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Best new cars coming 2020-2021: my A-Z guide of the Geneva Motor Show | carwow

Published on Mar 10, 2019 2,731,115 views

Mat’s spent the last week at the Geneva Motor Show! From electric SUV concepts to a one-off £13m Bugatti, join him for an introduction to the most exciting cars on show this year! But which one’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Mat Watson Cars
    Mat Watson Cars 4 месяца назад For those who have watched the WHOLE video please let me know your favourite car or scene. First check to see if someone else has already mentioned the same thing, and if so like their comment instead. That way I will be able to tell what you would like to see more of at the next motor show. BTW I made an error with the price of the Koenigsegg Jesko - it's £2.3M not £23M. Sorry 🤦🏼‍♂️.
  • Caleb Johnson
    Caleb Johnson 1 день назад ...And also I support you with the whole Ferrari problem but there are 2 things I noticed 1 people close to the Ferrari were wearing a lanyard whilst you were not 2 I don't know if the Ferrari guys saw it... but you shoved a sugary waffle-on-a-stick into a fake Audi vent sooooooo... maybe that's why, or maybe I'm wrong.
  • Caleb Johnson
    Caleb Johnson 1 день назад I loved that awesome looking Koenigsegg Jesko (if I spelled it correctly which i probably did).
  • Ogi UltimateChannel
    Ogi UltimateChannel 3 дня назад I have ti ask where is maseratti?
  • Marco Nalbandian
    Marco Nalbandian Неделю назад Alfa Tonale
  • love4bahrain
    love4bahrain Неделю назад Kia soul
  • Mike Luikang
    Mike Luikang Неделю назад 50/50 for Aston Martin Valkyrie and Bentley No 9
  • tomxaak
    tomxaak 2 недели назад Alfa Romeo Tonale.. it's just.. stunning
  • Kkkk
    Kkkk 3 недели назад Facelift GLC
  • Verden 1979
    Verden 1979 1 месяц назад Skoda iv
  • Λεωνιδας 21
    Λεωνιδας 21 1 месяц назад TOYOTA COROLLA AWESUME
  • Richard Holmes
    Richard Holmes 1 месяц назад 3:27, 3:28 Much betta.
  • Mitzi Rascal
    Mitzi Rascal 1 месяц назад I'm with you love the Jimny! thanks for your enjoyable, informative videos :)
  • Ranjit Grewal
    Ranjit Grewal 1 месяц назад ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • ken johno7
    ken johno7 1 месяц назад Lexus in chinese is ley_ku's_ass?
  • fenix136
    fenix136 1 месяц назад The Lexus vehicles that you have totally missed and were not showed in the video. Keep up the good work though.
    GREEN SKY 1 месяц назад Ahh
  • Anu Yardies
    Anu Yardies 1 месяц назад Hey.. mat @MatWatsonCars are so funny myann am not a big fan of automotive but am a fan of youuuu yaar
  • TubesWidener
    TubesWidener 1 месяц назад 0:56 the exquisitely beautiful Tornay :)
  • Vladimir Ginchev
    Vladimir Ginchev 1 месяц назад Definitely no ferrari 💩🤬 Aston Martin wait to see in drag competition
  • Magnemite Gaming
    Magnemite Gaming 2 месяца назад Tonale
  • K McKenzie
    K McKenzie 2 месяца назад Toenail hahaha love it.
  • Csb. Düsseldorf
    Csb. Düsseldorf 2 месяца назад E.go!!!
  • terry xiao
    terry xiao 2 месяца назад Very funny and interesting video, specially Ferrari part,😂thank you! Currently i am driving new Paramera 4 hybrid executive, interested in Tesla roadster,they collect pre orders,but except cars,something happened to Tesla company today i am confused about quality. For Lamborghini i saw your video against Tesla P100D,it is not value for money i think
  • Jasurbek Ergashov
    Jasurbek Ergashov 2 месяца назад @2Hedz Nope serious
  • 2Hedz
    2Hedz 2 месяца назад @Niels Ohlsen yeah it's sad that ferarri is going to die from refusing to change
  • 2Hedz
    2Hedz 2 месяца назад @Jasurbek Ergashov joking right?
  • 2Hedz
    2Hedz 2 месяца назад @andreasz love koeingsegg but how is it more expensive than the bugatti tho?
  • 2Hedz
    2Hedz 2 месяца назад @Nima Abbaspour yeah that's why I clicked the video in the first place!
  • 2Hedz
    2Hedz 2 месяца назад @Raptorel every French citizen: rolls eyes
  • 2Hedz
    2Hedz 2 месяца назад @Cody Wild I agree. It's dope.
  • 2Hedz
    2Hedz 2 месяца назад @jared eaton there are a lot of cool cars. A few beautiful cars. But only 1 gorgeous car.
  • 2Hedz
    2Hedz 2 месяца назад @HappyKiller lol I hope that is sarcasm
  • Antonis Korakakis
    Antonis Korakakis 2 месяца назад MatWatsonCars Peugeot 208
    D NATION 2 месяца назад I loved your Ferrari crisis 😂😂😂👌🏽
  • Armin Saric
    Armin Saric 2 месяца назад MatWatsonCars Pls Add All Of Those Cars To Your Site, Also One Question Do We Have To Put Our Adress On Your Site? Im Curious, Cuz Will It Bring The Car. Here?
  • Anvesh Reddy
    Anvesh Reddy 2 месяца назад Pugeot 508
  • Miguel Mattos
    Miguel Mattos 2 месяца назад jesko
  • andy fielding
    andy fielding 2 месяца назад PAGANI ZONDA ,my dream car for ever. Alfa Tonale for the real world; another pretty Alfa.
  • MadManEngRugbyFan 11
    MadManEngRugbyFan 11 2 месяца назад The ferarri scene 😂
  • Sekai Ni Heiwa
    Sekai Ni Heiwa 2 месяца назад My favourite was Koenigsegg but not anymore since its only 2.3
  • Eljakim De Clerck
    Eljakim De Clerck 2 месяца назад The Chinese ripoffs
  • RedlineShadow29
    RedlineShadow29 2 месяца назад Yanni for sure is going to buy an Aventador SVJ to Kill for one the Tesla Model S P100D on the reaction time and the 0-60
  • Salih Kanli
    Salih Kanli 2 месяца назад You are a legend !
  • IGYT
    IGYT 2 месяца назад Lamborghini Aventador Svj Roadster
  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM 3 месяца назад (изменено) The AMG GT R Roadster is also pretty darn Awesome, absolutely a car I would purchase if I won the lottery....When....Shame its neither an electric nor hybrid vehicle though. Perhaps I would choose the PIECH instead, that looks pretty darn awesome, Mat, Please review the Piech Mark Zero, great name too Peach...
  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM 3 месяца назад (изменено) Many really nice vehicles, practicality wise though, my favourite would have to be the Audi E-Tron GT concept car, the grey one. I can't wait for that to be released and reviewed by Mat.
  • Tom Raymond
    Tom Raymond 3 месяца назад @Vikas Sharma I'm well up for that video too, Get yourself to India Matthew!
  • abz124816
    abz124816 3 месяца назад 1946 Nash is my favorite car. Try not to come in your pants when talking about cars. There is more to life :)
  • Mr ThuGamer
    Mr ThuGamer 3 месяца назад Could you keep your hands of the fucking showmodels, you're the only one who doesn't understand it there.
  • AllanteA4
    AllanteA4 3 месяца назад MatWatsonCars Those Lambos are breathtaking
  • Paul Haber
    Paul Haber 3 месяца назад I hate the Subaru and I can’t wait until all cars running on eco friendly feul
  • Greg Hanway
    Greg Hanway 3 месяца назад Person walks past in front of camera . Matt : it's ok these things happen it's a motor show 😂😂😂
  • Edy
    Edy 3 месяца назад Škoda Kamiq cause i am czech
  • trollpro30
    trollpro30 3 месяца назад The best part was when Ferrari was cool enough to let you on their stand. They are so nice!
  • BryDuhBikeGuy
    BryDuhBikeGuy 3 месяца назад VW Funster.(whatever, the buggy)
  • Michele Damian
    Michele Damian 3 месяца назад Honfa EV Concept, it's the furst electric car I would actually buy. The Fiat Centoventi is interesting too but I have mixed feelings about it, it looks weird.
  • Ronny Sterling
    Ronny Sterling 3 месяца назад MatWatsonCars ELECTRIC AND HYBRID IS A LIE, A JOKE
  • Badeend
    Badeend 3 месяца назад I think alot of them are so ugly i do like the aston martins
  • E M
    E M 3 месяца назад All garbage. Where is Tesla?
  • Aik Jones
    Aik Jones 3 месяца назад 17:04 Piech is my fav! 5mins 80% full !!!! Now thats a car to want
  • Huseyin Buyuk
    Huseyin Buyuk 3 месяца назад Bmw 7 series
  • Yaseen Khan
    Yaseen Khan 3 месяца назад My 3 yr old watched the whole video. He loved the F8 tributo, Jesko and SVJ. Great video
  • Elgie De Leon
    Elgie De Leon 3 месяца назад I'll tell you my least favorite scene. Ferrari... -_- I kinda like Ferraris... But, after how they've treated you? Blah... XP I collect diecast models... It's like I won't even look for that car model if ever it gets released as a miniature... disgust
  • kanish kumari
    kanish kumari 3 месяца назад G63
  • Why so serious
    Why so serious 3 месяца назад I'm going to buy the new Bentley Bentayga so I can drive past all my neighbour's giving them the middle finger 🖕🏻shouting "I can't help but notice I'm considerably richer than you" 🤣🤣🤣
  • VJ89VJ
    VJ89VJ 3 месяца назад I wasn't very impressed by the designs of any of these cars, I'd be embarrassed to drive them. I liked the Honda tho, and that Prëch or whatever it's called ^^
  • utubeuser1876
    utubeuser1876 3 месяца назад couldn't even get past the first minute, I already made up my mind. favorite is TOENAIL
  • A
    A 3 месяца назад #get Matt in the FERRARI#
  • Olaitan Oke
    Olaitan Oke 3 месяца назад Skoda Vision IV
  • Jarle F
    Jarle F 3 месяца назад Skoda vision :)
  • Zoran čubrić
    Zoran čubrić 4 месяца назад Rimac is the best but not in video?!?!
  • Mr Hybrid Chaos
    Mr Hybrid Chaos 4 месяца назад peugeot 208
  • Jean-Luc Celtrick
    Jean-Luc Celtrick 4 месяца назад definitely the Piech. The company seems to really know what they are doing for the consumer. Now if only it were cheaper.
  • Drizzy
    Drizzy 4 месяца назад BENTLEY
  • samet sezen
    samet sezen 4 месяца назад Pininfarina Batista is my favorite
  • Magicstockton
    Magicstockton 4 месяца назад Aston Martin Valkyrie. What is Suzuki thinking? That a 2020/1998 vehicle?
  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith 4 месяца назад First best scene was powdered sugar in fake air intake😆 Second scene was seeing Christian von Koenigsegg walk behind you while going over the Jesko. Thanks for the great video, well done. Informative and entertaining.
  • omar barakat
    omar barakat 4 месяца назад Toenail.......was halarius😂😂😊
  • Lَaithْ ،
    Lَaithْ ، 4 месяца назад Favorite car: the new Ferrari, favorite scene: the waffle.
  • Stoyan Denkov
    Stoyan Denkov 4 месяца назад They are all quite shiett, mate
  • lee williams
    lee williams 4 месяца назад 508
  • John Rambo
    John Rambo 4 месяца назад Honda? Zonda. Hondaaa? ZONDA!
  • Lil Yeet
    Lil Yeet 4 месяца назад NO
  • Twiggy Webber
    Twiggy Webber 4 месяца назад That corolla did look pretty sweet, I used to have the 2011 XRS till someone hit me so sad they stopped making the XRS
  • Julian Beekhuis
    Julian Beekhuis 4 месяца назад i think my favorite car is the Pininfirina baptista
  • Crag B
    Crag B 4 месяца назад No your not
  • Khaled Zuhair Daban
    Khaled Zuhair Daban 4 месяца назад Aventador
  • Eric Wong
    Eric Wong 4 месяца назад what's up with Ferrari? surely Mat can afford one or arrogant they r!
  • Mary Stevenson
    Mary Stevenson 4 месяца назад Oh thanks, guess it's IN my budget now! (Not)
  • Vitor Penedo
    Vitor Penedo 4 месяца назад Peugeot stand: 508 and the new 208.
  • Orion Meeson
    Orion Meeson 4 месяца назад Gotta say the t- Roc R
  • Rob Trucker
    Rob Trucker 4 месяца назад Please skoda make the i.v dont like most electric cars but what a smart looking motor👍
  • Joel Woolley
    Joel Woolley 4 месяца назад Brummy twit
  • Hamid S
    Hamid S 4 месяца назад Tonale To Na Le tonale lol
  • Rohit Singh
    Rohit Singh 4 месяца назад The Skoda Vision IV is my pick 💐💯😍😍
  • Sanka Benaragama
    Sanka Benaragama 4 месяца назад Most favorite car is Koenigsegg Jesko. Scene was the rudeness of Ferrari... 😐😕 @MatWatsonCars
  • goofygomez
    goofygomez 4 месяца назад When you were denied entry into the Ferrari section 😂😂
  • chevers69
    chevers69 4 месяца назад The polestar
  • Matt Ruth
    Matt Ruth 4 месяца назад You handle yourself (and rude people) like a gentleman, sir! Bit of a pucker when Christian Koenigsegg passed by tho, yeah ;) The Astons are sublime, but foe me (and my wallet) its the Honda e. Really wish we got the Jimney stateside too!
  • Pax Humana
    Pax Humana 4 месяца назад @Steve , piss off, you intolerant bigoted hypocrite!