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2019 Tesla Model 3 review – Exclusive European road test | What Car?

Premiered Mar 5, 2019 142,021 views

The fully electric 2019 Tesla Model 3 is one of the most hotly anticipated new cars in recent years – and we've spent two days putting it to the test in Europe to find out whether it lives up to the hype.

How fast is it? How much fun is it to drive? How far will it go on a full charge? What cool features does it have? Watch our review to find out.

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  • What Car?
    What Car? Неделю назад 250kW Tesla Supercharging announced –
  • John Doe
    John Doe Неделю назад Hahahaha double price also ,this car is old already hahahaha buy a rivian for 60000 it have 14000 Newton's you have 7 seats ,or a cheaper Asian they are better then this American rubbish old stuff
  • ThunderWindz
    ThunderWindz 6 дней назад @John Doe That gramma....
  • Super -sim
    Super -sim Неделю назад Supercar performance, no emmisions, cheap to run, practical.
  • JohnnyZenith
    JohnnyZenith Неделю назад No HUD, uninteresting inside, a little bland outside, no digital binnacle in front of the driver. Yes I have been in my friends plenty. Not for me thanks but I'm glad people like it and they really do like it. Glad they're in the world and have some great qualities.
  • Aussie2u
    Aussie2u Неделю назад Super cheap to operate. Model 3 needs only brake fluid flush every 2 years and coolant flush every 4 years. This car is perfect for anyone who is tired of typical European car maintenance (think BMW) but wants that level of performance.
  • presterjohn71
    presterjohn71 Неделю назад @Aussie2u, but if you have an accident prepare to not see your car again for 4 months to a year.
  • Patrick Frickel
    Patrick Frickel Неделю назад @presterjohn71 this is the year of service for Tesla with all the stores staff moving to service.
  • SEN Setiaguna
    SEN Setiaguna Неделю назад JohnnyZenith i do like the minimalist design compared to the tacky full of button interior in most cars.
  • bbbf09
    bbbf09 Неделю назад @Patrick Frickel Ah - so the people who can take you out for test drive and answer admin queries are also trained mechanics? Did not know. Interesting
  • bbbf09
    bbbf09 Неделю назад cheap to run .....but super super expensive to buy . This was supposed to be the affordable electric car - for the masses. We don't even have a prospect of model 3 UK yet (2020/21/22?) but even if we did more than £50,000+ is firmly in luxury car territory. However wealthy you personally may be please don't pretend it isn't for the majority.
  • Michael RCH
    Michael RCH Неделю назад bbbf09 The $35k version is now out in the US. That's less than a Nissan Leaf and a lot better car. And if you are worried about the headline price, you can lease. Combined with the fuel savings, you will come out ahead of an ICE.
  • Jen
    Jen Неделю назад @bbbf09 In the US, the cheapest model 3 is exactly the national average purchase price for new cars. With any subsidy it is cheaper for the majority. In the UK, it will be somewhat above when it comes later this year.
  • kwl189
    kwl189 Неделю назад @bbbf09 the £35k model 3 will be available. The prices are for the long range version and performance version which stacks up against the M3. The real problem for Tesla is the VW ID in 2019|2020 is going to be significantly undercutting it.
  • Ronan C
    Ronan C Неделю назад @JohnnyZenith + 250 miles real autonomy also means unusable for travel (here in Cali, they brag about how you can do SF to Tahoe, but if you want to do SF to Sequoia or kings canyon....1 supercharger in Fresno, so forget about driving around in the parks), and super chargers costs not much less than gas. Past the hype half the tesla owners I know wish they didn't have to get little things fixed every 3 months. But yes you are right, it is sweet that they exist, they are great for daily california commute and truly cost efficient if your company provides superchargers on site. For many car enthusiasts however, no thanks indeed. Not enough customization, too plain (or dare I say too dildo looking), too much design VS function, no mechanical feedback, can't roadtrip unless you love long break in random hotel parking lots. Great source of inspiration for other manufacturers, hoping to see more electric thanks to tesla, but not this one, not yet.
  • Ronan C
    Ronan C Неделю назад ​@Aussie2u I would love to know how people deal with their german cars to have such high costs? 10 years on BMWs and Audis, my only expenditure was a 410$ tire after a flat, thanks to worker who left a cutter blade on my driveway. Never spend a dime on a maintenance item that doesn't also exist on Teslas (tires, brakes). Everything else was included in my lease. Also working in tech in SF, i know so many tesla owners who complain they have had too many visits to get minor fixes. I don't recall the last time I took my Audi to the shop (10k check up once, end of story). I would finally argue that if you spend 60k-120k in a car and maintenance costs get you in trouble, you bought a car that was too expensive for your means. Don't get me wrong, i'm not being anti tesla or trying to pick an internet flight :) I think they are great in many ways, i would get the small SUV coming up as one as a second car for commuting, and I love the forward thinking vision behind it. All I'm saying it the cost / maintenance argument is not a very strong one. If you get a 120k model X VS a full spec 85k Q7 or X5 that is way better put together, you simply don't care about price.
  • Aussie2u
    Aussie2u Неделю назад Ronan C Well since I’ve owned E39, E83, E93, F30, X25, I could show you the bills :). Main thing about Tesla is I’m getting better performance without even thinking about Vanos ticking sounds, transfer case studders in tight turns, plastic transmission pans weeping, or hearing dealer warning me of the myriad of soft codes that were thrown when I just needed an oil change...
  • Patrick O
    Patrick O Неделю назад @JohnnyZenith It is funny having people demand 1970s dashboards in a car in 2019. No one cares about gauges that aren't needed. They enjoy the greater visibility. Bland is the dumbest excuse ever, that is straight up meme crap like calling a supermodel 2/10 when you are a fat slob living in your mom's basement.
  • Un Usuario
    Un Usuario Неделю назад (изменено) The cheap part is what I like the most. I've been fixing a petrol car investing over USD 1,000 (a bit expensive in Mexico for a somewhat cheap Ibiza sedan) over 6 months.... and I am not fond of it at all. Most of it is petrol-related issues.
  • Patrick Frickel
    Patrick Frickel Неделю назад @bbbf09 they can deliver cars now.
  • Mateusz Szewczuk
    Mateusz Szewczuk Неделю назад (изменено) @Aussie2u realy only brake fluids? Suspension is not a deal? Is a loot more to brake than you thing. Statistic say tesla have so many faults like regular cars.
  • WooferJr
    WooferJr Неделю назад Super -sim umm supercar performance on a model 3?? please edit your comment rn 😂😂😂
  • Sean Mitchell
    Sean Mitchell Неделю назад presterjohn71 at least you’ll be alive ... one of the safest cars in the world.
  • Sean Mitchell
    Sean Mitchell Неделю назад WooferJr 3.2 0-60. Yes supercar.
  • WooferJr
    WooferJr Неделю назад Sean Mitchell maybe early 2010's right now the standard is sub 3.0 0-60
  • damonstr
    damonstr Неделю назад Dashboard annoyingly in the middle as if it were a French car.
  • GötetSWE
    GötetSWE Неделю назад @Sean Mitchell Supercar ACCELERATION (to 140mph) . Jesus christ it's not even remotely comparable to a supercar when it comes to top speed and handling...
  • TurkishSmurf
    TurkishSmurf Неделю назад it is 35000$ dis vid is fke news
  • M H
    M H Неделю назад @bbbf09 35k, with incentives, less than 32k. Save 10k in 5 years on fuel, another 3k in maintanence. Sell for 18k in 5 years. Total cost, $1,000 in 5 years.
  • bmp72
    bmp72 Неделю назад And only 700kkm before the environmental benefits kick in !
  • Andy McCabe
    Andy McCabe Неделю назад @Ronan C Alparently, the 'small' SUV coming up will be slightly larger and slightly more expensive than the Model 3. So .......
  • sp royals
    sp royals 5 дней назад Test drove a model s p100d, awful looks, dreadful interior, big iPad is a massive distraction, terrible handling, no sound so a dead for the price at near 150k...laughable
  • sp royals
    sp royals 5 дней назад Wtf, so what happens if your phone battery has died
  • sp royals
    sp royals 5 дней назад kwl189 for someone to compare this milk float to an m3 means you know nothing about cars. I don’t like bmw cars much but I’d have an m3 over this thing. Would be laughable if touching the screen to get the reverse camera and you get a ticket from the police
    JAEGERTECH Неделю назад I've had my Long Range Rear Wheel Drive Model 3 for 11 months now.... still LOVING it! And with the recent software update I just got 5% more peak power and a higher range estimate from 310, to 325. :) Name one other car company that would improve a car that's nearly a year old? With the long range and practical design, it's a no-excuse only car you need. No longer do you need to also have a gas car 'just incase'. Good news for new owners is the recent price drop as well. If you are waiting the UK or elsewhere ... IT's WORTH IT!
  • Magg78
    Magg78 Неделю назад JAEGERTECH Indeed, that Tesla actually keeps its cars up to date is something other manufacturers REALLY should learn from! Test drove this car, and liked it a lot - wanted to drive off with it 😉 I just wish it had tow bar capability (it certainly has the power and range for it), though I hear rumours that cars produced after January this year might have it 🤞
    JAEGERTECH Неделю назад @Magg78 hah! well now you basically CAN drive off with it! As all sales are on-line and test drives are a 7 day, or 1,000 mile love it and keep it, or return it drive... of course you have to pay for it though :P
  • Magg78
    Magg78 Неделю назад JAEGERTECH Unfortunately they have on the record that I test drove it, so only 1 day for me according to Tesla 😔
    JAEGERTECH Неделю назад @Magg78oh.... right :\
  • Magg78
    Magg78 Неделю назад JAEGERTECH No worries though, I got a pretty good impression of the car despite the short drive - and when that is enough to make me want to take it home right away I don’t think I will be disappointed. Just give me a tow bar, Elon, as soon as possible! 😄
  • sebxx
    sebxx Неделю назад Too bad it's not a liftback
  • Mike Wright
    Mike Wright Неделю назад JAEGERTECH same. I love mine.
  • ®735337707™
    ®735337707™ Неделю назад Volvo's Polestar is coming out soon. And it also updates over air. I guess it will be the norm in few years.
  • sebxx
    sebxx Неделю назад (изменено) @®735337707™ "soon"... Is not something inspiring when there's not even a year for each EU country.
  • Rata 4U
    Rata 4U Неделю назад It's $100,000 once you buy a parking stall, power the stall, buy the charging port plus the cost of the car. I can't justify the cost. It's why we are all waiting for hydrogen cars to arrive. I live in a city where most of us live in condos because to own s house is minimally $1 million.
  • sebxx
    sebxx Неделю назад (изменено) @Rata 4U hydrogen, means harder to source the energy... (In France there's only 2, two !!!) I'd rather get batteries, slow charging in condos is doable (and anyone in france has a right to get his plug, at his cost obviously)
  • ®735337707™
    ®735337707™ Неделю назад @sebxx the production starts at the beginning of 2020. So first ones should be delivered in March -April. And around the same price point as the model 3. Not to mention VW will release few all electric models starting below 30k €.
  • sebxx
    sebxx Неделю назад (изменено) @®735337707™ well we all know dates can get delayed... Polestar's 2020 doesn't even include all EU countries. I'll believe it when I'll be able to drive one home
  • Lee Vardy
    Lee Vardy Неделю назад The level of want is real!
  • Ora Labora
    Ora Labora Неделю назад (изменено) @JAEGERTECH you sound like brainwashed cult-of-Elon worshipper :) easy for you guys to say when it costs you only $35+k, whereas here it (most likely) will be £50+k... that's almost TWO Konas or eNiros!
  • Freddy Sumartono
    Freddy Sumartono Неделю назад Wait till it has a lot of problems
  • goran stojanovic
    goran stojanovic Неделю назад @Ora Labora well we still didnt invent portals that can magicaly transport a car from one place to another we will be stuck with ships for a while wich adds to the costs
  • emma thegrey
    emma thegrey Неделю назад @Ora Labora The $35k price in the US doesn't include taxes and VAT. In Europe the car isn't really more expensive compared to the US.
  • Andy McCabe
    Andy McCabe Неделю назад Err, or is that price increase!!?
  • knowledge share
    knowledge share Неделю назад (изменено) Audi need to be worried the fact that their 95kWh battery E-TRON can barely get 70kWh range while Jaguar I-PACE suffers from slow-charging, "Coldgate" and the same range issues as the E-Tron in fact worse. So all the usual remarks about interior finish is a load crap when compared to the fact that when it comes to both software management and battery chemistry they are 10 years behind TESLA.
  • Joe McMorrow
    Joe McMorrow Неделю назад Absolutely - I am a long standing Jag fan but the car is the easy bit - the battery chemistry, management and programming is where these mainstream manufacturers need to get a grip. They still don't get it, the CAR is relatively simple. It's two moving parts, a spindle on each motor. Even Dyson (making vacuum cleaners and other white goods) have figured out they can make the cars! Just writing a cheque to LG Chem or Panasonic and moving the challenge elsewhere will not work.
  • Sniper Trading
    Sniper Trading Неделю назад @Joe McMorrow Because lot of regular car companies usually buy components from their part suppliers. Then they assemble it into a car, maybe only the engine that's their own design. They have no R&D in expertise in EV and so they struggle.
  • EnlightenedSavage
    EnlightenedSavage Неделю назад Established car manufacturers have been saying that that tesla is too young to make good cars. Then they are finding out quickly their arrogance is only exceeded by their ignorance. They can't match the engineering of tesla which is an engineering company. Most modern car manufacturers have shrunk their engineering departments to almost nothing they have been doing so since the 80's. They had the philosophy of why spend the time to R&D when they can just buy marketing and sell the same stuff over and over again.
  • kwl189
    kwl189 Неделю назад @EnlightenedSavage don't forget that Tesla have put their money where their mouth is and have literally poured buckets of cash into making the cars. They've definitely got some devoted investors that aren't in it for the money but more the dream. Modern ice car companies are lazy for the most part and have gotten comfortable racking up huge profits. Does anyone really believe that they'd be rushing to release electric cars without Tesla doing it before them? Pfff the fact that electric cars tend to require less maintenance and are theoretically more reliable poses a deep threat to current model of getting customers into dealerships to rip them off. Within a few years, Tesla will be flawless with their production fittings etc and they'll get on top of long delays to repairs and parts. Once that happens, it's game over for the old guard.
  • Patrick O
    Patrick O Неделю назад @kwl189 The only ICE company doing well is toyota because they are able to sell cheap hybrids with high mpg. The corolla sedan will sell well and they finally added android auto. The non-hybrids are all going to die off. In 5 years, EVs will be the primary car sold and if tesla is the only one with a good price and a charging network, they will dominate the market. I personally think toyota is going to milk their hybrid sales for as long as possible before getting into EVs and when they jump in, they will immediately become the number 2 player behind tesla. Toyota will have no qualms about switching to EVs and they have tons of experience via their hybrids. Toyota is partnering with panasonic the same as tesla did and that probably will give them access to patents shared between panasonic and tesla.
  • Sean Mitchell
    Sean Mitchell Неделю назад knowledge share also no supercharger network.
  • kwl189
    kwl189 Неделю назад @Patrick O I dunno about Toyota only doing well. Over in the UK, German car makers are high in demand and in fact ice cars are still the main sellers. The infrastructure outside USA for electric cars isn't there yet. The main challenge is to devote resources to setting up charging points but at least seemingly the car makers have settled on CSS fast charging. I would think Tesla have exclusive access to those technologies as other car makers can't get the range they can out of similar sized batteries. Software wise, Tesla's are around a decade far above other car makers. VW have slammed billions into their MEB platform and have the intention to aggressively price their VW ID which is due for release in 2019|2020. They're due to start from the mid £20k region. A significant price reduction on the model 3 which is the cheapest Tesla on sale.
  • Geoff Willingham
    Geoff Willingham Неделю назад @Sean Mitchell In the EU at least, the SuperCharger network will be stocking CCS ports (legally required for the M3), so the only reason other cars couldn't use the Tesla would be company politics and/or payment considerations (iirc SuperChargers can query the car to determine which account to charge - no other company has fitted this capability, despite Tesla making all patents available royalty-free)
  • Luca Valentino
    Luca Valentino Неделю назад I'm a Tesla convert. Can't wait to order one :)
  • Jonathan Young
    Jonathan Young Неделю назад Welcome Brother!
  • Sean Mitchell
    Sean Mitchell Неделю назад Brotherhood of T
  • steve crawford
    steve crawford Неделю назад Both my dad and my uncle have one, they are glorious vehicles, super enjoyable to drive... none of us will ever purchase internal combustion engine again, the experience is superior... to try is to believe... Dawn of a new automotive era has arrived.
  • Planet Auto
    Planet Auto Неделю назад A fine car, minimalist, affordable and performance and tech to match, we can’t wait to get behind the wheel, thank you
  • Slynell1
    Slynell1 Неделю назад I will have this car one day.
  • Jonathan Young
    Jonathan Young Неделю назад Same here buddy. Some day I'll own a used base model 3.
  • WooferJr
    WooferJr Неделю назад Jonathan Young used Tesla? good luck replacing those 10K batteries. Good luck repairing the wear and tear too! Teslas fall apart as they age!
  • Big Dream
    Big Dream Неделю назад @WooferJr 🤣 You must be joking. There are Model S's out there in Tesla taxi companies that have more than 300,000 miles on them and are STILL in excellent shape!
  • kindog86
    kindog86 Неделю назад What the performance version. Lucky u, must be rich lol. I hope I can get an entry level one someday
  • AjM9000
    AjM9000 Неделю назад The Tesla Model 3 is only 26000!
  • knowledge share
    knowledge share Неделю назад (изменено) Cheaper versions are already out in the USA that will arrive in Europe later in the year and early next year.
  • David Cote
    David Cote Неделю назад Finally, an infotainment system that actually works like a high end phone or tablet. Why is that so hard for other manufacturers? Every screen in every car I have ever used is always so laggy and the multi-touch/swiping just doesn't work well. Just being able to use Google Earth and navigation like I can on an iPad is awesome! I do prefer some hard physical buttons for stuff like HVAC but its certainly not a deal breaker. How a startup is crushing established manufacturers in this regard is crazy to me. Get with the times!
  • Sean Z
    Sean Z Неделю назад David Cote nah.... just get a Tesla!
  • larry Spiller
    larry Spiller Неделю назад Especially when the screen works as good as a phone. I remember when people claimed they wouldn't give up their BlackBerry keyboards and didn't trust backup camera's haha
  • Daz Sid
    Daz Sid Неделю назад Great car, this spec looks amazing 👌🏿 can’t wait till arrives in the UK
  • Redpill Pirate
    Redpill Pirate Неделю назад If you order it now, you should be able to receive it by 2025
  • DrgnFlys
    DrgnFlys Неделю назад Worth the wait!
  • Ora Labora
    Ora Labora Неделю назад @Redpill Pirate :D nailed it
  • Big Dream
    Big Dream Неделю назад @Redpill Pirate No, it's already in Europe now. Right-hand-drive will likely be available in the U.K. later this year. WORST case scenario is 2020.
  • Jordon S
    Jordon S Неделю назад Can’t wait to be blown away next year by seeing all the videos of the Tesla roadster (2.0) and the power of the Tesla semi, and also the Model Y in a week or so.
  • Bart Coopman
    Bart Coopman Неделю назад Awesome, I should have the exact same car in about a week or two :) Very looking forward to it!
  • Yellow Lightning
    Yellow Lightning Неделю назад Me too, delivery is scheduled for the second halve of March... So looking forward to the day :)
  • steve crawford
    steve crawford Неделю назад Have fun and best wishes...!
  • J. Ngonono
    J. Ngonono Неделю назад u lucky motherfucker (said in samuel l jackson voice)
  • Jay Thomas
    Jay Thomas Неделю назад Me too!!
  • Robert l
    Robert l Неделю назад What does your camera man think of the car ?
  • Lars Raaby
    Lars Raaby Неделю назад Life is better with a Tesla :-)
  • Comeonuseyourbrain
    Comeonuseyourbrain Неделю назад The fact that you can keep the reverse camera on during the drive is priceless. Makes the journey much safer. That alone is a huge reason to buy a Tesla and I just don't undestand why nobody else does it.
  • Benji Batley
    Benji Batley Неделю назад Comeonuseyourbrain Land Rover already been doing it
  • DogeZ
    DogeZ Неделю назад ^^This was about to say; our 2018 Land Rocer has it.
  • Andy McCabe
    Andy McCabe Неделю назад I can certainly envisage situations where looking where you've been, rather than looking where you're going, could be somewhat inadvisable!!! Maybe that's why most cars don't allow you to do it!!!!
  • OrangeCrusader
    OrangeCrusader Неделю назад @Andy McCabe Agreed, and besides that exact role is already done by the physical rearview mirror that doesn't pull your view down and away from the road while driving.
  • Mike Wright
    Mike Wright Неделю назад I have the LR RWD Model 3 and love it. Easily the best car I’ve ever owned.
  • Tim Tam
    Tim Tam Неделю назад I'm glad mainstream media is now starting to review electric cars a bit more objectively. A couple of points though. Teslas can use regular rapid chargepoints, using a CHAdeMO adaptor, which works brilliantly. There is now a key hob available as per Model S and X in response to feedback about the smartphone/key card setup. I find it hard to believe the real world range is only 250 miles. I consistently get 200 miles out of my 60kWh Model S and owners seem to get much more than this from their M3. Btw, the range of the Model 3 has been increased via an over-the-air update since filming (I suspect). Lastly, the review did fall into the trap of talking about this as an electric car, rather than simply as a car and comparing relevant aspects of performance to other vehicles. A few things that ironically that never seem to get mentioned are; maintenance requirements/costs, fuel costs and emissions.
  • Joe McMorrow
    Joe McMorrow Неделю назад The guesstimate for the Model 3 long range pack is 72kwh and were this pack in your Model S, the maths would suggest a range of 240 miles. As the model 3 is a smaller and lighter vehicle - let's say 265-270 miles. I also agree though that the quoted lowish range is hard to believe - the reviewer did say they were not hanging about and doing 70mph. My beloved old Jag 3.0 XF diesel had a quoted economy of 48mpg but I used to regularly get 55mpg without trying very hard. The biggest factor on vehicle range is likely to still be the driver!
  • Tim Tam
    Tim Tam Неделю назад @Joe McMorrow Agreed. Plus, the Model 3 is more efficient. You seem to be very clued up on EVs who someone with a diesel Jag. Have you been seduced by the dark side?
  • Joe McMorrow
    Joe McMorrow Неделю назад @Tim Tam As can be seen by my Avatar, I have loved Jags since a friend took me for a spin in a new V12 XJ-S when I was Eleven years old. I thought I was in the Starship Enterprise! My XF (company car) went nearly five years ago and I have been running cheapies ever since waiting for a viable EV. At the moment I have a Saab 9-5 2.2TiD and if the prices were lower I would be looking seriously at an ipace. The old 2005 Saab is a great car but I am looking forward to not having to throw £80 or so a week at it in the form of Diesel. I am however, a great admirer of TESLA and all they have achieved and hope to get a lower end Model 3 in the latter half of this year. I have no doubt that careful driving will meet or exceed the WLTP range of Tesla and most other EVs. Even Jezza Clarkson achieved astonishing economy from an XJ and an A8 when he put his mind to it!!
  • larry Spiller
    larry Spiller Неделю назад His trip was only one direction and hes driving the least efficient trim so im pretty confident awd lr and rwd lr could do their rated range in a round trip. Also my calculations say he could do 245, not the 230 stated. I wouldn't doubt a guzzling bmw m3 could do much better on a tank either.
  • Dave Turner
    Dave Turner Неделю назад No CHAdeMO or CCS adapter yet for North American Model 3. I did buy a TT-30 adapter in case I was stuck having to charge at an RV site.
  • TheBowerbird
    TheBowerbird Неделю назад Real world range on the Performance is indeed about 250 miles. You lose a significant amount of range with the sticky tires and very large wheels.
  • goran stojanovic
    goran stojanovic Неделю назад @TheBowerbird well also depending on car settings and if he blasted the heating then that also affects the range
  • Nickdap
    Nickdap Неделю назад Your estimated UK pricing is wrong. It will not cost that much.
  • bbbf09
    bbbf09 Неделю назад Do you know something? That is direct translation from euro to GBP from current models available there - which seems reasonable and checks out to me . Given brexit crash out round the corner the £ is likely to tank further that may be overly optimistic to me.
  • Nickdap
    Nickdap Неделю назад @bbbf09 In Germany it's showing as 52,300 € and 63,000 € respectively. That would translate to £44,856 and £54,033 at current exchange rates.
  • What Car?
    What Car? Неделю назад Hi guys, we converted from Spanish pricing, and pricing varies across different European countries. For example: Belgium - Model 3 LR AWD is 55,600€ Germany - Model 3 LR AWD is 52,300€ Italy - Model 3 LR AWD is 56,400€
  • Wirmish
    Wirmish Неделю назад @What Car? And the price of the BASE model is ?????
  • Geoff Willingham
    Geoff Willingham Неделю назад @Wirmish Not announced, because it's not available in EU yet.
  • emma thegrey
    emma thegrey Неделю назад @Wirmish Convert $35000 to euros/pounds and add the VAT/taxes depending on your location. That's it.
  • Rambler Andy
    Rambler Andy 3 дня назад @What Car? But you did forget the Standard Range car which, although isn't available in Europe or the UK yet, will eventually follow. Price for that will be the equivalent of US$35,000, which is substantially lower. You should have mentioned it. People will wait for the right vehicle for them if they know it is coming.
  • Bev Michel
    Bev Michel Неделю назад That’s my car. Blue white P3D Ordered it 1/10 and am still waiting here in US because they shipped all of them to Europe. 😡
  • albert zandvoort
    albert zandvoort Неделю назад Dude some people waited years for it here. You are waiting less than 2 months?
  • Bev Michel
    Bev Michel Неделю назад I reserved in 2016 and LIVE in US! Now you can get One here in 2 weeks. DUDE
  • Michael Mobley
    Michael Mobley Неделю назад (изменено) Be happy man. You could have got delivery of it before and gotten screwed over by all the new discounts. You should get yours soon as Tesla is focusing on US deliveries again. And they will honor the new pricing if you haven't taken delivery. You've made out very well! What you ordered on 1/10 is a whole lot cheaper now and you stand to benefit greatly from it. I got my mid-range 5 days before this new pricing announcement and I'm kind of bummed looking at what I could get with the same amount of money I bought my car for.
  • Bev Michel
    Bev Michel Неделю назад Michael Mobley My price is 100 cheaper than if I ordered One today and I’m getting fsd free. So I’m happy but still the wait is excruciating seeing all the model 3 deliveries in Europe China and now a 2 week promise of delivery if you order one now.
  • bikerAthar
    bikerAthar Неделю назад 3000 cars a week shipped to Europe. So 2000 for US. And allready mentionned. Model 3 is allready 15 months for sale now in US. The cheapest version for Europe is still 6 months away in EU. Im just waiting for a 30000€ model 3 or kia e niro.
  • knowledge share
    knowledge share Неделю назад (изменено) Why do a review with the performance version ? Performance versions are always juice hungry, bumpier and loudier. Very few people will buy that one. The AWD 310 mile version and the RWD 335 mile version are more representative of the car in the broader sense.
  • Mitchell Barnow
    Mitchell Barnow Неделю назад knowledge share Tesla is trying to sell the model with the greatest profit margin.
  • Rafał Nagórski
    Rafał Nagórski Неделю назад Only this version is available in Europe.
  • MacGyver
    MacGyver Неделю назад @Rafał NagórskiNope. You can order both the Performance and All Wheel Drive version.
  • Dan
    Dan Неделю назад I presume it's the only press car available!
  • Carl Dupnt
    Carl Dupnt Неделю назад performance EVs are not juice hungry like a muscle cars.