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IDIOT Supercar Drivers - Epic Supercar Fails Compilation 2018

Published on May 11, 2018 5,154,567 views

New Supercar IDIOT Drivers & Fails Compilation 2018
Fails: Mclaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi R8, Nissan GT-R

  • ThePandaBeat
    ThePandaBeat 10 месяцев назад 90% of these are new to me. Well done
  • anjeroxjp
    anjeroxjp 10 месяцев назад excactly!!!!
  • Angelo
    Angelo 10 месяцев назад yeah I hate seeing 2009 quality compilations just re-uploaded with no new crash scenes lol
  • Passthedutch 1977
    Passthedutch 1977 10 месяцев назад I just subscribed for that very reason.
  • John Sweeney
    John Sweeney 10 месяцев назад ThePandaBeat there goes a st in the Bahamas 🇧🇸 haha 😂 nice machines if only they new how to drive them
  • Jordan Richardson
    Jordan Richardson 10 месяцев назад Yessir I def see recycled expensive car fail vids on here I know there plenty to go around lol
  • duiker losmond
    duiker losmond 9 месяцев назад lol i was just coming to say that
  • Bugatti12563
    Bugatti12563 9 месяцев назад Exactly, almost all new stuff. Subbed.
  • Gregg Sannes
    Gregg Sannes 9 месяцев назад Hey Dad I need a couple of hundred thousand please I had a fender bender
  • Gregg Sannes
    Gregg Sannes 9 месяцев назад More money than brains
  • Jabroney
    Jabroney 9 месяцев назад 90% of these guys are Asian.
  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 9 месяцев назад On s'en branle marcel
  • Diego Bert
    Diego Bert 9 месяцев назад A lot of them are dumb ass little taps, but expensive taps nonetheless.
  • Nintendork
    Nintendork 9 месяцев назад Chinese daddy money made from other chinese working as near slaves, hurray for capitalism.
  • Sniperboy55555
    Sniperboy55555 9 месяцев назад Have fun with idiots! 😂
  • Guest DJ666
    Guest DJ666 9 месяцев назад Word up! Maybe like 2 were repeats I’d seen before.
  • Eurobeat 94
    Eurobeat 94 9 месяцев назад Exactly my thought. I couldn't believe it the first time 😂
  • Mr. Pooba
    Mr. Pooba 9 месяцев назад You said it first! The very first clip made me feel a little bit bad I won't lie a supercar crashes into another supercar that's just chilling doing nothing lol poor R8
  • Oppressors Beware
    Oppressors Beware 9 месяцев назад ThePandaBeat....who the fuck are you fooling?
  • Contraband Fan by Mark Burns
    Contraband Fan by Mark Burns 9 месяцев назад Nintendork wait a minute, capitalism is not to blame here. Just as the crashed cars did not get to pick their drivers, idiots badly handle business also, sometimes.
  • Pilkie101
    Pilkie101 9 месяцев назад ThePandaBeat naw bruh they all new to you, shit
  • David Fisher
    David Fisher 9 месяцев назад congratulations
  • Phuong
    Phuong 9 месяцев назад Thinking the same thing
  • Alex Cabson
    Alex Cabson 9 месяцев назад LOL, jajajaja ShiTR, you made my day
  • MrGzillaDude
    MrGzillaDude 9 месяцев назад ThePandaBeat I is a uuuuuummnx,cjmGo away
  • Memo
    Memo 9 месяцев назад I see envious people here
  • Susan Smith
    Susan Smith 8 месяцев назад me to
  • Jesse Mora
    Jesse Mora 8 месяцев назад Honestly
  • BASSstarlet
    BASSstarlet 8 месяцев назад are you trolling?
  • beastboy-jas
    beastboy-jas 7 месяцев назад haha
  • 1bigjohn11
    1bigjohn11 7 месяцев назад 5:53....the camel jockeys are treating the car like its a fucking desert camel...Lmfao
  • Lou Cable
    Lou Cable 7 месяцев назад ThePandaBeat 90%new 100% idiots 😂👍🏻
  • Lee Jackson
    Lee Jackson 7 месяцев назад ThePandaBeat daddy is going to be so pissed!
  • Lee Jackson
    Lee Jackson 7 месяцев назад ThePandaBeat I absolutely love seeeing small penis mobiles getting trashed
  • jorin15
    jorin15 7 месяцев назад ThePandaBeat well..coz he took it from mine
  • massari4u
    massari4u 4 месяца назад My thoughts exactly, new scenes . Great video
    MTZ ŚMIESZNE FILMIKI 3 месяца назад i make videos with luxury cars fails... all fresh
  • KA - CHOW
    KA - CHOW 2 недели назад (изменено) I dont know why the one at 1:50 is in the video. Like the ferrari owned did nothing wrong
  • Ade Bagus Sutiyono
    Ade Bagus Sutiyono Неделю назад Yeah... The woman stupid enough for not checking his mirror in the middle of high road, beside the mark road is not allowed to overtake... R.I.P Ferrari.
  • TOM
    TOM 5 дней назад Ikr. However, the Ferrari was speeding until this woman decided to do an irresponsible right turn; I'm not sure who to blame, but mistakes will always happen.
  • Legit_Gamer069
    Legit_Gamer069 2 недели назад 1:52 That supercar wasn't an Idiot the lady in the car that was filming was and idiot because she obviously didn't check her mirror as she was turning so you should have left that clip out
  • Miles Hill
    Miles Hill Неделю назад Also, she had no business crossing lanes when it was a solid line.
  • John Doe
    John Doe Неделю назад Yeah, and the guy has proof cause of her dashcam too. Her insurance will go through the roof
  • Ferraricraft gaming
    Ferraricraft gaming Неделю назад John Doe her insurance probably doesn’t cover his car. Most insurances have a cap
  • William Snow
    William Snow Неделю назад Also at 3:20, he had a green light and was driving normally and someone tried making a turn without checking if its shitty video tbh
  • kissing88
    kissing88 Неделю назад @Ferraricraft gaming - Standard car insurances in my country (Australia) cover up to $20 Million AUD in damages, I don't think it would be a problem if this is the trend around the world
  • Ferraricraft gaming
    Ferraricraft gaming Неделю назад (изменено) kissing88 I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Found you an interesting web page if you wanted to read up on it.
  • bitterman co
    bitterman co Неделю назад Ferraricraft gaming he clearly said ‘in Australia’ so you go and pull up an American and say someone else doesn’t know what they’re talking about
  • Cameron Kim
    Cameron Kim Неделю назад Ferraricraft gaming its funny you tried sounding all smart and crap.. you missed the part where he said “Australia” bro😂😂
  • Josh Peters
    Josh Peters Неделю назад Ferraricraft gaming wrecked
  • HuracanZ
    HuracanZ Неделю назад No se puede adelantar por la derecha
  • Chris
    Chris Неделю назад bro the way she screamed after every little bump had me dying
  • Joey Gonzalez
    Joey Gonzalez 5 дней назад Fr, it actually pissed me off a little. Imagine buying a house on wheels for it to be useless from a person not paying attention
  • Trollzyn/Trazyn (Isaac)
    Trollzyn/Trazyn (Isaac) 5 дней назад He was speeding. They're both dickheads
  • K GEE
    K GEE 4 месяца назад The first clip, they deserved it.. who tf sticks a supreme sticker to the dashboard 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • MBJ FShjjj
    MBJ FShjjj 4 месяца назад Rich Asian kids with Red Shoes....
  • danny yo
    danny yo 4 месяца назад Toronto skyline in the back! Go Tdot.!
  • Team OP
    Team OP 3 месяца назад I was about to say the same thing
  • Josep Monclús
    Josep Monclús 2 месяца назад Imagine a rich asian kid crashed into your ferrari
  • S S
    S S 1 месяц назад Is that the kind of pizza they like?
  • 4duncanm
    4duncanm 1 месяц назад The owner of the car was letting his friend, who doesn't have a driver's license, drive the car
  • hanetar
    hanetar 1 месяц назад The poor little innocent R8 though... :'( RIP.
  • The Wild Dinkus!
    The Wild Dinkus! 1 месяц назад @Josep Monclús imagine I had a ferrari
  • Josep Monclús
    Josep Monclús 1 месяц назад @The Wild Dinkus! imagine i had a car
  • The Wild Dinkus!
    The Wild Dinkus! 1 месяц назад @Josep Monclús imagine I had a vehicle
  • Your Problems Aren't Mine!
    Your Problems Aren't Mine! 1 месяц назад ☝️☝️THAT GUY!!. 😉😂😂 He/she gets the cars, money etc from Mom and Dad and he/she will never be able to live without their money don't forget that!. So don't be jealous or even mad about it if you are because you probably bust your a** for everything you have in life and deserve way more respect than that douche because of it all!. Just saying. 😉😂🙏🙏
  • Christiaan le Roux
    Christiaan le Roux 1 месяц назад K GEE i was about to say that
  • Korean Lean
    Korean Lean 3 недели назад Someone who flex supreme bogos in 2019 and thinks that s cool
  • Zack Decker
    Zack Decker 2 недели назад I have a supreme sticker on my dash but my cars interior colors also match it amazingly. I also buy a shit ton of supreme stuff so I have so many leftover stickers😂
  • Christiaan le Roux
    Christiaan le Roux 2 недели назад Zack Decker Rip it off, throw away all the stickers and throw away all the stuff 😅
  • MrJon1157
    MrJon1157 Неделю назад @The Wild Dinkus! IMAGINE ALLLLLL THE PEOPLE
  • The Wild Dinkus!
    The Wild Dinkus! Неделю назад (изменено) @MrJon1157 living for todaaaayy yoooooou-hoooo
  • Chris B
    Chris B Неделю назад Stupid fuckboys thats who lol
  • Agnostic Realist
    Agnostic Realist 5 дней назад rich asian kid
  • kasou01
    kasou01 3 недели назад 1:50 not Ferrari fault. Camera guy crossing solid line without even checking the mirror. Good luck with the bills lol.
  • Rapperames6908
    Rapperames6908 2 недели назад (изменено) kasou01 you‘re not allowed to overtake from the right lane, now are you?
  • kasou01
    kasou01 2 недели назад @Rapperames6908 if thats your lane, go ahead. If you need to switch lane to do that, like the camera guy did, then no. Wait till theres breaking line , and check the mirrors.
  • Shaun Wang
    Shaun Wang 2 недели назад (изменено) @Rapperames6908 it happened inbetween 2 tunnels with solid line, so no overtake is allowed, if the ferrari wasn't speeding. it will be 100% camera car's fault
  • denniz1990
    denniz1990 2 недели назад You can't cross a solid line period. Ferrari is wrong for overtaking. But the camera cars is wrong for crossing the line
  • kasou01
    kasou01 2 недели назад Isn't overtaking means you were behind someone, and you need to switch lane in order to overtook that person? Like the camera guy did. If there's no one in front and you want to go faster in your lane, than it's just drive past someone, not overtaking. Maybe the Ferrari guy was too fast, but still he's not overtaking anyone. Just driving past slower cars. At least from that video. Don't know what happened before it though. Correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you.
  • Shaun Wang
    Shaun Wang 2 недели назад @denniz1990 Ferrari was not overtaking, the camera car was overtaking in solid line section. This happened in south korea, the result was camera car's 100% fault
  • etb4u
    etb4u Неделю назад @Shaun Wang speeding isn't what caused the wreck. The Ferrari could have gone 30MPH or 130MPH, the camera car merging onto it would cause the wreck regardless.
    ALFRED ZHAO Неделю назад technically even if the ferrai is speeding it would only be getting a speeding ticket but the i agree with u the collision would still be 100% camera car fault
  • XorexkZ-ROBLOX
    XorexkZ-ROBLOX 2 дня назад @Rapperames6908 stupid..its clearly a SOLID line..and you cant go through or overtake a car in front of you IDIOT
  • Rafael Santos
    Rafael Santos 9 месяцев назад The supreme sticker on the dash of the first one says it all...
  • Clous von
    Clous von 9 месяцев назад Rafael Dos Santos ya the car committed suicide
  • runescape2random
    runescape2random 9 месяцев назад This was my exact thought as soon as I saw it.
  • TheGameH4cker
    TheGameH4cker 9 месяцев назад saw it happen with my own eyes lol, they were trying to take a pic of the red r8 with toronto in the background and low n behold the dumbass asian kid whos like 18 rips it in the 720..
  • Ifiskgoeofoei oficjwor
    Ifiskgoeofoei oficjwor 9 месяцев назад Exactly what I said when I saw that😂
  • Christopher Cisneros
    Christopher Cisneros 9 месяцев назад 0:00 That's what he gets for putting a "Supreme" sticker on a car leagues above such childish media. Poor 720s man, smh...
  • LHAutomotive
    LHAutomotive 9 месяцев назад Rafael Dos Santos you reading my thoughts
  • Pontiac Maniac
    Pontiac Maniac 9 месяцев назад We are on the same wavelength
  • kolboy757
    kolboy757 9 месяцев назад typical fuckboi wrecking daddy's money
  • goodhumourwagon
    goodhumourwagon 9 месяцев назад " Supreme Dumbass "
  • Remote God
    Remote God 9 месяцев назад had the exact same thought myself lol
  • Watch Reviews
    Watch Reviews 9 месяцев назад How did it turn he must have yanked the wheel no?
  • Qwest 500
    Qwest 500 9 месяцев назад 444th like
  • Bob Dabuilder
    Bob Dabuilder 9 месяцев назад Rafael Dos Santos lol right! Supreme dip shit lol.
  • David Alexander
    David Alexander 9 месяцев назад 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you not lying
  • Kristopher Ryan
    Kristopher Ryan 9 месяцев назад You got that right. Karma.
  • R. Ive
    R. Ive 9 месяцев назад runescape2random j
  • Viktor
    Viktor 9 месяцев назад Su🅱️reme
  • Zak Foust
    Zak Foust 9 месяцев назад Rafael Dos Santos What vehicle is that first car?
  • Zuessmagoose
    Zuessmagoose 8 месяцев назад Zak Foust it was that blue civic in the later clip that hit the red audi
  • toke no.
    toke no. 8 месяцев назад asian lmao
  • Хигхщаы Террорист
    Хигхщаы Террорист 7 месяцев назад Supreme... CUCKOLD.
  • Jonathan Szura
    Jonathan Szura 7 месяцев назад Supreme skills for a supreme deal!😂
  • Sean Barstow
    Sean Barstow 7 месяцев назад Rafael Santos BIG FACTS
  • djrandallp
    djrandallp 6 месяцев назад Beat me to it
  • Jacket
    Jacket 5 месяцев назад 1000th like 🙂
  • Keep It G
    Keep It G 5 месяцев назад What does the supreme sticker have to do with anything? Besides the fact that you’re mad you don’t have any lol
  • David Fernandez
    David Fernandez 5 месяцев назад @Keep It G I'll take some. Need some fuel for my fireplace.
  • Keep It G
    Keep It G 5 месяцев назад David Fernandez if you put shirts in your fireplace maybe you shouldn’t have one.
  • David Fernandez
    David Fernandez 5 месяцев назад @Keep It G none of them are "Supreme" so I think I'm safe.
  • Keep It G
    Keep It G 5 месяцев назад David Fernandez send me a message I’ll lace you up with some supreme and other fly shit so you can get laid, you need it lol
  • Calin Campbell
    Calin Campbell 4 месяца назад Keep It G calm down ricegum your bling ain't fooling the ladies
  • MBJ FShjjj
    MBJ FShjjj 4 месяца назад Straight facts
  • Just sub to me for no Reason
    Just sub to me for no Reason 4 месяца назад Toronto people be like
  • Just sub to me for no Reason
    Just sub to me for no Reason 4 месяца назад Ifiskgoeofoei oficjwor dude stop lying we know you weren’t there
    NEUTRAL DROP 1 месяц назад Supreme footage
  • D.B.
    D.B. 1 месяц назад 😂
  • lordvader29
    lordvader29 1 месяц назад yep complete douchebags
  • JGFallways16K
    JGFallways16K 1 месяц назад retarded status symbol asses
  • yearoftherat
    yearoftherat 1 месяц назад 100%
  • Kolt Garber
    Kolt Garber 3 недели назад Rafael Santos supreme squid
  • Emppu T.
    Emppu T. 2 недели назад I was gonna type that aswell
  • Greg Gammago
    Greg Gammago 5 месяцев назад Let's be honest. It's pleasantly satisfying to see rich douches get their asses handed to them lol .
  • Jollyroger
    Jollyroger 2 месяца назад Driving an exotic supercar like a Lamborghini is not as easy as it looks. They are much more difficult to drive and maneuver than your typical vehicle.
  • Jimi Savolainen
    Jimi Savolainen 2 месяца назад Jollyroger Yes, they have a lot of power, but so do tuned JDMs and muscles. Imo you shouldn’t drive a car you can’t control no matter if it’s a supercar, JDM or a muscle.
  • John VanDenHeuvel
    John VanDenHeuvel 2 месяца назад You are cancer. what makes you think wealthier people deserve hate. Can't tell you how many time s i get hate for owning an 08 mustang gt
  • Greg Gammago
    Greg Gammago 2 месяца назад @John VanDenHeuvel That's adorable, you think a Mustang is worth something lol.
  • John VanDenHeuvel
    John VanDenHeuvel 2 месяца назад @Greg Gammago lmao its not a porche but im 21 and own a better car than you
  • John VanDenHeuvel
    John VanDenHeuvel 2 месяца назад you also cant win because if you own a super nice sports car you are a rich douche but if you own an entry tier car like a miata, 370z or mustang gt, you get bashed for not owning a cool enough car. go back to driving your corolla
  • Greg Gammago
    Greg Gammago 2 месяца назад ​@John VanDenHeuvel and this is exactly why Mustang drivers are a joke. They think their cheap Ford trash is actually a status symbol lmao. Hey, whatever keeps you from feeling like the dumpster trash you really are.
  • leslie dean brown
    leslie dean brown 2 месяца назад Yes. I think this is half the reason that people film them today. Not out of envy, but more for karma in case something happens... LOL.
  • Yeti Muncha
    Yeti Muncha 2 месяца назад Reeks of jealousy Greg, never begrudge anyone anything it's either 1. They earned it, so fair play and good luck to you. 2. They stole it or gained it unlawfully, so they have to watch over their shoulder all the time. 3. They inherited it, dumb luck.
  • Jack h
    Jack h 2 месяца назад This is why you will always be broke.
  • Nick Hammer
    Nick Hammer 1 месяц назад Enjoyed watching rich people wreck their expensive
  • JohnnieRhodes
    JohnnieRhodes 1 месяц назад Although that is somewhat true, a waste is still a waste !
  • Godofhel1
    Godofhel1 1 месяц назад No, you animal
  • Nick Hammer
    Nick Hammer 1 месяц назад @Jollyroger why would you buy one ? Supposedly a bad ass performance car ? I don't know I drive a GT Mustang and it drives so nice compared to most normal vehicles, performance , quick. Fast and handles + a convertible, why I bought it ! Why would you buy a expensive car you cant keep on the road ?
  • Nick Hammer
    Nick Hammer 1 месяц назад @John VanDenHeuvel I hate you my Mustang is a 2007. Just kidding.... Enjoy your Stang ! 😁
  • Nick Hammer
    Nick Hammer 1 месяц назад @Greg Gammago ok Hugo driver.
  • Nick Hammer
    Nick Hammer 1 месяц назад @John VanDenHeuvel You cant even spell Porsche, So shut up you 21 year old D-bag
  • Nick Hammer
    Nick Hammer 1 месяц назад @John VanDenHeuvel you own a porche
  • Nick Hammer
    Nick Hammer 1 месяц назад @John VanDenHeuvel who gives a crap what these fools think !
  • Aiden Caffrey
    Aiden Caffrey 1 месяц назад @Jollyroger sadly idiots like those in the video think that its easy as hell and instead of being cautious, attempt stupid ass maneuvers they have no experience with
  • LSSJ
    LSSJ 1 месяц назад Greg Gammago while these super cars aren't worth the time or money to drive on the public road.
  • d1vin1ty
    d1vin1ty 1 месяц назад @John VanDenHeuvelGiven an 08 Mustang GT doesn't really cost much on account of we're in 2019, feel free to go flex somewhere people will be impressed. Nobody here is going to sleep with you.
  • Bigfoot
    Bigfoot 1 месяц назад @John VanDenHeuvel you get hate for driving an 08 mustang because they are shit, not because people think you're rich! Drive a real mustang or get lost! 🤣
  • John VanDenHeuvel
    John VanDenHeuvel 1 месяц назад @Bigfoot hahaha and what do you drive?? the s197 mustangs are known in the mustang community as the best looking ones (excluding the gt500's and 350) and by the way i go to college where everyone is wealthy in comparison to most americans. the average american wage for a two person home is like only 60k. my friend drives a tesla p90D and even he thinks its cool. my guess is that you own a crossover with payments lmao. most college students drive boring cars or they are in terrible condition and have huge loans. also the s197's arent that cheap either. a good example goes for half of its original starting price which is good in terms of depreciation
  • Bigfoot
    Bigfoot 1 месяц назад @John VanDenHeuvel Haha! Someone's butthurt. The best looking mustangs are the 60s and 70s, everyone knows that. Oh and I drive a 66 F100 long bed toolbox edition with a 390 from a 66 Thunderbird. I also have a 72 Plymouth Fury that's all original and two owners, the first being my grandfather who bought it brand new. My favorite car of them all is my 60 impala, which should be getting back from paint within the next couple weeks. I went with body man black and purple ghost flames :)
  • Matthias Kleeb
    Matthias Kleeb 3 недели назад Greg Gammago that feeling you have sir is called "jealousy"
  • John VanDenHeuvel
    John VanDenHeuvel 3 недели назад @Matthias Kleeb exactly
  • Enzo Marcelo
    Enzo Marcelo 2 недели назад Greg Gammago they are rich because they worked hard for it and I don’t get it why you hate rich people
  • ZS K
    ZS K 2 недели назад @Enzo Marcelo the rich I know got their money through dodgy means I never met honest rich person
  • Enzo Marcelo
    Enzo Marcelo 2 недели назад ZS K I bet your broke that’s why you are and you hate rich people
  • Playmobil City
    Playmobil City Неделю назад @John VanDenHeuvel wow... even when you say people who are driving a "sports car" (an 08 Mustang costs less than a freaking Prius and is not a modern sports car, but a cheap car) are considered douches, you don't understand that you're comment is showing why people hate others who drive these exotic cars. Now, he didnt say all people who drive Ferarris, Lamorghinis, etc are douches. But you are a douche 100%
  • John D
    John D Неделю назад What makes you think all of them are douches? Simply because they have money?
  • John VanDenHeuvel
    John VanDenHeuvel Неделю назад @Bigfoot you are actually right about the 60's ones being the best. however my comment was more geared towards the more recent mustangs. also im not butthurt at all i drive a good looking fast vehicle. something 95 percent of other road users cant say.
  • John VanDenHeuvel
    John VanDenHeuvel Неделю назад @Playmobil City 1. pruis: 4000$ mustang gt: 9000-15000 depending on condition. 2. if you are a part of the car community you get real sick of the toxicity. it doesnt matter if your car is entry level car or a tesla, people will find a way to hate you either way. my friend owns a p90d and people call him daddys money and hate on him for simply being wealthy. it gets real old . if you had money wouldnt you spend it? 3. s197 mustang gt's are definitely a legit sports car. the 4.6 allows a 5.0-4.9 0-60 and the five liter engine does somewhere in the low to mid fours. the interior quality is somewhat lacking in comparison to modern cars but feels newer than its age. your a jealous hater lmao.
  • Playmobil City
    Playmobil City Неделю назад @John VanDenHeuvel I hate Mustangs personally, never been of interest to me. I mean, I have a Porsche Boxster from 2006 which isnt a very expensive car either. I was just stating my opinion (yes, it was rude, wasnt in a great mood so, sry) on your behavior. Anyways, I guess I've said about enough.
  • BQNG
    BQNG Неделю назад 1:50 The ferrari driver did nothing wrong, that stupid bitch just rammed him. Guess she doesnt know mirrors exist
  • JFB 101
    JFB 101 Неделю назад @John VanDenHeuvel Yes. cos mustangs are shit.
  • Schmidtygt 500
    Schmidtygt 500 Неделю назад JFB 101 mkay
  • GaryEvansbuttplug
    GaryEvansbuttplug Неделю назад @John VanDenHeuvel you have proved his point retard
  • damarcus hode
    damarcus hode 4 дня назад @BQNG that bonehead shouldn't have been speeding and he hit her
  • BQNG
    BQNG 4 дня назад @damarcus hode It doesnt matter what speed he was going because that bitch hit him in the side. Even if he was going 45 the same thing would happen
  • Sicilian12345
    Sicilian12345 3 месяца назад Proof money doesn’t buy brains...... or common sense.
  • QualityClips
    QualityClips 2 месяца назад The average driver gets in 3 accidents in their lifetime. Just because you have one accident doesn't mean you don't have brains.
  • xbox uni
    xbox uni 2 месяца назад @QualityClips They don't have brains
  • jess hoe
    jess hoe 2 месяца назад or driving skills
  • To Release is To Resolve
    To Release is To Resolve 1 месяц назад @QualityClips They definitely don't have brains.
  • squirtmph
    squirtmph 1 месяц назад If the they have they income on first place, I don't see why the brains play a roll here. It has to be driving skills.
  • jessica banks
    jessica banks 2 недели назад It’s all skill buddy
  • KrocketOnBoost
    KrocketOnBoost 5 дней назад @QualityClips lol, just lol
  • Nick Cena
    Nick Cena 1 месяц назад 2:57 mclaren runs into wall backwards BOOM the man: Nice
  • Knightmare Original
    Knightmare Original Неделю назад Best fucking clip
  • Miguel Estrada
    Miguel Estrada 5 месяцев назад It's ok, their mommy and daddy's will buy them new cars
  • B B
    B B 1 месяц назад Miguel Estrada and no One buys One for you ;)
  • PRG
    PRG 1 месяц назад 3.00 A voice cried out to the driver "BRING ME A SHRUBBERY"
  • Andy Xie
    Andy Xie 1 месяц назад Then how are they going to live they have no money to pay bill well they have a bit cash but enough to pay bill
  • Common Dirtbagz
    Common Dirtbagz 3 недели назад B B ok?
    PRANKurFACE 9 месяцев назад Let the record show that the amount of wealth you have does not make you a professional driver of any kind..
  • Kracus Omniax
    Kracus Omniax 9 месяцев назад or brains, brains no good
  • Motor Sportz
    Motor Sportz 9 месяцев назад or smarts...
  • Ahmad Faris
    Ahmad Faris 9 месяцев назад (изменено) Wealthy people dont drive cars, they ride private jets and helicopters. Cars are for poor people that want to look rich
  • Jackie Channel
    Jackie Channel 9 месяцев назад Rich parents
  • Sony Brand
    Sony Brand 9 месяцев назад Hate comments like these were low income people try to state that”money car buy skills”. Well NO shit,
  • Junkerbunker
    Junkerbunker 9 месяцев назад Sony Brand Certainly, money might buy you an education to make sense when you post 😂
  • xadam2dudex
    xadam2dudex 9 месяцев назад PRANKurFACE most of these rich assholes are either stupid or high
  • soundseeker63
    soundseeker63 9 месяцев назад Never mind professional, most of these were not even basically competent! Make me wondered if they bought their driving license too....
  • Fuzzy Neo
    Fuzzy Neo 9 месяцев назад Re-take your drivers license people. Seriously
  • LightenUpFrancis
    LightenUpFrancis 9 месяцев назад Sony Brand Your English is so poor, you in essence have said nothing. Nothing means 'no thing'. At least attempt to spell correctly. Dimwit.
  • Smacks Daily
    Smacks Daily 9 месяцев назад PRANKurFACE no shit retard
  • LightenUpFrancis
    LightenUpFrancis 9 месяцев назад Smacks Daily Smacks...are you talking full on retard or just garden variety like your mum.
  • nubbiecakes
    nubbiecakes 9 месяцев назад (изменено) Apparently it doesn't even make for a half-way decent driver in a lot of cases. 2:35
  • Yu Liu
    Yu Liu 9 месяцев назад Well, the amount of wealth can get them time and take lesson to be a better driver.
  • Benjamin Herrera
    Benjamin Herrera 8 месяцев назад Ahmad Faris wowowo... if you want to visit your parents, you go in a jet? That's not intelligent
  • The Judge
    The Judge 7 месяцев назад xadam2dudex they are idiots with parents that have too much money
  • Spaceman24
    Spaceman24 1 месяц назад The Judge You have no fucking clue what their situation is. Smh everybody trying to find an excuse why their broke, uninteresting selves are somehow in someway superior to someone who owns a car worth a damn
  • Mid Null
    Mid Null 1 месяц назад It's not even theirs. It's their parents.
  • James Valadez
    James Valadez 4 месяца назад Is anyone else surprised that the white Lambo at 4:03 didn't bog down and die in that water?
  • Greased Lightning
    Greased Lightning 3 месяца назад James Valadez well it’s rear engine so less chance but I hear ya
  • lilorbie lilorbie
    lilorbie lilorbie 1 месяц назад James Valadez i watched that live on the L.A. Fox tv. station. it was in L.A.
  • Diocletian
    Diocletian 1 месяц назад Only because of the engine being in the back. But you know that interior is fucked now haha
  • SiglundR
    SiglundR 1 месяц назад (изменено) No. The air intake was above water the entire time...
  • Lenon Lim
    Lenon Lim 3 недели назад It's just a shitty Gallardo, no one cares.
  • Mr. Mancinaloni
    Mr. Mancinaloni Неделю назад @Greased Lightning mid*
  • cheng2006
    cheng2006 Неделю назад Mr. Mancinaloni he’s right, he said back not rear
  • Greased Lightning
    Greased Lightning Неделю назад Mr. Mancinaloni suck my ass
  • eL_MorAz GAMMING
    eL_MorAz GAMMING Неделю назад Lambos problem is fire so you be fine whit water 😂🤣
  • Martin Kent
    Martin Kent 4 месяца назад Some of these "super car" manufacturers offer driving lessons for people who buy them. None of these morons took the class.
  • [Dann] DannXSilvia
    [Dann] DannXSilvia Неделю назад How the hell do you even spin out with a stock GTR?? It's probably the easiest AWD car to handle
  • freddy2nt
    freddy2nt 6 дней назад [Dann] DannXSilvia Exactly what I thought. People could be paid to flip a GT-R and still fail.
  • casey escobar
    casey escobar 5 дней назад Have yall evet driven a power awd car? Torque steer is possible.
  • XorexkZ-ROBLOX
    XorexkZ-ROBLOX 2 дня назад @casey escobar ive driven a powerful awd car In gran turismo
  • casey escobar
    casey escobar 1 день назад XorexkZ-ROBLOX riiiight. Lol
  • Strygger
    Strygger 5 месяцев назад 1:53 did he get points for that? lol
  • Jansen P12
    Jansen P12 3 месяца назад Takedown +150 points
  • Ronan D
    Ronan D 1 месяц назад ferrari wasn't even at fault, camera man was
  • Cyberryzer
    Cyberryzer Неделю назад +150 Shingo Points
  • Trifles
    Trifles 6 дней назад Ronan D r/whooosh
  • Zanar Aesthetics
    Zanar Aesthetics 9 месяцев назад Truly some of the worst drivers ever, seems they all got a supercar as their first car
  • sanook aus
    sanook aus 9 месяцев назад Zanar Aesthetics I would like to know how long have these clowns had their cars, more than likely under 1 month. Regards.
  • Billy Garcia
    Billy Garcia 9 месяцев назад Hahaha! Right? What in the hell? None of them can launch or burn out, and a lot of these were on awd vehicles how are they messing up like that?
  • Yu Liu
    Yu Liu 9 месяцев назад Billy Garcia coz they never driven a car before
  • kyokushin no mika
    kyokushin no mika 9 месяцев назад They pobably did get a super car has their first gar
  • Daniel Laun
    Daniel Laun 8 месяцев назад Doesn't even sound so far fetched to me.
  • Sahil Sharma
    Sahil Sharma 2 месяца назад they just dont have control of these supercars. they accelerate too quickly and lose traction very easily.
  • jess hoe
    jess hoe 2 месяца назад and cant correct it
  • Cream
    Cream 1 месяц назад 1:53 thats what i call asian women
  • Shaun Wang
    Shaun Wang 2 недели назад it happened in south korea and the result was 100% camera car's fault
  • Cream
    Cream 2 недели назад Shaun Wang offcaurse it is, crossing full line without blinking and listen to her bitch screams
  • ale mo
    ale mo Неделю назад (изменено) The Last with a Bugatti is a Grand Bastard
  • Roy Sunshine
    Roy Sunshine 6 дней назад He's an arab, of course he doesn't respect anybody but himself.
  • L T
    L T 5 дней назад Wouldn't doubt it if Ferrari take his laferrari away
  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 4 месяца назад Who let SpongeBob drive?
  • califaern3sto
    califaern3sto 6 дней назад Did you buy your license? -Carl Johnson