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1991 BMW 850i V12: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Dec 10, 2018 342,454 views

We drive and review the very pricey grand-tourer 1991 BMW 850i V12. It look like a 3rd gen Toyota Supra



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  • JT cameron
    JT cameron 4 месяца назад This is the kind of car you see on every single synthwave album cover
  • RustyJamesify
    RustyJamesify 4 месяца назад Dont forget the Countach, the Testa and sometimes the F40 :p
  • CarGuyFromBerlin Jerome
    CarGuyFromBerlin Jerome 4 месяца назад haha just like deloreans
  • jakob weaver
    jakob weaver 4 месяца назад @RustyJamesify 911 turbo
  • Steven
    Steven 4 месяца назад Or the Delorean
  • ScottaHemi
    ScottaHemi 4 месяца назад i thought that was the Gen3 Trans Am
  • kz1000ps
    kz1000ps 4 месяца назад Low rear three-quarters shot, door open, female leg stepping out, fuzzy neon in the background.
  • Aidan Francis
    Aidan Francis 4 месяца назад @RustyJamesify 288 GTO too!
  • Blake Wilson
    Blake Wilson 4 месяца назад Dont forget the Pantera!
  • Joel Emberson
    Joel Emberson 4 месяца назад @kz1000ps pink and purple hazy building silhouettes in the distance
    NYPATRIOT 4 месяца назад sounds like Miami :)
  • 50Shadesofs2k IG
    50Shadesofs2k IG 4 месяца назад @jakob weaver 944 Turbo
  • Seb Schimeck
    Seb Schimeck 4 месяца назад And very rarely, the Holden Hurricane, Alfa Romeo Carabo, and Bertone Stratos Zero
  • chriszewski
    chriszewski 4 месяца назад 959
  • Steinn
    Steinn 4 месяца назад The human league put a Rover SD-1 in the music video to "don't you want me baby"
  • hillbillypolenta
    hillbillypolenta 4 месяца назад Dome Zero
  • Lucas Tekkan
    Lucas Tekkan 4 месяца назад @Seb Schimeck the stratos is more comon than the latter two
  • CoyDog790
    CoyDog790 4 месяца назад What about the old corvettes?
  • CoyDog790
    CoyDog790 4 месяца назад RustyJamesify exactly what I was thinking
  • 新Unusual
    新Unusual 4 месяца назад V a p o r w a v e I n t e n s i f i e s
  • Benbong
    Benbong 1 месяц назад MR2
  • F0nkyNinja
    F0nkyNinja 1 месяц назад Lamborghini Diablo
  • thedogefogx420 thedogefox420
    thedogefogx420 thedogefox420 2 дня назад Sadly Not they all unsere countach
  • F0nkyNinja
    F0nkyNinja 2 дня назад @thedogefogx420 thedogefox420 unsere?
  • Welcome To The Madness
    Welcome To The Madness 4 месяца назад The king of electrical nightmares. While being one of the coolest looking BMW’s ever made!
    E36 BEAMERBOY 4 месяца назад Welcome To The Madness I’d put an LS but only into the V8 this 12 banger too rare😩😩
  • Grünkohlaktionär
    Grünkohlaktionär 4 месяца назад Welcome To The Madness you are everywhere man.. Doug, Tyler, Donut :D
  • Welcome To The Madness
    Welcome To The Madness 4 месяца назад E36 BEAMERBOY I have considered something like this...even at the cost of the V12. The purist would revolt and try to storm the castle.
  • Welcome To The Madness
    Welcome To The Madness 4 месяца назад Grünkohlaktionär It’s good to know you support those guys too man!
  • Grünkohlaktionär
    Grünkohlaktionär 4 месяца назад Welcome To The Madness sure!
  • 98erics
    98erics 4 месяца назад Every BMW is an electrical nightmare, sooo many faults after minimal mileage. BMW has an atrocious pissed off pixie management system (wiring), they escape all of the time haha! I know I'm going to piss off a ton of BMW folks but I stand by my opinion that a BMW is a great car to LEASE, not to own. Most BMWs don't have over 150k miles on them due to the endless money pits they turn into due to poor electrical engineering. Not to mention how they lose their value way faster than most cars at that price point. Keep in mind these are generalizations, but in my 23 years of being an auto mechanic these are the trends that BMWs have proven time and time again. If you ever want to run mechanics away or amass a huge bill in a shop, bring in your "classic" BMW.
  • Eddie G
    Eddie G 4 месяца назад How about a v12 LS? With a TR6060?
  • LeaveNow
    LeaveNow 4 месяца назад (изменено) @98erics Fuck off with those LIES My 95 E36 has 246,500 miles and its solid as a rock.
  • 68Camaro RS/SS
    68Camaro RS/SS 4 месяца назад Grünkohlaktionär Well I guess you are too since then! You’ve been the same places he has been
  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson 4 месяца назад (изменено) @LeaveNow Yeah, you have an E36, probably the most reliable BMW ever made next to the E30. The 7 series, 8 series and 5 series of the same era as the E36 3 series weren't nearly as reliable, especially the 7 and 8 series were known to have electrical issues. I've owned 2 E36 318i, 2 E46 330i and 330xi, an E53 X5 4.4i, E39 540i, and an E90 335i. The only ones that were worth a fuck in terms of reliability were the E36s, everything else was just a money pit. Fun to drive, but shitty and expensive to work on. Replacing the clutch on my 330xi was one of the most irritating things I've ever had to do.
  • 98erics
    98erics 4 месяца назад @LeaveNow You mad bro
  • LeaveNow
    LeaveNow 4 месяца назад @98erics No, your just a fucking idiot and your stupidity infuriates me. Your probably a 10 year old without a car.
    E36 BEAMERBOY 4 месяца назад Turd Ferguson E34 is more reliable I’d say
  • J B
    J B 4 месяца назад @LeaveNow You're.
  • LeaveNow
    LeaveNow 4 месяца назад @J B No one likes a NAZI you shit head.
  • Natalia Kruschev
    Natalia Kruschev 4 месяца назад Nah. E65 7 series. That is the king of electrical nightmares. This is just a nightmare with regards to the engine's electrical. The E65 has nightmarish electrical everywhere.
  • David J
    David J 4 месяца назад 98erics - every BMW? Exaggerate much?
  • Nemo
    Nemo 4 месяца назад @LeaveNow and how many parts have you replaced in your "rock solid" ship of theseus? Because that's how it works with Nazi cars. Reliable only if you preemptively replace all the parts that never fail on anything else.
  • MiGujack3
    MiGujack3 4 месяца назад Nah, do you reeeeally want electrical nightmares? Go for the E60 and E65, maybe some E38s too. Of course, anything after the E46 is pure hell, but there are exceptions from time to time.
  • LeaveNow
    LeaveNow 4 месяца назад @Nemo I put a water pump on it you stupid fucker, and that's just because I wanted to upgrade to the stainless steel one.
  • Push Back
    Push Back 4 месяца назад @LeaveNow Did you go off your lithium or something?
  • LeaveNow
    LeaveNow 4 месяца назад @Push Back I'm pissed off at Agenda 21, and there is nothing wrong with my BMW.
  • MrCarGuy20
    MrCarGuy20 4 месяца назад Thank flying spaghetti monster for Japanese electronics.
  • Push Back
    Push Back 4 месяца назад @MrCarGuy20 I was touched by his noodly appendage as well. Glad to see they're more followers out there like me.
  • Thiosemicarbizide Benzoyl Alcohol
    Thiosemicarbizide Benzoyl Alcohol 4 месяца назад I had one and its a horrible car. I sold it for the same price I bought it for two weeks later after learning how much parts cost. This car taught me a lesson abought German cars and I always feel sorry for anyone that buys them. This car was not too safe at high speed either because there was front end lift.
  • Random41
    Random41 4 месяца назад @E36 BEAMERBOY Fucking retards LS is an OHV PoS. Better put in a Coyote
  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson 2 месяца назад @MiGujack3 The E46 is still a nightmare after 100k miles, just not an electrical nightmare. The suspension, cooling system, clutch (if equipped), fuel pump, fuel filter, PCV, wheel bearings, vacuum lines, power steering reservoir, power steering lines, brake calipers, sway bar bushing, sway bar end links will all fail between 80-130k. I spent the value of the car twice over keeping my E46 on the road. Dumb as fuck, I know.
  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson 2 месяца назад @Random41 Says the 12 year old with a Ford fetish.
  • Ben Stinson
    Ben Stinson 4 месяца назад "At two in the morning, with a CD player filled with nothing but Dream Theater." This resonates with me. Dear God, I'm the target audience.
  • Ken K
    Ken K 4 месяца назад There are dozens of us!
  • Quentin Fuselier
    Quentin Fuselier 4 месяца назад Dozens with tens on the way! I just commented about the Dream Theater reference right before I saw yours haha.
  • Karolis Krikstanas
    Karolis Krikstanas 4 месяца назад just can't help myself I'm feeling like I'm going out of my head Uncanny, strange Deja Vu
  • الحارثة السابع عشر Aretas
    الحارثة السابع عشر Aretas 3 месяца назад I did this on the flat-desert highways of Saudi Arabia on a 1997 740il. I suppose I don't need to describe the feeling for you guys.
  • spoogie357
    spoogie357 2 месяца назад As a Mk3 Supra owner, a big fan of classic Sonic the Hedgehog, and a huge Dream Theater fan, yeah... this video totally worked for me too. Shame finding one of these 850's with a manual is such a difficult task, they're really cool in person.
  • Depot Shredder
    Depot Shredder 1 месяц назад Metropolis Part II makes road trips so much better since I get a chance to play it all the way through
  • Dood Ranch
    Dood Ranch 1 месяц назад Music geeks rise up!
  • stewie3128
    stewie3128 5 дней назад Depot Shredder Still my favorite DT album. Listened to it dozens of times in college on extremely late night road trips between Chicago and Central Illinois. Those dark moments on the road where you would blast through that album and then listen to Coast to Coast with Art Bell and then screw it listen to Metropolis 2 again... that was the good stuff. It was actually disappointing to get to your destination on those nights.
  • ReverendTed
    ReverendTed 4 месяца назад I remember a magazine ad for the 850i: "Mr Vader, your car is ready."
  • LIOX223C
    LIOX223C 3 месяца назад ReverendTed that was the impala SS but I rather have this
  • ReverendTed
    ReverendTed 1 месяц назад @LIOX223C Holy mackerel, you're right! My memory was certain it was the 850i. I must have been conflating it with the similar layout of the "If a car company can have a soul..." advertisement for the 850i.
  • Victor Martinez
    Victor Martinez 1 месяц назад They said that about the impala ss back in the day also😉
  • Bladed Angel
    Bladed Angel 4 месяца назад (изменено) One of the sexiest BMW's ever made
  • Emka953
    Emka953 4 месяца назад Agreed
  • FourEyePersonal
    FourEyePersonal 4 месяца назад Nah. M1 all the way.
  • Randy Orellana
    Randy Orellana 4 месяца назад but bladed.......wheres the miata?
  • Amit Nagar
    Amit Nagar 4 месяца назад Bladed Angel didn’t expect you to be here...
  • 0utta S1TE
    0utta S1TE 4 месяца назад It's ugly af tbh
  • Minnesota Acoustic
    Minnesota Acoustic 4 месяца назад Indeed, thing is a beauty
  • Colonial Rogue
    Colonial Rogue 4 месяца назад e38
    ERICtheLATE 4 месяца назад Bladed Angel The fastback or hatch would have been a bit more radical.
  • Andrew Samy
    Andrew Samy 4 месяца назад Agreed.
  • Arne Hurnik
    Arne Hurnik 4 месяца назад I mean the E23, 24, 28, 30 and 39 are all great looking cars as well, but this is just mire distinctive.
  • I don’t Know
    I don’t Know 4 месяца назад Definitely wasn’t expecting you to be here
  • B G
    B G 4 месяца назад Dude, have you ever seen an M1?
  • atfsgeoff
    atfsgeoff 4 месяца назад Easily.
  • gabrielwhite
    gabrielwhite 4 месяца назад (изменено) @0utta S1TEFinaly someone who sees it! The front is a bulky unrefined block. Nothing is in proportion in the front. Rear lights are the same....unproportional blocks. If this is the sexiest car BMW could put togheter, they shouldnt be proud of them selfs. Put the Honda NSX beneeth it and it will look like its 15 years older. If this is beautifull, what is the NSX?
  • BOB
    BOB 4 месяца назад M1
  • Donald Trump is Ghetto Trash
    Donald Trump is Ghetto Trash 4 месяца назад Bladed Angel Totally agree, this is wickedly stunning.
  • ImGonnaBeTheVeryWorse, SkyrimPlayer!!
    ImGonnaBeTheVeryWorse, SkyrimPlayer!! 4 месяца назад Hey y'all Bladed Angel here
  • Andrea V
    Andrea V 4 месяца назад Reminds me a bit of a 180sx / onevia
  • superhavi
    superhavi 4 месяца назад Nope, BMW 507 is the sexiest!
  • Benjamin Goodman
    Benjamin Goodman 4 месяца назад That and the z8
  • Nope
    Nope 4 месяца назад Slowest Bimmer ever
  • davidkrocks
    davidkrocks 4 месяца назад What about the z8?!
  • Marc
    Marc 4 месяца назад eyy
  • atomicthumbs
    atomicthumbs 4 месяца назад 635CSi
  • That One Gamer
    That One Gamer 4 месяца назад Bladed Angel nah fam, that’s the 850 CSI
  • Brad Wilson
    Brad Wilson 4 месяца назад Aye, just behind the E38, go watch his video on that one.
  • chris thompson
    chris thompson 4 месяца назад gabrielwhite the nsx is also attractive? Sure the 8 series may not be the curviest or most proportional but like every guys first high school crush, you look passed that and love her anyway.
    NIELS MICHIELS 4 месяца назад meh I like the 2001 bmw m3 gtr better in the looks department but i got to admit this thing is beautiful.
  • 802 Garage
    802 Garage 4 месяца назад Beat me to it.
  • ScottaHemi
    ScottaHemi 4 месяца назад that's not the isetta
    YOLOSWAG420 4 месяца назад @FourEyePersonal raciest, yes, but this is the sexiest
  • Djb917 B
    Djb917 B 4 месяца назад Fake news
  • Jan Kowalski
    Jan Kowalski 4 месяца назад @0utta S1TE JDM cars are ugly as fuck
  • Ruben Lam
    Ruben Lam 4 месяца назад (изменено) it come behind and whisper in your ear I'm going to fuck your ass and you will like it
  • JMAN Fighting Co.
    JMAN Fighting Co. 4 месяца назад Tru
  • Doug on the Other Channel
    Doug on the Other Channel 4 месяца назад Don't drink and post, son. It is irresponsible
  • person fishforce
    person fishforce 4 месяца назад Eh
  • el jefe
    el jefe 4 месяца назад Although this is a fact, factory, factoid and facto.................its also a proven hypothesis by BMW enthusiasts
  • SuperCR45
    SuperCR45 4 месяца назад No that’s the BMW E46 M3
  • Madeline Monahan
    Madeline Monahan 4 месяца назад W R O N G
  • americanAlienBoy
    americanAlienBoy 4 месяца назад 507. 'Nuff said.
  • cudihield
    cudihield 4 месяца назад E38 BMW 7 Series
  • louiearmstrong
    louiearmstrong 4 месяца назад E24 m6....
  • Isaac Roebuck
    Isaac Roebuck 4 месяца назад I think certain configs of the E30 M3 still take that title but this thing is damn close.
  • Nicholas Wilson
    Nicholas Wilson 4 месяца назад 1973 3.0 csl for me, but this is a close second
  • Rob0450R
    Rob0450R 4 месяца назад Reminds me of the mk3 Supra that I had in highschool,and always wanted this when i grew up
  • focusboy
    focusboy 4 месяца назад Most disappointing BMW ive ever driven. If you idolize this car NEVER drive one. They are slow, sluggish, heavy, boring, pathetic, quiet. Just buy a poster and enjoy it.
  • Mack Moyle
    Mack Moyle 4 месяца назад BUT BLADED, the new one is better looking in ny opinion, not better in general, just better looking
  • Coffinspired
    Coffinspired 4 месяца назад Yeah, because it looks like a sweet-ass MK3 Supra. But, I agree, the ol' bricks looked awesome. I've grown to miss the late-80's/early 90's GT styled cars.
  • Jose Rico Taco Nacho Quesadilla Mandela Jones
    Jose Rico Taco Nacho Quesadilla Mandela Jones 4 месяца назад And one of the most unreliable 😔
  • Jon Rogers
    Jon Rogers 4 месяца назад Yup. Beautiful lines on it. It doesn't need muscle bulges.
  • What A Spic
    What A Spic 4 месяца назад bUT fRaNKlin
  • Tony Wellington
    Tony Wellington 4 месяца назад +Bladed Angel is it?
  • Alexander Eagle
    Alexander Eagle 4 месяца назад Looks like a typical 90s Japanese sports car. The 633/635csi is far better looking.
  • Phou
    Phou 4 месяца назад Stop right there and get back to making cool vids
  • Jon Rogers
    Jon Rogers 4 месяца назад @Alexander Eagle this is true
  • lemuhnn
    lemuhnn 4 месяца назад Was gnna type the same thing. Also heya, you have good vids
  • Coolcatgames
    Coolcatgames 4 месяца назад But bLadEd WerE's ThE mIaTA
  • Coolcatgames
    Coolcatgames 4 месяца назад Mord Fustang
  • Frankie Basile
    Frankie Basile 4 месяца назад 0utta S1TE Let me guess you a millennial under 20 who has know clue about caring design
  • GamerZoneArmy
    GamerZoneArmy 4 месяца назад But you can’t forget the E30
  • Logan Rants
    Logan Rants 4 месяца назад iS tHaT bLaDeD ANgEl
  • Donald Duck005
    Donald Duck005 4 месяца назад @0utta S1TE You're ugly as god damn fuck. prob a nigga
  • Robert Breeden
    Robert Breeden 4 месяца назад Eww... BMW has never made a good looking car.
  • Blue Diamond is the Oh Yeah Yeah
    Blue Diamond is the Oh Yeah Yeah 4 месяца назад Nah, Z8 is the sexiest BMW's ever made.
  • Emmanuel Ferguson
    Emmanuel Ferguson 4 месяца назад if you haven't seen any other BMW
  • steve rodriguez
    steve rodriguez 4 месяца назад FourEye M1 semi pro car
  • Charles Hamilton
    Charles Hamilton 4 месяца назад When it came out I was a small child. Being a small child, I constantly confused it for a Ford Probe. I think maybe it was the long-ish nose? IDK.
  • ReFracture
    ReFracture 4 месяца назад Sexiest in my opinion!
  • Jackson Rust
    Jackson Rust 4 месяца назад Bladed Angel you sir and insane 🦑
  • Jackson Rust
    Jackson Rust 4 месяца назад Bladed Angel you sir are insane
  • Mac S
    Mac S 4 месяца назад My top 3 bmws 3. M6 M lowered 3. M6 M lowered 2. E36 1. 850csi
  • Coalicious
    Coalicious 4 месяца назад Well it is just a mk3 supra
  • WikdSeafood
    WikdSeafood 3 месяца назад I loved this car as a kid. I still have a Burago die cast model of one in a nice dark green metallic.
  • Rodney Ngo
    Rodney Ngo 3 месяца назад Bladed Angel yes
  • Forward Observer
    Forward Observer 3 месяца назад And much like my first wife......overpriced and overrated!
  • Diego Zárate Camacho
    Diego Zárate Camacho 2 месяца назад I miss Callie.
  • jigrodrigues
    jigrodrigues 1 месяц назад THE sexiest!
  • Falich
    Falich 1 месяц назад I do so agree, this and the e34 imo.
  • t17389z
    t17389z 4 месяца назад "you can take the steering wheel and go HUGHUHHUGHUGHUG and the car with go hooUGHhooUGHhooUGH"
  • Two Tone
    Two Tone 2 недели назад 1991 BMW 850i: If "Knight Rider" was shot in Germany, this would be KITT.
  • sean ching
    sean ching 4 месяца назад (изменено) I've always loved this beautiful car, BUT unfortunately, it sufferS TERRIBLE electrics! it's a RAT NEST of electric & electronics TROUBLES! :( Horribly expensive to repair, IF it could be repaired at all! 'there was the fact that it was expensive and complex to repair and maintain. Ask a BMW technician about the 850i sometime. They’ll speak with deep regret in their voice, like the car was their White Whale. “I almost fixed one once,” they’ll say between long drags of a cigarette as they look mysteriously off into the distance, “but the son of a bitch got me in the end.”'
  • Seth Thomas
    Seth Thomas 4 месяца назад As someone who has had to work on some shitty cars is my life I just laughed my ass off!
  • DavidFrostbite
    DavidFrostbite 4 месяца назад I avoid BMWs on principle, but this one is sooo sleek. I love the night bomber comparison.
  • Groovy Panda
    Groovy Panda 4 месяца назад dont i have a e34 430i 5sp it does 150mph wtf is all i have to say some of the best 4dr cars made
  • CartDerbi
    CartDerbi 2 месяца назад e39 was claimed as "Worlds best car" and for a reason: Quiet, comfy yet sporty and pretty fast. And that desing is still one of the best
  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones 4 месяца назад Rich man's Ford Probe.
  • Pyrochazm
    Pyrochazm 4 месяца назад Holy, crap, the proportions are all there!
  • Dragunov302
    Dragunov302 4 месяца назад The probe was a sweet car. I had a 2nd gen MX-6 and miss that car sometimes. Someday Ill get a first gen probe GT (Turbo 4)
  • stewie3128
    stewie3128 5 дней назад (изменено) And I spent many a late night driving the highway in my probe listening to Dream Theater. This would make me happy.
  • Nikoxion
    Nikoxion 4 месяца назад 5:07 1 ECU for each bank, not cylinder
  • farmer of jej
    farmer of jej 4 месяца назад Kudos to Roman for honoring the new live action Sonic movie
  • Dan Evans
    Dan Evans 4 месяца назад one of the mostbeautiful cars ever made
  • IMugMuggers
    IMugMuggers 4 месяца назад yeah mk3 supras are cool
  • yung oof
    yung oof 4 месяца назад @IMugMuggers haha nice meme friend. totally original.
  • IMugMuggers
    IMugMuggers 4 месяца назад @yung oof b e c a u s e t h e g u y s p a c i n g h i s n a m e l i k e t h i s h a s r o o m t o t a l k a b o u t o r i g i n a l i t y
  • Andrew Frastaci
    Andrew Frastaci 4 месяца назад the Bimmer forum voice had me rolling
  • Cameron Goyette
    Cameron Goyette 4 месяца назад Andrew Frastaci sounded like butthead from beavis and butthead
  • Shoren Ryu Alfaro
    Shoren Ryu Alfaro 4 месяца назад @Cameron Goyette lol I thought I was the only one who heard that sucker's voice 😂😂😂
  • Jeremy Soltys
    Jeremy Soltys 4 месяца назад ACKCHYUALLY
  • trish florence
    trish florence 4 месяца назад Cameron Goyette 4:29
  • Johnny Nimble
    Johnny Nimble 4 месяца назад Jesus. I just got to that part. I’m in awe.
  • M14
    M14 4 месяца назад I only know of this car because Eazy E had one.
  • Deon Cordova
    Deon Cordova 2 месяца назад The Godfather himself
  • Duncan Brimble
    Duncan Brimble 1 месяц назад Yeah a sick white one
  • DasDandyBoy
    DasDandyBoy 4 месяца назад BMW 850i - A love letter to the 80s glamour and esthetics
  • Nicks BS Corner
    Nicks BS Corner 4 месяца назад 12cyls doing half as much work. Longevity, even at 100mph all day.
  • Mandeep Sangha
    Mandeep Sangha 4 месяца назад I'm not sure a BMW 850 V12 is a regular car
  • Jason B
    Jason B 4 месяца назад Regular luxury coupe 😬
  • Digi tal
    Digi tal 1 месяц назад It's in the regular price range...
  • Ryan A.P.
    Ryan A.P. 2 дня назад I don’t know what they go for now but when I was a teenager back in the late 90s they were super cheap.
  • Trance88
    Trance88 4 месяца назад Nice take on the Sonic Green Hill Zone music.
  • idrivea911
    idrivea911 4 месяца назад I was singing it in my head a dozen times over trying to figure out what part of my childhood was being reached! Thanks!
  • 802 Garage
    802 Garage 4 месяца назад I knew I recognized it. I was like damn it this is from a video game I have played a lot, I know it.
  • kz1000ps
    kz1000ps 4 месяца назад He's no Smooth McGroove, but it'll do!
  • steelgatorb8
    steelgatorb8 4 месяца назад Trance88 took me forever to place it but I got there.
  • Carbon Based Molecule
    Carbon Based Molecule 4 месяца назад Trance88 His songs fuck with my head so much when I’m high.
  • Saquon Simmons
    Saquon Simmons 4 месяца назад I noticed as well
  • Nick Bernstein
    Nick Bernstein 4 месяца назад THAts what that was.
  • David Irwin
    David Irwin 4 месяца назад God that takes me back!
  • James Robinson
    James Robinson 4 месяца назад sitting here thinking "Really? Sonic?"
  • Hunter Smith
    Hunter Smith 4 месяца назад Beat me to it
  • Carbon Based Molecule
    Carbon Based Molecule 4 месяца назад His Yamaha R6 and Hayabusa song are certified classics.
  • John Noonan
    John Noonan 4 месяца назад Green Hill Zone BGM, another product of 1991