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Published on Jul 13, 2015 22,752,330 views

Model: Airbus A400M RC Electric Model
Pilot: Hannes Heppe
Wingspan: 3,78m
Length: 3,87m
Weight: 38Kg
Meeting: Airliner Meeting in Oppingen Germany July 2015

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  • Paulo Roberto
    Paulo Roberto 2 месяца назад Lindo lindo lindo sensacional
  • Evolution
    Evolution 2 месяца назад And I thought RC Cars are cool......
  • mrvoyagerm
    mrvoyagerm 3 месяца назад (изменено) How on earth did you make those props? Wow! Fantastic build and very realistic flight. The structure and the finishing are top notch!
  • Leonardo Flores
    Leonardo Flores 1 месяц назад Rusia
  • Filme lo Filme
    Filme lo Filme 1 месяц назад Ihr deutschen seid ein verrücktes Volk alter ...richtig geil
  • Christopher Daly
    Christopher Daly 2 года назад it looks so real that high up
  • Gulam Husen Gulam Husen
    Gulam Husen Gulam Husen Год назад Intoxicthreat
  • Yo, Adrian
    Yo, Adrian Год назад it sounds real when it flys over
  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher 10 месяцев назад Christopher Daly no kidding lol
  • RaG3 G3
    RaG3 G3 10 месяцев назад Christopher Daly cuase you high
  • Gandalf The Grey
    Gandalf The Grey 10 месяцев назад I was thinking that as well. It sounds so real. I want to know where to aquire one of these lol
  • سيد مسلم
    سيد مسلم 8 месяцев назад سيد ستار اكاديمى فى احتفالات ثورة مصر هههههههه٦ خ
  • Jhonny Samudio Pizarro
    Jhonny Samudio Pizarro 4 месяца назад Christopher Daly jfugj
  • Сарварбек Султонов
    Сарварбек Султонов 3 месяца назад uzbekstan
  • Vinu Gopal
    Vinu Gopal 3 месяца назад .
  • Rahul Vavilapalli
    Rahul Vavilapalli 3 месяца назад @Vinu Gopal erew
  • Alfredo Caliri
    Alfredo Caliri 3 месяца назад Recital Fran sinatra
  • Angelina Ruiz
    Angelina Ruiz 2 месяца назад ARYVtxh
  • Angelina Ruiz
    Angelina Ruiz 2 месяца назад .
  • Ashraf Joya
    Ashraf Joya 2 месяца назад It was looking so real
  • Антон Борис
    Антон Борис 6 дней назад Yay do fly in a miltary base unless you want it shot down haha
  • jacobo eugenio
    jacobo eugenio 2 месяца назад Impresionante, excelente trabajo. Hasta la matrícula española está perfecta. 👍
  • mohamed mpelembwa
    mohamed mpelembwa 2 месяца назад Eugenio Jacobo 0
  • Muuse Yuusuf
    Muuse Yuusuf 1 месяц назад garacey soomalidu wxana samryn weydey
  • U TUBE
    U TUBE 9 часов назад Ufff hard work i don't like hard work 👌 BTW awesome project
  • Power Crash
    Power Crash 2 месяца назад incredible is spectacular that modern technology
  • xOr
    xOr 1 месяц назад Would love to find any tutorials or crash course for software guys to build a similar thing Looks fun
    WOOD BUTCHER 3 месяца назад i have been building scale model aircraft for years and I would like to attempt a beginners R.C. model and learn to fly it then one day perhaps build one like preference would be the Lancaster! Great work..I.can only imagine the patience and precision work involved. Nice camera work too!
  • Luciana Sabioni
    Luciana Sabioni 2 месяца назад LEGAL , MUITO BACANA MESMO, PARABENS
  • GC U
    GC U 1 месяц назад Lovely model. Must have taken many man years in time. One malfunction or bad move while flying it can waste all that time and money...
  • Bills Johansen
    Bills Johansen 1 месяц назад Just wondering, who are the 9000+ people who didn’t enjoy this video? Tell us all, what were your expectations?
  • Elliot Rodger
    Elliot Rodger 1 месяц назад Me, What you gonna do about it cowboy
  • Black beast
    Black beast 1 месяц назад Only bitch ass fagits would not like this
  • Bills Johansen
    Bills Johansen 1 месяц назад U didn’t answer my question. What were u expecting?
  • Akshay Tamhane
    Akshay Tamhane 1 месяц назад jealous sadist may be...
  • Lepiez Valérian
    Lepiez Valérian 1 месяц назад Yep clearly the video delivers well in consideration of the title :D
  • Gerald Buncum
    Gerald Buncum 1 месяц назад Black beast at least spell it correctly
    ILUV ALL BBWS 1 месяц назад (изменено) Bills the 9000 is comic book ps4 gamers and action figure collectors(toys)
  • Javier Ruiz
    Javier Ruiz 1 месяц назад Queers with no taste
    DIEGO F AGUILERA 3 месяца назад Congratulations.! very nice. greatings from Argentina
  • Abhishek Tiwari
    Abhishek Tiwari 3 недели назад Sir you can show me the video making this airplane
  • Abid Mohsen
    Abid Mohsen 2 месяца назад Excellent structure, Fantastic build ... keep it up!
  • GREEMALDIN d'silva
    GREEMALDIN d'silva 1 месяц назад Excellent work So cool. . . . 😎😋😋😍😍
  • Edward Kaneshiro
    Edward Kaneshiro 2 месяца назад Nice build! I use to fly RC planes loved it but was an expensive hobby especially when you’re a lousy pilot like i was and crashed all the time! Gave it up when I had my second child had to devote my time to the family. You know how it goes. But loved your plane nice sound excellent piloting skills. Expected to see the back door open up and see a RC tank roll out !
  • hatmix
    hatmix 1 месяц назад Enemy AC130 above it's over
  • Naweed Rahimi
    Naweed Rahimi 2 месяца назад Super toll 💪💪💪