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Published on Jan 14, 2016 2,546,940 views

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  • HeyySouL
    HeyySouL 2 года назад 1:29 ....oh god help this generation
  • Rafaella Irakleous
    Rafaella Irakleous 8 месяцев назад Yes indeed my friend LOL
  • 666108
    666108 1 месяц назад Better than having toys with mercury and asbestos in it like the previous generation did Haha
  • Игровая студия Panda
    Игровая студия Panda 3 недели назад XDD
  • Anissa GilinskySmiley
    Anissa GilinskySmiley 2 года назад 0:59 WTF😂😂😂😂
  • Random Person
    Random Person Год назад Anissa GilinskySmiley Thats mah teacher xD
  • Anthony Mayo
    Anthony Mayo Год назад Anissa GilinskySmiley I just subbed you
  • jacksepticeye e
    jacksepticeye e Год назад Oun for real Eh ah eh ah ah ah eh aha ha ha
  • Armando Hernandez
    Armando Hernandez Год назад Anissa GilinskySmiley kyc perra
  • Manojlo XD
    Manojlo XD 4 месяца назад Name of this song? (Real song)
  • Kekse 2.0
    Kekse 2.0 1 месяц назад @Manojlo XD gdfr by Flo Rida
  • Manojlo XD
    Manojlo XD 1 месяц назад @Kekse 2.0 thank you bro😁
  • 義Mystic
    義Mystic Год назад (изменено) That Was Legitness!
  • Psyco
    Psyco 2 года назад 1:09 what the video??
  • Chikim Gomes
    Chikim Gomes 2 года назад Not to be racist or anything
  • Anthony Mayo
    Anthony Mayo Год назад Psyco FX I just subbed you
  • Саша Руссов
    Саша Руссов 2 года назад 0:05 name of song pleaze
  • OMGD
    OMGD Год назад Ooohhhhhh that was legitness
  • J Oliva
    J Oliva 8 месяцев назад That was legitness
  • Thomas Mauricio
    Thomas Mauricio 6 месяцев назад Watch whole thing at 2x speed it’s insane😂😂
  • Morvill
    Morvill 2 года назад dat was legitness :D
  • Mohammad Dawoud
    Mohammad Dawoud Год назад THAT WAS LEGITNESS
  • FabbMasterFlex
    FabbMasterFlex 2 года назад the kid at the beginning is gunna make it somewhere in life i know it. believe it'
  • Daniel Murga
    Daniel Murga 2 года назад You think? XD
  • Kit Kat66006
    Kit Kat66006 2 года назад FabbMasterFlex yeah probably
  • OMGD
    OMGD Год назад Yep
  • Yahmir Jones
    Yahmir Jones Год назад FabbMasterFlex u funny
  • David McCarthy
    David McCarthy Год назад that was legitness
  • Erdem Çalışkan
    Erdem Çalışkan 3 года назад Thank you for the vid. woman in 1:35... so disgusting.
  • Kity Yat
    Kity Yat 4 месяца назад How?
  • Peter Fernndez
    Peter Fernndez 2 года назад 1:32 got me😂😂😂
  • YTRanGamer
    YTRanGamer Год назад 1:05 Don't need to shout
  • Mrs. Hiskers
    Mrs. Hiskers Год назад RancomYT ikr
  • PelegPLT
    PelegPLT 3 года назад I've seen enough. goodbye world...
  • Golden Gamer
    Golden Gamer 3 года назад +PelegPLT You play CS:GO???
  • 言うならば俺ならば
    言うならば俺ならば 2 года назад 日本のやつ出てきてびくったw
  • Metcan
    Metcan 2 года назад the spider man video HAHA
  • Depressional
    Depressional 3 года назад lol noob editing on vivavideo xD
  • Lyla Ann
    Lyla Ann 2 года назад 1:14-1:20 😂😂😂😂
  • Lillaaa Kovács
    Lillaaa Kovács 3 года назад 0:06??? song???
  • Jus
    Jus 3 года назад Omg i was so excited and this video made me even more but its 10:12 at night xD im excited cause in my school play i get a mic pack and mic :3
  • Liljusuf
    Liljusuf 2 года назад so nice video whit viva nice work broh❤