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Tata Hexa vs Toyota Innova Crysta | Comparison Test | Autocar India

Published on Jun 25, 2017 781,518 views

The Toyota Innova Crysta is currently the default choice for anyone looking for an automatic diesel MPV. We question if the Tata Hexa could change things.

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  • bhuvan garg
    bhuvan garg Год назад whoever is better..i will still go for splendor....3 seater with unlimited leg space
  • Vaseem M
    Vaseem M Год назад bhuvan garg hahaha.... lol agree wid uh
  • vishal shingre
    vishal shingre Год назад bhuvan garg Well said......with more fuel efecincy.....haahaha
  • poetry *GNS
    poetry *GNS Год назад Go for platina 4 seater
  • Arnav Singh
    Arnav Singh Год назад bhuvan garg 😂😂😂😂😂👌👌
  • tanaya sarmah
    tanaya sarmah Год назад bhuvan garg I shall go for TVs xl 100
  • aditya sharma
    aditya sharma 7 месяцев назад Side car laga liyo splendor me or 4 wheeler ka maja le liyo😁😁
  • The Indestructible
    The Indestructible 2 месяца назад And 80 kmpl
  • Ravi Dubey
    Ravi Dubey Год назад 4 lacs!! few bucks are u serious! this time u missed, HEXA is clear winner
  • Utsuk Shah
    Utsuk Shah Год назад I look forward to the day when a Tata car beats the segment leader. soon I hope!
  • parvathi Mudundi
    parvathi Mudundi Год назад Utsuk Shah me too
  • Cadillac Motors
    Cadillac Motors 3 месяца назад That day is never gonna come
  • Rajkumar N.T.R
    Rajkumar N.T.R 2 месяца назад That day will come soon
  • Sandeep Devarajan
    Sandeep Devarajan Год назад I found the ride quality of the Tata Hexa way better than Innova Crysta! not sure why Autocar felt otherwise!
  • Renuka Kirpalani
    Renuka Kirpalani Год назад Sandeep Devarajan I did say I was pleasantly surprised to find quality on Hexa was much better if you see the review. 😊
  • Sandeep Devarajan
    Sandeep Devarajan Год назад Renuka Kirpalani of course I saw the review! I like your reviews, the point I was making is specific to ride quality alone...I am eager to see if Nexon gets those amazing leather seats!!
  • vaibhav mandhare
    vaibhav mandhare Год назад Sandeep Devarajan why pay more ? you can buy kwid,bolt,tigor in 4 lakhs !
  • Nazaar Mohamed
    Nazaar Mohamed Год назад Tata Hexa should have been the winner of this comparison!
    ARJUN NAIR Год назад Nazaar Mohamed agree
  • yuvraj mane
    yuvraj mane Год назад Hit like for Tata Hexa..
  • Platinum Hanse Playboy
    Platinum Hanse Playboy Год назад Tata is our country's company!! Love it
  • Bikramjit Singh
    Bikramjit Singh 9 месяцев назад yuvraj mane pagaaaaaal
  • Aditya Abhisekh
    Aditya Abhisekh 7 месяцев назад Tata hexa is much better than innova in terms of beauty and performance
  • Rishit Shetty
    Rishit Shetty 6 месяцев назад Hexa is the king.
  • abhijith mp
    abhijith mp Год назад (изменено) She never mentioned the Beneke Kaliko feel leather finish and massive 19" Diamond cut alloy wheels in Hexa..
  • Salman Khan
    Salman Khan Год назад Hexa is much better and have more comfort and it is the best offroader too thanks to different driving modes and big broad tires so guys it's a smart choice ;)
  • Yuvraj singh
    Yuvraj singh 7 месяцев назад Hexa is best car
  • Fayaz Beary
    Fayaz Beary Год назад Performace of HEXA on rough and hill rocks is great rather than innova so i prefer to buy HEXA than innova 👍
  • Kumar Kumar
    Kumar Kumar Год назад Fayaz Beary lol its mpv not off roader. Better buy hilux. Toyota is leader in comfort reliability and resale value.
  • Manjyot Singh Matharu
    Manjyot Singh Matharu Год назад Dileep Kumar no Toyota is just for tourist car.. Not worth to buy👎👎👎👎
  • Manjyot Singh Matharu
    Manjyot Singh Matharu Год назад Fayaz Beary hexa is awesomeeeeee👌👌👌👌👌
  • Thar lover
    Thar lover 11 месяцев назад Dileep Kumar, still hexa manages to survive on any type of road, even on river. Innova is made only for highway.
  • Rutuja Kadam
    Rutuja Kadam Год назад (изменено) HEXA is BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at its price....
  • Durgesh Khemchandani
    Durgesh Khemchandani Год назад Hexa best at it's price
  • vk vlogs
    vk vlogs Год назад Rutuja Kadam I agree
  • anuj sharma
    anuj sharma Год назад Rutuja Kadam hexa ride and comfort mujhe better then innova
  • Immanuel M
    Immanuel M 10 месяцев назад Hexa is a better car but its not properly promoted by TATA.
  • Anandveer Singh
    Anandveer Singh Год назад Few bucks!! 4 Lacs is almost 25% of 17 lacs!!! We buy so many cheap products only to prove the point "be Indian buy India" ironically a fantastic product Hexa is not bought over Innova which is way to pricey! It seems like we all want to play safe by saying Toyota is Toyota. Even the service interval is better for Hexa than Innova! God knows what they are charging the premium for.. probably because they know how we think so highly of them!!
  • Shreekant Bhatt
    Shreekant Bhatt Год назад Anandveer Singh very true we feel that foreginer are better than us
  • Renuka Kirpalani
    Renuka Kirpalani Год назад Shreekant Bhatt I don't think that's entirely fair! I feel a lot has to do with the fact that the Innova has proved itself as a product and People want reliability durability and peace of mind in aftersales when they are shelling out their own money! While Tata may have a very competitive product at a great price they still need to work on those aspects thatgenuine customers are still worried about !
  • linu abraham
    linu abraham 2 месяца назад @Renuka Kirpalani it was because when Qualis was introduced there was no Indian vehicle to compete. people became so used and addicted to brand Toyota. if Innova and fortuner are so great, why are they not introduced to European and American markets?
  • Prince Bairagi
    Prince Bairagi 2 месяца назад You can buy a Tiago in 4 lacs
  • Govind Goswami
    Govind Goswami 2 месяца назад Op
  • raghunathraghunath
    raghunathraghunath Год назад 4 lakhs more and remaining King of segment,sorry i will have the not so King of segment...Hexa with its cheaper price and premium interiors is way more value for money.
    NIRAV CHHELAVDA Год назад raghunathraghunath Missing in hexa Led headlight Galvanized body Dual clutch automatic transmission 8" vertically leid out infotainment system And engine refinement. Door gap sealing should be improve. You will definitely win against innova crysta
    MUMINUL ISLAM Год назад NIRAV CHHELAVDA, Hexa has got 10 speakers jbl system, HUD, connectnext apps, wireless charger, two 10.1 inch blaupunkt screens, chiller, super drive modes, etc to say the least... Not to mention the 400Nm torque and the 4x4... All these are sorely missing in innova !!! 😆😆😆
  • Kapil Tripathi
    Kapil Tripathi Год назад Muminul Islam And 19 inch alloy wheel
  • kashtrophobic
    kashtrophobic Год назад save your 4lakhs buy hexa
  • Vishnu Jayakrishnan - VJ
    Vishnu Jayakrishnan - VJ 8 месяцев назад The difference becomes nearly 6 lakhs in OTR prices...
  • Blaise Antony
    Blaise Antony 7 месяцев назад But wat about peace of mind, reliability and awsome resale value a toyota offers? Kindly note that i am not against tata"
  • Himank Chadha
    Himank Chadha 4 месяца назад @Blaise Antony no you aren't, but it's people like you who don't let a manufacturer change its image. Even if the manufacturer tries it's best. It's something of value of money. Toyota Innova may be great, may even be better than Hexa! But 4 lacs, is a considerable sum of money. And nowadays, Tata services are improving.
  • suhas p
    suhas p Год назад Hexa is surprisingly good..... actually its great
  • Sujit Jadhav
    Sujit Jadhav Год назад Hexa beats crysts in all departments, i am driving Hexa since 3 months , take my words...
  • The BOY
    The BOY Год назад Sir what's the mileage?
  • Prashik Khandare
    Prashik Khandare Год назад The BOY 13 to 15
    NIRAV CHHELAVDA Год назад Sujit Jadhav Missing in hexa Led headlight Galvanized body Dual clutch automatic transmission 8" vertically leid out infotainment system And engine refinement. Door gap sealing should be improve. You will definitely win against innova crysta
  • Being Tamilan
    Being Tamilan 11 месяцев назад What about safety... ??
  • Shreyash Tiwari
    Shreyash Tiwari 4 месяца назад Nope
  • Tatyasaheb Bhosale
    Tatyasaheb Bhosale 4 месяца назад NIRAV CHHELAVDA Sir even Innova doesn’t have dual clutch automatic transmission.
  • Atish Gandhi
    Atish Gandhi Год назад (изменено) surprising because.. almost all other comparision videos say hexa ride quality is way better than innova and its feels more planted at higher speeds.. i would have gone for the hexa.. its a better looking car, more solidly built, spacious and premium interiors, fantastic automatic gearbox, light steering and much cheaper... 
  • Tata Motors
    Tata Motors Год назад Dear Atish, thank you for your appreciation. We hope to welcome you to the Hexa family soon.
  • D Balakrishnan
    D Balakrishnan Год назад Though it is cheaper in price, it is more premium in features in its price range,
  • Sagar Dhumal
    Sagar Dhumal Год назад Tata Motors
    ARJUN NAIR Год назад Atish Gandhi Yeah...Renuka ma'am herself said hexa has a heavy steering and has better cornering ability and steering weighs nicely over highways .
  • sajjad k
    sajjad k Год назад We support India brand because we are Indian. jai ho.
  • don raj
    don raj Год назад Atish Gandhi hexa is waste in reliability and d tyres bursted at 125kmph
  • Auslin Asirஆஸ்லின் ஆசீர்TN-74
    Auslin Asirஆஸ்லின் ஆசீர்TN-74 Год назад Hexa too has higher steering,innova crysta best mpv for highway cruiser,planted for high speeds,better ride quality,spacious and premium one also reliable family vehicle...hexa an SUV
  • Himanshu Sarswat
    Himanshu Sarswat Год назад (изменено) Have any proof???? Tyre getting burst has too many variables involved.... so unless you share facts to share, no one will believe you.
  • Himanshu Sarswat
    Himanshu Sarswat Год назад Hexa is an MPV, with some light offroading capabilities, it's not an SUV.
  • Natural Born Pusher
    Natural Born Pusher 9 месяцев назад Tata Motors is Hexa coming to the Philippines? I like it. A LOT.
  • A V
    A V 8 месяцев назад Himanshu Sarswat Hexa is a suv dammit
  • abhijith mp
    abhijith mp Год назад Thanks for the video. But its doesn't seems to be a fair comparison. You mentioned the features in Innova like 2 drive modes etc and you should have mentioned 4 drive modes in Hexa which is very impressive.
  • Stephen Ponugupati
    Stephen Ponugupati Год назад The Tata Hexa is a complete package and the best buy at that price point.....sure the Innova is a great car.....but considering the Hexa is 4lakh cheaper looks better and premium i think it slightly edges ahead of the Innova
  • vaibhav mandhare
    vaibhav mandhare Год назад Stephen Ponugupati why pay more ? you can buy kwid,bolt,tigor in 4 lakhs !
  • yogi rajput
    yogi rajput Год назад All time hexa. 19inch alloywheels, harman with Jbl speaker worth the money.... Space legroom all are good
  • suhail sagar
    suhail sagar Год назад who would have thought that One day Tata would be appreciated for having a n interior better than Toyota?! Well done Tata!👌 You make us proud!