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How Car Dealerships Rip You Off (The Truth)

Published on Mar 2, 2019 4,457,757 views

In this video I explain exactly how car dealerships rip you off. A lot of car dealerships implement the four square method, which is just a simple way to make you think that you're getting a deal.

Car dealerships are a very sophisticated network of stores that know how to separate you from your money. Not all dealerships rip you off, but the ones that use the four square method do.

Don't get ripped off on your next car purchase and watch this video until the end.

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  • VCosh28
    VCosh28 3 месяца назад I walked into a dealership and told the sales guy that I was "going to buy a car today". When we couldn't reach a deal and I started to leave he said "I thought you said you were buying a car today." My reply was "I didn't say I was going to buy it here."
  • tbg
    tbg 15 часов назад American entitlement is so real...Yall really think these people are supposed to eat bricks for lunch huh? Ofc they're going to rIp yOu oFF. That's how they make PROFIT. No matter where you go, or how smart you THINK you get, you'll always pay way more for a product than what you would've wanted. Yall want lavish quality lifestyle without paying for it smh. And no, I'm not a dealer but I'm so tired of this entitled broke ass mentality of "I can't afford it so it's overpriced"
  • Justin Mikesell
    Justin Mikesell 2 дня назад @Kevin Miller you sound like an asshurt salesman
  • Andy Anderson
    Andy Anderson 5 дней назад Good video thanks for sharing your experience
  • Mike Lambertson
    Mike Lambertson 5 дней назад @incognito m
  • Roxsapien
    Roxsapien 6 дней назад Let me guess, you must be a salesman at a dealership!  LMAO
  • Roxsapien
    Roxsapien 6 дней назад You got that from a Movie, didn't you...DIDN'T YOU!?
  • So Sim
    So Sim 6 дней назад Michael M they will still want 1000 off the best price and throw in free accessories.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 6 дней назад Just Kilowatts get the fuck out of here with your gay looking ass and mop top haircut back to whatever poverty can’t-afford-a-haircut household you came from. Who the hell buys cars on the internet?? I wish all people bought cars on the net at retail price. I’d double my income without having to talk to cunts. That would be amazing 😂. Haha calling me a pussy but threatening to report me. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh no I’m shaking in my big boy undies. You’re going to file a complaint to the relevant authority?? 😰 please don’t. Let me show you right this way mr customer towards our file a complaint wall followed by the go fuck your mother section where you can help yourself out.
  • Mike g7 Ga
    Mike g7 Ga 6 дней назад Ask for old stock Over 90 days and you will get the best deal. Anything over 90days dealerships pay flooring to the banks. Don’t listen to the guy on this video total looser. idiot that couldn’t sale a car to save his life and that why he make videos, this guy failed in financing and felt in car sales.
  • Just Kilowatts
    Just Kilowatts 6 дней назад @Mathew Remlin stfu bitch 😑🤷 aweeee someone's mad people buy stuff on the internet. 🤣🤦 Tell me to "fuck off" along with your dealership address I'll gladly report you pussy. 👍
  • Bradley Casada
    Bradley Casada Неделю назад Alex Miller Unless you are being reasonable.
  • Bradley Casada
    Bradley Casada Неделю назад TheMagache You are the reason that the salesman can never make any money.
  • Hentai Commander
    Hentai Commander Неделю назад Tee hee ^_^