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The Bentley Arnage Is the Ultimate $30,000 Luxury Car

Published on Apr 11, 2019 980,625 views


The Bentley Arnage is an amazing luxury car -- and now it's cheap. Today I'm reviewing the Bentley Arnage T to show you why the Arnage is so great, and why it's such a great car for the money. I'm taking you on a tour of the Arnage, and I'm giving the Bentley Arnage a full driving review.

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  • The Abdo Kallab
    The Abdo Kallab Неделю назад This is the moment when i flex with my 30K Bentley on my non-car enthusiasts friends
  • Ano Nony
    Ano Nony Неделю назад Until they google it and see this video as the first result
  • thooke222
    thooke222 Неделю назад @Ano Nony and then they see your comment! Lol
  • Mk 20
    Mk 20 Неделю назад If you can afford to maintain a bentley regardless of its age ur still flexing..
  • The Abdo Kallab
    The Abdo Kallab Неделю назад @Mk 20 yeah, that's for sure. Maybe buying a newer more expensive model might actually be cheaper! And sacrificing waist time getting it to garage every week!!
  • Raspberry Cai
    Raspberry Cai Неделю назад Looks nice in the driveway but you'll be spending 30 grand a week maintaining the bloody thing.
  • B HM
    B HM Неделю назад you are me.
  • Colm Farrel
    Colm Farrel Неделю назад You can get a 4 year old s Class for the same money and it's more luxurious with more features. It would impress the non car enthusiasts more as it looks brand new.
  • Oliver Delgado
    Oliver Delgado Неделю назад Leaks galore
  • Resident Autist
    Resident Autist Неделю назад @Colm Farrel but does it have as much L E A T H E R ??
  • Colm Farrel
    Colm Farrel Неделю назад @Resident Autist It does have a lot, but not as much no. lol
  • aaron names
    aaron names Неделю назад @B HM lel
  • BixelWeekly
    BixelWeekly Неделю назад "Bentley does not DO abbreviations" Bentley Logo: 🅱️
  • Patrik Möller
    Patrik Möller 3 дня назад And the name of the car, Arnage T 😁😁
  • jayjaylen75
    jayjaylen75 1 день назад An initial is NOT an abbreviation...where in the FUCK did you go to school?? LMAO
  • TheVladooo
    TheVladooo 6 дней назад (изменено) 12:00 Doug: no one will ever use these picnic tables. Cocaine Connoisseurs everywhere: hold my straw...
  • TrassseB
    TrassseB 1 день назад TheVladooo exactly what I was just about to say 😂🤣
  • J Lang
    J Lang 1 день назад But they would need the they would likely be saying "where's my straw?"
  • pratik wadkar
    pratik wadkar Неделю назад With 460hp i would reach my destination before that infotainment screen rises up! lol
  • Batman
    Batman Неделю назад pratik wadkar No it only takes half day .
  • Joshua Rosen
    Joshua Rosen Неделю назад With 46 HP you could reach your destination before that infotainment screen rises up.
  • A&L Firearms
    A&L Firearms 6 дней назад 😂😂😂😂
  • Miles
    Miles Неделю назад Doug:Does this car have cup holders? Bentley salesman:yes here they are. Doug:I’m not interested anymore these cup holders are crappy.
  • Getaway Driver 750
    Getaway Driver 750 4 дня назад My e32 BMW 750il Is the Ultimate $4,000 Luxury Car and true ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE. So FUCK YOU DOUG and stop feeding the youtube community horseshit.
  • SmokeFan2014
    SmokeFan2014 4 дня назад Miles typical bmw product.
  • uglycaprice
    uglycaprice 1 день назад It's been 3 days, is that 750 in the shop yet?
  • Jandres Gonzalez
    Jandres Gonzalez Неделю назад New Hoovie's garage video: "I BOUGHT THE CHEAPEST BENTLEY ARNAGE IN THE U.S"
  • quadricornsrock
    quadricornsrock Неделю назад Jandres I don’t think he will ever but another Bentley
  • Special Operations Broadcasting
    Special Operations Broadcasting Неделю назад Doug- reviews cheap car Hoovie- iLL TaKe YoUr EnTiRe StOcK
  • dafff08
    dafff08 Неделю назад "and heres whats broken after 2 weeks of use"
  • OEM Asian
    OEM Asian Неделю назад i was about to comment this lmao
  • Aaron Fraustro
    Aaron Fraustro Неделю назад My first thought.
  • Rafael Đurin
    Rafael Đurin Неделю назад Cough cought contineal cough gt cough
  • danger450
    danger450 Неделю назад Tavarish, 2 weeks later, I bought Hoovies other cheapest Bentley, that is now a pile of ashes.
  • Enough with the PC
    Enough with the PC Неделю назад Likely. He's such a coat tail riding wimp.
  • danger450
    danger450 Неделю назад @Enough with the PC That's his whole game plan. "Collab" with cool people.
  • MiamiDanny
    MiamiDanny Неделю назад @quadricornsrock lol
  • Jackson Shelton
    Jackson Shelton Неделю назад Not impressive enough. He’ll probably get the cheapest current generation Bentley Continental GT coupe in the USA.
  • Serge Kulyk
    Serge Kulyk Неделю назад New Car Wizard video: British cars to and not to buy
  • Getaway Driver 750
    Getaway Driver 750 4 дня назад My e32 BMW 750il Is the Ultimate $4,000 Luxury Car and true ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE. So FUCK YOU DOUG and stop feeding the youtube community horseshit.
  • Jarl Ballin'
    Jarl Ballin' Неделю назад What's worse than buying an old BMW? Buying an old BMW with a Bentley badge....
  • Kanan
    Kanan Неделю назад And a Rolls Royce engine
  • emjayay
    emjayay Неделю назад @Kanan Except this is the last really British one, so well, I guess that's worse.
  • Shawn Swetsky
    Shawn Swetsky Неделю назад Hey Doug, my Arnage is missing the severed head. Can you give me the Bentley part number for that so I can order a new one? Thanks!
  • Alan B
    Alan B 4 дня назад Shawn Swetsky My severed head is missing its Bentley
  • david yaroch
    david yaroch 3 дня назад The severed head is usually from the parking lot attendant that scratched the door.
  • X1area51 II
    X1area51 II 6 дней назад Doug the type of guy who goes to bestbuy and buy sugarfree gum.
  • Retro Collected
  • Abu ghazaleh
    Abu ghazaleh Неделю назад There are 4 settings for the passenger seat because Bentley owners have more than one lover
  • John J
    John J Неделю назад The girl who's settings are number 4 knows her place and needs to try harder....
  • Weike Wang
    Weike Wang Неделю назад Abu ghazaleh so that you know you are lover number 4 haha
  • ミームGildergreen
    ミームGildergreen Неделю назад Can confirm
  • Thanh Tran
    Thanh Tran Неделю назад Abu ghazaleh hâhhhahaha
  • beige fox
    beige fox Неделю назад @John J Can you imagine if girl number 4 tries to change her setting to 1 and the Bentley owner looks at her and he's like; "What do you think you are doing?" 😂😂😂
  • John J
    John J Неделю назад @beige fox Later, Doug finds her severed head in the trunk.....
  • Spencer Funk
    Spencer Funk Неделю назад Lmao you made my day hahaha
  • Casual
  • Novak Novakovic
    Novak Novakovic Неделю назад @John J Lol
  • alan wilson
    alan wilson Неделю назад Abu ghazaleh I guess your talking about 4 wive,s. you being of Arabian extraction.?
  • xpusostomos
    xpusostomos Неделю назад My dear, give good head and I'm moving you from 4 to 3.
  • LeonidasGFX
    LeonidasGFX 2 дня назад i dont wanna hate that aluminium trim but the pattern looks 100% like the cheap round aluminium tables my local ice cream shop had for basically my entire life xD
  • Lawrence Lentini
    Lawrence Lentini 5 дней назад I have to imagine now the conversation that would happen when you told your mistress to use seat memory 2.
  • Human Being
    Human Being 3 дня назад I was thinking the same thing but about memory 4. I figured you're driving a Bentley so you would have multiple women. I imagine for mistress 4 the conversation goes something like "Just press number 4. I find that 4 always works best. I always use 4" Then you would just swap out numbers depending on which female you have in the car. For more women, you can just start breaking them down into 4 categories. Bigger ass and long legs, she's a 4. One of those little short chics, she's a 1. Not quite short with a stupid thick ass, she's a 3. Or you could just tell them not to touch anything. It is a Bentley.
  • C Miller
    C Miller Неделю назад “Give me the most luxurious materials for my luxurious Bentley.” “BOYS. THE COWS. GO GET THE COWS. NOT ONE. NOT TWO. SEVENTEEN COWS, BOYS. THE COWS.”
  • GaniFit
    GaniFit Неделю назад A lot of car for the money, Classic looking car with a quality interior
  • Christian Ivanov
    Christian Ivanov Неделю назад (изменено) "you COULD have gotten it for 30 grand before my video skyrocketted demand for it"
  • from Al
    from Al Неделю назад Yeah cause before the video 30k was so much harder to part with
  • A Hasnath
    A Hasnath Неделю назад Good. But it's not reliable. So who cares
  • Alex Thiele
    Alex Thiele Неделю назад i found one in la for 14k
  • Adam Chandley
  • Andrew Norris
    Andrew Norris Неделю назад @A Hasnath You did not watch the video? Owner says it's been fine over many miles.
  • Steven Kelby
    Steven Kelby Неделю назад @Andrew Norris Yeah exactly! And why would the seller lie about the car he's desperate to sell?
  • Nate Hardy
    Nate Hardy 6 дней назад Doug is the type of guy to start a Go fund me page for the 17 cow's families
  • Balthazar Brat
    Balthazar Brat Неделю назад It's $10,000 once the vacuum lines go bad
  • 49ers 6
    49ers 6 4 дня назад drives off the lot 3 days later someone dents the bumper 10k to replace. Owner: "Worth it"
  • diskiller
    diskiller 2 часа назад Kiwi Shirt <3 Will you ever come visit New Zealand? :)