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Funny girl and woman fails compilation - Woman dancing fail, girl hurts herself, running girl fails

Published on Nov 5, 2016 69,177 views

Funny girl and woman fails compilation videos make us laugh so hard! Hilarious woman dancing fail, a girl hurts herself, and running girl fails. Try not to laugh about this funny fail compilation. Enjoy this awesome fail compilation video!

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Wir müssen bei extremen und harten Fails einfach lachen! Versuch nicht zu lachen Challenge! Wie kann es sein, dass manche Menschen so hart failen?! Es ist einfach unglaublich, wie super witzig diese epischen Fails sind. Verrückte Frauen Fails und Mädchen Fails und viele weitere epische Fail Clips! Diese lustigen Fails bringen uns zum Lachen! Einfach die weltbesten Fail Videos! Viel Spaß mit diesem tollen Fail Compilation Video!

  • angel moyos
    angel moyos Год назад Did that women just 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨
  • Alex Belle
    Alex Belle 3 месяца назад Saw this happen once on the freeway. (4:11)
  • dorito dorito
    dorito dorito 21 час назад Dang the water slide one lol.
  • Ruby Kelley
    Ruby Kelley Год назад Hey YOU try to walk in heels!
  • Daktari G
    Daktari G 2 года назад Dat first girl :D
  • VidGeek
    VidGeek 2 года назад Yeah just hilarious how she loses her panty xD
  • Isee Gee
    Isee Gee 2 года назад Nice classic girl fails :D
  • VidGeek
    VidGeek 2 года назад Haha absolutely :D
  • MTX157
    MTX157 6 месяцев назад (изменено) Quite frankly, the world is a better place when women hurt themselves...or if men hurt them.
  • Matthias Gengenbach
    Matthias Gengenbach 2 года назад Sweet
  • Kelly Piarulli
    Kelly Piarulli Год назад Some of them where guys dress as girls but nice vid
  • Steamroller
    Steamroller 2 года назад 3:47 head butt? XD
  • VidGeek
    VidGeek 2 года назад Sivaeb? xD
  • Aiyanna Christian
    Aiyanna Christian Год назад Steamroll er
  • Mike G
    Mike G Год назад that fish is epic.hahaha
  • Ruby Kelley
    Ruby Kelley Год назад YOU try getting in a kanoe
  • xMichxllx
    xMichxllx Год назад Where's the boys fail is this trying to make out gender look stupid but nah it 😂
  • Milo Brem
    Milo Brem 5 месяцев назад The Bible says that girls should be fully dressed.
  • elias Westermeier
    elias Westermeier Год назад 7:25 Song?
  • TobiDeagle
    TobiDeagle 2 года назад nice compilation guys :D
  • VidGeek
    VidGeek 2 года назад Thanks mate :)
  • Аксёныш Хуёныш
    Аксёныш Хуёныш Год назад 0:52 what the song ?
  • đęøňą H.
    đęøňą H. Год назад Lindo Gatito freestyle
  • đęøňą H.
    đęøňą H. Год назад Lindo Gatito by nasty
  • Аксёныш Хуёныш
    Аксёныш Хуёныш Год назад đęøňą H. Thanks
  • đęøňą H.
    đęøňą H. Год назад Lindo Gatito your welcome
  • Christopher Tessman
    Christopher Tessman Год назад Omg tht women at 9:00 :0
  • Johannes Gengenbach
    Johannes Gengenbach 2 года назад Nice Video! 10:14 wow her head must hurt after that!
  • VidGeek
    VidGeek 2 года назад Yeah crazy clip :D
  • Glyn Stein
    Glyn Stein Год назад 1:40 is about as sexy as 9:00 maybe the same Butt?