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Geneva Motor Show 2019 electric vehicle highlights | Fully Charged

Published on Apr 12, 2019 388,520 views

Jonny Smith takes us on a tour of the Geneva Motor Show electric cars. 5 years ago there may have been one or two cars on display with a plug. Now there are dozens. Next year there will be 100's.
Some are fantasies that will never se the light of day, some are already in production and thankfully Jonny has the experience to tell the difference.

00:53 Kia Imagine concept car
04:40 (Smart EQ) Brabus Ultimate E Shadow Edition
06:24 Smart Forease+ concept
10:14 Citroën AMI 1 concept quadricycle/voiture sans permis
12:34 HONDA Honda RC213V Repsol 93 Marquez motorbike (not electric!)
12:42 Italdesign DaVinci concept
14:31 GFG Style Kangaroo Leggera
15:44 Honda ePrototype
16:08 Mercedes Concept EQV electric
18:30 Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer
20:08 Seat Minimo
22:05 Cupra Formentor concept
23:49 Skoda Vision iV
26:27 Lagonda All-Terrain Concept
31:31 Mazda MX5 (not electric!)
32:12 Volkswagen ID. Buggy

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Presented by Jonny Smith @carpervert

  • eDrive
    eDrive 2 месяца назад (изменено) Electric driving is coming more and more to the daily market Whether you like it or not, it's the future car power.
  • Everyone's favorite neighbourhood nazi
    Everyone's favorite neighbourhood nazi 5 дней назад Then why do they all look like overpriced garbage? 90% got stuff a car actually doesn't need.
  • zinca marian
    zinca marian Неделю назад Disappointing your opinion, but that's a car industry prospect.
  • Olena Holubinskyj
    Olena Holubinskyj 2 недели назад eDrive will
  • Jean Chapa
    Jean Chapa 3 недели назад True, until the Elecric demand become so high that the gaz become cheaper again. But the real future should become the sun energy, the only issue, no recuring income for capitalist company.
  • Smackeral Cafe
    Smackeral Cafe 1 месяц назад "Electric driving is coming". Yes it is! And it's also going. We only have electric Smart cars for sale here in Canada. In the last year BMW sold just 345 of them. BMW said "forget this" and is withdrawing the Smart brand from the country.
  • Yue Wang
    Yue Wang 2 месяца назад @fullychargedshow Are you guys covering the Shanghai motor show? Tons of EVs here this year.
  • Steven Yoo
    Steven Yoo 2 месяца назад I love gas engines with stick shift, but electric motors are just as fun. People who hate EVs either haven't driven one before or don't care about driving dynamics.
  • Kia e-Niro Diaries
    Kia e-Niro Diaries 2 месяца назад @PC Ce Have you ever driven an electric car Paul?. They are not ‘gimmicky’ and are superior in every way to an ICE powered car. They are smoother, more powerful, need no maintenance, power is instant, you don’t have to wait for them to warm up, emit no pollutants at point of use..I could go on!..The idea that fuel could be generated from recycling CO2 is pie in the sky. As a researcher in this field I can tell you that the electric motor will replace the ICE, the power supply to the motor is where all the development is going on and where the jury is still out, although batteries are way ahead of hydrogen fuel cells in the development curve. Only time will tell of course but in 10 years time few people will be buying a new ICE car and the EV will be just what most people mean when they say ‘car’
  • PC Ce
    PC Ce 2 месяца назад It will never be the future. The future is fuel generated from recycling CO2. No one wants a gimmicky car that takes forever to charge. Electric cars are waste of money and time.
  • Kia e-Niro Diaries
    Kia e-Niro Diaries 2 месяца назад @Chris S What?
  • Chris S
    Chris S 2 месяца назад Electric cars on only batteries are already dead.
  • Kia e-Niro Diaries
    Kia e-Niro Diaries 2 месяца назад @That Guy From Legendary Axe Will be posting my experience of a 1400 km road trip in the e-Niro shortly...Some of the roads in Lausanne are seriously steep, the car just wafted uphill with no perceptible change in note from the motor..while all the expensive ICE hardware engines were revving away to achieve the same. Lots of very expensive cars on the roads there but did see Tesla Model S and X in some numbers and saw my first ever Model 3..The Germans should be worried!
  • That Guy From Legendary Axe
    That Guy From Legendary Axe 2 месяца назад The only bad thing about electric cars is greenies latching onto them to look down at ICE cars, pretending they had something to with it. The first cars where electric, it was just a matter of battery tech, nothing magical going on here, they are dead simple. That said, im looking forward to electric. I knew as a kid how good the torque was when i played with my RC cars.
  • Brandon Ryan
    Brandon Ryan 2 месяца назад I hope so! It’s a future of quiet and quick cars with no emissions no matter how congested the traffic may be.
  • Kia e-Niro Diaries
    Kia e-Niro Diaries 2 месяца назад @Wetsuitntie ..Err No.
  • Con Cahill
    Con Cahill 2 месяца назад @fullychargedshow For anybody who has solar PV on their roof, and a 'House Battery' for storage and balancing the charge rate on an EV, they have FREE FUEL. How many folks can produce their own hydrogen at home? I rest my case :-).
  • Jon Mason
    Jon Mason 2 месяца назад Just not in Australia
  • Flash Strike
    Flash Strike 2 месяца назад Every Company following TESLA