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Hyundai i30 N 2018 hot hatch review – you'll be surprised how good it is | carwow Reviews

Published on Sep 27, 2017 1,461,174 views

A Hyundai hot hatch? Yes, you heard me right. Hyundai's finally thrown its hat into the performance car ring with the new i30 N – the first in a range of N-branded products from the Korean manufacturer. I jump behind the wheel to give you my verdict on this new VW Golf GTI and Honda Civic Type R rival.

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  • bench175
    bench175 Год назад Idiots in the comments: "I prefer the McLaren 720s or Huracan Performante"
  • Henry Discipline
    Henry Discipline 1 день назад Kill them.
  • juan cruz
    juan cruz Неделю назад Johan Cha who cares
  • Johan Cha
    Johan Cha 3 недели назад I'm the type of buyer that is in the market for a 570s or 720s. This i30n is a cute hatch that would knock the socks off my daily commuter car. I like it alot, as the next alternative is a boring hybrid or family compact. Those who make such comments do not have the financial prowess to validate their comments. Such blind pretentious fools.
  • Nico Tang
    Nico Tang 4 недели назад bench175 you can't afford it you poor Idiot
  • Rocket Avocado
    Rocket Avocado 1 месяц назад Who the hell compare a supercar and a hatchback
  • juan cruz
    juan cruz 1 месяц назад I own a bmw M2 and im very exited about this vehicle. So my garage will be: Bmw M2 and Elantra i30 N. This car is just amazing .
  • Chungsuk Moon
    Chungsuk Moon Год назад (изменено) I live in South Korea but I can not buy this car here!!! They don't sell this car in their own country :( This is NONSENSE
  • Daniel 1
    Daniel 1 3 часа назад Live in Ireland have one and let me tell you its absolutely epic
  • Mia Vögeli
    Mia Vögeli 2 месяца назад Chungsuk Moon 메롱..
  • Jasvir Singh
    Jasvir Singh 3 месяца назад I wanna live there......beside of this car...
  • Yonghun Kim
    Yonghun Kim 3 месяца назад an choi ㅇㅇ맞음 해치백이 정말 실용적인데 보기 안이쁘다고 안사니..
  • Irvine T
    Irvine T 6 месяцев назад @averagejoe that insight though.... you're 1000000% right.
  • H Boogie
    H Boogie 6 месяцев назад Most koreans don't buy hatchbacks.
  • Christoffer De La Fuente
    Christoffer De La Fuente 7 месяцев назад I can't get the Veloster N in Sweden. So sad.
  • an choi
    an choi 8 месяцев назад 넌센스까지야.. i30파는것만 해도 다행?? 소형차, 해치백의 무덤인 곳에
  • Abhishek Pawar
    Abhishek Pawar 8 месяцев назад @averagejoe holy shit EXACTLY same case in India , whenever any company launches a performance focused car here it 100% flops
  • GreenSamurai580
    GreenSamurai580 9 месяцев назад What ? Why ?
  • Tiberiu Marian
    Tiberiu Marian 9 месяцев назад @DeVon Carter Eastern
  • DeVon Carter
    DeVon Carter 9 месяцев назад @Tiberiu Marian , ah got ya and it makes totally sense, which part of Europe are you in??
  • Tiberiu Marian
    Tiberiu Marian 9 месяцев назад @Millen Rogers Because Hyundai is pushing hard to become the biggest Asian car manufacturer in Europe. It's a huge market with lots of potential for growth for the company. They already dominate South Korea in terms of volume. The Tucson too was developed in Europe for Europe and it's selling like hot bread here. Different markets preffer different things.
  • Tiberiu Marian
    Tiberiu Marian 9 месяцев назад The i30 was developed in Europe for Europe. That's like me being surprised we can't buy a Cadillac Escalade in Europe without importing it
  • DeVon Carter
    DeVon Carter 10 месяцев назад They should sell it and it's insane not to, right??
  • AWOL
    AWOL 10 месяцев назад @성문띠 This is better.
  • Yo Mate
    Yo Mate 10 месяцев назад averagejoe i agree. I have never seen a lot of sports cars in korea because most people don't care about the performance but they only care about the brand. For example you will never see an amg mercedes or an m bmw.
  • Johan Cha
    Johan Cha 10 месяцев назад We cannot get it in the USA! That is ILLEGAL. A VIOLATION OF FREE MARKET LAWS! Ridiculous, what are they thinking?
  • DeVon Carter
    DeVon Carter 10 месяцев назад Dang, that sucks and sorry to hear that.
  • Joon Yong Shim
    Joon Yong Shim Год назад Millen Rogers unfortunately thats the i30n at south korea.. such a shame
  • Millen Rogers
    Millen Rogers Год назад 성문띠 I don’t believe that. Why would a Korean car company only sell their cars in Europe and other countries apart from where the car is based. I know parts of it is built in Europe but Korea is the main market.
  • 성문띠
    성문띠 Год назад That is not true. It is impossible to sell due to a contract with the labor union.In Korea, they will sell veloster N instead of i30 N.
  • pokest225
    pokest225 Год назад This car is designed in Hyundai of Europe, for the european market specifically. The biggest market for the hot hatches.
  • averagejoe
    averagejoe Год назад It's understandable as car culture is quite literally nonexistent in Korea. All they want is big black sedans with a lot of vulgar chrome to decorate the facade of their houses. Cars are just accessories to make you look important, not something you actually drive and have fun in over there in your country.
  • esa l
    esa l Год назад 1:44 don't ever do that again
  • Henry Discipline
    Henry Discipline 1 день назад Yeah, WTF????
  • Vishwas Goyal
    Vishwas Goyal 2 месяца назад Hahahhahahah
  • nicodemus Joshua
    nicodemus Joshua Год назад esa l lol
  • ShroomWalrus
    ShroomWalrus Год назад A hot hatch with ACTUAL vents? What is this?!
  • Tariq
    Tariq Год назад (изменено) pokest225 yes, i'm aware i just meant the smaller vents that cool the brakes they're functional The large peaces of plastic are just dumb and way too obvious
  • pokest225
    pokest225 Год назад Maulana Chaerul the biggest ones at the front, and at the rear, are fake. One of the front ones have a little hole, and is only for the horn! That's disapointing. Big arches, big wing, and big fake air vents. The car is a rocket, but the exterior is not the best.
  • Maulana Chaerul
    Maulana Chaerul Год назад pokest225 not all of them are fake, but then "not all of them"
  • pokest225
    pokest225 Год назад |〉 TARIQ k. 〈| the type r doesn't have them. They are fake.
  • Tariq
    Tariq Год назад (изменено) ShroomWalrus the golf r, the facelift of the gti and the golf gti clubsport have them The new civic type r and the focus rs have them too
  • etbadaboum
    etbadaboum Год назад Impressive what Hyundai-Kia has achieved in the last decade.
  • Alp Tamer
    Alp Tamer Год назад Made by the old BMW M3 GTS project manager, Albert Biermann. Good start from Hyundai N.
  • Fardim Nazir
    Fardim Nazir 10 месяцев назад @smithy smithy He's not directly comparing it to a Beemer, shellhead. He's just saying that with his expertise, Hyundai may able to finally overcome it's long standing Achilles' heel.
  • smithy smithy
    smithy smithy Год назад Are you suggesting this is comparable to a BMW M? Lol. Funny how everyone knows that hyundai employed Biermann, strange how many other employees from car companies do you know? Its called marketing.
  • Dino Dindong
    Dino Dindong Год назад Alp Tamer korea brand, europe sense... Nice. Genesis designer from bentley and camaro (but indegenous people).
  • Esat'ın Maceraları
    Esat'ın Maceraları Год назад Agreed. Promising. They can do some sports car now
  • SeniorLeb
    SeniorLeb Год назад yeah
  • rapgame61
    rapgame61 Год назад thaalrasha hyundai owns Kia company.. so everything looks normal
  • William Boyle
    William Boyle Год назад thaalrasha they're basically the same company so it's not that odd
  • thaalrasha
    thaalrasha Год назад The guy is hired by both Hyundai and Kia ? Really ? how does business work these days....
  • Alp Mutlu
    Alp Mutlu Год назад Foto4Max please... don't say a word... you're breaking my heart... ah...
  • Alp Tamer
    Alp Tamer Год назад Exactly.
  • William Boyle
    William Boyle Год назад Is that the same guy that helped the Kia Stinger?
  • Alp Tamer
    Alp Tamer Год назад I don't care about the price, I just care how good it is. I don't think that Biermann is setting the price, but I am sure that he made the car. So he is good about this.
  • giuliomelux
    giuliomelux Год назад Alp Tamer m4 gts overpriced car
  • Alp Tamer
    Alp Tamer Год назад (изменено) I don't think so. By the way he also made the M4 GTS. Thats quite a CV.
  • Foto4Max
    Foto4Max Год назад Alp Tamer and we all know the m3 gts was disappointing...
  • ραяαѕутє
    ραяαѕутє Год назад God damn all these kids in the comments saying "My C Class is better" "My audi tt is better" ffs shut up. No one cares, hyundai's budget is barely half of what BMWs or Mercs is and yet they still managed to built the car. And yes I do know there are some mistakes to this veichle but Later on I bet this hyundai will be running laps around your M3.
  • xandro202
    xandro202 3 недели назад Had a kia hatch for 9years back in the philippines never had any issue or major problem. I use it for long drive visit my inlaw out of town. Sold it before moving to Northern Ireland. Now im considering Hyundai i30 or Vw polo.
  • Lil Blyat
    Lil Blyat 5 месяцев назад I mean, these cars are also less humble. That’s the fun of for example the Hyundai i30n or maybe AMG A-Classes, but the A class is way more expensive (at least new)
  • John Holleran
    John Holleran 6 месяцев назад All these badge snobs make me literally laugh out loud... Hyundai’s reliability, performance and overall quality has skyrocketed in the last 10 years. And I don’t even wanna hear that they have half the budge,.. the are the 3rd biggest car manufacturer in the world. The have deeeeeeep pockets. They could buy Daimler if they wanted to.
  • DeVon Carter
    DeVon Carter 10 месяцев назад Don't even worry about it, they are some bunch of haters and of course, their parents pay for it and they don't really own it, once they do.......can't afford it, they'll drive a Hyundai accent.
  • Yo Mate
    Yo Mate 10 месяцев назад MrWalker1000 only lexus bro. And korean cars are damn reliable too.
  • Yo Mate
    Yo Mate 10 месяцев назад MrWalker1000 Lol. You've never driven a proper korean car lmao.
  • Marc-Olivier Bélanger
    Marc-Olivier Bélanger 11 месяцев назад Absolutely right!
  • Johan Cha
    Johan Cha 11 месяцев назад hyundai's R&D budget is $5 billion. equal to BMW. And they will spend $75 billion over the next 4 years in product development alone. You should try to state your comments on facts, not just assumptions, cos it really makes you look like you dont know anything outside of the comment box of youtube.
  • Johan Cha
    Johan Cha 11 месяцев назад Ive owned several German cars. Trust me, they are not what they used to be. Cost-cutting, cheap parts and $$$$ for stupid options that should be standard. You pay a price for a badge and nothing more. Only stupid rich individuals purchase these flash-a-mobiles.
  • Johan Cha
    Johan Cha 11 месяцев назад (изменено) They spend $5 billion in R&D every year - equal to BMW's budget, and are projected to spend $74 billion over the next 4 years as well. Some fools dont quite get it
  • John Holst
    John Holst 11 месяцев назад Hyundai is the 5th largest car producer in the world. Just cars.
  • Audrey Zondo
    Audrey Zondo 11 месяцев назад Johan Cha I think he meant that, they don't spend too much at the making of their cars, that's half a budget.
  • Johan Cha
    Johan Cha 11 месяцев назад Hyundai's budget is half of BMW? You realize they own a steel refinery, shipbuilding yard (no. 1 in the world), a department store chain and both hyundai/kia generate $140 billion in annual sales.
  • Audrey Zondo
    Audrey Zondo Год назад ραяαѕутє I agree with you 99% but don't stretch it too much tho, your talking about a fucking m3. But people are idiots for comparting it to those cars.
  • Michael
    Michael Год назад I have a C class elegance, I have an SL R129 straight 6 You are talking cods wallop
  • Freud
    Freud Год назад As well as McLaren F1. And that's an old car out of warranty.
  • Freud
    Freud Год назад And so is McLaren P1
  • Freud
    Freud Год назад Ferrari 458 Speciale is faster and better.
  • Paddy McQueen
    Paddy McQueen Год назад you probably know that launching a manual car is driver dependent... so your comment is pointless.
  • Freud
    Freud Год назад GT3 RS is better
  • A Nother
    A Nother Год назад Noble Vigilance If you actually knew anything about cars, you would know that consistent 0-62mph times are horrendously difficult to achieve. Even the same driver, using the exact same car on the exact same stretch of tarmac would have difficulty getting the perfect start every time, hence different times. Road surface, temperature, tyre condition and driver skill all play a huge part.
  • Millen Rogers
    Millen Rogers Год назад These kids don’t know that before they were born every other car company was in Hyundai position. An example Honda with the type r hasn’t been around forever they started somewhere and made their cars better. Hyundai is starting now
  • nino nikki
    nino nikki Год назад R M How is it living under the rock? Time to get out and n stretch a bit n look at the world change.
  • R M
    R M Год назад 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b Yes but they design much more number of cars. They are one of the leading brand in developing countries. So, they spend less resources on designing and poshing the interior. More on number of models in a given price range. BMW 7 series. But Hyundai - No particular premium series. That's the difference.
  • nino nikki
    nino nikki Год назад HANMA BAKI Youtube "how big is hyundai". They do much more than making cars.
    SHIN BAKI HANMA Год назад Nino I read and understood you perfectly. And you're still incorrect. You're speaking of Hyundai Motor Group, which I'm familiar with. I don't think you are. There are indeed Automobile makers that are bigger than Hyundai's complete organization. Toyota Motor Corporation is first. Volkswagen Group is second. You can look up "Fortune Global 500 (2017)", and see that nothing relating to Hyundai even makes the top 10 of said list. So, you're... wrong.
  • nino nikki
    nino nikki Год назад HANMA BAKI I said, hyundai as a whole company, not just hyundai motor. Learn to read.
    SHIN BAKI HANMA Год назад Nino incorrect. Hyundai is the third largest automobile manufacturer in the world. First is Volkswagen, and second is Toyota.
  • nino nikki
    nino nikki Год назад ραяαѕутє :D Hyundai as a whole is a much bigger company than any auto maker.
  • ραяαѕутє
    ραяαѕутє Год назад Oggy Oggy I know it won't actually run laps around a M3 but what I was saying is this cat will definitely get better in the future if Hyundai spends time and money on the project. It's my fault for using those words lol but anyways take care!
  • 99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b
    99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b Год назад (изменено) Yes at some point, maybe after 10 years of use. My 2016 Acura MDX? whistle/ticking noise from water pump @ 2500 miles (14~16 Acura MDX ALL suffer from this, and of course, Honda can't fix it because they designed something wrong. 2 years wasn't enough to fix that I guess), paint chipping, broken sway bar making noise, transmission making a huge thump sound when reversing, shaking like hell when turning @ low speed, sun visor not covering the whole window... and the best part? I paid $60,000 for this car. Yup, never again. My friend's 2015 Honda CR-V? vibrating like hell at idle because Honda engineers didn't put shock absorbers in the engine mount, incorrect gas meter reading...(oh and the only way to fix that vibrating issue is to make your MPG worse by increasing the RPM @ idle. lol) You can go ahead and look up the reliability ratings yourself. Honda was good 5 years ago. They are terrible now.
    SHIN BAKI HANMA Год назад 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b since when is honda as unreliable as jeep?! You're drinking drano. 😆 And you do know that no matter how reliable a car manufacturer is, someone at some point, will have a malfunction issue?
  • 99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b
    99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b Год назад Toyota is the most reliable that's for sure. Honda cars were ok before but now their cars are really unreliable.(design errors and terrible quality control mostly) Especially their luxury brand, Acura. Their reliability rating is as bad as Jeep's. My last car was a 2016 Acura MDX. Never again.
    SHIN BAKI HANMA Год назад (изменено) ZS K Honda is probably the most reliable car maker in the world. Nissan and Subaru deserves props as they also make pretty reliable cars.
  • ZS K
    ZS K Год назад HANMA BAKI only Toyota is great maybe Honda too the rest of Japanese car makers suck. So many breakdowns along highways
    SHIN BAKI HANMA Год назад MrWalker1000 lexus is among my fave car brands. The japanese are generally great at making reliable cars, they still have their issues too, though. The japanese have become stagnant and boring, and predictable. But I must say, the koreans have my attention at the moment. The models hyundai/kia have introduced in the past several years have been exciting. They hired lotus to do the suspension for the genesis sedan. Then they go and make the Genesis models into an actual luxury brand. They are KILLING it right now. They still have alot of work to do, but they are on a great path. You have to applaud the 180 Hyundai/Kia have made compared to the messes they used to make not too long ago.
  • MrWalker1000
    MrWalker1000 Год назад actually I don't like german cars either for their reliability issues. I know people who buy BMW and have issues because repair costs are so high. Mercedes has always been pioneering car technology ahead of everyone else but they are also expensive and dont have anything to compete with cheaper brands. if i'd recommend any car to anyone i'd tell people to just stick with Japanese cars. in europe my cousin tells me VW and german are way more popular and I thought that was weird because in the USA they are expensive and hard to repair. And i've heard from multiple people VW is shit but overthere they say its really good. do europeans get made in germany VW maybe tahts the difference. Either way im in the belief that the japanese are superior at everything and as a result there is a reason why lexus is the most reliable car brand in the world even though its not quite mercedes in refinement and tech
    SHIN BAKI HANMA Год назад (изменено) MrWalker1000 first off, none of what you say is true, now. You're bonkers. Volkswagen (the model brands) has notorious reliability issues in quite a few of their models. Bmw, though they generally make good cars, they are a pain in the ass to maintain. Hyundai and by extension, Kia.. are two of the most improved car manufacturers, and have won awards in the past several years for quite a few of their models. One of the new genesis models are rated better than comparable bmw models. Mercedes is probably the king of german autos, because of the features they've pioneered over the decades. No car is perfect, but the newer sonatas, elantra, and the genesis models (sedan and coupe) are damn good cars. One of my current fave car brands is Audi (Arguably the best overall German brand even though owned by volkswagen), and shockingly Hyundai. 🤣 I know, I can't believe I'm saying that.
  • Benjamin Francis
    Benjamin Francis Год назад what? what basis do you have for saying not good for quality? I'd prefer to own a 5yo Hyundai than a 5yo BMW!
  • MrWalker1000
    MrWalker1000 Год назад korean stuff will never be as good as german. The germans are always a step ahead but yes you do pay a price. Korean are not good for quality.
  • Dominic0403
    Dominic0403 Год назад Hyundai probably has bigger budget than Mercedes and BMW combined. That's why it can afford buying specialists from BMW to build their cars. They even got Bugatti Chiron designer on board for their Genesis brand. Just because they make cheap cars doesn't mean they don't have money. Korea itself is a huge market, and pretty much all cars there are Hyundai and Kia. Which are the same company in the end. Not to mention all the other stuff Hyundai builds like commercial vehicles. That's where the real money is. All in all, this looks like a fun little car and well worth the money. As someone who had first gen i30 I look forward to being a Hyundai owner again.
  • scoobeydoooo
    scoobeydoooo Год назад 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b Hyundai probably is bigger as a company since it makes common/daily electronic stuff, builds ships, has some knowledge in oil/gas and builds cars.
  • 99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b
    99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b Год назад (изменено) Isn't Hyundai much bigger as a company than BMW/Benz?
  • Benjamin Francis
    Benjamin Francis Год назад You're talking £60k for an M3 with any sort of spec you'd want to live with. This is £28k. You just cant compare them. This is great value and I hope a LOT of people rush out to buy them so I can pick up a bargain in a coupla years.
  • ραяαѕутє
    ραяαѕутє Год назад Simon K. Hyundai had no where near the budget as BMW or Merc
  • Simon K.
    Simon K. Год назад ραяαѕутє :D im pretty sure that hyubday has a bigger budget than bmw/merc
  • SPS
    SPS Год назад It is a manual, the reviewer failed to launch in a smooth manner. This heavily impacted the time. (Ie: Someone who has driven the car more, or more experienced, will likely be able to get that time)
  • ραяαѕутє
    ραяαѕутє Год назад Noble Vigilance I know it won't actually beat a M3 but what I was stating was that this car for sure will get alot better in the future. I'm just adressing the hate comments towards the car saying it's a piece of crap. It's a gen 1 car so obviously there are mistakes but in the near future Hyundai will surely make this car better
  • Noble Vigilance
    Noble Vigilance Год назад ραяαѕутє :D this Hyundai will never run a lap even around the first M3. Compare this to a Golf. Also as we see in the video, they lied about the 0-60 by a full half second. Respect lost for you bud
  • hypno159753
    hypno159753 Год назад ραяαѕутє :D not to mention German "reliability" and maintenance costs
  • Tom Gray
    Tom Gray Год назад That paint colour is so gorgeous sometimes it looks almost white, others its a pale blue
  • Zack Berube
    Zack Berube Год назад flightMC it's a hero blue and often used in European sports cars :) I love this color too!
  • flightMC
    flightMC Год назад Tom Gray its the same one as the hyundais wrc car
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад hyundai is getting better and better and ready to give toyota serious competition....
  • peace bewith u
    peace bewith u 2 месяца назад I know you love korea, which doesn't have a good relationship with japan. But cmon man we could use some objectivity here lol. Plenty of 30 yr old toyota's where I'm from.
  • L´A Capone
    L´A Capone 5 месяцев назад You mean honda 😂
  • ShimithDomencio
    ShimithDomencio 5 месяцев назад (изменено) @Seamus Spratt Toyota must have way better models in US etc because here in Europe they are junk..
  • John Holleran
    John Holleran 6 месяцев назад Visal Son take your daddy’s dick out ya mouf... no one can understand you
  • Tony Pasby
    Tony Pasby 7 месяцев назад (изменено) I would agree, currently Hyundai is making better cars than Toyota, Toyota have become complacent, they've taken their eye off the ball. They're chasing profit over customer satisfaction. Don't get me wrong, worldwide the brand Toyota will always be instantly recognisable, as it's a household name and iconic, but they're definitely not making the same standard of car like they used too. Yes their "Lexus" cars are still of the highest quality and craftsmanship and ooze class, but they're ridiculously expensive.
  • Light House
    Light House 8 месяцев назад @Seamus Spratt funny that! I own an i40 the last 4 years with over a hundred and fourteen thousands miles on it now and it has never gave me a second of trouble. I bought it while trading in my Toyota Avensis that was nothing but trouble and cost me well over 3k in just one year of owning it. Would Never ever ever go anywhere near a Toyota again.
  • KV
    KV 10 месяцев назад (изменено) Yeah because Asians are bright people and when you setup the right political and economic system, they prosper. Just look at what's happening in NK, completely different political system and economic system and the difference is like day and night.
  • Visal Son
    Visal Son 11 месяцев назад Fuck off kimchi boy lol
  • nObLe_Xx
    nObLe_Xx Год назад Supra and apparently MR2 is making a comeback. Competition where?
  • André Gonçalves
    André Gonçalves Год назад polychronio dude, do you live in planet earth?. Because here there is only one car brand that you can call reliable and it's Toyota. They have been in the first place in terms of reliable for the past 6 years so don't talk about what you don't know
  • swagger0im0lachskost
    swagger0im0lachskost Год назад polychronio i would take this over a golf gti looks better is cheaper better price per performance and better quality
  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson Год назад Seamus Spratt enlightenment me, where does Samsung reign from, people seem to say Japan, don’t google it. Where does KiA or Hyundai reign from, oh a tiny area at war with the north; oh wait, I’ve told you, yes, South Korea.
  • Giannis Mptslks
    Giannis Mptslks Год назад polychronio ok toyota is unreliable piece of junk thank you
  • Adam Burns
    Adam Burns Год назад polychronio it still looks cheap from a distance.
  • low key
    low key Год назад Toyota is focusing on Hybrid.
  • Xarc Factor
    Xarc Factor Год назад max printscreen so did jeep in 2014 models.
  • Toyota Premio shit
    Toyota Premio shit Год назад HYUNDAI loving Headhunting🇰🇷
  • Xarc Factor
    Xarc Factor Год назад max printscreen in that case Ford Escape kill people due to carbonmonoxide leaking inside the car.
  • max printscreen
    max printscreen Год назад Seamus Spratt toyota kills people. Dont u remember lexus kills people with a brake issue???
  • gruppenfuhrer
    gruppenfuhrer Год назад the 80's stellar was a common taxi for a few years
  • Xarc Factor
    Xarc Factor Год назад bokibo87 Toyota is still pretty decent. No company is what it used to be anymore. They'll need to innovate and change to sell.
  • Vikram Sihag
    Vikram Sihag Год назад Seamus Spratt in India which is the second most populous you find more Hyundai taxis than Toyota
  • Mark Denyer
    Mark Denyer Год назад Ha! Toyotas are complete junk!
  • bokibo87
    bokibo87 Год назад Toyota is far away from what it used to be.
  • sani khan
    sani khan Год назад Too far yet
  • Seamus Spratt
    Seamus Spratt Год назад polychronio you keep fooling yourself seems to make you happy anyway . Never buy new all cars are overpriced .
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад japanese cars are just unreliable overpriced and kia is cheaper and more reliable than japanese cars....americans mechanics are ignorant bunches even more than regular americans....ask mechanics in other countries, they would all tell you go for volkswagen, alfa romeo, renault, peugeott.....those cars are superior cars that are the most reliable, the fastest, the best handling, the best breaking and best stability at high speed....that's why in major racings, italian, german and french cars win all the time....
  • Seamus Spratt
    Seamus Spratt Год назад polychronio your a salesman's dream you would buy snow in a blizzard . Good luck with with your Hyundai even there mechanic,s are incompetent . Buy yourself some tissues cos five years of pain will cause a lot of tears . Service costs and spares are horrendously expensive to . Speak to any machanic and they will all tell you to go Japanese . All the best anyway
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад hyundai is statistically now more reliable than honda sorry hahaha....and oh you mechanics don't know anything about cars than normal car people...only you do is change parts, that does not make you not ignorant....because you spend whole day laboring, you guys are bunch of ignoramus about cars....
  • Seamus Spratt
    Seamus Spratt Год назад Yammenez1017 I'm not a Hyundai hate campaigner as my wife still owns a 2006 Hyundai getz . A great little car and very reliable . As they have gone mainstream looks and interior has emproved but the oily bits have gone down hill . My friends ix35 was 2015 model . An engine lasting only 51000 in this day and age is shocking and mine giving in at 35000 . Three people all with Hyundai's that the engine's destroyed themselves under 60000 miles is more than bad luck , that's aside of the multiple faults that occur constantly like both front Windows falling out into the car it is an endless list . Also the service at the dealers is appalling and having delt personally with Hyundai's customer complaints department the , you bought it idiot tough Shit attitude goes rite to the top . I'd spare anyone the 4 years of hassle i had let alone my poor friends . Major design floors . Being a mechanic and looking deeper into the problems I'm amazed Hyundai have managed to keep it so far under the radar .
  • Ovet Olguin
    Ovet Olguin Год назад My best friend’s mom has a 2006 Kia Sedona with 240,000 miles they’ve had it since it was new and all they did was keep up with the scheduled maintenance . Hasn’t had any major issues . I know it’s cool to hate on Kia/Hyundai but they have really improved their cars in the past few years .
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад check jd power....porsche is at the top and hyundai and kia have better reliability than toyota, honda and nissan....
  • Seamus Spratt
    Seamus Spratt Год назад polychronio All reliability reports have Japanese cars at the top and let's face it Koreans will support there own . Old Hyundai's were way more reliable my wife has owned a Hyundai getz for 11 year's .cheap but bullet proof the reason I bought one myself . But now they have gone mainstream seems they have tried to run before they can walk. I only say this cos I would hate anyone to spend 4 years the way I did when the relly on there car so much . It went back 38 times in 4 years and developed multiple faults in the 2 weeks I waited for my Toyota to be delivered
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад your experience is not reference or is now more reliable than can see hyundai taxi in korea and never seen toyota taxi.....😁
  • Seamus Spratt
    Seamus Spratt Год назад It was only a few years ago I had the i20 . They are ok for Joe public who potters to work a few miles a day but real use show's they are not made for the long haul . That's why you don't see Hyundai taxis but loads of Toyota . They go on forever
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад that's thing of the past lol😁 hyundai has better reliability than toyota....also koreans have better electricians than japanese lol😁
  • Seamus Spratt
    Seamus Spratt Год назад polychronio lol 😁 Challenge Toyota funny . Having owned a Hyundai and three of my friends having owned different Hyundai model's all had major mechanical and electrical problems . My own i20 's engine give in at only 35000 miles with full dealer service history . Within 2 years it had rust on the tailgate and doors alloys peeled gearbox leaked oil etc etc , the list is endless it was done in by 4 year's I had to get rid as Hyundai's 5 year warranty isn't worth the paper it's written on they try to get out of every repair and the attitude is , well you bought it . My friend's diesel ix35s engine managed 50000 miles before it threw a piston on the motorway . I could go on forever . I now own a Toyota auris and have had no issues whatsoever using it to earn my living in all day 6 days a week . Every person I know who had owned a Hyundai has been plagued with problem's . A world away from Toyota in every way possible
  • 이이이
    이이이 Год назад People used to make fun of hyundai, and they're having fun with Hyundai!!! Great progress by Hyundai :)
  • Slit Wrist Misfit
    Slit Wrist Misfit 4 недели назад You didn't say "Hyundai" enough.
  • JB
    JB Год назад (изменено) So a Golf GTI performance with similar spec is around £4-5k more expensive, has less power and a shorter warranty. What's even more amusing is that pretty much every review says if you want a fast Golf just buy the R, which a lot of people seem to be doing. It might have it's shortfalls in certain areas but personally I think this looks like a great car and good value for money when you consider how versatile and adjustable it is.
  • Noble Vigilance
    Noble Vigilance 4 дня назад Confounded Feline you keep thinking you’re right and you’re right and not wrong, the typical keyboard warrior mentality with all your bullshit in a man purse. I didn’t miss your point at all, I just simply put it in a literal perspective, and you missed MY point HAHA! Have a good day now.
  • Confounded Feline
    Confounded Feline 4 дня назад ​ Noble Vigilance Lmao yeah, no one cares what your actual age is. The joke is that it's so blatant that that comment could only have been written by an ignorant teenager. In missing the point you've demonstrated mine perfectly. Sad!
  • Noble Vigilance
    Noble Vigilance 4 дня назад André Gonçalves Lexus’s reliability in the 2000s was very good, but in this current decade has been worstnthan Aston Martin. Just do the research. Let’s not forget an RC F is the same price as an M3 yet not even as close to as reliable or on par performance wise. The German automarket looks at rebranded companies like Lexus as an absolute joke lmao
  • Noble Vigilance
    Noble Vigilance 4 дня назад Jord my opinion is correct. Seems like you cant handle the fire, yet you think you can fire back
  • Noble Vigilance
    Noble Vigilance 4 дня назад Confounded Feline ah I’m not 16 I’m 19 buddy. Get those “facts” of yours correct mate
  • Confounded Feline
    Confounded Feline 4 дня назад @Noble Vigilance I remember being 16 years old lol.
  • Méh Imre
    Méh Imre 1 месяц назад @SunLoverMan Every car you see broken down by the side of the road is a Volkswagen. No arguments defeat reality, I'm never buying that sack of shit.
  • Jord
    Jord 1 месяц назад Noble Vigilance ew you’re the actual definition of brand snobbery. I’d genuinely steer well clear of somebody like you, you think your worthless opinion is worth putting other people down you can tell you’re a massive knob on the roads
  • Méh Imre
    Méh Imre 1 месяц назад @Master Hashim If you actually believe in what you just said and live your life accordingly, you are either the spoiled son of some rich parents or you live in the cheapest rent. One thing is for sure, nobody likes you and you haven't achieved anything in life. Dumbest and most ignorant comment I have read in a long time, which on a site full of imbeciles such as YouTube, means a lot!
  • André Gonçalves
    André Gonçalves Год назад Noble Vigilance You clearly know as much about cars as I do gardening, that is, nothing. Lexus is probably, on pair with Toyota, the most reliable car brands with better resale value. So... you lost a good opportunity to look smart!!
  • 21cabbage RS
    21cabbage RS Год назад lol this guy....
  • Ben Chesterman
    Ben Chesterman Год назад 1k more than a base wrx
  • Ben Chesterman
    Ben Chesterman Год назад performance package 202kw is going to be priced at 39,990 aud
  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus Год назад lol a lotta german bashing going on here but i dare u to go test drive them own em for few years and then talk lol u just a keyboard fag who doesn't even kno how to drive i just test drove a stinger yesterday and compared to a 2018 golf r it was utter shite before that i owned a 2006 jetta so this will be my second vw
  • Fizzlecube
    Fizzlecube Год назад A Google User oh and if you need a repair you pay a slight bit more...
  • Melvin G
    Melvin G Год назад and they cost a lot more
  • TOTO Cult
    TOTO Cult Год назад A Google User agree. German cars are so overrated. Maybe in thier hay days they were the best because they were the only ones doing what they did best but times have changed and they're lacking on there competitors in every department of the vehicle
  • TheDudeInTheRedHotHatch
    TheDudeInTheRedHotHatch Год назад (изменено) Leon Cupra with all the same options is almost 5k more. I hate it that VW is imposing their option policy on Seats. They used to come well equipped as standard. Now they have taken over the 'poverty edition' policy of VW. You have to pay extra for everything. Fuck VAG, cheap bastards on standard and overcharging on every extra. To bad, because the Cupra would indeed be a worthy adversary (unlike the Golf Gti) for this i30 N. It only looses because of German stinginess imposed on the brand.
  • ReikoX7
    ReikoX7 Год назад But there is Leon Cupra which is about 1k more expansive but has 300hp
  • donaldandfriends
    donaldandfriends Год назад (изменено) A Google User i agree with you, but German is indeed one of the most finest car maker in the world but i can only see that quality on mercedes,audi or bmw nowadays but not on vw. Korean cars have a bad name bcs they have poor quality and design, before 2010 almost all their cars are sucks,unreliable and many didnt even pass crash test. Maybe thats why ppl hates korean cars. But after 2010 there are so many improvement and now i gotta admit that this car looks beautiful and the performance is great too, if i had to choose between this car or golf gti maybe i will still consider this car.
  • Nacho Aguado
    Nacho Aguado Год назад doesn't matter where something is put together as long as the Quality control is applied as it should. The process is stablished as it should and the brand knowhow is behind the product. Or is it iPhone or Samsung or Google phones terrible just for the fact that they are produced in somewhere else around the world? That's one of the worst arguments someone can use to defend/attack a product. I remind you that Mustangs and Camaros and Corvettes used to be built in the US and used to be CRAP!! until they embraced european technology and production ways. Now they are really good cars and very close (if not better) than european counterparts.
  • DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle Год назад SunLoverMan you are both retarded. Please don't breed any offspring.
  • SunLoverMan
    SunLoverMan Год назад A Google User japaneese even cant copy germans, lol. Toyota discontinued their diesel engine and started to use engines from bmw. Also they stopped to use their dsg transmissions due to unreliability!
  • DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle Год назад polychronio Germans invent cool technology that ends up being unreliable. Japanese "copy" German technology and make it reliable for 10+ years. Germans continue to build unreliable technology even after Japanese figured out how to make it better. That's what you should have said fanboy. It is, after all the German way! Oh and don't forget cheating the emissions. More of that sweet, unmatched German engineering! Lol!
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад lol even though japanese wait for the new german technologies and new german engineering to be settled for errors to copy, german cars with latest german technologies and lastest german engineering are more reliable than japanese cars with old german technologies and old german engineering now due to superior german engineering lol.....amazing german engineering....germans implement latest german technologies eventhough it would most likely decrease the reliability a lot because rich people want the best and the most latest stuff every year but japanese don't copy latest german technologies right away because they are after all copy cat and know can't compete with german cars with their mediocre engineering and name value so their focus is reliability for second market only in america(no one buys lexus in other countries except for americans and everybody buys in every countries buys benz, bmw and audi) and cheap price....
  • DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle Год назад polychronio well that's interesting. I always thought "leftists" used science and critical thinking to support an argument. People like you are always a reminder of what happens when logical thoughts turns to crack abuse.
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад (изменено) you sound like typical lefty, no knowledge based, liberal art student, typical political movement based anglo saxon propaganda machine....
  • DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle Год назад polychronio keep spewing the verbal diarrhea moron.
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад japanese cars are shit move on with your life....
  • DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle Год назад polychronio VW is shit mate. As is Fiat, Alfa Romeo etc. Move on with your life.
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад (изменено) lol stupid brainwashed anglosaxon japanese praising machine lol.....stop looking for stupid japanese praising zombie americans saying on internet but search for real competition results from have engineering to build 5 times more reliable than japanese cars and japanese cars are bad reliability junk....japanese fake reliability is from slow speed and using old simple german's not like they have great engineering of reliability like germans italian, french....
  • DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle Год назад polychronio more and more you sound like a blundering idiot. I also love how you keep referring to us as Anglo Saxons/Americans. I am from Europe but you have to open your eyes and see the bigger picture. A basic google search will inevitably provide you with endless data as to why Japanese and Korean cars are more reliable then their European counterparts. Your claims about German engineering are just false. They make nice cars bruv but they're just not reliable. If they are the best then where is the proof of their durability and reliability. Again, you are confusing performance with reliability. A car can excel at being fast, have good handling characteristics, be fun to drive, etc. but at the end of the day, it's a car, meant from getting from a to b. There is a big difference there. It's people like you that make anyone with even a slight ability of critical thought elevate themselves to the top of the gene pool. You claim we are arrogant and brainwashed but it's you who is acting this way. You sound like the typical, ignorant dipshit from Retardistan aka Muricah that you claim to despise. Please do the universe a favor and do not breed. Thanks. (:
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад (изменено) lol do you even know about wrc?!? also racing car requires maximum reliability of maximum engineering capability of each companies....I just fought with you stupid american and anglosaxon zomebies today already 4 times zis is the 5 times because they try to go against order just to glorify cheap junk japanese products over highest value european everybody knows japanese watch is in last tier but zis idiot americans and english zombies absurdly say japanese watch is better than swiss watch lol....see how i know your nationality right away...japanese products is like chinese products to european products, copying, make low quality, sell it cheap....i never seen these stupid people like anglosaxon countries lol....and one stupid american zombie said today to me making a computer mother board is harder than making a mechanical watch lol....these anglosaxon people are serious retarded man...hahaha they are like zomebies who are programmed to bash traditional stuff or established orders and to blindly praise modern and japanese....
  • DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle Год назад Mark Davion Do not try and argue with him. He clearly doesn't know the difference between building a high end, motoring sport, super car vs a reliable, value oriented vehicle used for daily transport. Not to mention his racist attitude. More and more, he begins to sound like an American which he vehemently seems to oppose.
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад +Mark Davion when is not stupid american?!? italians have the highest engineering...most successful nation in beat all japanese cars in WRC for like 8 straight years.....these stupid americans or stupid anglo saxon dont know anything and make stupid claim and like brainwashed zombies who unconditionally bash european country and praise japanese....see how i can know your nationality right away without asking....
  • Mark Davion
    Mark Davion Год назад since when did french and italian cars are reliable? Which planet do you live in? I am really excited to see the future of electric vehicle junk and see how each car competes with each other.
  • DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle Год назад polychronio whatever you do, do not reproduce.
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад +A Google User idiot
  • DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle Год назад polychronio lol you're an idiot.
  • JB
    JB Год назад (изменено) polychronio No offence but using terms such as “stupid English person” and “stupid Anglo Saxon” etc makes anything you have to say look ignorant and ill informed. Fact is that speaking from a UK perspective and someone that worked in the motor trade the likes of BMW, Mercedes and Audi especially fair poorly when it comes to perceived quality, VW more recently have also suffered a lot of problems (including the whole diesel scandal) Does this ultimately stop people from buying them? Difficult to say, some people will still buy them simply because of the badge. Are German cars as good as they’re made out to be? In some areas yes but they’re not without their faults just like every other brand. It’s all about personal experience and ownership. As for manufacturing and engineering and who’s superior.. have people completely overlooked the fact that many brands share and jointly develop technology and components with each other all the time.
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад (изменено) +A Google User japanese copy german cars from the start until now....from engineering, technology, dont know anything about car you stupid anglosaxon who have gone insane to be japanese praising and german, italian, swiss and french bashing machines.....japanese cars are unreliable crap and german italian, french cars are reliable kings...
  • DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle Год назад polychronio it's almost unbearable to see how stupid you are. Japanese copying Germans? Mate, you are disillusioned. Change your medication. German cars used to be the best because they catered to the 1%. Now they can't compete with the Asians because they are building everything to a price. They release shitboxes like the CLA, C class, A class etc. All of these models are stripped out with no options unless you spend tens of thousands of dollars. Not to mention the shit reliability and customer service. You are confusing high end luxury performance cars that most people cannot afford yet you are too stupid to see that. Do everyone a favor and prevent yourself from breeding any offspring.
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад (изменено) german cars from 70s are 5 times more reliable than current japanese cars.....japanese is using old simple german engineering which is proven to be reliable because they can't copy yet current german technology and is from slow speed...that's not the real reliability....i think you are too stupid to understand..... no one says japanese cars are reliable except for stupid anglo saxons like you.....don't be brainwashed by stupid american articles....also what's amazing about german car is porsche use complex modern german engineering and the fastest car it's still the best reliability king than any japanese cars eventhough japanese copy old simple german engineering and so slow that are easy to keep the reliability....porsche is the real wonder of reliability and german engineering of german need to study about cars by reading my comments...
  • DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle Год назад polychronio you're a moron. Jesus, you are dumb. All of those German cars with the highest mileage are from the 70s or older back when they were at the forefront of engineering. Japanese cars were in their infancy back then. Again, you are basing your views on OUTDATED AUTOMOTIVE STEREOTYPES. There is no modern day German car that will outlast a Japanese one. Look at the facts. Read the reviews. They are out there. You just have to get your head out of Germany's ass.
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад no german cars have the world record in mileage....japanese cars are unreliable one buys crap unreliable japanese cars or like it unlike you stupid anglo saxon people who seems to unconditionally praise japanese.....also that's the stupid anglosaxon stereotype that japan is the most technologically advanced country on just sound like
  • DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle Год назад polychronio you killed your own argument idiot. German cars in the 70s were at the forefront of engineering and were robust and reliable. But that died in the 90s as I said previously. Go read a book. The Japanese are quite possibly the most technologically advanced country on Earth. The claims you are making are outdated stereotypes. Go look at the reviews, surveys and objective reports. None of them support your claims of German engineering. The Asians have topped reliability ratings for decades. Yes German cars handle and ride very well but they do not last as long on the road. Get a stock pile of cash ready when the warranty runs out. Reeducate yourself moron.
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад (изменено) you sound like typical brainwashed stupid americans....current japanese car aren't even as reliable as old german cars in 70s....also japanese reliability comes from slow speed of the car and using simple old german engineering not that they have great engineering for reliability like german, italian and french said performance Do you even know what engineering is?!?...performance= engineering level okay for you simpleton to understand?!? also germans way ahead in handmaking meticulous metal part making that machines cannot do than japanese and german and swiss have the most accurate vernier caliper making craftsmanship level from watch making which is essential to make car part at the most precise measurement...germans are simply the best at engineering, craftsmanship, technologies.....
  • DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle Год назад polychronio German engineering died in the early 90s. Back then you could actually say that term without it being an oxymoron. Back in those days, German cars were ahead of their time and faired very well in reliability. They were using fuel injection when everyone else was using carburetors. Remember those? Times have changed now and the Germans cannot differentiate themselves anymore. They have resorted to every cost cutting measure to compete with the Japanese and Koreans on price, features, etc. The facts that you propose are invalid. It's called Google mate. Use it. Japanese and Korean cars fair much better in reliability and customer service then any German car manufacturer. You are confusing performance with longevity and reliability. German cars are great to drive but not necessarily great to own. Big difference there. The only thing the Germans are counting on now is for dipshits like you to buy their cars based on automotive perception. They are just selling cars because it has a 3 pointed star or the 4 rings on the bonnet.
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад +A Google User well its the fact that german engineering is the best by far....unreliable japanese cars are like 5th in engineering....i dont know why you are rage at facts....just accept it you stupid english speaking person who always shit talking at german,italian, swiss and french products and praise inferior japanese cheap products....
  • DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle Год назад bill gates I am still waiting on those "facts" about superior VW engineering. Perhaps if the CEOs had hired the same engineers that designed the emissions cheating devices to design the engine and powertrains, their cars would outlive the warranty period. I love disputing with dipshits like yourself who can't think objectively and just blindly base opinions on automotive stereotypes.
  • DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle Год назад bill gates so because I prefer a normal, working transmission over an unreliable, under-engineered shitbox transmission from a criminal car manufacturer, I have no knowledge on how mechanical parts work and operate. Jesus you're dumb. That's something the cocks over at VW would say. "We are ze Germans, we engineer the best shit in the world and if something goes wrong, it's your fault because we are perfect at everything because we are Germans." You just proved your own stupidity. I am really starting to think you work for VAG. Only they would hire "design engineers" with your caliber of intelligence. Still waiting on those "facts".
  • DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle Год назад polychronio you're an idiot.
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад why don't you say that against to a google user why to me?!?
  • Ramanjit Singh
    Ramanjit Singh Год назад polychronio how dare you calling a stupid australian?
  • Ramanjit Singh
    Ramanjit Singh Год назад polychronio no no no you are very wrong there mate toyota is one of the best car company in the world not only in us but even in australia toyota rules because of reliability they are pro in the car industry you cant just say they are unreliable go do a survey around the world they are better when it comes to making cars
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад (изменено) +A Google User who say i am from europe?!? instead of your actual country dumber......i guess you are from england...all same stupid english speaking people....
  • DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle Год назад polychronio lol I never said you were European. You sound like one though, a very butthurt one who thinks European cars are the best with no objective criteria to back up your claims. You are the one who assumed I was American, moron. Not sure why either. Americans like their oversized SUVs and gas guzzling pick up trucks with guns. All I was stating was that, as someone from Europe I am not going to be biased towards VW because they are a European car manufacturer. Jesus, you're dumb.
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад nobody say i am from europe instead of saying country....dumb liar....
  • DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle Год назад polychronio lollll! No idea how you came to that conclusion. I am from Europe as a matter of fact. Not sure why that matters. Just because I am from Europe means I have to bend over for VW? It's called free and objective thinking mate. Try it sometime.
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад (изменено) what are you?!? same stupid austrailian?!?
  • DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle Год назад polychronio lol you are so misinformed mate. I am not 'Murican and definitely do not reside in Retardistan. You sound like a bloke that struggles with critical thought and objective analysis. Sorry that the education system has failed you. You actually sound like you're Murican with your grotesque language, flawed logic and blatant ignorance to accept the facts.
  • polychronio
    polychronio Год назад (изменено) +A Google User stupid poor american again who know zero about cars..... only stupid americans say has shit reliability, bad handling, bad brake, shake horribly at highway speed.... nobody in any countries buy toyota only stupid americans who know nothing about cars buy toyota and everybody in every countries buy americans never get out of foreign countries and always assume things popular in your countries would be same popular in other countries typical stupid american....everybody knows germans have the most advanced engineering and technologies and you stupid americans said exact opposite thing of the you know japanese cars always copy german cars from the start?!? and you said volkswagen use old engine and outdated what?!? lol its toyota that uses old simple german engineering to keep optimal for reliability and start copying old german technologies after error for the technologies settled to is now better car than toyota and honda so they will sell more in the you even know what is f1, le mans24, nurburgring 24 and wrc are?!?
  • SunLoverMan
    SunLoverMan Год назад when hyundai will sell more cars than vw than your words will be the fact. Currently what you saying is your personal fantasy.
  • DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle Год назад SunLoverMan people will not be buying it. Sales are already down. Europe will be the only place where they sell that shit in any sort of high scale numbers.
  • SunLoverMan
    SunLoverMan Год назад If VW would be so bad then people would not buy it. Sales is main criteria how car is popular and people agree to pay their money. No matter what you are talking about VW.