 месяца назад @Joshua Ciardelli Or you could just go to MMA in America, where Brock Lesnar and TJ Dillashaw and others are doping their asses off.
  • Your Highness
    Your Highness 3 месяца назад It is fucked up but I don’t understand how he didn’t notice that he was getting hit harder than normal. If I was getting hit that hard I think I’d question why It felt like bare knuckles.. also that’s something refs need to watch for & check before fights.
  • Joshua Ciardelli
    Joshua Ciardelli 3 месяца назад @HappySlayer81 Unfortunately this is not uncommon in fighting sports, even today. Especially if you go somewhere like China, where they just kinda make up the rules for certain smaller MMA events. People use loaded wraps, bolts, and all sorts of nasty stuff at times. =/ That was a sad story..
  • HappySlayer81
    HappySlayer81 3 месяца назад Yeah, that was pretty fucked up.
  • FznFilms YT
    FznFilms YT Неделю назад Didn’t know Dwight Howard was a cyclist too
  • Aaron Brall
    Aaron Brall 1 день назад Amazing, in 2016 Fernando Alonso suffered a 200mph 50G crash, 2 brokeb ribs but he got out of an upside down F1 car that had disintegrated, footballers grt touched on the shoulder and cry
  • Matthew Erdmann
    Matthew Erdmann 3 месяца назад 100% of comments: Dwight Howard isn't a biker!
  • Someone ate a meat
    Someone ate a meat 2 недели назад correction: is a biker
  • Henry M
    Henry M 1 месяц назад *99.99999999999999999%
  • BigBollocks
    BigBollocks 2 недели назад I’m Australian and it’s so disgraceful that the Australian cricket team did this - number 10. I would rather the country lose than cheat like this. Thanks for including.
  • AS C
    AS C Неделю назад Aussies cheat more in cricket than all the national teams combined, remember Ricky pointing.
  • Thomas Abell
    Thomas Abell Неделю назад Trust me it’s fine. No one else cares.
  • Miggsie
    Miggsie Неделю назад @MrCorvusCpft, Maradona is an Argentine hero for the hand of God
  • Lachlan-MasterMind
    Lachlan-MasterMind Неделю назад I know it’s disgraceful but many other countries have been caught ball tampering as well in previous years, however have recieved much lesser punishments
  • MrCorvusC
    MrCorvusC 2 недели назад Don't know anything about cricket, but all I want to say is that's the natural reaction regardless of sport. You will pretty much never see sports fans defending cheaters even if they're from their own village so to speak. People want to see their national teams succeed, but not at the cost of fair play and sportsmanship.
  • Swaining Gaming
    Swaining Gaming 2 недели назад As a big cricket fan as soon as I saw this list I instantly knew the aussies would be on here
  • Orlando Cox
    Orlando Cox 2 недели назад did you also realise the called bancroft a bowler
  • Aero
    Aero 2 недели назад Good day mate from Canada 🇨🇦
  • Monkey Bite
    Monkey Bite 3 месяца назад Dwight Howard is such a blatant cheat that he even got blamed for cycling
  • Isaiah Brown
    Isaiah Brown 1 месяц назад Lol
  • robert johnson
    robert johnson 1 месяц назад lmao i was about to comment that lance armstrong is also dwight howard
  • Teorror87
    Teorror87 1 месяц назад 😂 nice
  • Joe Murphy
    Joe Murphy 1 месяц назад Lol I saw that too
  • Demyx
    Demyx 1 месяц назад @Samuraisahsah #1 literally says "Dwight Howard", the person shown and talked about is not Dwight Howard.
  • Max Pastore
    Max Pastore 1 месяц назад Yee
  • Mikkel Bergholt
    Mikkel Bergholt 1 месяц назад @Samuraisahsah It says Dwight Howard on the last one too
  • Samuraisahsah
    Samuraisahsah 1 месяц назад I keep seeing this “joke” but I don’t get it, can someone please explain?
  • Frosty JG
    Frosty JG 1 месяц назад Gaming With A White Guy same
  • Pickl3X
    Pickl3X 3 месяца назад Help me figure out the song in this video please and thank you
  • Gaming With A White Guy
    Gaming With A White Guy 3 месяца назад Lmfao I was literally about to type this exact thing!!
  • krakow
    krakow 3 месяца назад k that's good
  • Theballing Kid
    Theballing Kid 3 дня назад Resto should get the death penalty He almost killed someone just so that he called win ):<
  • My Lamp Doesn't Work
    My Lamp Doesn't Work 1 день назад resto should honestly be dealt the same fate.... beating with rocks untill dead, and then a little more..... Lastly thrown into pile of unusable pig manure and left there to rot, and have his last pictures taken so his kin can remember him as he was..... a pile of shit...... just saying that would at least be a start.......
  • Nawty Savage
    Nawty Savage 3 месяца назад Dwight Howard even cheated the cyclist out of being a cheater, now thats some cheating right there.
  • Harry Robbins
    Harry Robbins 3 месяца назад Why on Earth are you calling him Ferreira. It’s rivaldo
  • Sam Gollings
    Sam Gollings 4 недели назад saturnaliamiracle he’s only ever gone by Rivaldo. It’s very common in Brazil, e.g. Neymar, Ronaldinho or Kaka
  • saturnaliamiracle
    saturnaliamiracle 1 месяц назад He called him Rivaldo Ferreira, which is his name. What's the deal with you people and only using one name?
  • Dhee Majumder
    Dhee Majumder 2 месяца назад @Saul Nores haha yeah lol, fucker kept saying Soccer
  • Javi
    Javi 3 месяца назад @Harry Robbins I know but on the video itself it says Rivaldo so I'm sure he knows obviously.
  • Harry Robbins
    Harry Robbins 3 месяца назад Javi Ronaldinho’s last name is Moreira but no one calls him that. Anyone who knows football knows that it’s Rivaldo
  • Javi
    Javi 3 месяца назад thats his last name
  • Saul Nores
    Saul Nores 3 месяца назад Because he knows nothing about football.