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Mercedes S-Class vs Audi A8 vs BMW 7 Series review - which is the best? | carwow Reviews

Published on Aug 31, 2018 2,131,578 views

When it comes to luxury limousines, there’s always been one car that sits head and shoulders above the competition – the Mercedes S-Class. But Audi and BMW have been knocking on the door for some time, so is it time the crown was handed over to either the A8 or 7 Series?

Join Mat as he takes you on a tour of these luxury limousines, taking a closer look at their design, interiors (both front and back!), while also finding out just what they’re like to drive! Is the S-Class going to retain its crown? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • M Z
    M Z 7 месяцев назад Next video BMW 5 vs Merc E class vs Audi A6
  • Hagz
    Hagz 7 месяцев назад M Z and Volvo s90
  • Rafal Rafal
    Rafal Rafal 7 месяцев назад @Hagz with 2 0 r4 engine 🤔
  • B P
    B P 7 месяцев назад im a bmw owner and i love bimmers, but the E-Klasse is best in the executive class right now imo
  • Kamal Q
    Kamal Q 7 месяцев назад B P yeh I see a lot more e classes than 5 series or Audi A6 cars.
  • unknown
    unknown 7 месяцев назад (изменено) B P well S90 looks way more executive than that gadget thing called E-Klasse, can't name it anymore a car, but a kid gadget. Also on the street looks way more distinctive than any german rival!
  • 다오
    다오 7 месяцев назад (изменено) bombix well design is arguable but calling E-Class a gadget... ur mad
  • Adam A
    Adam A 7 месяцев назад YES!!
  • B P
    B P 7 месяцев назад bombix  i havent tried or even sat in an S90 but it certainly looks best. that doesnt make it the best car tho. If you call the Merc a kid gadget then you probably haven't sat or driven one. The E-Klasse is understated, elegant, the ride is sublime, and when you want to push harder, it actually handles pretty good. Also, it has a larger variety of engines.
  • Andi
    Andi 7 месяцев назад He did a video about the new A6, and says in the title that is better than E class and 5 series.
  • Hagz
    Hagz 7 месяцев назад Rafal Rafal it’s not about the engine... People who buy these cars are most likely soccer dads who don’t give a fuck about that
  • B P
    B P 7 месяцев назад and haw he said the same about the Q5 and the A4. See the pattern? He obviously loves the techy stuff and the cold interior. Audi's simply not my cup of tea.
  • B P
    B P 7 месяцев назад Hagmof  Most people prolly wont care, that's true. still, the D5 engine is inferior in every way compared to the respective german diesels.
  • Rico Rater
    Rico Rater 7 месяцев назад Audi A6 all the way
  • Hagz
    Hagz 7 месяцев назад B P I’m not trying to argue but in the uk nobody buys diesels anymore
  • Hagz
    Hagz 7 месяцев назад B P but yes, that is true Also I hate Audi too
  • B P
    B P 7 месяцев назад Hagmof  diesels are going down that's true. it is still the most common choice in this segment in continental europe
  • Tomi Babalola
    Tomi Babalola 7 месяцев назад then the new A7 vs the new CLS vs the 6 series
  • B P
    B P 7 месяцев назад Tomi Babalola  the 6 GranCoupe is no more :'( the 5GT has become the 6 series...a horrid looking thing compared to the elegance of the A7 and CLS
  • Abdeee Z
    Abdeee Z 7 месяцев назад Don't forget Jaguar XF
    THISISFLAMINGDWAGON 7 месяцев назад I love my 2018 e class It’s like a mini s class
  • laid nassira
    laid nassira 7 месяцев назад Yeeeeeeessssss.+volvo s 90
  • mb san
    mb san 7 месяцев назад If they dont tell me which is the best at the end of the vid ill be so pissed
  • Andy venn
    Andy venn 7 месяцев назад @B P with cheapest interior quality
  • Andy venn
    Andy venn 7 месяцев назад @Hagz yes they do just less than before. To many people drove diesels that had no need for them
  • Silentz Shadowz
    Silentz Shadowz 7 месяцев назад Plz include Jaguar...
  • Tomi Babalola
    Tomi Babalola 7 месяцев назад B P isn’t the 5gt based off the 5 series. I’d think the 8 series is more a newer version of the 6 series
  • B P
    B P 7 месяцев назад Tomi Babalola  The 5gt is now called the 6gt and the large coupe the 6 series used to be is now the 8 series. But interesting you would think 6gt is based off the 5 series but its wheelbase, overall length and width reveal that it has the exact same dimensions as the G11 7 series.
  • mybro727
    mybro727 6 месяцев назад and Cadillac CT6 🔥
  • jamjax
    jamjax 5 месяцев назад B P I’m an E Klasse owner and I can say hands down that the 5 series is currently the best mid size exec on sale
    SP PLAYZ-ROBLOX & MORE! 2 месяца назад Not BMW 5 do BMW 6
  • dinca eduard
    dinca eduard 2 недели назад Yeah and then BMW 3, Audi A4 and Mercedes C Class
  • Pip Pipster
    Pip Pipster 1 месяц назад So which one are you going to choose? The German Or The German Or The German ?
    KEN BEE 1 месяц назад 🇩🇪
  • Mayank Rai
    Mayank Rai 4 недели назад The German
  • Bill olu Compton
    Bill olu Compton 4 недели назад Zee German
  • ayy lmao
    ayy lmao 3 недели назад Erm it's hard german i guess
  • EllisDePeSamp06
    EllisDePeSamp06 2 недели назад Opel😂😂😂😂😂
  • Kronos my account got hacked
    Kronos my account got hacked Неделю назад (изменено) Lexus Honda Mazda Every time...and I've owned VWs, Audi's and Mercs over 2 decades.
  • V8Ziggy
    V8Ziggy Неделю назад Was the point. Big 3. No jag, no lexus. Lets be real, these are the 3 most will go for. 👍
  • Kino Zomby
    Kino Zomby Неделю назад Bavarian
  • Oscar Bushell
    Oscar Bushell 6 дней назад the young german lad
  • Mr Alex
    Mr Alex 3 дня назад (изменено) Off course The German
  • Ok Ok
    Ok Ok 1 день назад There is no good car if its not german car
  • skully_traps
    skully_traps 21 час назад Ummmmm I go for... German i say. Hard choice tho
  • Mr Alex
    Mr Alex 2 недели назад Tesla would never put fake exhaust on their cars
  • ***KaLinKa ***
    ***KaLinKa *** 4 дня назад and it sounds great
  • Achm Fa
    Achm Fa 6 месяцев назад Audi is modern luxury car Merc is classic luxury car Bmw need to upgrade,,perhaps
  • Dexxon Gaming
    Dexxon Gaming 3 недели назад Why? BMW has best technology.
  • Andris Andris
    Andris Andris 2 недели назад "BMW needs to upgrade" The 7 is better in every way than the other 2
  • Sandeep Unni
    Sandeep Unni Неделю назад Bmw claps the others in everything
  • V8Ziggy
    V8Ziggy Неделю назад Wrong check out a nice m750i with tan quilted leather. Yes, a black on black on black 740 is pretty snoozy. Then again so are all of these in the basic versions. No premium, no interest. It's all about a nice 8 pot, fully optioned. Check the bill at the end but. 😢😢
  • Joseph Joestar
    Joseph Joestar Неделю назад (изменено) @Dexxon Gaming Audi is light years ahead of BMW. Traffic light prediction. Night vision pedestrian screens. Body lifting before impact. Four wheel steering. Twin scroll racing developed turbo. Quattro system far superior to Xdrive, superior interior build quality. Rust proofed chassis. paint laid within 5 MICRONS. The list goes on almost forever. Aud was the first to do an automotive rollover test. The first to introduce AWD to rally/racing/pedestrian vehicles. The first to use test dummies. One of the first self driving cars to race around a track. First Diesel LeMans car (and it won). The first FWD six cylinder engines. One of the first left hand drive cars. I could go on all day. We take in BMW's all the time at work from people who UPGRADE to an Audi. Universal knowledge that Audi makes better vehicles than BMW, along with having countless more championship/race wins. Keep telling yourself whatever makes you feel better lol.
  • HiddenWen
    HiddenWen Неделю назад Audi is tech luxury Merc is classic luxury Bmw is sporty luxury
  • Raimyz
    Raimyz 3 дня назад @Sandeep Unni like what?
  • Raimyz
    Raimyz 3 дня назад @Dexxon Gaming dude argument urself
  • Dexxon Gaming
    Dexxon Gaming 3 дня назад @Raimyz Im sorry but BMW has more tech then Mercedes and as much as Audi it has the best quality inside and is still the most fun but at the same time being as comftrable as the others.
  • Raimyz
    Raimyz 3 дня назад @Dexxon Gaming dude can you explain what those thechs are that audi doesnt have them
  • Dexxon Gaming
    Dexxon Gaming 3 дня назад @Raimyz I said as much as Audi and more then Mercedes. It has the special camera systems, gesture control, internet from the car comes standard, massage function has 2 more massages then Mercedes, you can mirror your phone and the active grills.
  • Raimyz
    Raimyz 2 дня назад @Dexxon Gaming all those that you said are available in Audi
  • svdh
    svdh 1 день назад @Raimyz he said twice.. Bmw has as much as the audi but more than merc
  • AztekenRim
    AztekenRim 5 месяцев назад Audi = technology BMW = R sport Benz = luxury
  • lakmanone
    lakmanone 4 недели назад AztekenRim and all 3 in 1 car you find in Bentley Continental
  • Bill olu Compton
    Bill olu Compton 4 недели назад lakmanone Bentley lacks in tech.. have you used the infotainment system? It lags, it’s like jaguar ..
  • Ian Dean
    Ian Dean 2 месяца назад The S class interior is just incomparable to the rest. Look's truly luxurious!
  • ArgoBeats
    ArgoBeats Неделю назад Looks very tacky.
  • Tavin Keovora
    Tavin Keovora Неделю назад cheap and old
  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 1 день назад @Tavin Keovora your eyes are fucked bro
  • বাঙালী গেমার
    বাঙালী গেমার 3 месяца назад High Tech: Audi A8 Luxurious Interior: Mercedes S Class Speed: BMW 7 series
  • Star Lord G
    Star Lord G 1 месяц назад Audi is luxury too 🙇‍♂️
  • বাঙালী গেমার
    বাঙালী গেমার 1 месяц назад @Star Lord G I know, BMW 7 series is luxury too. I am just saying these are their individual best quality.
  • Dexxon Gaming
    Dexxon Gaming 3 недели назад But the 7 series has more tech then the a8.
  • বাঙালী গেমার
    বাঙালী গেমার 3 недели назад @Dexxon Gaming Other than Gesture, Audi a8 has better than technology 7 series is all aspect. 7 series is an overall luxury car though...
  • Emad Ahmed
    Emad Ahmed 3 недели назад Who the hell cares about speed?
  • Emad Ahmed
    Emad Ahmed 3 недели назад @Dexxon Gaming Nope.
  • Dexxon Gaming
    Dexxon Gaming 3 недели назад @বাঙালী গেমার Not true watch dougs review on the 7 series.
  • Clever Asian
    Clever Asian 3 недели назад BMW will NEVER compare to AUDI when it comes to luxury.👌😁
  • Moody
    Moody 6 дней назад বাঙালী গেমার this nigga said audi A8 high tech and BMW just speed brooooo BMW is known for its best tech its always the nunber 1 best texh car ever
  • Alex Ross
    Alex Ross 5 дней назад I agree, thats how Ive always seen it. Audi tries to do a bit of both, and while some cars are great at it, others completely miss the mark
  • Arun Punamiya
    Arun Punamiya 5 месяцев назад R u been paid by Audi Mercedes S class is best car in the world
  • iAngeL
    iAngeL 4 месяца назад 3:17 I’m dying hahahahahhahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • --
    -- 2 месяца назад Ok
  • hazrie imran
    hazrie imran 7 месяцев назад The only problem with the Audi A8 is the design, it doesn't look bold & sleek as the S Class.
  • Emad Ahmed
    Emad Ahmed 4 месяца назад @WUNDERBAR All 3 cars are German, dude. That's irrelevant.
  • Mak Ajanović
    Mak Ajanović 3 месяца назад S-class is the erectile dysfunction of automotive world.
  • Aussiumo
    Aussiumo 2 месяца назад Or the 7 :)
  • Emad Ahmed
    Emad Ahmed 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Aussiumo If we're talking about the new 7, sure it's bold but it's also hideous.
  • Dexxon Gaming
    Dexxon Gaming 3 недели назад But the 7 series has the most tech. It also has the best back seat the s class has all the options in the back vs the 7 series which is base.
  • Emad Ahmed
    Emad Ahmed 3 недели назад @Dexxon Gaming Neither does the 7 Series have the most tech nor does it have the best back seat.
  • jet Knight
    jet Knight 3 недели назад (изменено) It doesn't need it adui is nice the way it is. . I own a 08 audi a8l quattro it's brilliant
  • Dexxon Gaming
    Dexxon Gaming 3 недели назад @Emad Ahmed It has more tech just watch dougs review it also it has the most massages in the back seat and best movment in the back seat.
  • Emad Ahmed
    Emad Ahmed 3 недели назад @Dexxon Gaming I've already watched it, and nowhere does it show the best seat movements out of all cars. That's something you've inferred on your own. As for massages, I don't remember the 7 Series having more. Plus, more doesn't mean better. Despite that, the A8 has foot massagers, FFS. Beat that! And Alaatin said the S Class has the best massages out of all the cars he sat in, in this segment. And TheStraightPipes said that 7 Series massage is pretty weak.
  • Dexxon Gaming
    Dexxon Gaming 3 недели назад @Emad Ahmed LOL what? Ive sat in all three cars and the 7 series had the best massage. Also the BMW has as much tech as the Audi and has more then the s class. The new facelift 7 series btw has improved tech and now has even more then the Audi it also has foot massage now.
  • Emad Ahmed
    Emad Ahmed 3 недели назад @Dexxon Gaming Everybody on the internet has sat in all 3. You think I'm gonna fall for that one? 🤣 It does not have the best massage, period. Not a single reviewer mentioned the 7 Series has the best massage. The new 7 Series is very close to the A8 in tech but still doesn't quite beat it. Also, the new 7 is the ugliest fucking car in the whole segment. Oh, and it does not have a foot massager. Only the A8 has that.
  • Karim Gougui
    Karim Gougui 2 недели назад I like the look of the Audi more and I bought the S Class.The Audi is angryier
  • Dexxon Gaming
    Dexxon Gaming 2 недели назад @Emad Ahmed LOL I have sat in the three of them I prefer the 7 series. And maybe you should go to your prius. Personally I daily drive a 2019 BMW M5 Competition.
  • Emad Ahmed
    Emad Ahmed 2 недели назад @Dexxon Gaming LMAO, keep convincing yourself that.
  • Dexxon Gaming
    Dexxon Gaming 2 недели назад @Emad Ahmed Look dude I don't give a shit that you don't believe me. Personally I prefer the 7 series. Also yes my daily is an M5 and personally I think all of those cars are crap. They are boring and slow and none of them have more tech. The 7 series doesn't have more tech then the 5 series. The s class doesn't have more tech then the e class and same with Audi. But Im sort of biast because I prefer too drive myself and have fun.
  • H H
    H H 3 дня назад As much as i want to like the A8 i cant because of those screens and that shiny plastic...
  • skully_traps
    skully_traps 3 недели назад S-class has been going on for like 3-4 years while the series 7 and Audi A8 are brand new. So imagine what the Mercedes s class would be when they release the new version
  • svdh
    svdh 1 день назад I'd buy the audi for comfort. Bmw for looks and performance. Mercedes has the most class.
  • John Kim
    John Kim 4 дня назад When it comes to this segment, S-Class is the one. No competition.
  • Milos Brkic
    Milos Brkic 7 месяцев назад Audi is really getting better every year... but S class is the undisputed champion
  • stinger15au
    stinger15au 7 месяцев назад *was the undisputed champion. The new A8 is its equal or better in everything except for perhaps presence
  • Zohaib Munawar
    Zohaib Munawar 7 месяцев назад stinger15au the infotainment system of the a8 is better but the overall interior of s class looks much much better and classier for the market and category it is in
  • Dino Dindong
    Dino Dindong 7 месяцев назад Agree. Coz people buy this car for the badge. The audi have better tech. More comfort. And it still mercedes is the symbol of luxurious. I thought for luxurious sedan Why much people prefer mercedes than audy or bmw. Coz is symbol. Remembet
  • Milos Brkic
    Milos Brkic 7 месяцев назад @stinger15au nickname for the S class in my country is "The Elephant". Audi needs to be better than Mercedes for at least 5 years, to be recognized as the best in its class. S class has better history, better resale value
  • stinger15au
    stinger15au 7 месяцев назад That may all be true, but on pure merit, right now, the A8 is the better car. Its upto the public to decide if the badge and pedigree is worth more than comfort and tech. The interior's are both great in their own right and I don't think you can say one is better than the other.
  • Mir S
    Mir S 7 месяцев назад True
  • Eventus Vantos
    Eventus Vantos 7 месяцев назад (изменено) Dino Dindong no its not just for the badge. The Mercedes has a much better looking interior than the Audi. And also its infotainment system is used with a knob unlike the touch screen of the audis leaves a bunch of finger prints behind. And the Audi doesn't really have more more tech than the Mercedes. Remember the Mercedes came out in 2014 which is nearly 4 years before the Audi so obviously by that time they have been able to catch up. So next gen s class which is around the corner will easily be more comfortable and even more advanced in technology.
  • Ptmb Mm
    Ptmb Mm 7 месяцев назад I think there are elements of different cars that are better. There is no one car that is the best all round. Mercedes looks plain on the front and the audi looks awesome from the front and bmw looks awful. Bmw wins side on view and audi have the best cockpit. The merc would be the best for backseat passengers. Thats just appearance though. I guess at that price it has to drive flawlessly and be reliable.
  • Hrhrm hrm
    Hrhrm hrm 7 месяцев назад @Zohaib Munawar You got to keep in mind that the A8 is an all new model while the S class is only a facelift of a 5 year old car.
  • Ben Garlick
    Ben Garlick 7 месяцев назад Audi may have better tech and on the outside better interior etc. But the Mercedes will have the last laugh in terms of reliability Audis are the worse for reliability out of the 3 .
  • Alvin H. Davenport
    Alvin H. Davenport 7 месяцев назад I thought I just watched a video that disputed the idea that the Mercedes is the champion. Oddly enough your comment appeared underneath that video... So much for “undisputed.”
  • Eventus Vantos
    Eventus Vantos 7 месяцев назад Alvin H. Davenport it didn't dispute anything. S class has better looking interior. Is just as if not more advanced in technology and just because Matt claimed audi is more comfortable doesn't mean its true. Vast majority of reviewers actually say the s class is more comfortable. E.g. So he is still right that its the undisputed champion. Not to mention the fact that it came out over 4 years ago! If that doesn't scream champion then I don't know what does.
  • Umar Khan
    Umar Khan 7 месяцев назад How can you say one is better when you haven't even experienced both...
  • farbod niazi
    farbod niazi 7 месяцев назад @stinger15au it's not just badge and pedigree. The mercedes looks way better inside and outside. Design plays an important role in people's decision. Not every one cares about what car enthusiasts think of a car.
  • Joker Fighter
    Joker Fighter 7 месяцев назад Mislis li milose da je s klasa neosporni andispjuded čempion?????
  • kevin prince
    kevin prince 7 месяцев назад Audi put touchscreen and immediately become more tech car, i disagree because Merc has all the tech goodies, and btw the multimedia in Audi looks outdated and ugly, instrumental cluster even worse
  • Milos Brkic
    Milos Brkic 7 месяцев назад @Joker Fighter Mislim.
  • Mr. Butcher
    Mr. Butcher 7 месяцев назад Slonče 🤣🤣
  • 456 546465
    456 546465 7 месяцев назад Nahh the s klasse remains the 👑
  • GE LO
    GE LO 7 месяцев назад Bmw front view is terrible
  • Sam Harper
    Sam Harper 7 месяцев назад Not with those plasticky cheap interior panels. The Mercedes badge saying "luxury" to people is last year's news.
  • BF31
    BF31 7 месяцев назад (изменено) Agreed. To me, it doesn't matter which car is objectively better, none of its competitors will ever match, let alone beat, the S-class' stately elegance and inimitable brand cache. Mat is right, there's just something special about sitting behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz and seeing the upright three pointed star logo on the end of the bonnet. If I were in a position to buy one, I'll buy the S-class without a second thought.
  • Christopher Yllescas
    Christopher Yllescas 7 месяцев назад Look at the sales figures. Audi so far off, shouldn't even be in the same category. S Class outsells 7, A8, LS all put together. Arrive in a 7, you're an *@&&, arrive in an A8 you're a nerd. Arrive in an S, you've arrived :)
  • Minh Tri Luong
    Minh Tri Luong 7 месяцев назад @stinger15au i think the audi is objectively the best. It has the best tech and is the most comfortable. But i personally would still choose the s class. It just has a better image in the eyes of non car people. Also i think it makes you feel the most special.
  • MrStefano218
    MrStefano218 7 месяцев назад Vw Audi A8, not a truly Premium
  • Big Mike
    Big Mike 7 месяцев назад I'll second that
  • BEEF
    BEEF 7 месяцев назад It obviously isn't.
    FORGIVEMAN MacMola 7 месяцев назад Definitely agree with you bro...
  • adbt20
    adbt20 7 месяцев назад Respectfully Disagree! Audi not getting better every year... more like Audi same old thing model after model. 😐 And S-class not undisputed best, this 7er comes very very close and it would be my pick!
  • Sohail Mirza
    Sohail Mirza 7 месяцев назад the merc is the best and the audi is the newst but next year the merc will be updated so audi will get back down to where it belongs to 4 wheel drive nonsense. although the bmw needs to be worked on ornot be made anymore because it is cheap (the only reason people buy them)written by a 12 year old
  • Laureano Latorre
    Laureano Latorre 7 месяцев назад I agree
  • tee duke
    tee duke 7 месяцев назад well lets not forget this Audi is the new generation Audi, and the BMW is the new generation 7 series. whereas the S class new generation haven't got here yet. its around the corner.
  • Yohane Sama
    Yohane Sama 7 месяцев назад Audi is the best car ever
  • Ninja Penguin
    Ninja Penguin 7 месяцев назад You ignorant cuck
  • DassRoc
    DassRoc 7 месяцев назад looking out for something because of symbolism is pure idiocy at its best.
  • TomokoMurakami
    TomokoMurakami 7 месяцев назад (изменено) I have a Mercedes S63 which I have loved. However, I'm getting the 2019 Audi A8L next month not only because I want a change, but the price/value ratio is so much better than the Mercedes. It just isn't worth the extra money to me. I can afford it, but feel like I'm paying extra for the Mercedes brand rather than actual, physical value.
  • Leslie Ren
    Leslie Ren 7 месяцев назад stinger15au  Audi have 5 more years to developed this new A8, where this generation of S class has come to market on 2014. Tried to put the newer generation of S class to comparison when it reach the market
  • Wil Verk
    Wil Verk 7 месяцев назад audi is trying too hard w their looks
  • Lone Lobster
    Lone Lobster 7 месяцев назад (изменено) Yeah tbh I’d take an s class over a phantom Edit: Well only the Maybach s class over the phantom
  • Vrfvfd Cdvgtre
    Vrfvfd Cdvgtre 7 месяцев назад If you are a passenger in the back seat, in comfort, obviously, there is no equal to the Mercedes. Except Mercedes-Maybach.
  • Sakeena Mohammad
    Sakeena Mohammad 6 месяцев назад Milos qq
  • Mahi Sakla
    Mahi Sakla 6 месяцев назад Chup re
  • Pista Kralovic
    Pista Kralovic 6 месяцев назад can’t believe I’m reading “it’s better looking” comments
  • still34u
    still34u 6 месяцев назад You know, I did think that also. They look great but, the material quality, on all Benz models for that matter, just isn't there. The engines are alright I guess, what bugs me is their "mode selection". The damn thing is too good? I was test driving an E class in the "comfort" mode and the car just wouldn't pass anything on the highway. I mean yeah I get it, set it to sport mode if you want to race, but I just want to pass this truck and get back into my lane and I have to change the mode for that? The Audi pulls in any mode.
  • Hashirama Senju
  • Yong Geun Song
    Yong Geun Song 6 месяцев назад if i be brutally honest, ill give bronze medal to bmw, silver to mercedez and gold medal to audi
  • DOHC Motors
    DOHC Motors 5 месяцев назад (изменено) This asshole is always paid by Mercedes. Why they didn’t bring an 7 Series LONG wheelbase???? With individual package??? The Verdict was different for sure ... And BMW used RUN flat tires , this is why is more bumpy. Mercedes benz has spire tire and regular tires this is why the Benz is more soft. But this assholes they don’t tell all this things ...
  • Mateen Khalatbari
    Mateen Khalatbari 5 месяцев назад BMW ONLY PEOPLE
  • Samuil Hristov
    Samuil Hristov 5 месяцев назад I think since 2016 Audi is a head
  • Gong
    Gong 5 месяцев назад Audi is better
  • Nabeel Shariff
    Nabeel Shariff 5 месяцев назад @Dino Dindong if I put a Mercedes symbol on shit Will u buy that shit That's exactly what Mercedes is doing Not so gr8 tech Personally, the design of a car for VIPs and high profile ppl should have those wierd curves on it It should look sturdy like the A8 Merc was a good company Now they just manufacture shit Now Audi are light years ahead with their me ur Merc fully electric car for the future
  • Kok Wah
    Kok Wah 5 месяцев назад I want both the sclass and 7 series bmw ! Not the Audi! The shouting lookin front grill really piss me off!!!
  • Nabeel Shariff
    Nabeel Shariff 5 месяцев назад @Kok Wah when ur a VIP the shouting things are ur top priority U seem And don't forget the luxury of the Audi Vorsprung Durch Technik
  • David Topchiev
    David Topchiev 5 месяцев назад This guy understands Cars like I understand Medicine! And he can't even speak proper English!
  • Ruben Elfrink
    Ruben Elfrink 5 месяцев назад I am an audi lover but you are damn right
  • David Topchiev
  • Not Human
    Not Human 5 месяцев назад you are the undisputed loser, just jokin, you're great!
  • A Bad GAMER
    A Bad GAMER 4 месяца назад Got a s8 last month want to sell it anyone want to buy
  • A Bad GAMER
    A Bad GAMER 4 месяца назад Death Star II fully loaded 300km 125000cad
  • A Bad GAMER
    A Bad GAMER 4 месяца назад Death Star II 83500
  • Matas Ramoškevičius
    Matas Ramoškevičius 4 месяца назад stinger15au Audi a8 series was and always will be better limousines only because technologies.
  • Sammy Jackson
    Sammy Jackson 4 месяца назад @Umar Khan I own 4 of each.
  • u/AHuman97_
    u/AHuman97_ 4 месяца назад
  • Luís Alberto
    Luís Alberto 3 месяца назад No way Milos, Audi is the best luxury car... The Mercedes S class is only this famous because of its past benchmark, but Audi, it is legendary... I love so much this car. OMG And I always knew that it was the best luxury car. #audithebest
  • TomokoMurakami
    TomokoMurakami 3 месяца назад Very disappointing that the only A8 available in the USA right now is the V6. Hardly competes with any S series Mercedes. Maybe at the end of this year, we'll have a chance to compare them. But for now, Merc is still king. @stinger15au
  • Hank Schraeder
    Hank Schraeder 3 месяца назад No
  • Advith Mariyadas
    Advith Mariyadas 2 месяца назад Milos I agree
  • tony stark
    tony stark 2 месяца назад What about the mercedes maybach s650?
  • Merc s65
    Merc s65 2 месяца назад So many butthurt audi and bmw fans here, damn accept it, mercedes is the king
  • AA A
    AA A 2 месяца назад Agree! Only S class has the class
  • gorbynr1
    gorbynr1 1 месяц назад @Zohaib Munawar Are you kidding? The interior of the S-klass is ugly. Locks like something that only old people would like. The Audi is the true king when it comes to interior design.
  • Zohaib Munawar
    Zohaib Munawar 1 месяц назад gorbynr1 nooooooo im sorry but i disagree. Maybe my taste is something that older people like. The virtual cockpit is great in an A3 but the massive dual inch screens etc in the sclass are way better. Have you been in all 3 because I have and I will say the a8 is nice but the body of the sclass looks so much better than the a8.
  • gorbynr1
    gorbynr1 1 месяц назад @Zohaib Munawar Well, taste is in the eye of the beholder. I prefer the A8 every time of the day. I just thinks it looks better.
  • David Topchiev
    David Topchiev 1 месяц назад @TomokoMurakami hold on! The 4.0 is coming in a couple of months! And it will be the finest sedan any money can buy!! I'm so glad Audi didn't turn it's Interior into a fucking Disco! It's traditional German, yet high tech. Just perfect!!
  • David Topchiev
    David Topchiev 1 месяц назад @tony stark that's for Terrorist sponsoring Arabs!
  • David Topchiev
    David Topchiev 1 месяц назад @gorbynr1 👌👍👍👍it's the finest Car money can buy today! I'm so great full to the VW group for Not following those Assholes at Merc! The interior in the Audi is just perfect!! Classy German traditional Dashboard....and High tech same time!!
  • TomokoMurakami
    TomokoMurakami 1 месяц назад Audi will tell you it's coming in a few months time, but I give it 6 months minimum before it arrives in the US. In the meantime, I bought a Tesla S100D. The interior isn't even close to the Mercedes, Audi's and BMW's I've owned before, but the technology of that engine, the ease of Supercharging and being able to charge at home, the software updates that improve the car... wow. @David Topchiev
  • Anson Zhao
    Anson Zhao 1 месяц назад @Christopher Yllescas that's a retarded comparison, i can say arrived at an s u are a old fuck
  • David Topchiev
    David Topchiev 1 месяц назад @TomokoMurakami I'm glad ur enjoying it.....I'm Not into Electric cars!
  • TomokoMurakami
    TomokoMurakami 1 месяц назад David Topchiev Yes, some people took a while to get into computers too.
  • David Topchiev
    David Topchiev 1 месяц назад @TomokoMurakami it's Not about that! I'm Not into Sports Cars....but I am a Car enthusiast. I want to HEAR and FEEL an ENGINE.....EXAUST! But I guess 99.99999999% of drivers are as Soulless as a Electric Car,. Which is just fine with me! The V12 is being Dumped .... Unfortunately. But till the 4.0T A8 comes out, I'll stick with my 2012 S65.
  • TomokoMurakami
    TomokoMurakami 1 месяц назад David Topchiev Haha, good luck you old dinosaur 😉
  • David Topchiev
    David Topchiev 1 месяц назад @TomokoMurakami lol....
  • MrMathiasdv
    MrMathiasdv 1 месяц назад We can argue all day about why audi is the best and why mercedes is the best, but we can all agree on bmw sucks xD
  • Pip Pipster
    Pip Pipster 1 месяц назад Milos Brkic Yeah... Even though it lost 😂🤣
  • Prince Of Persia
    Prince Of Persia 2 недели назад Mercedes is best Audi is Beast and Bmw is waste
  • David Topchiev
    David Topchiev Неделю назад The Ending of this Video Sums it up!
  • David Topchiev
    David Topchiev Неделю назад 16:00!!!! YOU MORONS!! YOUR FANBOY OPINIONS DONT MEAN SHIT!!!
  • David Topchiev
    David Topchiev Неделю назад @Yohane Sama Did these Morons watch the Video?? Only a Fucking Retard will argue with 16:00.....When the A8 4.0T comes back this will be the Best Car Any money will buy!!
  • Zoran Vukomanovic
    Zoran Vukomanovic 5 месяцев назад 1) Mercedes Benz S-class 2) Audi A8 3) BMW 7 series
  • pup
    pup 4 месяца назад 1)Audi A8 2)BMW 7 series 3)Mercedes-Benz S-class
  • Сергей Игнатьевич- Спизданул
    Сергей Игнатьевич- Спизданул 4 месяца назад @pup ----------
  • KLDGULD123
    KLDGULD123 4 месяца назад Jeste
  • magg93
    magg93 4 месяца назад Audi looks som boring
  • Davis Nganga
    Davis Nganga 4 месяца назад I agree with you
  • iAngeL
    iAngeL 4 месяца назад Benz fanboy
  • Kevin Toth
    Kevin Toth 4 месяца назад 3, 2019 Kia900...And I'm European not Asian.
  • Pran l'enfant
    Pran l'enfant 4 месяца назад 1) AC-130 Hercules 2) AH-64 Apache 3) MH-53 Pave Low
  • Adam Lapid
    Adam Lapid 4 месяца назад Mr carwow taked the expensive version of the audi and the same on the mercedes bit the bmw he takes the cheapest version of the 7 series. I think that the bmw m7 ( the expensive version of bmw) way better than the audi and the mercds the bmw m7 is just luxury, faster and stronger than the audi and mrcds
  • Baba Ganoush
    Baba Ganoush 3 месяца назад 1)Mercedes Benz S-Class 2) BMW 7 Series 3) Audi A8 Coming from a BMW Fan
  • Ahmed Basra
    Ahmed Basra 3 месяца назад Zoran Vukomanovic bmw
  • Drmcx
    Drmcx 2 месяца назад The interior of the Audi sucks so damn much. It is such a shame, because the exterior is quite cool when you stand next to it. The 7 series & the S-Class are both magnificent in every way.
  • Tim Abraham
    Tim Abraham 2 месяца назад @pup du hast echt keine Ahnung von Autos oder?
  • Arshan Khan
    Arshan Khan 1 месяц назад @Сергей Игнатьевич- Спизданул ..
  • Vlado V.
    Vlado V. 1 месяц назад (изменено) E moj Zorane, covek testirao i ocenio. Mercedes vise nije ono sto je bio. Audi je najkompaktniji danas.
  • Pew Diepie is the fucking best
    Pew Diepie is the fucking best 1 месяц назад Yep
  • Jason Yau
    Jason Yau 3 недели назад For Mercedes, only diesel cars get the fake exhaust pipes.
  • RamboChuckNorrisIstenKirályÜberMetálVadÁllat cs
    RamboChuckNorrisIstenKirályÜberMetálVadÁllat cs 6 месяцев назад Audi is really nice but the s class the best
  • Denis Sulovic
    Denis Sulovic 6 месяцев назад Mercedes s Class is like: You can do what you want you will never beat the s Class 😎
    RANDOM GUY ON YOUTUBE HI 5 месяцев назад Bring a Rolls Royce
  • Denis Sulovic
    Denis Sulovic 5 месяцев назад No rolls Royce is bad
    RANDOM GUY ON YOUTUBE HI 5 месяцев назад Bentley
  • Dophire
    Dophire 3 месяца назад Brings a Pagani Zonda R - Hold my beer
  • Baller 738
    Baller 738 3 месяца назад If you actually watched the video, the S class lost in this comparison to the Audi. So the S class was, in fact, beaten.
  • Gava Master
    Gava Master 3 месяца назад @Baller 738 This is a subjective conclusion at the end of the day. Nothing objective to declare the A8 the winner, its just Matt's preference after all, there is nothing to write home about A8 overall, the S-Class remains the leader easily.
  • Baller 738
    Baller 738 3 месяца назад @Gava Master You literally just said this comparison was subjective, then directly proceeded to declare that the s class "remains the leader easily" as if it were a fact. You just contradicted yourself within the span of two sentences.
  • cmonn makeittwerk
    cmonn makeittwerk 2 месяца назад not really buddy, Audi A8 just beated him
  • Gava Master
    Gava Master 2 месяца назад @Baller 738 Alright noted, let me put it another way, this whole argument is subjective it comes down to each person's preference, i personally love the S-Class and it follows for me its the leader.
  • Anson Zhao
    Anson Zhao 1 месяц назад @Denis Sulovic you are retarded right? the roll royce is by far the best sedan you can ever get
  • Anson Zhao
    Anson Zhao 1 месяц назад @Gava Master nah
  • Pip Pipster
    Pip Pipster 1 месяц назад Except it was just beaten 😂🤣
  • Talon SnowVlogs
    Talon SnowVlogs 1 месяц назад The brand new BMW M760LI would kill a a8 and a Maybach
  • Ayoub Ab
    Ayoub Ab 2 недели назад except exaust
  • H H
    H H 3 дня назад (изменено) @Denis Sulovic Rolls Royce bad? You are so ignorant... Focus on you childish videogames and stop talking about cars since you know nothing.
  • Rubine James
    Rubine James 7 месяцев назад (изменено) That dog cracked a smile on me face ☺️ Edit : Thanks for the love folks. Bless you 😇
  • Rubine James
    Rubine James 7 месяцев назад 😭😌 I've never been loved...Thankyouu :)
  • J R
    J R 7 месяцев назад Best review ever 🤣🤣🤣
  • lbreheem ali
    lbreheem ali 3 дня назад الاودي الافضل في العالم من حيث التكنولوجيا الشركه التي تقلدها جميع الشركات