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Gamarjobat - The Best Comedian Magic

Published on May 18, 2011 1,208,526 views

Gamarjobat - The Best Comedian Magic from Japan

  • sumsh!t
    sumsh!t 3 года назад I've got a very low mood today, looked up for "comedy magic", not disappointed. Laughed like a little kid along the show, enjoyed each and every joke.
  • 薔薇薫麻美
    薔薇薫麻美 2 года назад i'm glad to hear that :)
  • Aaron Haynes
    Aaron Haynes 5 лет назад hahahaa... they are amazing!
  • SkivMarine
    SkivMarine 3 года назад Remarkably inventive clowns! Very rare in this day and age.
  • alucardfu2
    alucardfu2 3 года назад 5:01 Comedy just got a new face
  • Mari Adkins
    Mari Adkins 9 месяцев назад I needed that laugh. thank you so much.
  • Jade Pangan
    Jade Pangan 4 года назад Hahaha.That is funny and i think they do that because they practice a lot there they get it. I love them
  • TimelessHorrorTV
    TimelessHorrorTV 5 лет назад I think this is more about comedian doing magic rather than magic done in a comical way
  • It's_Magic 2003
    It's_Magic 2003 8 месяцев назад This was seriously hilarious, the escalator part was AMAZINGLY FUNNY!!!!
  • InsomniacASMR/JakkuWolf Epic Streamz
    InsomniacASMR/JakkuWolf Epic Streamz 3 года назад They're so funny I loved watching that!
  • Albertus Magnus
    Albertus Magnus 4 года назад those guys are genius's...those guys are genius's..those guys are genius's.
  • Tipsy River
    Tipsy River 4 года назад Those guys are geniouses :D
  • Dexter Malaggay
    Dexter Malaggay 3 года назад Those guys are geniuseses😀
  • pracha95
    pracha95 2 года назад Those guys are genii... those guys are genii... those guys are genii...
  • dangard88
    dangard88 4 года назад I was smiling the whole time!
  • Cuan Wahana
    Cuan Wahana 5 лет назад Brilliant
  • Shivers
    Shivers 5 лет назад This is hilarious!!!!
  • ClownAddict
    ClownAddict Год назад I keep reading the title as "vulture worked" - "Gamar Jobbat" in swedish x)
  • Reuben Nikoro
    Reuben Nikoro 3 года назад Bloody crackup
  • Pigs Fly
    Pigs Fly 4 года назад they are very creative!!! :D
  • Krim Leaper
    Krim Leaper 2 года назад they are doing an optical illusion, right? I like the way they do it. XD
  • First Last
    First Last Год назад No, it's all real.
  • Soccer Tricks
    Soccer Tricks 4 года назад You Can Just See And Pause At 02:09
  • Sad_ Lab_Rat
    Sad_ Lab_Rat 2 года назад such amazing balance and strength. wow
  • Emmanuel Trikilis
    Emmanuel Trikilis 3 года назад 3 LOLs and lots of smiles. Unique and original