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How To Not Drive Your Car on Russian Roads

Published on Oct 6, 2018 4,114,735 views

This video show you How To Not Drive Your Car on Russian Roads.
In these type of videos Im trying to show situations on the roads which are for educational purposes, so the drivers can learn from other mistakes, not their own.

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  • Daivi Celt
    Daivi Celt Неделю назад (изменено) I guess, I will turn right, from the far left lane, in my big truck. If there are any cars in the way, well, that's their problem..... damn the consequences, full speed ahead... 2) Or, Red Light or Stop Sign? So what? 3) Or, I will turn in front of on-coming traffic, just for the fun of it and stop in the middle of the lane to feel the bumper of a head collision.... 4) Or, too fast for conditions, who cares? What could go wrong? 5) When I drive in my big truck, I never feel the need to check my mirrors, when changing lanes. 6) Or, do I have to stop every time traffic in front of me is stopped? 7) Or, when there is an accident happening in front of me, I will just keep driving into the midst of it. What could go wrong? 8) I never worry about staying in my own lane. 9) Yep, we get the picture........
  • Maxim Junghee Park
    Maxim Junghee Park 2 недели назад 5:45 Soviet Lada vs New Sleazy Russian UAZ
  • Bandicoot803
    Bandicoot803 1 месяц назад Most accidents could have been avoided by respecting the RIGHT OF WAY !
  • ابن الحجاز
    ابن الحجاز 3 недели назад (изменено) الله أكبر والعزة لله بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 🕋🕋🕋
  • Ahmad Farda
    Ahmad Farda 6 дней назад Jt DSA oq j h
  • ابن الحجاز
    ابن الحجاز 6 дней назад @Ahmad Farda تحدث باللغة العربية يا احمد فأن اسمك عربي
  • level crossing spotter
    level crossing spotter 5 дней назад Dont rush b while driving blyat
  • Brylee Smith
    Brylee Smith 2 недели назад watching this video just proved people are stupid but i love watching these epic car fails!!!!
  • George Argyris
    George Argyris 1 месяц назад (изменено) Russian Car war,the panel beaters joy,the doctors and finally the undertakers happiness...
  • Евгений Сергеев
    Евгений Сергеев 5 месяцев назад Total video clips-48 From Russia - 29 From other countries-5 It is not possible to determine the country-14
  • Larry Lion
    Larry Lion 1 день назад A me sembrano ubriachi ,non è possibile essere così rincoglioniti 😁
  • J Ochs
    J Ochs 2 месяца назад (изменено) In the USA, we say"OMG, I hope everyone is okay!" In Russia, they say, " Это просто еще одна типичная среда."
  • Fran Elvis
    Fran Elvis 4 дня назад Precaución amigo conductor.
  • I fap to any videos on youtube
    I fap to any videos on youtube Неделю назад never knew gta law still applies on this world...
  • Joseph Lynn
    Joseph Lynn 2 недели назад the title is misleading- as we see from endless footage, this precisely how to drive a car in Russia- it's how they all do it. Seems like it wasn't a proper trip if you make it to the end in 1 piece.
  • Richard ter Veen
    Richard ter Veen 2 месяца назад Russians ..... worst drivers in the world
  • Super Puper
    Super Puper 1 месяц назад my bear will come with you to talk about it
  • Richard ter Veen
    Richard ter Veen 1 месяц назад Super Puper bring it on
  • Super Puper
    Super Puper 1 месяц назад @Richard ter Veen OK. I buy him a plane ticket.
  • Жадина Говядина
    Жадина Говядина 1 месяц назад пшл нах
  • Richard ter Veen
    Richard ter Veen 1 месяц назад Super Puper pls. tell me when he is arriving and I will personally pick him up from the airport, because I am like that
  • Richard ter Veen
    Richard ter Veen 1 месяц назад But be fair ....there are some absolutely crazy accidents in this video ...... maybe I was bit too generalistic ..... luckily it seemed there were no casualties ........ maybe I could invest in drivingschools ..... seems like a good idea
  • Intel Pentium Extreme
    Intel Pentium Extreme 1 месяц назад Заткнись ебанат ебучий!!!!!!
  • Дима Димин
    Дима Димин 1 месяц назад отсоси
  • Intel Pentium Extreme
    Intel Pentium Extreme 1 месяц назад @Дима Димин ты мне?
  • collectoroffrance
    collectoroffrance 2 недели назад (изменено) Chinese are not better, they all must drive this way on purpose....
  • Karar Al king
    Karar Al king 1 день назад @Richard ter Veen منو
  • Paris75
    Paris75 1 месяц назад UNLIMITED job offers in Russia : CAR REPAIR
  • عبد الله الادلبي
    عبد الله الادلبي 1 месяц назад Vodka 70%
  • Rudik Reshetov
    Rudik Reshetov 1 месяц назад @عبد الله الادلبي ты черт ебаный ебло тебе сломать за твои слова
  • Azcalmo
    Azcalmo 1 месяц назад hahahahahaha. for sure.
  • Sew Cat
    Sew Cat 2 недели назад Be good with your hands
  • soos
    soos 6 дней назад 5:25 me in online games
  • 2000 Teiki
    2000 Teiki 1 месяц назад Foreigners do not know the brakes! From a Japanese perspective
  • Yamaha242x-e
    Yamaha242x-e 2 месяца назад half of this video not from Russia (check auto number )
  • Данил Ростоцкий
    Данил Ростоцкий 3 недели назад (изменено) The author of the video, not all videos about traffic on the road, are in Russia. 2:01, 2:10 video is clearly not shot in Russia. The beginning of the video, filmed in Russia, in my hometown Barnaul on the lane. streets Youth and Lenin Avenue. This proves once again that on the roads everywhere you need to follow the rules of the road!
  • SuñRise online Tv
    SuñRise online Tv 5 дней назад See ahed and drive
  • Balamutick
    Balamutick 2 дня назад Welcome to Russia !