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MLB | Ballgirl Awesome

Published on Jun 4, 2018 11,440,255 views

Baseball Sports

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  • Kat M
    Kat M 9 месяцев назад So many of these people would have been nailed in the face if they weren't there
  • Jesús Blacio
    Jesús Blacio 2 недели назад Basicaly
  • annagitana1
    annagitana1 3 недели назад I'm surprised there's no plexiglass or anything right in front of them.
  • Merma Nuha
    Merma Nuha 3 недели назад Exactly
  • michael pandolfi
    michael pandolfi 2 месяца назад Kat M these were soooooo fkn ez there was a few cool ones but 97% were duds, better catch em n fuck the crowd let it hit em, shouldnt b there if u cant catch a foul ball
  • Bob
    Bob 2 месяца назад ballgirl suck my balls
    DIRT McGIRT 2 месяца назад It's almost like that's the reason they are there 🤔
  • BigRed CacheMachine
    BigRed CacheMachine 2 месяца назад well, we all did come to see balls to the face....
  • D C
    D C 2 месяца назад @Gbody Cutlass exactly
  • Gbody Cutlass
    Gbody Cutlass 2 месяца назад @D C If they're that slow maybe they should sit in the nose bleed section with the other slow reacting people. Just a suggestion 😉
  • Ufcfan 1105
    Ufcfan 1105 2 месяца назад Thats why they have Ball Boys and Ball Girls,To get Foul Balls to give to the fans,and so fans dont get nailed when theres a rocket foul ball like that
  • Daniel Richards
    Daniel Richards 4 месяца назад Yep. It's happened before. Some kid or someone taking a chug of their beer gets wacked in the head.
    MIGUEL MONTOYA 4 месяца назад wait!! you can't get nailed in the face if you're not there haha
  • ultimtdisc
    ultimtdisc 4 месяца назад Many of them also have gloves. You should be all right as long as you're paying attention to the game.
  • Robert Neville
    Robert Neville 5 месяцев назад Exactly
  • Seated North
    Seated North 6 месяцев назад That's why they're there nitt-witt.
  • maaly8111
    maaly8111 7 месяцев назад and many a $8 beer would have been spilled if not for these ball girls
  • Starwarrior 7
    Starwarrior 7 8 месяцев назад Daniel Creger Smoking hot ball girls save fans from getting smoked by balls to the face. Perfect title.
  • D C
    D C 8 месяцев назад That's what i was thinking...they're paying attention to the game. I watched to reaction time of the people behind the girls and they definitely would have gotten smoked without those girls there.
  • Trinidad James
    Trinidad James 1 день назад In San Fran they will now be called "ball person"
  • Phuong
    Phuong 13 часов назад 1:03 so lovely! 3:23 that's a crazy :O
  • Joe Clayton
    Joe Clayton 1 час назад lenardo b thinks it's fake because gatorade made a commercial from it
  • Steven Splash
    Steven Splash 2 месяца назад To serve and protect. Police, paramedics, firefighters and ball girls
  • foredamusic
    foredamusic 3 недели назад @Wayne Brewster that is a 100% false misrepresentation of the judgment. Thats fuckin sad.
  • Wayne Brewster
    Wayne Brewster 2 месяца назад Well, 3 out of 4 anyway. The federal courts recently ruled that the police have no duty to protect or serve the public.
  • Kevan Vincent
    Kevan Vincent 2 месяца назад and the one and only, ICE
  • BoB n fishy
    BoB n fishy 4 месяца назад it's nice when the announcers know the names of the ballgirls.
  • VL123
    VL123 1 месяц назад @manny gomez speak English, bean.
  • manny gomez
    manny gomez 1 месяц назад @VL123 ba||ba||. zhh |uv cstchin e m.
  • VL123
    VL123 1 месяц назад Kinda helps when they have the names on the back of the jersey
  • j g
    j g 2 месяца назад I thought the same thing until i realized they only knew the names when it was on their jersey. One of them got it wrong because her hair was blocking the full name and then corrected himself when you could see it.
  • DDHOperator
    DDHOperator 4 месяца назад 8:44 when you impress the guy who hit the ball, you've got something.
  • RaIdErNaTiOn 74
    RaIdErNaTiOn 74 3 недели назад 3:09 was pretty cool too.
  • Big Bad Brad
    Big Bad Brad 1 месяц назад Did you kill any mockingbirds?
  • Boo Radley
    Boo Radley 2 месяца назад I think one batter thought the ball was fair. He was staring her/the ump down. 2 or 3 of these plays were interference. Especially the last. You can she her shock when the upm tells her.
  • daddy Lee
    daddy Lee 2 месяца назад I think that's just when he first noticed that ass😉😛
  • Riffelj
    Riffelj 2 месяца назад This.
  • Jennifer 09
    Jennifer 09 Неделю назад The ballgirl who catch off on the wall was incredible.😍😍😍
  • RayLo RayLo
    RayLo RayLo 2 месяца назад The catch at 3:04 is THE GREATEST catch off the wall in major league history - even if it was the ball girl!!!!!!!!
  • GlimmerOfLight
    GlimmerOfLight 1 день назад No sheiBe!
  • Yurek Hunt
    Yurek Hunt 6 дней назад This video, and that comment, can't be topped if you need a practical demonstration of how pathetic Americans are.
  • Scott J
    Scott J Неделю назад @Troy You forgot "dolt" and "idiot". Yeah, some very kind people out here. And they act like they would NEVER have been fooled by this footage and anybody who would be is EXTREMELY stupid. The footage is shot very well, has real players, a real announcer, and is placed in the midst of a bunch of other real catches by ball girls. Why would anyone not jump to the natural conclusion that this was a real catch instead of a staged shot for a commercial? Give the people a break for goodness sakes.
  • fromtheptothab
    fromtheptothab 2 недели назад and it's a fake one.
  • The man is no one.
    The man is no one. 2 недели назад It was staged and fake.
  • Darryl Stein
    Darryl Stein 3 недели назад Its not real. Duh.
  • I'm a hard cummer. Fuck you, bitch.
    I'm a hard cummer. Fuck you, bitch. 3 недели назад It's disturbing that people are stupid enough to not immediately realize that video is fake.
  • Troy
    Troy 1 месяц назад Just in case nobody has made it clear, apparently you are a dumbass, bitch, stupid, and a retard. A lot of nice people out there.
  • Luke Chambery
    Luke Chambery 1 месяц назад Fake, for sure
  • googoo gjoob
    googoo gjoob 1 месяц назад dumbass....its fake!
  • RWDtech
    RWDtech 1 месяц назад Sad that its fake, but she landed awkwardly on that post and could've really messed up her ankle. Fortunately she was fine, or she could have been shrugging off the pain to save face...
  • Thomas M
    Thomas M 1 месяц назад RayLo RayLo that was insane
  • Nightmare Man
    Nightmare Man 1 месяц назад @John Rogan Lol , so many tards thinking that was actually real. Amazing.
  • Krazedkat
    Krazedkat 1 месяц назад agreed
  • John Smear
    John Smear 1 месяц назад (изменено) It was a tampons commercial you dolts.
  • Luke Rowe
    Luke Rowe 1 месяц назад RayLo RayLo that was fake
    WOKEN'T 1 месяц назад Or NOT, you silly bitch.
  • The Pooh
    The Pooh 2 месяца назад Reggie Jones it’s a Gatorade commercial you idiot
  • John Rogan
    John Rogan 2 месяца назад Interference ...royals ...yost
  • John Rogan
    John Rogan 2 месяца назад Obviously a hoax...come on people!
  • John Rogan
    John Rogan 2 месяца назад Trick photography?
  • Jake Shattuck
    Jake Shattuck 2 месяца назад Def a commercial
  • Reggie Jones
    Reggie Jones 2 месяца назад I agree, that was some effort, and I betcha she was dreaming of walking up that wall one day and showing her stuff!
  • The Pooh
    The Pooh 2 месяца назад This has been proven to be fake, it’s a hoax
  • David James
    David James 2 месяца назад She can pull my cable anyday.
  • Mickey Bitsko
    Mickey Bitsko 2 месяца назад It's also a fake scene from an advertisement.
  • JODA9395
    JODA9395 2 месяца назад @Eric Angel we can only dream. Hopefully one day we can see it happen.
  • Eric Angel
    Eric Angel 2 месяца назад @JODA9395 for sure dude. It was disheartening to learn the truth.
  • JODA9395
    JODA9395 2 месяца назад @Eric Angel man, it would have been great though.
  • Justin Kirschenman
    Justin Kirschenman 2 месяца назад RayLo RayLo it was fake.
  • WisdomVendor1
    WisdomVendor1 2 месяца назад That was fucking insane !!!!
  • Joel Robles
    Joel Robles 2 месяца назад @Eric Angel ok I was thinking it was something like that bc holy crap that was insane.
  • Eric Angel
    Eric Angel 2 месяца назад It's not real. She was harnessed and pulled up with cables. This was shot for a Gatorade commercial. Campaign was cancelled before the ad went to air.
  • andy moore
    andy moore 2 месяца назад It's not tho lol
  • A30ot6
    A30ot6 3 месяца назад It would seem that the Padres, Redsox, Pirates, and Dodgers have the best ballgirls.
  • Caleb
    Caleb 1 месяц назад Diamondbacks don't really have ball girls because all our people in those positions are "Golden Glovers" old people, I wonder if other ball clubs have a similar structure
  • Artistically Kaylee
    Artistically Kaylee 1 месяц назад @Travis Stoudt I chuckled
  • Yeti tracker 66
    Yeti tracker 66 1 месяц назад Travis Stoudt, as a Pirates fan I sadly concur! Better looking too!
  • Jas Par
    Jas Par 2 месяца назад Fastpitch Softball programs in SoCal are top notch.
  • Travis Stoudt
    Travis Stoudt 3 месяца назад Before Model I think the pirates have better ball girls than they do an actual team
  • Before Model
    Before Model 3 месяца назад that Pirate caught my eye for sure
  • Jason Holcomb
    Jason Holcomb 3 месяца назад I noticed the exact same thing watching this.
  • Robert F.
    Robert F. 5 месяцев назад All these ladies are definitely college softball stars.
  • Paul Wettstein
    Paul Wettstein 13 часов назад @camaro z28ss you instigator you! LOL
  • Hari Seldon
    Hari Seldon 2 недели назад Some of them look rather young for that. Could some of them be in high school?
  • clocking
    clocking 2 недели назад @camaro z28ss Go fuck yourself you stupid fuck
  • Stop quaking
    Stop quaking 2 недели назад Jim A lol a triggered little boy.
  • hagamapama
    hagamapama 1 месяц назад No kidding, I saw a fair few of them look like they were ready to throw the runner out.
  • Mr. Nuance
    Mr. Nuance 1 месяц назад Not 5:42 lmao
  • Stop quaking
    Stop quaking 1 месяц назад camaro z28ss fuck you
    DIRT McGIRT 2 месяца назад No, they just grab random twats from the crowd....
  • Jake Shattuck
    Jake Shattuck 2 месяца назад chuimon slp The wall jump was a commercial. I think it was Gatorade but not sure it was released.
  • K J
    K J 2 месяца назад @chuimon slp lmao right. I think he would be the only one to pull that off. It's all good.
  • chuimon slp
    chuimon slp 2 месяца назад @K J ha ha, I know too good to be true, I think that was reminiscent of an old Bo Jackson clip
  • K J
    K J 2 месяца назад (изменено) @chuimon slp lol that's fake. Look it up. There's no way you thought that was real lol. Even the slim girls here have shape
  • Matthew's Vlogs plus
    Matthew's Vlogs plus 2 месяца назад @camaro z28ss no
  • chuimon slp
    chuimon slp 2 месяца назад @nahor88 ha ha, not all the girls were "thick", ain't no way was the girl (3:06) who Jackie chan'd the wall for a catch was thick.
  • Alex Kilgour
    Alex Kilgour 2 месяца назад @Jim White read up on Jackie Mitchell. 17 year old girl who struck out, back to back, Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, when she pitched against the Yankees.
  • Fuert Neigt
    Fuert Neigt 2 месяца назад Yeah, I was wondering how all those girls had such precision and speed, they were already athletes and expert ballplayers.
  • Dione Cruz
    Dione Cruz 2 месяца назад @camaro z28ss Plz stop lol
  • Julian Velasco
    Julian Velasco 2 месяца назад camaro z28ss haaaaahaaaaa ikr
  • Michael Powell
    Michael Powell 2 месяца назад @Jim White Tiny penis huh? Bummer! At least you have a tiny brain to match!
  • LaynieKlawer
    LaynieKlawer 2 месяца назад @Jim White wow you seem personally offended by that. some dude on the internet thinks softball is intense. better reply with a paragraph crying about how men are better. embarrassing tbh
  • Jim White
    Jim White 2 месяца назад @Mike Schiavoni you are fucking kidding me right? It's hard to read the sarcasm over text so Please tell me your joking. Its science man, woman aren't as athletic as men. There are balls that the men are going to get to that women have zero chance at...and that's just fielding. Ovrr half the women would be stuck out every time at bat trying to hit against major league pitchers. Your brainwashed and being willfully ignorant if you actually believe your comment. No offense I'm just pointing out reality
  • nick4leader
    nick4leader 2 месяца назад @camaro z28ss 🖕🏻
  • camaro z28ss
    camaro z28ss 2 месяца назад Women belong barefoot and pregnant..... Tending to the family!
  • DissonantHarmony
    DissonantHarmony 2 месяца назад @Mike Schiavoni lol
  • Mike Schiavoni
    Mike Schiavoni 2 месяца назад Softball has gotten pretty intense. Much more intensity than baseball. Heck, I am starting to think they separate the girls and give them a bigger ball that is harder to catch and drive to limit them.....and I used to play baseball.
  • emtbrat21
    emtbrat21 3 месяца назад Yeah I was a ballboy for 7 years high school and college and I was top of list from being on the baseball teams
  • nahor88
    nahor88 4 месяца назад I think that's actually a requirement to get the job... you can kind of tell too by the THICC girls.
  • music nerd
    music nerd 4 месяца назад Mom:" what if you don't get to be a major league softball player?" Me:* shows her this video * Mom:" fair enough"
  • David Peeler
    David Peeler Неделю назад That wall jump play has got to be the greatest ever... Superhuman shit
  • Leonardo B
    Leonardo B 1 день назад It´s a Gatorade commercial. It isn't real.
  • Andreas Bäcklund
    Andreas Bäcklund Неделю назад advertising for some energidrink 👍😎
  • Hans Gruber
    Hans Gruber 2 недели назад The look on that guy's faces at 3:01 kills me, it's like she jumped in front of a bullet for him
  • floresaza253
    floresaza253 3 месяца назад Pretty sure they all played high school varsity softball. Probably no big deal for them
    LARK AMERICA 1 месяц назад Girls Rule
  • cpmenninga
    cpmenninga 1 месяц назад They might even play college ball! Watch it some time. And LARK, dude, I’m sure you’ll talk to a girl one day, don’t worry.
  • Matthew's Vlogs plus
    Matthew's Vlogs plus 2 месяца назад @LARK AMERICA like ur mom
  • Cyn
    Cyn 2 месяца назад LARK AMERICA keep telling yourself that 😏
  • D K
    D K 3 месяца назад (изменено) @JStarStar00 You are taking things to literally. Outside of some past experience the girls have to pass a tryout and obviously receive additional training from the organizations. HS softball line drives are irrelevant. The hire girls capable of handling anything lined at them. If you ever read up on try outs they usually make it pretty clear that the girls are hired on ability. Maybe it would be a big deal the 1st few days on the job but they definitely get used to it over the season/years. Maybe the best way to word it is just because someone didn't see that level in HS doesn't mean it isn't something they can't handle easy enough. Not to mention fielding in a game is different than collecting foul balls.
  • JStarStar00
    JStarStar00 3 месяца назад Ain't nobody in HS softball hitting line drives like MLB players. Although where the ball girls are sitting is about the outfield fence distance of most softball fields.
  • Schy Mark
    Schy Mark 3 месяца назад (изменено) Some very attractive girls catching foul balls in MLB parks.
  • Thomas M
    Thomas M 1 месяц назад Schy Mark literally the only reason I watched this video😉
  • The Double Champ
    The Double Champ 2 месяца назад These girls should be on the roster these teams might win a championship😂
  • Marcel Roberge
    Marcel Roberge 2 месяца назад That one lady isn’t a ball girl but a ninja master who had to get a second job. Ninja work has been steadily declining for hundreds of years.
  • Lex X
    Lex X 3 недели назад 😂😂
  • Jake Shattuck
    Jake Shattuck 2 месяца назад The one that scaled the wall was fake. It's an old Gatorade commercial.
  • Jen D
    Jen D 2 недели назад 3:01 When your soul returns to your body because it just ain't your time yet. 😂😂😂
  • Denisse Oslo
    Denisse Oslo Неделю назад La mejor 😍
  • Kevin Noll
    Kevin Noll Год назад WTF?! That girl scaled the wall like spider man. Sign her! Make her the first female major league
  • Red Pine
    Red Pine 2 месяца назад @BugabooJonez Really? because it never made it to air.
  • John Harris
    John Harris 2 месяца назад @superjoe000 actually the game of rounders as much older than cricket. Cricket around your stool Balltown ball have very little in common except for a ball and stick. Of course you can talk about them using gloves. And then I can talk about your big flat bat. But rounders or baseball is much older than cricket. Or at least the game baseball came from.
  • Digital Buried Treasure
    Digital Buried Treasure 2 месяца назад Dang. I'm so mad that's fake
  • Igor Watzak
    Igor Watzak 2 месяца назад She deserve extra tube presentation. That is just Epic ..! Does she live on earth ? That was realy something..
  • Royal September Ent.
    Royal September Ent. 2 месяца назад Kevin Noll dead asss
  • Someoffensivename 69
    Someoffensivename 69 2 месяца назад It's a Gatorade commercial
  • brooklyn again
    brooklyn again 2 месяца назад Why would she be first major league? Wasn't their a women major league when the men went to war? They need to bring it back men are getting boring to watch.
    BIG HEAD 2 месяца назад It's fake
  • SmItH
    SmItH 2 месяца назад That was amazing, she had some serious height! And what a read!!
  • Truth
    Truth 2 месяца назад Kevin Noll Dude that was cgi lol
  • Jay Luck
    Jay Luck 2 месяца назад Best season I ever had was when the first girl joined the boys minor hardball league in senior year. I had the fastest pitching arm and gave her plenty of runtime in right field. She should have gotten rookie of the year.
  • Mike Schiavoni
    Mike Schiavoni 2 месяца назад Sucks girls use a softball. I think its to hinder them.
  • Qboro66
    Qboro66 2 месяца назад Parkour skills perhaps?
  • Alex Bratcher
    Alex Bratcher 3 месяца назад Shit was fake
  • Zyryo Zyxjynlor
    Zyryo Zyxjynlor 3 месяца назад BoBo Manny no, they don't rock shit, they're only good for one thing. otherwise completely useless!
  • Zyryo Zyxjynlor
    Zyryo Zyxjynlor 3 месяца назад C David simcha is too retarded to comprehend what so many others have told him that the scaling of the wall was fake.
  • Zyryo Zyxjynlor
    Zyryo Zyxjynlor 3 месяца назад GrizzleyBear gokus' too late for making himself look stupid, even months later people are still seeing these comments.
  • Zyryo Zyxjynlor
    Zyryo Zyxjynlor 3 месяца назад Simcha Abramowitz holy shit are you ever a sucker, the catch was staged for a commercial ffs!!!
  • Zyryo Zyxjynlor
    Zyryo Zyxjynlor 3 месяца назад goku god above all gods no, females' can't do that, there aren't any that have executed parqour! it's impossible for them, in case you don't know what parqour is, it's free running, where guys' scale walls' and jump off of buildings' at great heights! females are useless when it comes to competing with men in major sports' like hockey, football, soccer, baseball, tennis, track and field, parqour, badmington, ping pong, volley ball, cricket, ten pin bowling, laqcross, wrestling, boxing, mma, kung fu, karate, ju jit su, jeet kung do and all the other physical sports' that men do! if pointing out the facts of how useless females are in competing with professional male athletes in all those sports is sexist, then i count myself in and that must make you a snowflake to be calling someone sexist!!!
  • steve o
    steve o 3 месяца назад @Efren Bernardino baseball is co-ed, the Padres even signed a female pitcher once... the only problem is that there hasn't been a female good enough to play in the majors... and probably never will be...
  • Brandon Bauer
    Brandon Bauer 3 месяца назад Samantha parker lol
  • 是邪恶的习近平
    是邪恶的习近平 3 месяца назад Holy shit Kevin, you got that right! Hell of a play.
  • steve o
    steve o 3 месяца назад @goku god above all gods it's fake you dumb fuck lmao
  • huntand
    huntand 3 месяца назад I remember seeing that highlight on sports center when it happened. the anchors were going crazy. that catch was seriously sick. a team souldve signed her as a backup outfielder, that would've been awesom
  • Billy Westerband
    Billy Westerband 3 месяца назад They should be in a bikini
  • Texas guy
    Texas guy 3 месяца назад It was fake. Lol wtf
  • nikeyB02
    nikeyB02 4 месяца назад That was some naruto shit
  • Rick Sanchez C137
    Rick Sanchez C137 4 месяца назад First female big league blernsball player is Teranga Lela...
  • leo
    leo 4 месяца назад 3:24 best catch I've ever seen in any sport
  • 805Bruin
    805Bruin 4 месяца назад The stuntwoman in that commercial was Kiralee Hayashi, former UCLA gymnast.
  • Jarko Limbo
    Jarko Limbo 4 месяца назад It's a phony.....
  • MrPWowie
    MrPWowie 4 месяца назад was that for real?!!! looked like an edited fake highlight, like a beer commercial or something.
  • Kelly Thomad
    Kelly Thomad 4 месяца назад Unbelievable!!
  • Robert Mikolon
    Robert Mikolon 4 месяца назад @goku god above all gods Good grief I know this is six months old but stop the whole sex thing already holy smokes. I don't care if this was a guy or gal it is just that hard to believe. Stop the whole sex war thing.
  • ultimtdisc
    ultimtdisc 4 месяца назад Are you one of those people who can be fooled all the time? smh
  • Calvin Ray
    Calvin Ray 5 месяцев назад Kevin Noll.......I haven't read all the comments under yours.........but the batgirl scaling the wall was a commercial. What you don't see are the wires that helped pull her up! I think the commercial was for Gatorade. I think I read that they decided not to use this spot, but it took a life of it's on because it's shared so much on Youtube! LOL!!
  • No Comps
    No Comps 5 месяцев назад Lol that shit was FAKE AS FUCK dummy
  • Roy de Vries de Vries
    Roy de Vries de Vries 5 месяцев назад WTF indeed. There are players in the MLB that can't make such a catch.
  • Christopher Clink
    Christopher Clink 5 месяцев назад Yo, those heaters sting like a motha fucka....good job ladies
  • quadbravo
    quadbravo 5 месяцев назад It's an old Gatorade commercial. Fake.
  • perez wilbert
    perez wilbert 5 месяцев назад Kevin Noll that was nuts
  • Soul Warrior
    Soul Warrior 5 месяцев назад I agree. The girl scaling the wall takes the cake!
  • Robert Neville
    Robert Neville 5 месяцев назад She is fking nice
  • Stella A
    Stella A 5 месяцев назад That wall climb was the best one ever!
  • Nicholas Laube
    Nicholas Laube 6 месяцев назад superjoe000 cricket players also don’t hit the ball near as hard or far as in baseball
  • Nina Briesch
    Nina Briesch 6 месяцев назад Just what i told my brother! We are not american, not big fans of baseball because were we live no one know the rules. I think that lady would do great on a team as a player. But it will never happen, so Men will continue at catching those balls.
  • ThomasLegendBoi
    ThomasLegendBoi 7 месяцев назад No i want sanwich
  • Roland Deschain
    Roland Deschain 7 месяцев назад Fuck you and your whore of a mother.
  • badgr fan
    badgr fan 7 месяцев назад kevin: it was a dude then camera cut to the chic. don't be fooled bro
  • Ralph Dye
    Ralph Dye 8 месяцев назад That Ball Girl was CGI. It never happened. The only one I have ever seen "scale the wall" with any consistency was Rocky Colavito ( who needs to be in the MLB HoF!!!!!)
  • cadenr06
    cadenr06 8 месяцев назад Jack dull 1. It was fake 2. It was the left fielder you tard.
  • Derriku Senpai
    Derriku Senpai 8 месяцев назад 3:04
  • ralexlu
    ralexlu 8 месяцев назад That shit was funny af!
  • Alvaro Gomez
    Alvaro Gomez 8 месяцев назад Is that real?
  • Charles H Geis IV
    Charles H Geis IV 8 месяцев назад There's no way they would've allowed to her to snag that ball when it still could've been in play and caught for an out
  • Robert Longwill
    Robert Longwill 8 месяцев назад I know right that was truly epic of that girl and the way she threw the ball to the left fielder unbelievable
  • mach1towarp9
    mach1towarp9 8 месяцев назад More like Spider-Girl. It was like she had. Stick ums on the bottom of her shoe
  • Zev Brick
    Zev Brick 8 месяцев назад That’s cgi
  • Knightmare007
    Knightmare007 8 месяцев назад timestamp?
  • Crispy
    Crispy 8 месяцев назад (изменено) STAWP!! If you can't tell that's fake then stay off youtube. Use your head, the fucking wall is 18ft high atleast. It's a Gatorade commercial.
  • Jason Damrau
    Jason Damrau 8 месяцев назад You make me sad
  • Dialysisforever
    Dialysisforever 8 месяцев назад You go girl! You tell'em. You're wrong but let him have it. You are why I hesitate to open doors for people anymore. I don't want to get yelled at because you can open your own door when all I was doing is trying to be nice.
  • Mario Tan
    Mario Tan 9 месяцев назад It’s fake. It’s footage from a Gatorade commercial
  • Cory Foster
    Cory Foster 9 месяцев назад Wow you gotta be real dumb to think that's real. What else do you think is real?
  • Joe Wellin Dowd
    Joe Wellin Dowd 9 месяцев назад She catches but who will throw it for her. I heard she throws like a girl
  • Scooters Videos
    Scooters Videos 9 месяцев назад No way. Baseball is too dangerous for girls. 3:08
  • Greysen Gagne
    Greysen Gagne 9 месяцев назад How could you even think that was real to begin with? Come on man..
  • Kwasje Titty
    Kwasje Titty 9 месяцев назад This can't be real !
  • James Brinley
    James Brinley 9 месяцев назад that was amazing.
  • Mr Dandy
    Mr Dandy 9 месяцев назад Yeah, Amazing
  • John Chase
    John Chase 9 месяцев назад That was nuts.
  • Grey Poupon
    Grey Poupon 10 месяцев назад @superjoe000 Oh, you still speak English. You're welcome.- Murrica.
  • Assmeriten
    Assmeriten 10 месяцев назад nope.
  • BoBo Manny
    BoBo Manny 10 месяцев назад Kevin your on to something an you are rite Women Rock!
  • dcfanchris
    dcfanchris 10 месяцев назад Kevin Noll That is the greatest catch I’ve ever seen.Not only did she scale that wall like spider man but she got it on the fly too!
  • Edward Jam
    Edward Jam 10 месяцев назад You're a moron, how could you not tell that was fake.
  • GSXR 600
    GSXR 600 10 месяцев назад You must be retarded?
  • alex
    alex 10 месяцев назад Kevin Noll - I could get you to buy a bag of my feces for $100 too. I love gullible fucks like you.
  • itanimulli1111
    itanimulli1111 10 месяцев назад Dude there's a real fricken leprechaun that's riding a unicorn in the outfield and the leprechaun catches a ball in the outfield. That's true too
  • Pocahontas 2020
    Pocahontas 2020 10 месяцев назад no...
  • Rutheless Truth
    Rutheless Truth 10 месяцев назад The first female major league had Madonna, Gena Davis and Rosie O'Donnell
  • Paul Harrington
    Paul Harrington 10 месяцев назад Kevin Noll that wasn't real
  • Micheal Gober
    Micheal Gober 10 месяцев назад I thought it was real tho lol
  • Efren Bernardino
    Efren Bernardino 10 месяцев назад @Alvan5 other players in other sports die more.. Sooooo
  • Gahl Yogu
    Gahl Yogu 10 месяцев назад .... she was Asian.
  • Moe Levine Rules
    Moe Levine Rules 10 месяцев назад Kevin Noll, c’mon. That was so fucking fake.
  • C David
    C David 10 месяцев назад It was very easy. There was no ball. The walls had bracings for her to push off on and I'm sure there were dozens and dozens of takes. She did not have to worry about catching anything as there was nothing to catch
  • crosbonit
    crosbonit 10 месяцев назад Yeah. That was insane. How did she track the ball with her back turned and taking two steps off angled walls like that?
  • C David
    C David 11 месяцев назад Give us an example of any female playing at any level of professional baseball. Eventually there may be one or two, and possibly there has been one or two in pro ball in the past. But no, this isn't a sport that can be coed.
  • The Only 1
    The Only 1 11 месяцев назад wtf !!!!!!! agree @Kevin Noll
  • GrizzleyBear
    GrizzleyBear 11 месяцев назад @goku god above all gods Maybe do a little "just a tiny bit" of research before you make yourself look completely stupid? Just a suggestion considering the clip in question is in fact 100% fake! Moron XD
  • C David
    C David 11 месяцев назад It is fake because it is FAKE. It has nothing to do with sexism. It is fake because this was a television commercial filmed years ago. The entire game was staged. You are hurting women by taking this stance.
  • goku god above all gods
    goku god above all gods 11 месяцев назад (изменено) White Devil it is not FAKE ... you are SEXIST , JACKIE CHAN can do it so why not WOMEN wate i no why you think it's fake because it's a WOMEN , you think only MALES can do it ... this message goes to all you sexists out there
  • Simcha Abramowitz
    Simcha Abramowitz 11 месяцев назад @goku god above all gods i doubt its a sexist issue. Anybody would be jealous of that girls athletic ability. Man or woman!
  • C David
    C David 11 месяцев назад No Simcha....the girl who climbed the wall was in a television commercial. It was faked
  • Simcha Abramowitz
    Simcha Abramowitz 11 месяцев назад @Epic SC an amateur college age soft ball player hired to stand in foul territory and catch balls hit there to give to fans.
  • Simcha Abramowitz
    Simcha Abramowitz 11 месяцев назад @goku god above all gods whether a guy is sexist or not anybody has got to admit she made a great catch!
  • Simcha Abramowitz
    Simcha Abramowitz 11 месяцев назад @C David that ball girl sure was good enough to play pro baseball! Did you see her jump up that wall? Better than wonder woman! And the ball girl caught that ball in reality!
  • Simcha Abramowitz
    Simcha Abramowitz 11 месяцев назад @Efren Bernardino yeah! If they made baseball coed these enthusiastic energetic ball girls would force the lazy guy fat shakes to play better ball or look like fools like that right fielder did! Outdone by a ball girl ten years younger than him! Lol
  • Simcha Abramowitz
    Simcha Abramowitz 11 месяцев назад @george byrne shows why the ball girls belong on the field instead of those guys paid big bucks. The girls really try and enjoy playing baseball with enthusiasm. The guys are worn out
  • JR Black
    JR Black 11 месяцев назад Kevin Noll She didn't weigh anything, I used to do that when I was younger, most major league players weigh to much to pull that off.
  • GrizzleyBear
    GrizzleyBear 11 месяцев назад Kevin Noll that one is fake but still awesome ;)
  • Wubba Wubba
    Wubba Wubba 11 месяцев назад Digitalbumpin and +alex are you guys lovers?
  • Wubba Wubba
    Wubba Wubba 11 месяцев назад Cormac It wasn’t for a Bud ad, and it was used. Stop making shit up.
  • Jedidr
    Jedidr 11 месяцев назад Kevin Noll its fucking spider-girl
  • zzztubazzz
    zzztubazzz 11 месяцев назад it's fake stupid
  • Roger Waters
    Roger Waters 11 месяцев назад fake scaffolding CGI dubbed out so obvious
  • Mark26
    Mark26 Год назад (изменено) you bought that phony catch? surely you jest.
  • goku god above all gods
    goku god above all gods Год назад Lincoln Hawthorne just because it was a women does not mean it was fake
  • goku god above all gods
    goku god above all gods Год назад billy bob are you sexist , do you think women can't do those kind of things .. i don't think you would have said fake if it was a man
  • goku god above all gods
    goku god above all gods Год назад White Devil are you sexist , i don't think you would have said that if it was a man
  • Sports City
    Sports City Год назад Spider-Man Spider-Man does what ever what a Spider can
  • Mylum O'Shinn
    Mylum O'Shinn Год назад Its a TV ad
  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Smark
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Smark Год назад I’m pretty sure it was put in there as a joke
  • alex
    alex Год назад the onl-eeeee problem is that there are more athletic male grade schoolers out there than this broad. men are phsicall-eee superior u stupid fucking lib
  • Humberto Solis
    Humberto Solis Год назад Kevin Noll Shes the female Bo Jackson
  • Epic SC
    Epic SC Год назад Wtf is a ball girl
  • Lee W
    Lee W Год назад Yep, you are correct. It was fake. They used a rig that allowed her to make the climb. Extremely well done as you cannot tell even with the slow motion
  • Kevin Noll
    Kevin Noll Год назад Lee W It is fake. It was an unaired Gatorade commercial. I looked it up via Google. Not to say that that's always correct. But there's more than one source on it.
  • Lee W
    Lee W Год назад Same here. You would have to have some really nice programs to make that happen. Also, if it is fake, show the proof. Don't just say it's fake.
  • the astronaut’s friend.
    the astronaut’s friend. Год назад Kevin Noll okay hahaha scale it back a bit
  • Europa H2O Alien
    Europa H2O Alien Год назад superjoe: Settle down Mr. America.
  • Europa H2O Alien
    Europa H2O Alien Год назад That was epic!
  • ramivalencia
    ramivalencia Год назад Kevin Noll Yeah, I had a feeling it was fake. She didn't even look up to see where the ball was as she was climbing the wall.
  • ironduke0775
    ironduke0775 Год назад (изменено) superjoe000  It's common knowledge that no one loves handling balls barehanded more than your average British "man" does... 😁
  • Ketroc
    Ketroc Год назад If only you could sign CGI'ed players.
  • C David
    C David Год назад It is coed if a girl can make a team. Unfortunately no girls have been good enough.
  • phillip chmiel
    phillip chmiel Год назад It was a TV commercial.
  • Sean Pittaway
    Sean Pittaway Год назад superjoe000 I'm English and I fucking hate cricket its fastest way to fall asleep,I don't much like watching any sport I prefer playing it but id say ball gets hit a lot harder here hence the mitt and in any case y the hate?wot is lacking in ur life?!
  • Jeff Nielsen
    Jeff Nielsen Год назад I want to see the effort that went into making that fake catch. If it's fake, well then, good job.
  • phillip chmiel
    phillip chmiel Год назад It was a fake.
  • Lee W
    Lee W Год назад Spot on man. That was one of the greatest catches ever in baseball history. At least give her a big bonus right?
  • Alvan5
    Alvan5 Год назад (изменено) superjoe000 Cricket players sometimes DIE, do they not?
  • Birch Gleason
    Birch Gleason Год назад So fake
  • Efren Bernardino
    Efren Bernardino Год назад Baseball is totally a sport that can be coed.. They should do that.
  • Militant Goth
    Militant Goth Год назад I was going to say the same thing, how could you now want an outfielder like that?
  • Dark Horse 3/5
    Dark Horse 3/5 Год назад Fake!!!
  • superjoe000
    superjoe000 Год назад Muricans and their shitty sports lol, boreball is a shitty watered down version of Cricket. In cricket players don't use large mitts to catch balls, they use their bare hands which requires more skill.
  • Zig Zag
    Zig Zag Год назад that's what happens when adult's play kids games with kids.. agility, eyehand coordination, timing, creativity. Up the wall, most astounding play ever! I'm still smile'n, gonna be smile'n about that long time. :)
  • L Meadows
    L Meadows Год назад Its not real, it was a Gatorade Ad (with special effects) played during the 2008 All Star game
  • Jonah Russell
    Jonah Russell Год назад Kevin Noll I think it was fake
  • Cormac
    Cormac Год назад it was photoshopped for a Bud ad that never used
  • george byrne
    george byrne Год назад Yeah that was awesome, made the fielder look stupid too..
  • BugabooJonez
    BugabooJonez Год назад only reason i knew that was fake was i actually remember that commercial.
  • Juan C. Romo
    Juan C. Romo Год назад That one was fake. They're not even allowed to go past that split stand area.
  • Raider Nation
    Raider Nation Год назад It’s not cg, but it’s fake.
  • Agapito Memelas
    Agapito Memelas Год назад That scaled was brutallity amazing.
  • Mook Wolf
    Mook Wolf Год назад Sign her 🤣 you stupid fuck
  • SKULL ;
    SKULL ; Год назад Kevin Noll lol
  • hiccups55
    hiccups55 Год назад I thought it was real.
  • Lincoln Hawthorne
    Lincoln Hawthorne Год назад Kevin Noll fake
  • Stutter of the House
    Stutter of the House Год назад Bro it was part of a Gatorade commercial from back in the day lol
  • christian hill
    christian hill Год назад Kevin Noll it was a commercial, it was a bad one too
  • Jack dull
    Jack dull Год назад That ball girl should replace that right fielder. She got some skills !
  • billy bob
    billy bob Год назад Fake
  • Jay Turberville
    Jay Turberville Год назад Exactly. Cool stunt idea, but doesn't belong here.
  • Cyclone
    Cyclone Год назад That was actually a promotional stunt. It shouldn't have been included in this video.
  • White Devil
    White Devil Год назад It was fake.
  • Kevin Noll
    Kevin Noll Год назад Damn Gatorade commercials! Got me good. Of course the quality of the footage didn't help. Someone else commented that it was a commercial, then deleted the comment. So I checked it out more.
  • djk
    djk Год назад Kevin Noll that had to be cgi right?
  • Volunteer Firefighter
    Volunteer Firefighter Год назад Kevin Noll I agree I don't even see players making that kind of effort
  • mark merk
    mark merk 3 месяца назад (изменено) Damnnn....these girls are awesome...sign them up...and i love that some of these announcers actually took the time to learn their nanes
  • Yurek Hunt
    Yurek Hunt 6 дней назад You know they're wearing gloves right? Oh ... wait ... you must be American ... because you think anyone catching a quite soft ball, with a glove, 'miles' from where it was hit, is impressive. NEWS FLASH: It's considered a woman's sport in the rest of the world, where actual men live...
  • Cyrribrae
    Cyrribrae 4 недели назад And yet some of their jerseys just say "Ball Girl" :/ lol
  • Jake Shattuck
    Jake Shattuck 2 месяца назад Their names are on their jerseys 😂 but I was fooled at first as well