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Our Top Picks From The 2019 Geneva Motor Show | Carfection

Published on Mar 9, 2019 607,801 views

Henry Catchpole takes you on a tour of the highlights of the 2019 Geneva motor show.
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  • Malcolm BrownSword
    Malcolm BrownSword 3 месяца назад Henry you have to drive that yellow RUF, get it done lad !!
  • Malcolm BrownSword
    Malcolm BrownSword 3 месяца назад Henry Catchpole good man, 700hp in a 1200kg 911, will make for a very interesting drive.
  • Onkar Indurkar
    Onkar Indurkar 3 месяца назад Watch hoonigan they alredy done it
  • Henry Catchpole
    Henry Catchpole 3 месяца назад Malcolm BrownSword I’ll do my best!
  • Salah Eddine
    Salah Eddine 3 месяца назад Would like to be able to!😍 As everyone here I guess!😂
  • Andres Luzunaris
    Andres Luzunaris 3 месяца назад Of all the channels that review the Geneva 2019, this is the only one that I could stopped and watched entirely. Henry makes it worth it, refreshing and entertaining. Well done as always.
  • fachrie andika
    fachrie andika 3 месяца назад this and "the straight pipes" are the best indeed
  • Toby Brown
    Toby Brown 3 месяца назад How did he not go and talk about Aston Martin though?? The best manufacturer at the show this year.
  • Roadman Top
    Roadman Top 3 месяца назад Get your ass to the RUF factory 👆👍
  • Roadman Top
    Roadman Top 3 месяца назад Andres Luzunaris agreed 👍🏻
  • Bar Irwin
    Bar Irwin 3 месяца назад Same. Schmee also puts out quality content and tonnes of it but I can't deal with the over exuberance.
  • Tobias Ahlzen
    Tobias Ahlzen 3 месяца назад Agree, my sub box is full of Geneva videos and only watch a few of them. But this with Henry is the only one I could watch for hours without being bored
  • Ben Sutherland
    Ben Sutherland 3 месяца назад same.
  • Henry Catchpole
    Henry Catchpole 3 месяца назад Andres Luzunaris Very kind. Thank you.
  • Niandra
    Niandra 3 месяца назад That Yellowbird homage is just the coolest thing in the world.
  • Markotik G
    Markotik G 3 месяца назад Yeah, pure class 👍
  • Ramond Olive
    Ramond Olive 3 месяца назад Big agree
  • Bruno
    Bruno 3 месяца назад Love the retro RUF, great execution of a great idea!
  • Breno Luna
    Breno Luna 3 месяца назад 3:45 the face of disdain on the gentleman to the left is priceless.
  • Surfside
    Surfside 2 месяца назад That ol bloke was probably laying down 300k+ so yeah😂
  • Patrick Steinmark
    Patrick Steinmark 3 месяца назад @FreePadzHe's just a bit sour for not having a proper bowel movement in weeks.
  • Breno Luna
    Breno Luna 3 месяца назад @LupinYonder Definitely! Were it not too soon, his face could become the next "(X) DOUBT" meme.
  • FreePadz
    FreePadz 3 месяца назад The crusty old shite
  • Joe Tacchino
    Joe Tacchino 3 месяца назад That guy needs to worry about why his wife is wearing red latex pants.
  • LupinYonder
    LupinYonder 3 месяца назад The way he looked him up and down, assessing his height first. "He'll never fit in that"
  • tiktok toyatoya
    tiktok toyatoya 3 месяца назад Who doesn't love a zonda ? That's a crime
  • Allen Saunders
    Allen Saunders 3 месяца назад Pagani didn't very hard at Geneva this year a lazy stand
  • iea96
    iea96 3 месяца назад Great tour! But no mention of the Alfa Romeo Tonale? I was kinda expecting to hear Henry's take on it.
  • James Tamietti
    James Tamietti 3 месяца назад I love the way he just trashed Mansory in one swift move.
  • Surfside
    Surfside 2 месяца назад What did I miss.. I thought he liked it. I'd buy it for my wife as an excuse to drive it😍
  • Ivan Kunardi
    Ivan Kunardi 1 день назад Still waiting for the Ruf Yellowbird road test
  • iea96
    iea96 3 месяца назад 15:34 - A split second of "Sign off clip goes here" hehe
  • Brooke Derry
    Brooke Derry 3 месяца назад Oh my that yellow RUF. Jesus.
  • MF Robino
    MF Robino 3 месяца назад Awesome the future looksz friendly
  • gigpic
    gigpic 3 месяца назад Henry is absolutely my favourite car person on the internet. I could listen to him talk forever!
  • The Racing Monkey
    The Racing Monkey 3 месяца назад Beautifully made video, really enjoyed watching it!
  • Subi_fan
    Subi_fan 3 месяца назад Yes plz, drive a RUF
  • mziwenduku ntsele
    mziwenduku ntsele 3 месяца назад I'd take the Lamborghini SVJ!
  • Richard Mollberg
    Richard Mollberg 3 месяца назад (изменено) The BMW is "naval gray", the battleship of the road. I choose Honda an and VW Buggy.
  • Luke Wilcock
    Luke Wilcock 3 месяца назад That SVJ has climbed to the No.1 spot on my favourite cars
  • George Alderson
    George Alderson 3 месяца назад What a lovely prezentation by seemingly a lovely chap unlike the overgrown children who often do car shows
  • Matt Col
    Matt Col 3 месяца назад I am so glad you finished on the Zonda. They are my favourite too! I love the over indulgent interior. It reminds me of the 1920's brought forwards. Just pure luxury, loads of beautiful polished shapes inside and the diamond stitched seats! Perfect!
  • gwebby1
    gwebby1 3 месяца назад Great stuff. Get that ruf diven