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Funny Vines Viral Challenge Video Fails Compilation | May & June 2018

Published on Jul 12, 2017 9,902,983 views

Dumb Genius (we used to be The Best Vines!) Presents the funniest viral challenges and viral fails compilation featuring the best viral Instagram & Facebook Videos of the week from May and June 2018!

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  • sqWEezY cHeEzsE bAlLs 4K
    sqWEezY cHeEzsE bAlLs 4K Год назад So why was the girl wearing armbands it's not like she is going to drown or anything pours bucket Gaahh im drowning
  • Life Is Fail
    Life Is Fail 2 дня назад I swear I´ve better compilations !
  • black 13
    black 13 5 месяцев назад Jajaka haer
  • espoir Makwashi
    espoir Makwashi Год назад Beach
  • Merp Nuggets
    Merp Nuggets Год назад Idreesandismail Syed as a joke
  • Ben Sugden
    Ben Sugden Год назад Idreesandismail Syed nice memeulous pfp
  • Felix Tepec
    Felix Tepec Год назад Idreesandismail Syed so true
  • Elizabeth Knighton
    Elizabeth Knighton Год назад Idreesandismail Syed 758
  • EstoJoenah 11
    EstoJoenah 11 Год назад Idreesandismail Syed if
  • Lt Mann
    Lt Mann Год назад Idreesandismail Syed p
  • Emoji Productions
    Emoji Productions Год назад Idreesandismail Syed iiidd
  • Tovetrollis Tjo flipfloppisar
    Tovetrollis Tjo flipfloppisar Год назад Idreesandismail Syed oo
  • William Strachan
    William Strachan Год назад Idreesandismail Syed i
  • bestijus
    bestijus Год назад Idreesandismail Syed iii
  • sqWEezY cHeEzsE bAlLs 4K
    sqWEezY cHeEzsE bAlLs 4K Год назад Maria Torres um ok lol
  • Maria Torres
    Maria Torres Год назад Idreesandismail Syed uhNijiuiiio
  • Jaena Baker
    Jaena Baker Год назад Idreesandismail Syed i
  • Ameera Harun
    Ameera Harun Год назад Idreesandismail Syed k
  • RuthenicSilver 2
    RuthenicSilver 2 Год назад Idreesandismail Syed you so stupid XD
  • sqWEezY cHeEzsE bAlLs 4K
    sqWEezY cHeEzsE bAlLs 4K Год назад Joanathan Calderon thank you very much 😊
  • Joanathan Calderon
    Joanathan Calderon Год назад hhhhhhh
  • Joanathan Calderon
    Joanathan Calderon Год назад that wus funny
  • Pichipichi Peach
    Pichipichi Peach 5 месяцев назад 2回目エイジやん
  • Chromatic Element
    Chromatic Element Год назад Oh, Mr. Darwin, if only your evolutionary theory applied today.
  • dark sphinxx
    dark sphinxx 4 месяца назад 1:15 when you get hit in the head by a crane thing (but I hope he's OK rip)
  • yu jing dcdcfcfcfcนันทะชาติ
    yu jing dcdcfcfcfcนันทะชาติ 3 месяца назад Fghvfhcjvghv Hhhuhuhhngbxucjficjd Th ckducjxuxhduxjcidjfxffvhhhhhhhdghgggffvcyofhxj jcjlfhxhxhxhfucicisyyxyxhxjxjckcjckckvkckckcbxhxjckccm m mckjcj Gygg Gggkv jg
  • Lovely owo
    Lovely owo 5 месяцев назад (изменено) 1:16 Yo how is that funny he could have died Hope he is ok 4:25;_____; ...
  • Spit Fireking
    Spit Fireking 3 недели назад It's the way how he feel down 😂
  • John Doe
    John Doe 1 месяц назад @oliver frith how do you know its fake
  • Boston _K
    Boston _K 3 месяца назад He deserved that for hitting the motorcycle, even tho he was hit first
  • oliver frith
    oliver frith 3 месяца назад There both fake
  • Lovely owo
    Lovely owo 3 месяца назад @shobby big thiccck he could have died from the 1:16
  • Lovely owo
    Lovely owo 3 месяца назад @Mia Guzman yep ;^;
  • shobby big thiccck
    shobby big thiccck 3 месяца назад Bruh why do I have a feeling ur that type of girl who cares about something little
  • Mia Guzman
    Mia Guzman 3 месяца назад Or would u say 1:16🤔
  • Adrian Vukmanovic
    Adrian Vukmanovic 3 месяца назад I have too that thinking can die of that
  • Spinz
    Spinz 3 месяца назад Eevee Player girl exactly how is that funney
  • Ryan's Gaming
    Ryan's Gaming 3 месяца назад Eevee Player girl 1:15 is funny 😂
  • Danny's World
    Danny's World 3 месяца назад Eevee Player girl at least he said to call 911
  • Alucard
    Alucard 4 месяца назад Cause it was vin diesel
  • Strong Dynamo
    Strong Dynamo 4 месяца назад Ws
  • Alcazar Johnson
    Alcazar Johnson 5 месяцев назад 8
  • Lovely owo
    Lovely owo 5 месяцев назад Ture xd but with the car :,<
  • don't
    don't 5 месяцев назад At 4:32 I think it's funny for some people because the guy seems so casual when he sees the crash.
  • Icнιgσ Kυяσѕαкι
    Icнιgσ Kυяσѕαкι Год назад In 6:29 he is the real The Legend27 dap like you never dap before
  • Neptune Flower
    Neptune Flower 4 месяца назад Legend says shes still stuck to this day 9:17
  • รัตนวดี ศีรีลักษณ์
    รัตนวดี ศีรีลักษณ์ Год назад ร่รรารนสสสรรนารรจนนารรรน
  • The_Spirit
    The_Spirit 9 месяцев назад I'm dead 🤣🤣🤣
  • Kpop Kook
    Kpop Kook 5 месяцев назад 1:10 Why am I laughing at this 😂
  • giulia votano
    giulia votano Год назад 6:30-7:35 #stalking
  • Erik VIP
    Erik VIP Год назад giulia votano e
  • ivy curry
    ivy curry Год назад Luna Lovegood y
  • gräce .x
    gräce .x Год назад giulia votano d
  • David Gibson
    David Gibson Год назад The first video of this made me laugh sooo hard.😂😂
  • bryer06
    bryer06 10 месяцев назад 6:23 for real boy BATCH SLAYYYYY 😂😂
  • KingGames
    KingGames 10 месяцев назад (изменено) MR MOTHER CYCLE MAN WHY WOULD U DO deserve to go to jail see it here 4:26
  • רותם ביטאש
    רותם ביטאש 3 месяца назад Fak
  • Winged Samuarai65
    Winged Samuarai65 Год назад 8:21 got me lol
  • Dumbdumbgang
    Dumbdumbgang Год назад All I saw was the first vine and it's so funny 😂
  • Tropicalsmoothie
    Tropicalsmoothie 3 месяца назад 0:00 😂
  • Jazzy's Creation's
    Jazzy's Creation's Год назад It's the one on your left push it away 😀😁😂😂🤣😃
  • iihoney Sxcle
    iihoney Sxcle Год назад WTH this is age-restricted
  • Boston _K
    Boston _K 3 месяца назад 4:27 the motorcycle kept going😂👍